Friday Night Aftermath: San Gabriel shocks Maranatha with stunning 9-0 win; Monrovia, Arcadia, St. Francis win as excpted; Pasadena, Muir shock California, Santa Fe; Rio Hondo Prep drops 61.

Check out our Tyler Drohan’s awesome highlights shot from his iPhone…



Alhambra 20, La Puente 14
Monrovia 24, Pomona 7
San Gabriel 9, Maranatha 0
Pasadena 57, California 43
Arcadia 39, Bonita 13
Muir 39, Santa Fe 7
St. Francis 45, Paramount 28
Rio Hondo Prep 61, Hamilton 0
Bosco Tech at Nordhoff, 7:30 p.m. —

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  • New York

    Let’s go Monrovia! This is probably one of the tougher first round draws we have had in a few years, but the road to the finals was probably tougher a couple years back when we went up to Palmdale and beat Paraclete in the Quarters and then faced Jeff Worthy (and his 16 sacks) andWhittier Christian in the Semis.

    This season we were one fourth and long stand away from beating Arcadia and we beat the San Gabriel League champs, Paramount, whom St Francis plays tonight. We got dismantled by San Dimas and worn down by South Hills’ big offensive line. Like any other team, Monrovia had challenges this year to overcome, whether it was untimely coaching departures, injuries or two inexperienced QBs Fighting for time and taking needed reps away from one another. Now, we will see what the players and coaches have learned about themselves.

    Has someone on the defense decided to step up and provide the hunger and nastiness that Bubba Johnson provided the past couple years? Nick Bueno did a lot more than just QB our offense. He had a ton of punting yards that were huge for field position. We have the bodies to fill these voids by committee.

    What does Ellis McCarthy want his Monrovia legacy to be? Will his legacy of super-recruit and possible NFLer be augmented with two CIF championship rings? No one cshould be able to stop him from catching passes nor slow him down significantly from getting into the opposing backfield. Not if he plays with decent technique and a lot of heart. I tend to agree with Aram’s blurb. A guy his calliber should dominate this division and be so disruptive that he and his teamates have a field day with opposing QBs and RBs.

    What do G5 and his class want to be known for? Well guys, it starts tonight!

  • memoirs of paul revere

    Tonite’s game Monrovia vs Pomona has been labeled the game of “Athletes”. That will not be the deciding factor tonight. This game will be decided by Discipline(penalties), execution, and Special teams..The team who can accomplish these things will win. Don’t give up the kick off return, don’t miss the extra point…punt on 4th down…don’t get your big plays called back…limit turnovers. On Paper Monrovia looks like the better team but in actuality…they are very much similar…who has the better coaching staff, who will push the right button’s….Mtown is at the house tonight…they better play hard and get this win… I have one word tonight….”Ramirez” 20 touches coach! It would be a shame for ellis to have a poor showing tonight, then rip it up in the Army all American Game….Ellis show m town tonight what you are going to do in this game, the next, help us go back to back, then show out in the Army game! I know Ellis is going to bring it tonight…along with the rest of the cats

  • Mtownclown

    According too FB Ellis McCarthy is READY!! the flu is gone and hes ready too play hes a senior soo im sure hes gonna let it all out because every game is a potential last…..letS GO WILDCATS!!


    I put my $ on P-Town-
    Them Bueno days are long gone,
    McCarthy is not a Qb/scoring threat.
    He’s a great defensive player and will be a force
    at the next level. Their called “Re-building Years”
    M Town peoples face reality. Maybe it will dawn on ya’ll

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Mason Bryant, Son as I have told you many times, fear no one, pressure breaks pipes but it also yields DIAMONDS. GO MHS

  • Mtownclown

    @OVERRATED dont be surprised if you see ellis at TE tonight him and Blake our QB just happen too be best friends Mason Bryant is a scoring machine too! 2night monrovia will unleash its weapons and you will see what we can do!!

  • Observantcat

    Mr. Overrated, you will be broke in years to come. I hope you are referring to your rebuilding years as a football analyst, because you have the wrong team if you think that this is the end of the rainbow. If Monrovia brings what they are capable of tonight then it will be lights out for the opposing team. We have several weapons left on the shelf this season and seasons after. Enjoy your stint on the 2011 blog and save your space at the final’s. We wont be looking for you but we will know who you are by that sad look on your face.

    Heyworth, McCarthy, Ramirez, Craft, Bryant, Williams, Wingenbauch, OL,DL, Coach’s, go out there and do you thing. 1 week at a time. Good Luck.

  • Kobe Bryant

    If pressure also yields diamonds then your entire staff and players must be in the back room at Tiffany’s right now, squatted down, and eliminating rocks the size of baseballs, surrounded by armed guards…..
    Just Sayin!

  • BigCat

    It’s the start of the second season. The kind of guys that the ‘Cats just ran over will be still standing tonight. It’s time for the ‘Cats to step up BIG!

  • GrimReaper

    Where to go:

    1. Monrovia Pomona:
    We will finally settle the question of whether the Valle Vista league is overrated or for real. SM played San Dimas hard last night. A significantly better Monrovia team will meet up against a Pomona squad that gave top seeded Covina all it could handle in a 16-14 loss. A last game loss to San Dimas 36-31, also showed just how close they were to the Valle Vista title.
    Monrovia has overcome its early season problems, trying to figure out the Heyworth Frazier QB controversy and hasnt looked back.

    This looks like the got to go game of the night. Both teams have higher Cal Prep rankings M-17 P-11 and are not that far apart. If not just to get up for the Monrovia Whittier Christian grudge match..if Monrovia and Whittier get there.

    Problem-getting a seat at an undersized Monrovia facility. Arrive early and dont park in the lot, it will take you a long time to get out, if you leave right at the end of the game.

    2. Valley Christian Azusa
    Both come in with warts and flaws. Azusa got fat on a weak Montview league schedule and was beat in the preseason by San Dimas, Maranantha and Don Lugo, About their only win over a cal prep positive rated team was a win over La Puente, Otherwise it is a bunch of weak teams they beat up. Valley Christian (up and down on the year with a tough schedule) comes out of a strong Olympic League. Will player of the year running back for Azusa rise to meet the challenge or is Azusa overrated from a weak montview league and will fall to a lesser Olympic league crusader.
    I say Valley wins by a touchdown.

