Mid-Valley Division Predictions: No real surprises here, Covina over San Dimas in championship game.

Ok, maybe there are some surprises on this bracket prediction with me picking Maranatha to reach the semifinals where I have the Minutemen losing to San Dimas again. I also think Burroughs will run over Los Altos led by Zander Anding. I don’t see how Azusa and Arroyo with a questionable league schedule (much like Monrovia) could make a deep playoff run not having been tested in their run up to the playoffs. Good luck to all and let’s hope it’s a playoff year without major injuries.

Mid-Valley Division Predictions
Top Half

South El Monte (7-3) at #1 Covina (9-1)
Alhambra (8-2) at La Puente (9-1)
El Monte (7-3) at Whittier Christian (6-4)
Pomona (6-4) at #4 Monrovia (7-3)
Bottom half
San Marino (7-3) at #3 San Dimas (8-2), Thursday at Citrus
Cerritos Valley Christian (4-6) at Azusa (7-3)
Maranatha (8-2) at San Gabriel (6-4)
Sierra Vista (6-4) at #2 Arroyo (9-1)
Second Round Winners
Covina over South El Monte
Alhambra over La Puente
Whittier Christian over El Monte
Monrovia over Pomona
San Dimas over San Marino
Cerritos Valley Christian over Azusa
Maranatha over San Gabriel
Arroyo over Sierra Vista
Quarterfinal winners
Covina over Alhambra
Monrovia over Whittier Christian
San Dimas over Cerritos Valley Chr.
Maranatha over Arroyo
Semifinal winners
Covina over Monrovia
San Dimas over Maranatha
Covina over San Dimas

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  • Elliot

    You have Azusa falling to San Dimas in the Quarterfinals… after losing to Cerritos Valley Christian in the First Round šŸ˜›

  • Breaker87

    Lower bracket is the place to be. I think San Dimas looks past San Marino and gets caught. Its my upset special and bracket buster. SM ground game has gotten tougher week after week and will keep them in this game. The best way to counter better team speed on O is to keep them on the bench. Could prove interesting.

  • Philly B.

    Hmmmm Interesting predictions miguel and I agree with you about azusa and arroyo in which the MVL is having a down year…but Marantha beating arroyo…I dont see them getting past san gabriel. UPSET SPECIAL: MATADORS BEAT MINUTEMEN!!! I like the SD vs arroyo match up in the semi’s and SD facing monrovia in a rematch!!!!!

  • Monrovia all the way

    Well Miguel, you have no faith in the west side teams this year….question after the first round will you change your predictions? I got Monrovia all the way…

  • huh

    This prediction is meaningless first round of playoffs hasn’t been played yet, this is more like favoritism. Now it’s SG’s And alhambras turn to make a statement on their first Mid-valley division playoff run. Maranatha played SG during scrimmage this should be interesting…but I still can’t see how they can get through SG in their homefield. SG vs Arroyo should be interesting #1 from the almont vs #1 from the Mission Valley let’s see how this turns out next week after they both win this week.

  • Tom S

    Many of the Mid-Valley games will be played at 7:00pm instead of 7:30pm. Check the CIF website. Maranatha – San Gabriel is at 7:00pm

  • GrimReaper

    There would be no need to play the game if the conventional wisdom of experts was always right.

    This is High School, anything could happen. A team could just be better than we think, or could play out of their brains, or one team could play horribly, injuries, penalties, academic or disciplinary suspensions.

    God only knows what could happen and blow the conventional wisdom on the brackets straight to hell.

    I guarantee you, and you can quote me on this, there will be at least one unanticipated upset in the Mid Valley. That is why the Reaper says, “Don’t bet on anything that eats” there are just too many unanticipated variables.

    Will it be Covina playing turtle, or Monrovia overcoming the odds to knock down the door guarded by Valee Vista and holy warriors of the Olympic League, or aerial circus of SG just keep scoring over and over, or as some observer herein will SM ride Do and Gott to unexpected heights, or will the SGV player of the year at Azusa pile up yd after yd…

    Who knows, but like I said, it will happen, and jaws will drop, somewhere along the line.

    Meanwhile it is fun to walk around and make predictions and tell everyone how smart we are (note I did it too on another earlier thread) until we find out how dumb we really are.

  • Mo Town

    Can’t disagree with any of these pics, but most of the games are a coin toss. The only ones that appear to be a “lock” are Covina and San Dimas, and maybe Whittier Christian.

