Southeast Division Predictions: Diamond Ranch over Arcadia in championship game. Let the hating begin.

It’s time for teams, coaches (especially some coaches) and players to not be so sensitive and/or take these predictions so personal. Predictions from sportswriters are just as good (bad?) as the local weather woman giving us her 10-day forecast, and look at the Pac-12 basketball media writers who predicted UCLA to win the Pac-12 championship. The Bruins right now couldn’t win the Alpha League title the way they’re playing right now, losing so far to (who?) Loyola Marymount and, not kidding, Middle Tennessee University. Motivation? Perhaps, but if you need my predictions or any sportswriters’ predictions to fuel your motivation, well, I don’t know what to tell ya. But here is the Southeast Division bracket I filled out on our PrepXtra Live show. For the most part Aram and I agreed on picks throughout except for Arcadia and Diamond Ranch reaching the finals. However, here’s hoping an area team (Arcadia) does in fact reach the finals.

Southeast Division Predictions
Top Half

Norwalk (3-7) at #1 West Covina (9-1)
Pasadena (5-5) at California (7-3)
Bonita (6-4) at Arcadia (8-2)
Crescenta Valley (6-4) at #4 La Mirada (6-4)
Bottom Half
Los Altos (7-3) at #3 Burbank Burroughs (6-4)
La Serna (7-3) at Mayfair (7-3)
Bellflower (7-3) at Diamond Ranch (5-5)
Muir (6-4) at #2 Santa Fe (6-4)

Second Round winners
West Covina over Norwalk
Pasadena over California
Arcadia over Bonita
La Mirada over Crescenta Valley
Burroughs over Los Altos
Mayfair over La Serna
Diamond Ranch over Bellflower
Santa Fe over Muir
Quarterfinal Winners
West Covina over Pasadena
Arcadia over La Mirada
Mayfair over Burroughs
Diamond Ranch over Santa Fe
Semifinal Winners
Arcadia over West Covina
Diamond Ranch over Mayfair
Diamond Ranch over Arcadia

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  • Cong ’76

    And what, pray tell, from Diamond Ranch’s performance this season, are you basing this non-sensical prediction on? Was it the fact that West Covina only humbled them a “little bit” and they were allowed to leave the stadium alive? lol

  • sikolec

    You have Burroughs over Los Altos and then the next round Mayfair over Los Altos. Just so you know.

    I know from watching that you meant Mayfair over Burroughs…

  • GoingTribal

    No, he means Los Altos over Burroughs. . .

  • big mike

    Burroughs is about to run through Los Al-toast. the game wont even be close watch what i tell you. Muir will beat Santa fe and Arcadia is going to really beat Bonita bad their pass defense is awesome i know Bonita found a new life in the run but eventually they will resort back to passing and watch how Arcadia lock down…..Pacific league will have at least 3 teams going through to the second round Arcadia, Burroghs, and Muir well depending on what Muir team show up….But i wont count out Pasadena and CV they are tough too either way there will be at least 3 maybe even 4

  • 6power

    One thing for sure, it is hard to be the champion if you get beat in Round 1.

    Provided things go as they should, the pivotal game will be Arcadia and La Mirada in round two. The three Suburban league teams will make it interesting – with Mayfair being a real wild card/hot and cold team, big people and speed but play that saw them come out flat against La Mirada and get pummeled 44 to something. Bellflower / DR will be black and blue.

    There will be some great games and stories come out of the Southeast. Good luck to all.

  • Cong ’76

    After the last few seasons, it is good for me to see LA playing again this time of year.

    I have zero intel on most of the teams outside of LA’s league but have followed SGV football since the 70’s. I certainly would not label this years Conq team as world beaters. However, they did a nice job against Diamond Ranch and Ayala but on the other hand, had an inexplicable loss to Walnut and let a sure win against Bonita get taken out of their hands.

    Just curious Big Mike, how do you think Burroughs would do against WC?

  • Conq’76

    No congratulating LA for hanging in and ultimately defeating a team some thought would thouroughly bury them?

    The long bus ride home sure must have been sweet after capturing their first CIF win in a few years!

    Great game Burroughs, very tough loss.