    Maranantha SG
    The SG aerial circus and Villalobos comes to a grinding halt tonight. What is pimped as the most compelling matchup on these pages will fall flatter than the last beer in the keg. The game, as predicted, may not end by 11PM, due to incomplete pass clock stoppages, but it will be effectively over by half time. You will get home in time to drive to another game and catch the end. Upside: watching pass after pass and a high score if not a close score.
    Leaving early risk: either team can come back quickly from a deficit with some luck. But in the end Maranantha wins this one will be over early.

    The others:UGH!
    Alhambra La Puente. This was a gift to both teams by the CIF. LaPuente deserved to open against a tougher opponent. Alhambra (really a 15 seed) should have opened against against a seeded opponent-Arroyo San Dimas or Monrovia. SM should have been in this game against LaPuente. Alhambra gets beat, the only question is whether their defense can make it look respectable.

    Whittier Christian El Monte: Ugh Ugh
    El Monte gets Smote by Holy Warriors. over before your seat gets warm, this will be biblical, you can forget the David Goliath parable, Goliath wins big.

    Sierra Vista Arroyo: Ugh Ugh Ugh Ugh
    This is the equivalent of a bye for Arroyo. Sierra Vista might as well be Mayfield, the result will be the same.

    S El Monte Covina: Ugh Ugh Ugh Ugh Ugh Ugh
    Are you kidding! Unless your kid is playing this one, it will be like a 7 yr old boy with a magnifying glass aimed at an ant hill.

  • 6power

    La Mirada defeats Crescenta Valley tonight to set up a huge 2nd round match up with Arcadia next Friday. Stay away from the 2nd helping of mashed potatoes and get out to see this one. That is unless Bonita or CV pulls the upset.

    Great post NY. McCarthy’s defensive impact at Monrovia has not been earth shattering or even as effective and instrumental as that of Bubba Johnson last year. Not even as game -changing as Josh Lowden could be prior to that. McCarthy could change that fact in 2 or 3 weeks forever – if he dominated each O line he will be facing in this years playoff run.
    His status as premier D lineman in the nation would indicate he is capable of doing just that. His speed and strength are well documented. The Wildcats will need him to be a game changer for them to repeat – it is not Kansas anymore and not the RHL either. Cause havoc and get your teammates in a position to be all they can be. On offense, run the power with EM on the strong side, throw him the delay screen down by the goal line.

    These may be the last chances to glimpse this fine area athlete on his home turf. Good luck to all Monrovia players- would love to see the MV crown stay on our side of the freeway.

  • Don’t Fear The Reaper

    Oh my…this is too easy.

    “We will finally settle the question of whether the Valle Vista league is overrated or for real.”

    We? You and that mouse in your pocket?

    “A significantly better Monrovia team will meet up against a Pomona squad that gave top seeded Covina all it could handle in a 16-14 loss.”

    Top seeded Covina who was without their QB and just pounded the rock. But still won.

    Monrovia is rated at 17 and Pomona is rated at 11. If Pomona wins would that show that the ENTIRE RHL is a joke? I mean it would have to if you believe that a Monrovia win would show the VVL as overrated. Right? A higher rated team beating a lower rated team shows that the lower rated teams league is overrated. I get it…..NOT.

    “Problem-getting a seat at an undersized Monrovia facility. Arrive early and dont park in the lot, it will take you a long time to get out, if you leave right at the end of the game.”

    You can park in the lot. Most Monrovia fans will probably be leaving right after half-time anyway because they will be losing so bad.

  • New York


    I get the feeling that few people really grasp the impact an athlete of McCarthy’s calliber can have on a football game, if he decides not to worry about hurting the guy in front of him and play with the intensity and motor he will need next year.

    The other side of this, though, is that Defensive End and Lineback are naturally higher impact positions than playing inside at D-Tackle. My reference to Bubba was the overall grit that he brought. If Ellis were 50 pounds lighter maybe he would be an edge player.

    I like your vision of the offense. Run right over McCarthy’s tail all night. Then throw him some pop passes. Ultimately that defense would get worn down. That’s another factor only those who have been in the trenches understand sometimes. Keep it simple coaches. You have the best overall athlete you will ever have. Keep him motivated and hungry.

  • GrimReaper

    Re Dont Fear me.

    The Reaper always appreciates a good bunch of banter, especially coming from our misguided friends on the East Valley.

    We welcome you to come and drop some cash in the West Valley to boost the local economy and support the Monrovia School district by visiting the concession stand.

    Clearly you have unrealistically high expectations for the Pomona team that may lead to a let down. I just want you to be prepared.

    And as far as what is in my front pocket, Butters from South Park can say it best–ydvR1FM&feature=related

  • views

    muir wins big COMPLETE DOMINATION…your wrong again miguel i think its time you revisit your notes. Phs update? And diamond ranch update?

  • GrimReaper

    To all 60 or so Pomona fans, thanks for coming to the west SG Valley.

    Your running back #2 is outstanding, but was not enough.

    Moment of the game, the difference maker.
    6:30 mark in the first quarter. Ellis McCarthy goes nuts and is on top of Pomona’s (I think #54) whistle blows and then McCarthy throws a MMA ground and pound punch into the face of the Pomona player. The Pomona player is down and the game is stopped.

    The reason this is significant is there was no penalty, and no ejection. McCarthy could easily have been thrown out at that point. Given how important he is to the M Town D that could have been a difference maker. But somehow a crew of officials miss what was painfully obvious to me and those in the Monrovia stands I was sitting next to. It was,,general disbelief.. and a “Did you see that?!”

    McCarthy needs
    1 to realize he represents his team and town
    2 that his team needs him and a selfish act like this only would serve to badly hurt his team.

    But nobody called it, and I hope for MTown’s sake the CIF office doesnt try to review it.

    Otherwise the only observation I have is MTown will need to avoid turnovers and penalties that took 2 potential scores away. They will not have that luxury when they face higher seeds in the next games.

  • Mtownclown

    Good game cats!! Triple team isn’t enough for Ellis McCarthy …..18 almost has #2 in the back field if he would have made that tackle Pomona doesnt score

  • Observant at

    Grim reaper. Where were youu sitting? McCarthy did not throw any kind of punch. He pankaded the center and when the guy tried to get up he pushed him back down, in no way was that illegal. No flag, No coach from either side contesting the play so maybe you had a bad angle and a bad 12 pack of colors light. Mc Carthy came to do what McCarthy does, DOMINATE whoever is in front of him.

