• GrimReaper

    Much improved as they are these Prediction and analysis B rolls are what they are. Occaisionally a jewel falls from the sky.

    11:10 on the roll.

    Time to talk about the MidValley wake up Miguel. As the discussion nears making a prediction on the Alhambra LaPuente game, Miguel see it coming, and looks away from Aram. He knows it is coming and there is no escape. Aram asks Miguel who he is picking and Miguel avoids making eye contact with Aram and says, Alhambra. But not in a convincing-committed sort of way, but kind of like going to the dentist way.. get it over quick and get me out of here.

    Aram then schools Miguel with one word…”homer” and we don’t mean the father in a long running annimated TV show.

    Who cares who wins on Friday night! Yikes! On Wednesday night, the score was Aram 56-Miguel 0