• SaintsR4real

    Nantha over San Gabriel 27-21
    Pomona over Monrovia 31-21

    best of luck all SGV teams

  • Mtownclown

    NO ones talks about Monrovia beating Paramount…without ellis McCarthy….

  • BigCat

    It’s the second season, Wildcat time! It’s time for the ‘Cats to step up.

  • Philly B

    Indeed it is wildcat time. GO CATS. San Gabriel and Alhambra both will upset and win!

  • natha11

    the notion that elffers should carry the minutemen by himself deep into the playoffs is kind of a stretch. at last year’s second round game at san dimas, there really was no way he would have been able to keep up with san dimas scoring 42 points by halftime. albeit he was just a sophomore and has grown this year as a junior, but it will only happen if the defense does its job and gives him an opportunity to win. also another interesting thing to watch: last year’s first round game against la puente, elffers’s go-to guy in josh jones tore his acl.. and without his safety blanket he seemed lost against san dimas. this year, he has nowhere near the weapons he had last year. darien mcgee is an absolute stud this year, but he barely stepped foot on the field last season. plus, besides the four starting receivers last year who all made first-team all-league, we had about 4 other receivers who barely played who also could have easily started for the minutemen and other teams in the division. due to graduation, this year, you could make the case that only mcgee and #2 clifton martin could really start for anyone else, so it’ll be an interesting thing to watch how elffers does in this year’s playoffs without the weapons that he had last year.

  • New York

    The Paramount reference is a good one! Paramount went 4-1 after Monrovia came from behind and beat them. Paramount is a co-Champ in a D-3 league. Monrovia’s success started prior to entering RHL play. We started to find offensive rythm against South Hills. We just did not have an answer for South Hills’ inside zone in the 4th quarter.

    Right now we find out how far Monrovia’s offensive line will take us. If we give our QB enough time we will be in good shape. Pass pro is exactly what let us put up those scores against Paramount.

    We also find out how hungry and tough we are. Playoffs are a one game season each week. Pomona has a lot to prove and are anxious to do that. Our guys should feel that we have a lot to prove and be anxious to do that as well.

    Go Cats!

  • exercise the Demons!

    Devils are coming to Monrovia. There will be a exorcism On friday night….

  • Mo Town

    Andrew Elfers is a great kid and a great talent, but committing every headline and every conversation to Andrew, and now saying Andrew needs to carry the team on his shoulders and it will be a shoot-out with over-under around 80 is too much. First of all, there is some other great talent on offense beside Andrew, like Younger, McGee, Flewelling and Martin. Second, you may not have noticed because of your obsession with QB stats, that Maranathas defense has given up, on average, less than 17 points per game the last six games (including its two losses), and allowed the fewest points BY FAR of all the teams in the Olympic League, with strong players like Hall, Rasmussen, Payton, Pike and Chavez. Yes, Miguel, they have allowed even fewer points in league than your beloved Monrovia team playing Rio Hondo league opponents. Friday should be a good game between two teams that have scrimmaged against each other and know each other pretty well, and the defenses will be tested, but it is going to come down to turnovers and which defense is able to stop the other team, not whether Andrew can put up 50 points by himself as you and your side kick with the large hands seem to infer.

  • Mo Town…What are you talking about?

    Maranatha gave up 67 points in 4 league games… that is roughly 17 points a game. Monrovia gave up 31 points in 5 league games. That is basically 6 points per game. If you are going to throw something out there, at least have the facts straight.

  • You’re telling me all the accolades that go with being a big-time recruit — Eric Sondheimer’s top QB in SoCal — are OK, but me parlaying that into saying if the kid is all that, he has to take this team to the promised land is not OK?

    You can’t be the super recruit and not have extremely high expectations placed on you. Sorry.

    This is the Mid-Valley Division. It’s 95-percent locals. There are no powerhouses here. This isn’t the PAC-5 or Inland. One super stud can be enough to lead his team to a ring.

  • Mo Town

    Aram, Maranatha has averaged 190 yds passing a game, and 180 yds rushing a game, with a defense that averages under 17 points a game. You would have them throw that approach out the window, and tell Andrew that he needs to carry the team if he’s really all that and if they want to have any chance of winning. I agree Andrew needs to LEAD the team, but he doesn’t need to BE the team as you suggest. He’s averaged only 18 passes a game and still puts up crazy numbers. If it was just about Andrew, he’d be throwing 30 times a game and have 3000 yards. The reality is that when teams try to focus on the pass (which they often do) they can run the ball, and visa versa. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? The coaches call the plays. To say he has to carry this team is unfair to Andrew and his approach to the game, and to his teammates on offense and defense who are pretty good in their own right. And to my Monrovia friend, you are right on the math – in league play, Monrovia put up better numbers on defense. Thanks for the clarification.