  • Paul

    San Gabriel 9 – Maranatha 0

  • Sports Fan

    Don’t know why anyone considers Pasadena beating California ‘shocking’. Cal is a one dimensional on offense and defense. They have a good running game and good run defense. Pasadena and Cox tore the secondary apart. 6 passing touchdowns and two rushing for Cox, he had a hand in every score tonight. Very impressive. They are sure to face a little better competition next week when they face West Covina.

    As for Muir beating Cal, not really a surprise that Santa Fe lost, but in the fashion they did.

  • rebeca

    can someone please tell me the score between la mirada and crescenta valley? thanks

  • GrimReaper

    to observantcat

    I was seated at approximately the 40 yd line on the north end of the Monrovia stands. I had a pretty much staight ahead sight line on the play using binoculars.

    McCarthy was tangled up with the Pomona player and rolled up into what they call in UFC/MMA a full mount and threw a downward punch directly into the Pomona player’s face. (at or just after the whistle blew)

    If you were there you would remember the game was stopped for a minute or two as the Pomona player was unable to get up. it was at about 6:30 on the clock in the first quarter.

    I know you dont want to believe it, but it did happen. The folks around me saw it too, including Monrovia fans. No one wanted to believe their eyes and all were stunned that no penalty was called at the least. There was a general acknowlegment and disbelief.

    I am not making any judgment on the play, and did not see if there was a chop block or something that the Pomona player might have done or not done to McCarthy before the punch. Stuff happens.

    But in most football games it is usually the second guy that gets caught. Whether he was baited or not is umimportant. The point is Monrovia needs McCarthy on the field and not ejected from the game due to a selfish act. If you have access to the tape, or if you have any sway, I suggest someone look at the tape and impress upon the young man that he is too important to your championship hopes to be lost in such a manner.

    It is one of the oldest tricks in the book to bait the other teams best player into fighting and being ejected. A break in self discipline is a luxury McCarthy should not even think of in pursuit of another ring.

  • New York

    Great night for WSGV! Especially the Pacific. Well done! No surprise at all that Muir is the giant killer that they are. Last year it was La Mirada. The year before it was almost Charter Oak. I hope Muir can maintain their focus when playing a lesser seed than the #2!

    I’m proud that Monrovia came through under the pressure of a close game against a battle tested team. Stay hungry and get ready.

  • Kennedy Bryant


    Your post are like cubic zirconia fake and unreal. Looks like the coaches were squating and your mouth was wide open, being that you were talking all the CRAP. Guess you now know the difference DIAMONDS and BS. You can now close thy mouth. Before more turds fall out. NEXT

  • Coach O

    Very proud of the Almont teams, Alhambra and SG representing the league well in the first round. The montview is the worst league in Midvalley and had no business getting 3 teams in the playoffs. I think La Puente was a tough team, but playing the likes of Bassett, workman, ganesha and gladstone definitely hurt them in falling behind 20-0. The #1 colts come to A-town next week and it will be a true test of this young Moors defense. A senior colts team against a Moors D with only 2 senior starters. Like we said when we played Schurr high, “to be the best, you have to beat the best.” Gotta be excited to play the best team in the division at home!Proud to be a moor!

  • New York

    Ball security and the kicking game make a huge difference. Bryant iced that field goal and made it a two score game.

    My biggest concern with Covina, other than they have an Ainsworth on their team, is that we are already talking about them! We have eliminated Whittier Christian the last two years. They are motivated. One week at a time!

  • New York

    Ball security and the kicking game make a huge difference. Bryant iced that field goal and made it a two score game.

    My biggest concern with Covina, other than they have an Ainsworth on their team, is that we are already talking about them! We have eliminated Whittier Christian the last two years. They are motivated. One week at a time!

  • Mtown supporter

    It amazes me all the attention Ellis McCarthy attracts to these lil blogs lol but let me clear somethings up y’all say Ellis doesn’t impact the defense like Bubba & Lowden did? well first of all they both were middle linebackers for start, second of all they both were never doubled & tripled teamed all night long like McCarthy is game in and game out and third they both played behind Ellis so in the End result Ellis made them look better while he took all the dirty work and those years they played with Ellis even tho he was doubled and tripled teamed he still had more sacks then both of those players and thats why Ellis is a D1 prospect and bubba & low den aren’t. Bubba is in Jail and Lowden is on the sideline of every monrovia game lets see where Ellis is at this time next year so to all you McCarthy haters who like to hate on him because you never made it or had the opportunities that he has right now SHUT UP!

  • BigCat

    Just a question. What would the score have been if Monrovia hadn’t developed a case of the fumbles? Go ‘Cats!

  • Mtownclown

    Mtown supporter…. EXACYLY!! Y hate on great Potential? sometimes it amazes me how (Grown men bloggers) sound soo jealous of a 17yo kid Y criticize? this is high school football!! i mean really its nott like any of us can block him….

  • Aram Tolegian

    I asked Big Ellis to dominate the division and lead his boys to a title. Sounds like he got started on doing just that last night.

    To semi-quote rapping great Chubb Rock “Did it real good, just like a super recruit should.”

    You M-Town peeps still worry me on offense, but like I said last week, your coaches have rings and they’re proven they know what they’re doing. Get me to that C-Town vs. M-Town Showdown (and I’ll be at Arcadia-WestCo that night).

  • New York

    How can you call yourself a supporter and at the same time bring up negatives about young men who recently wore the Kelly Green & White, leaving everything they had on the field? Have you ever done that for Monrovia?

    Definitely not an Ellis hater here, only someone who recognize his potential for undeniable greatness. The only critique I offered was to the entire team in general: we miss Bubba’s grit and sense of urgency. No doubt that Bubba’s tackles came in tandem with McCarthy’s upfront dominance last year. McCarthy is the calliber of athlete we will likely not see again within 10-30 years. It makes sense. Both his parents were multi-sport athletes and tall. Frankly, the last guy in this realm was Thomas Herring originally class of 2004, but Monrovia could not keep Tom Tom around. It’s awesome that Ellis is at MHS and not any number of Pac 5 private schools. My point is if this man child is close to healthy and decides to beat the MidValley, then good things will happen again for Monrovia.