  • WARNING!!!

    Do Not Sleep on Monrovia!!!

  • 6power

    To beat Arroyo
    Play wide recievers head up and smother bubble screens, quick slants, etc – rush the passer and get your hands in Rivera’s face.
    Run right at the Arroyo defense with dbl teams and a big lead blocker, power sweep and make the CB’s come up to close.
    To beat San Dimas
    Outplay their special teams and win the turnover battle. Somehow make 3rd down a throwing down. Make sure your linebackers are stepping into the hole and not backpedaling. Get controlled penetration and don’t over-pursue and get killed on the cutback. Protect your QB and give him time to find someone.
    To beat Alhambra
    watch the San Gabriel film.
    To beat Covina
    get Maddox’s cell phone number and pray he has the recipe on hand. Covina is baaad.

  • how to beat covina lol …

    Covina will find away to lose, all you got to do is hit billy…he starts running around, throwing the ball on the ground and or getting sack…Rattle him you win…

  • Kentera

    Good call on Covina vs San Dimas in the Finals. That will be a good game, but I have SD winning

  • funny

    I guess the midvalley is just the vvl only…don’t be surprised when covina loses. They won’t win the title. you Heard it here first second and third…..

  • the truth

    both alhambra and sg will get blowned out! weak league! weak schedules! arent ready for playoffs! good luck though hahahahaha!

  • coltfan97

    That’s if your team can get to Livingston!!!!! Which has not been done successfully this year!!!! By the way Covina has won two games this year without Livingston, and one of those games was against Pomona!!!! The way to beat Covina is trying to run the ball, and making third down conversions (the West Covina game)!!!!! I don’t see that with the defense they have!!!!!!

  • Memoirs of Paul revere

    West Covina beat covina throwing, if you remember that was West Co’s Qb’s first game…No Solomon and Frazier for most of the game….Wes Co threw the ball…Covina’s weakness is their Db’s (Small)…San Dimas also had big plays throwing…but that’s not what they do. Pomona is also not a big throwing…whomever meets Covina in playoffs must throw the majority of the night…the only issue with that is if you don’t convert you give the ball back to Livingston…If you can throw…you can beat the colts…the key is to put take out a backer and throw in a extra DB with size.

  • Mtownclown

    COVINAs O LINE IS TOOOOOOO DAMN GOOD ! but maybe Ellis McCarthy can get past them? i saw this kid go up agaist Jordan simmions (the top o line man in ca) and another guy as a double team and he fought threw at a usc camp…..and if u piss him off its like he get stronger on you

  • coltfan97

    Like I said West Covina biggest plays came on 3rd down in the passing game!!!!! 3rd down conversions is a must if you want to beat them!!!!

  • Realist

    I feel like people have forgotten about the talent on this Monrovia team. This team can beat ANYONE in their division on any given night. Don’t count them out. They will be ready to play come playoffs!!

    Go Apaches!!!!

  • Kentera

    Nobody has counted them out… except for themselves. They are just not the team they have been the last two years. Monrovia fans are living on past wins… they are who we thought they were… an average team with a big time D lineman.

  • New York

    Kentera, Monrovia is definitely not just an average team. Realist is right (can’t believe I wrote that).

    We were one fourth and long stand away from beating Arcadia and we beat the San Gabriel League champs Paramount, whom St Francis plays tonight. We got dismantled by San Dimas and worn down by South Hills’ big offensive line. Like any other team, Monrovia had challenges this year to overcome, whether it was untimely coaching departures, injuries or two inexperienced QBs Fighting for time and taking needed reps away from one another. Now, we will see what the players and coaches have learned about themselves.

    Has someone on the defense decided to step up and provide the hunger and nastiness that Bubba Johnson provided the past couple years? Nick Bueno did a lot more than just QB our offense. He had a ton of punting yards that were huge for field position. We have the bodies to fill these voids by committee.

    What does Ellis McCarthy want his Monrovia legacy to be? Will his legacy of super-recruit and possible NFLer be augmented with two CIF championship rings? No one cshould be able to stop him from catching passes nor slow him down significantly from getting into the opposing backfield. Not if he plays with decent technique and a lot of heart. I tend to agree with Aram’s blurb. A guy his calliber should dominate this division and be so disruptive that he and his teamates have a field day with opposing QBs and RBs.

    What do G5 and his class want to be known for? Well guys, it starts tonight!