    Also…of course McCarthy draws a lot of attention on this blog. Amongst college coaches, he is the highest profile football player in the valley and well beyond! Why would this star garner attention?

  • Mtownclown

    can pasadena Upset??? DOGS VS. DOGS!! ….Muir might just sneak into the finals

  • Observantcat

    Good afternoon Aram. I noticed that you kept shaking your head and tapping your pencil during your post-game show. You also Mentioned the Monrovia score as being 17-7 all night, the score was 24-7 and I assure you it could have been worse. That was one of the best offensive games that we played all season against a quality opponent with an athletic defense. Marquise played like he was on tap for player of the year. That’s a part of Monrovia’s game that seemed to be missing. As I previous stated on blogs long long ago we needed a back to pull together our offense and we would become much much tougher to play against. We passed less this game than ever before and came up with the big plays the hard way, right up the gut. Plus we did you the biggest favor of all and that was to get rid of the 12 faces of POMONA blogger. As walked toward the snack bar there were scouts from Florida, and Cal talking about McCarthy and how he just looked like the stud they expected to see, so no matter what outsiders have to say this kid drives his own bus everyone else needs to pull over or get ran over. By the way, Sir Darius Yarborough was the real deal, but Monrovia has seen better in it’s day.

  • Realist

    Mtown supporter-

    Ellis gets ll this attention because every other article Miguel writes has something to do with Monrovia. That is why there is so much talk about Ellis. Miguel blows this kid up like he is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    Oh, and one more thing. There is absolutely no way that a team can TRIPLE team a nose guard. If he were getting triple teamed there would be no one to block the other d lineman. So that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. When Arcadia played them, they double teamed him on occasion but he was mostly shut down 1v1. I am an Ellis fan, but the poor kid had NO MOTOR. 3/4 of the time hes out there just jogging, especially if its a roll out or a run to the outside. If he does fine tune his game he is going to get lost at a division 1 school. Because, trust me, there are guys his size out there that have 3x the motor. And that play 3x as hard.

    Oh yea, one more thing, if he wasn’t 6’6 300lbs you wouldn’t have even noticed him against Arcadia. He didn’t make a single play until the 3rd quarter. He finished the game with about 3 tackled. Some 5 star recruit!!! But, hey Mtown fans, you do what you gotta do, keep blowin him up. All you have to do is watch the tape of him, it doesn’t lie.


  • Aram Tolegian

    Miguel is covering Ellis McCarthy the way he should when there’s a big-time recruit in the area. Miguel didn’t create the Ellis McCarthy hype, Ellis McCarthy created the Ellis McCarthy hype by being a specimen and working hard to get to a place where he’s on every recruiters short list. You all had better enjoy a kid like this, because they don’t come around often.


    We had major issues with our scoreboard last night and getting the correct finals. I don’t know what conclusion you’re drawing about me and my pen.

  • Mtownclown

    Realist …. STFU …that was week 2 and hes not a nose tackle if u havent noticed they move him Around Your a Typical hater….u werent at the game last night soo u dont know what the heck your talking about at the end of the day ellis McCarthy is going places !this is HS football college is the next level better coaches =a better player! its easy too criticise from behind a computer i bet u cant block him and i bet NO ONE on arcadias roster can get past top OL in ca jordan simmons but ellis did …..your just a POS …….o yeah how many players from Arcadia got invited too the army all american game? o thats right NONE!…i was Rooting for Arcadia till now but when u play West Cov its a WRAP!!!

  • Observantcat

    Hey Aram, I though maybe that was playing into your statement about the Monrovia Offense needing some work. After looking at your notes you began to tap the table with your pen as sort of a gesture of confusion about the margin of victory. I may be wrong but that’s what I am referring to. Monrovia’s offense looked very smooth last night positive yards on every drive. Penalties and a couple of badly timed miscues plagued us in the first half but we played solid defense and didn’t let that get in our heads. So judging by Monrovia’s play, THEY LOOK GOOD!

  • Realist

    Mtown DOUCHE-

    Why you so angry pal? Sometimes the truth hurts. Facts are facts. And if these guys you are talking about are so good, where were they week 2? Loser. It is impossible to triple team a d lineman. You clearly aren’t football smart. If there are 5 O Lineman, and 3 are blocking one man, HOW DO YOU NOT GET A SACK ON EVERY PLAY???? Moron. Arcadia has the best WR/S in the area AND the best QB in the area. Fact. Arcadia is not looking past La Mirada. We can discuss West Co in 2 weeks. But I don’t want to discuss it with some as unintelligent as you are. Do your homework dumby! Stats and film don’t lie. Maybe you should take a look at them. Educate yourself, god knows your not educated with that Monrovia diploma.

  • Mtownclown

    U SOUND REALLLLLLLLL “TOUGH” BEHIND YOUR COMPUTER!!! LOL Good Luck Arcadia and Good Luck Monrovia!

  • big mike

    what happen to the Burrough indians…

  • ESGV fan

    realist is just calling it like it is. Seems like most complaining about others hating on Ellis are afraid of facts and observations. As realist said, look at the films and realize for yourself.

  • Info Please

    Does anyone know where Muir plays its home games? I google mapped their school and saw a nice artificial turf field, but no bleachers. I’m guessing they play their games in another location. Thanks.

  • Mtownclown

    ITS Still high school FB sgv rio hondo league mid valley ball the coaches are what they are!…….whatever D1 program he chooses will get him right where he needs too ….be but its still sad how people from the SGV hate on his potential

  • Realist

    He does have potential. But potential means nothing. There are thousands of high school players across the nation with “potential.” I wanna see him play at a good D1 college. Then we can make our judgments. All Im saying is he is a lazy player on film. Maybe its coaching, maybe its not. Only time will tell.

  • Conq’76

    big mike said:

    what happen to the Burrough indians…

    November 19, 2011 6:48 PM

    Well, Mike, apparently they were “Conquered”…LA a little better than was anticipated?

  • Mtownclown

    Im pretty sure its tough too move that 6’5 311 pound frame as fast as he moves it lol and when u have a guy hitting u low then one hitting u high in a double team it takes a toll on your endurance ….Anyway ellis is 100 % had a great game vs. pomona …nxt is WC last year in the finals Ellis killed them on Defense….should be a good game coaches from WC are pretty cool chill guys (talked too them at usc camp) goodluck both teams

  • We Love Realist

    Yea, I kind of remember this kid from Arcadia a few years back who was supposed to have all the potential in the world but stubbed his big toe and has never been heard from again. Remember him realist?….. and what about the Kid who got his helmet knocked over to the Arcadia Busses by the big kid from Bonita. Those are real players who are better than anyone around, why? because they are from Arcadia….. Please!!!!!! they couldn’t hold Mc Carthy’s Jock. The only one scouting them is the guy from Penn State’s fruity farm.

  • Mtownclown

    Arcadia fans u worry about the southeast division and we will worry about the mid valley simple and plain

  • Aram Tolegian

    Oh man, you Monrovia fans are on fire. Arcadia has scoreboard on you guys and you’re still talkin ish.

  • Realist

    we love realist-

    What a joke. So youre all excited that a kid from Bonita knocked of an Arcadia players helmet?? What was the final score of that game? Last time I checked, knocking someones helmet off doesn’t show on the score board. Is that really all you got my dude? I think that same player that got his helmet knocked off also took Ellis out of the game when they played each other. Do you remember that or did that slip you’re memory? Unless Ellis changes the way he plays the game he is going to amount to nothing at the next level. I want to see him succeed just as much as everyone else. But he is not flawless. Stop making it seem like he is all world. He has alot of work to do if he wants to play at a high level D1 school. Im pulling for him. Good luck to Monrovia and to Ellis. Im pulling for all the local teams. Lets put the SGV back on the map. Apaches and Wildcats are looking good right now. Lets keep it up and shut the critics up.

  • Mtownclown

    LOL yeah Aram they got us ….but o well theres always next year

  • PurdueAlum05

    Where are you hiding Tom S???? I told you that San Gabriel would beat Maranatha!!!! You shouldn’t have talked smack about my playoff logic. You can come out of the closet now and stop crying. This is why Maranatha shouldn’t get much press in the paper. They can never get past the first round of CIF.

  • Observantcat

    Bottom line is that Ellis is respected around the Country from the top critics to the top coach’s and is the Highest rated player from this area ever, dont believe it go look it up. So if thats not enough for anyone to appreciate then go find another hobby and stay off the blogs. I hope that Arcadia brings home a ring that will just intensify the rivalry on the Westside We have Covina and San Dimas to go through and You guys have possibly West Covina which only beat Covina by 1 point this year. So with all of that being said let’s go out and cheer on our teams then we can compare chest beatings. Championships erase all DOUBT!

  • Observer

    I agree with you, Tom S. has been quiet and rightly so. Maranatha losing to San Gabriel was quite an upset. The saddest part was simply that Maranatha was out coached. San Gabriel did a fantastic job scheming, adjusting, and coaching throughout the game while Maranatha did not. It was sad to watch. And, contrary to your comment, this was actually the first time a Maranatha team got bounced in the first round in six years. I’m sure the coaching staff will learn and grow from this and be ready for next season. Good luck to all the remaining teams.

  • Conq09

    Burroughs head coach sends email last week congratulating LosAltos head coachfor turning the program around. He also said he would take his RB out @ halftime. What an idiot. Burrohs you can thank your head coach for the jinx. That intimidation $h!t don’t work here. We Are “LA”

  • Tom S

    Alum05: Not hiding or crying but disappointed to say the least. Hey, at least we made the playoffs. We got out played and as any fan I wondered why werent we doing this or that but I would never question the coaching staff. Look, they spend 5 and 6 days a week working with the team for months and know a lot more about them than I do. Both teams did not play up to their potential. Many mistakes on both sides and unfortunately we couldnt take advantage of any of San Gabriels errors. I will say that San Gabriel better bring the A game Friday or they wont get by Arroyo. And as Observantcat said again you dont know what youre talking about. This will be the first Friday after Thanksgiving since 2005 that Im not at a Maranatha playoff game, so there goes your comment They can never get past the first round. Better check your facts before making a comment. As all the haters state that we dont play anyone, the preseason schedule has gotten tougher and will be more so next year. Gone is Big Bear and a couple of others and next years week 0 game will be a huge local matchup against a much higher division team. And our Olympic league games against teams who many say is the toughest in the Mid-Valley.
    Ill end this with wishing all the local WSGV teams left the best of luck in continuing to go deep in the playoffs. I sure would like to see a couple of CIF championships for the WSGV teams.

  • big mike

    My bold prediction

    Muir vs Arcadia in the southeast championship.
    Covina vs San dimas or arroyo Mid-valley championship

  • Observantcat

    Come Big Mike, weren’t you the one that said that Monrovia was going to loose to Pomona?…. Get some rest and stay off the sugar.

  • big mike

    I never said M-town was gonna lose to P-town i said it would be a close on but i just dont see M-town getting by Covina. Covina is a solid team big all around discipline M-town has nice size to but Covina is just on another level this year then M-town is M-town has too many mental breakdown and mistakes in a lot of your games this year and making mistakes against a team like Covina you will pay. Thats why i think Covina will be in that game instead of M-town who fell short in every big game they had so far this year besides the Pomona game.

  • Observantcat

    Alright Big Mike, I will update you on Monrovia’s season progress. Point 1 well taken, Monrovia made plenty of mistakes both on offense and on the D but as part of that experience of getting the personal into their rightful positions that’s the price you pay. Monrovia started off last year with a similar scenario until the offense and the defense got itself together. Just because you have a bunch of great athletes doesn’t mean they will automatically gel especially when you have to transform mostly all of the skill positions on offense, lets us you Covina team for example, Covina 26- Baldwin Park 18 did you see that coming? Point proven. Adjustments were made for Covina to get back in rhythm or they would even be talked about in post season. You speak of discipline? I dont know what Covina games you’ve attended but I have a few friends that have attended several and the word from them is that they need to be more disciplined the offsides penalties are not their friend. Monrovia is one of the least penalized teams when it comes to infractions at this point of the season, ask Pomona. This is that part of the season that teams usually buckle down and go for the gusto because you cant look back and say that the other team was not better than you. I respect Covina but if they dont bring their A+ game they will not win. Monrovia will bring theirs I guarantee you that. We both have to get through our Quarter finals matches with the teams that in front of us and then we will continue this debate. Remember this Whittier Christian Team is who shook up that same Covina team you are trying to deem as discipline and unstoppable. Monrovia will play them for the 3rd time in the past three seasons and hope for another victory and so far it looks promising that can happen. It’s great you come on this blog just to try and prove how bad you think that Monrovia is but remember to take off the sun shades before giving you full analysis.

  • If Ellis was on your team…

    Listen Every single person on this blog or any blog…would want Ellis on their Squad….and if he showed up at your school….Some one just lost their Position…Ellis starts on “Any” High school team in the Country and will be starting at the Army All American game…your Bias evaluations don’t hold wait, there still is not 4 d lineman at any high school anywhere that would make ellis a backup…Ellis is”The Man” In the SGV…hands down…deal with it. As Critical as sgv bloggers may be…Monrovia coaches, alumni and friends of the program are far more critical behind close doors with our players. We always push our players…

    As For Arcadia, they do have the scoreboard…no biggie…Next year we will have the Scoreboard…I love the rivalry and I hope Arcadia and Monrovia stay on this good for years to come…that game is a great lesson for both schools no matter the outcome.

    Monrovia is going to the finals….Big Mike…they whipped Pomona better than either of their League foes…haha…Playoffs are a new season…and speed kills Monrovia is ready. No more speed teams left in the Midvalley…I like the Cats chances.

  • big mike

    I like M-town a lot i dont mean to down talk them i just correct some of the more arrogant M-town fans when they speak non-sense. But you might be right about everything you say only time will tell but enough with the excuses M-town came in favored to win it all even the M-town fans came on to brag about how good they are looking they can make state the QB is awesome the underclassmen camp MVP Ramirez is unstoppable and Ellis well big Ellis speaks for his self like the blogger below say Ellis will start at any school and i agree but when the season started all we heard from M-town fans was excuses of why they lost, but thats the past M-town is jelling as expected and have a tough one in front of them i hope the best for M-town but me looking at a team that took WC to OT and rolled ever since i see nothing stopping them at all.

  • coltfan97

    Observantcat did you see the S.D. game???? A team Covina whipped, and Monrovia lost too!!!! The B.P. game Covina was playing w/o their qb that game and still won!!!! You guys had the same problem this year with injuries!!!! Right now Covina is just concentrating on Alhambra!!!!

  • MyOpticCat

    Not only are you NOT Observant you are just flat out BLIND.

    “Covina 26- Baldwin Park 18 did you see that coming? Point proven.”

    Point proven how? That Covina led the whole game without their starting Quarterback and still won? I guess the ONLY point proven is that Covina knows how to get the W.

    “I have a few friends that have attended several and the word from them is that they need to be more disciplined the offsides penalties are not their friend. Monrovia is one of the least penalized teams when it comes to infractions at this point of the season, ask Pomona.”

    Again, you BLINDLY let others tell you what you have never seen for yourself. In the last 6 games I’ll bet you a steak and lobster dinner that NO team in the Mid Valley earned less penalties than Covina has earned. Don’t believe me? Get passed Whittier Christian and you’ll see first hand for once.

    No speed? Yeah…hold that thought!
    Better Bring their A+ game ? Watch what Covina brings.

    You want someone else to take off their sun shades? When are gou going to take off your blinders?

    I really have to laugh when you state that you respect Covina, but…
    All of last year and this year, in all of your posts where you mention Covina, you have not shown one speck of respect towards them.

    There is a reason Covina is rated above Monrovia. Don’t lose to Whittier Christian, take off your blinders, and you will get a chance to see once for yourself. At THEIR house.

    Have a good game against Whittier Christian and bring everyone healthy to CDF. That way there can be NO excuses.

    I “guarantee” ( as you like to say ) when you leave you will respect Covina. You may not like them, but you sure as hell will respect them.

    There is NO pressure on Covina. No one from M-Town gave them a second thought after all the we are going to go undefeated and into a state bowl, and get moved up talk here on the blogs.
    How has that been working out by the way?

    And just how much would it suck to see Covina and Whittier Christian in the Semi?

    Who again is the pressure on?

  • Observantcat

    To Coltfan97, the reason that I bought up the Baldwin Park game is that it is a reminder that on any given Friday night whether the team is prepared or not things can fall like dominoes and a team as highly touted as Covina came across that example against a team as lowly touted and almost lost. That just goes to show how much your QB means to your team in terms of bringing your A game. Big Mike West Covina is having a great season and as well is Covina, it’s almost like Deja Vu, if you recall Covina had the Win over West Covina and was on a march to the finish line and ran out of gas. Not to say it will happen this year but the pressure is really on them. All Monrovia has to do is play their game because we are the defending champions and until a Mid-Valley team comes in and takes that away then it will remain the same. Now to Myopicat aka Colt74 your writing style is getting all too familiar I’ve noticed ever since this new aka has been presented your real aka seems to come out soon, but never mind that lets talk real football. So the Monrovia fans had high hopes to get a State bid, so did the CIF and the high school State bowls. They had Morovia ranked at the top this year not the fans, we only went with what was written. As far as having respect for Covina, What’s wrong with that? I respect all the teams that have made it to this point including those who didn’t but tried. Bottom line is will the best TEAM win and the rest can go home and be glad they gave it there all. And last but not least, I appreciate all bloggers who can get on here and speak the truth with out going into some kind of mental disorder, Monrovia has some of the classiest and football savvy fan around and a few that just get on here to distract from some of that reality. And Myopicat, if thats all you have to say then save it until the end of the season because we still have three more games to be played, one of us will get silenced!

  • Observantcat

    One more thing Myopticat, you may want to change that name because it contradicts your competence for understanding the game of football or anything else for that matter.
    My optic: Definition-unable or unwilling to act prudently; shortsighted.
    lacking tolerance or understanding; narrow-minded.

  • MyOpticCat

    You R-E-A-L-L-Y are as clueless as you appear. I call you out on your BS and you put on those now famous tap dancing shoes of yours. You really should just log on as Fred Astaire.
    Again, Mr.Talking Out You A$$….there is not one molecule of pressure on Covina. Why would there be? They didn’t come out of the gate telling the world that they were all everything and a bag of chips? Show me ANY POST BY ANY COVINA blogger with the same amount of flatulence as what you yourself posted at the start of the season.

    Well, keep tap dancing on those land mines there ace!

    “One more thing Myopticat, you may want to change that name because it contradicts your competence for understanding the game of football or anything else for that matter.
    My optic: Definition-unable or unwilling to act prudently; shortsighted.
    lacking tolerance or understanding; narrow-minded.”

    You are even too slow to understand that the moniker
    of Myopticcat is in direct response to the spittle that drips out of the corner of your posts? Wow…


    Do yourself a favor. Have a friend over and then re-read your definition and then look at yourself in the mirror. Plus, after next weeks game they can help get all the sharp objects out of your proximity.

    One more question. When Monrovia got their rings last year did they give you one? If Covina gets one this year I know they won’t be handing me one either. Why? Because it’s the teams that actually play and not you and I showing our love for each other on a blog.

    No matter what Covinas or Monrovias or Charter Oaks, or West Covinas outcome is this year I won’t be silenced. And you sure as hell couldn’t do it.

  • SaintsR4real

    Paul Revere, aka Observantcat
    Dude, you’re a HEAD CASE!!
    I gotta admit, crazy or not, you’re a true Mtown Whacko!!

  • Observantcat

    Dude take your pills, and from this point on you will get no response. I kind of knew I was dealing with a 51/50 patient. Good night Colt74 you got quite early last season maybe you should take a hint and get your foot out of your mouth so that you can think straight.

  • MyOpticCat

    What’s the matter little buddy? You can dish it but not take it?
    Ok..I’ll take my foot out of my mouth the second you take your head out of your a$$.
    Now, go log on as Paul Revere or one of your many monikers and keep talking smack about the Colts. I’ll be right here to shove it right back down your throat.

    You don’t know squat about the Colts. But that hasn’t stopped you from taking shots in every post in various blogs about WHAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW about them.

    Monrovia has a great coaching staff and a great player roster. I have NEVER said one thing bad about the Monrovia TEAM. And I never will.

    I’ll go toe to toe with their fans any day of the week though. Especially when they try and make themselves look better by talking smack about another team. If the only way to get over your uncertainties of your team is to fabricate weakness of other teams then you are the one that is mentally problematic. It’s total chickenshyt to bad mouth other programs when instead you could just be supporting your team and pointing out where they did good.
    You want to attack me. No problem. You want to attack the Colts then you had better put on your big girl panties when you read my replies because I’ll be jumping right in you a$$ with both feet.

  • Observantcat

    Find 1 defamation on not only Covina but any team from me and I will completely retreat from these blogs. I truly believe you need your meds. If you consider talking my teams strengths and weaknesses up then you need to back the F up. The good thing about these blogs is they go as far back as 2006, check it out and get back to me. By the way there is only 1 Observantcat and I dont have to use another moniker to make a point I let my team do it. You on the other hand go through emotional withdrawal if you think anyone makes Covina out to be less than their competition thats the part thats CRAZY. This blog is formed to talk about the good, bad and the ugly mainly from the teams or players that you know not acting like some kind of Emotional LOOSER that thinks that typing in some hype is going to change your world. Get a grip.

  • Memoirs of Paul Revere

    Observant cat is not I….Seriously there are more than one whacko in Mtown…People think that Mtown has only one blogger ? So Colt 97 and Colt 74 are the same? Saints is the real whacko lol. Observant cat, does not bring the poetry that I bring, and probably more likely to reason with Delusional midvalley Fans….My style of writing is different…Our views are similar, and we probably know each other, Maybe even played with each other at Mtown… However, I repeat we are not the same person…Lets go Cats!

  • Mtownclown

    Covina fans THIS IS C.I.F !! stop bringing up regular Season W/L its means nothing Now!! thats just like me saying well “Covina only beat pomona by 2 and SD only beat pomona by 5 but Monrovia beat pomona by 17….IT DOESNT MATTER!!! only thing that does is the team in front of you trying too end your c.i.f hopes! Monrovia isnt the same team they were in week 3 …Observantcat is a well respected blogger Out of Mtown you can say what u want the guy knows his stuff!

  • coltfan97


    Think what you want!!!! I never disrespected Monrovia!!!!!! Monrovia is a great team and I hope Covina plays Monrovia!!!! In words of Ric Flair “in order to be the man you got to beat the man.”

    But before Covina gets there Covina is thinking about Alhambra first!!!!!

  • W T H

    This is the new revamped coaching staff at Maranatha. What a huge letdown. First round play off exit. Looks like they took a step back. Doesn’t come as a surprise though, A. P. U. s programs have not been successful so why should you expect thier coaches to. Message to the A D get the old coaches back. If you can.

  • Philly B.

    Wow I must say the last few comments have been fun and funny to read. Im loving it. I got respect for all teams of the ValleVista Leage. San Dimas fans and monrovia fans have gotten at each other alot the last few years, but theres mutual respect. Now Azusa I view them the same way Ive viewed san marino. I feel their schedule is weak, only difference is azusa has won out their league and san marino has not. I am surprised they beat valley christian. if they win again, ill be shocked. Looking forward to the cats playing whittier christian again. Thats all that should be talked about not covina. that time will soon come.

  • Paul Revere is not Observant Cat.

    Colt 97 you are cool…as for the rest….Mtown don’t waste your time with Colts and Saint crazies….they are in some fictional world where Monrovia has to dethrone them or something…We Dethroned San Dimas…they did not dethrone us…they just beat us in a preseason game….Covina is acting like they won the title last year…they still have a not won anything yet…Like we have to come and get them or something lol…How you gonna be #1 if you haven’t beat Monrovia in the playoffs yet? Come one now…The tribune has really pull a psych job you Midvalley east siders…Pressure pressure Pressure…enjoy your turkey…lol…

  • SaintsR4real

    To: Cybil, Revere, Observantcat, Billycat, whoever you are as you read this.
    Funny how all of your personalitys show up within hours of each other. You’re not fooling anyone PHSYCO BOY!!

  • Memoirs of Paul Revere

    Saints don’t get mad because San Dimas only has 1 blogger…Mtown is active on this blog. So could it be possible that More than one mtown blogger in 1 hrs , 2hrs or 10 mins…haha….hater…You just worry about Azusa bc the way you looked against San Marino it does not get any easier…

  • natha11

    hahahha purdue’s got nothing after that initial volley of insults.
    W T H: i agree with you about the coaching, but one year isn’t enough to boot a coach. but they really should get murphy back on staff as a position coach at the very least. from what i hear he was a much better motivator than the current staff. you could see in the players’ eyes on friday that they lacked heart, even when the game was clearly within reach the entire time. that would never happen on a murphy team. now you could attribute that to the players’ immaturity and lack of experience, but the coaches really have to mold them into players who respond better to adversity.

  • MHS

    Maranatha got outcoached is 100% dead on, the kid brought in to bring us to the next level failed – we have made round 2 of the playoffs for the last 5 years till’ he came in. He has been given time, an office, a sweet schedule (he is my kid’s weight training teacher – i.e no homework to grade) and some great kids who work hard – and he blew it.

    There is lack of discipline on and off the field and it came out in several games – including this one with so many penalties bring back good plays.

  • 6power

    To hear a few so-called supporters of Monrovia – trash their own former athletes – shows a complete lack of class. Just the contrary of Josh Lowden, who was a 100% class player on and off the field, a leader and role model for football excellence while at Monrovia.
    There is way too much great football happening to get caught in a low budget exchange like that.

    Great game by the Wildcats, showing both power and creativity on offense (206 yds rushing from Bias)halfback TD toss by DeShawn. Good mix. Plus serious DEFENSE!

    San Gabriel can beat Arroyo and I think they will.

    Moors get the death draw of Covina. Too bad, great year for Alhambra regardless.

    As mentioned two weeks ago, the game I have been looking forward to is Arcadia/La Mirada. Mixed loyalties on the winner…but I will be going with the Apaches…in honor of a former defensive tactician who roamed the Temple City sidelines and now coaches kids for Arcadia. LM took a key hit because of academic ineligibility…but the real key is the Arcadia defense which has become a force. La Mirada is a ground pound team and to beat them Arcadia will have to stand up to that. Equally outstanding well prepared coaching staffs. I think Arcadia has the athlete edge.

  • Walk With Jesus

    I don’t think everyone knows that the Maranatha interview process scared/intimidated some outstanding coaches. You had to go into deep personal detail regarding your “walk with Jesus” before even talking football. I respect Maranatha’s right to want a football coach with a christian background but boy did they EMPHASIZE this. Additionally they obviously weren’t going to pay big money (even though they can afford it) to Steve Bogan. After over 100 applications they gave the job to a kid (aka WONDERKID) with no Head Coaching experience and no experience facing ELITE competition.

    Why overemphasize/intimidate great coaches if you are going to give them a sweet schedule/Office/money/facilities etc.,?

    Maranatha, you can’t have it all. Your football supporters need to know that you eliminated good coaches with high character because they couldn’t/wouldn’t get extra personal and specific about their “walk with Jesus”. even though the final job was all football and babysitting a PE class.

    You will be home for Thankgsgiving. Enjoy

  • PurdueAlum05

    When you guys win one CIF title then talk to me; you have no reason to talk smack. Plus, I just jabbing at Tom S because he was talking smack about my playoff logic. Hey, at least South Pas scored on San Gabriel. I knew Maranath had no class after the Whittier Christian game, but you just brought it to an all time low. Maranatha shouldn’t be in the same sentence with the Christian faith, instead, you guys remind me more of Penn State. So if I were you, I would try getting some class. Until then, just sit there and don’t say anything to make yourself look more stupid!

  • Football Kryptonite

    The A.D. at La Salle is football kryptonite. When he gets on your campus you can’t play football anymore. I think his particular brand of kryptonite has affected South Pas and Maranatha. Beware to whover goes to take over at La Salle.

  • natha11

    purdue: so these blogs are dedicated to cif titles won.. what, 30+ years ago? it’s about the here and now, and here and now you are not a playoff team and we were. what i don’t understand is that you and the general public out there put Christians and Christian institutions under a microscope and hope that they slip up just a little morally so you take that and shove it in our faces. you act as if being a Christian is being perfect, when you and i both know that no human (Christian or not) is perfect. please, grow up and get in the real world. Christians can get angry too and make mistakes (WC game), but even if they make mistakes to a lesser degree than, say, a public school that might screw up even more, we get pounded. i feel like maranatha’s been criticized for one helmet being slammed on the ground and a couple of curse words more than you’re talking about the la salle/cantwell fight, which was a way bigger deal. la salle seniors were all up on facebook talking about how they “went out with a bang” and almost being prideful that they fought even though they lost and finished 1-9. and really……. we remind you of penn state? i’m sorry but i’m sure even you regretted typing that as soon as you submitted it. shows how valuable that purdue education is.

  • What

    Hey everyone is blaming the BIG LOSS in the first round on the coaches and players of Maranantha! San Gabriel Coaches and Players had somthing to do with the loss, they have been playing great ball since they came into league and cleaned house. Give credit where its due. Great Job Matadors keep it up and don’t let up. “ONCE A REBEL ALWAYS A REBEL” Doesn’t matter who is in charge of it!

  • Observantcat

    Hopefully after watching this video some of you may finally give this Kid (ManChild) his props. He along with his teamates and coach’s talk about the inner unselfish guy who just wants to Win and help his team believe in themselves and push their style of play to another level.

  • PurdueAlum05

    You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you’re young. We have won 5 CIF titles, so I guess I can keep talking.

    Maranatha gets criticized because you supposedly take pride in being good Christians and act like you do no wrong. If you don’t believe me then look at how you did interveiws for your head coaching vacancy last year. You guys asked questions about reglious beliefs. If you’re going to have these core values and not live up to them then you’re going to have to own up when you have done something wrong.

    “we remind you of penn state? i’m sorry but i’m sure even you regretted typing that as soon as you submitted it.” I typed this because I knew it would get your attention and it did. I was trying to get a point across, and obviously it worked. I know Maranatha is nothing compared to Penn State. That was a low blow, sorry. As far Purdue’s education, all I can do is just laugh at your comment. Twenty-two Purdue graduates have gone on to become astronauts, ENOUGH SAID!

  • Mid Valley Fan

    Regarding all the Maranatha chatter…

    To the casual observer you can clearly see:

    1. The program is in transition, like it or not
    2. Their schedule was tougher this year (South Pas, Temple City replaced Western Ch. and Santa Maria lower level schools)and they went 8-3….1 game short from last year team
    3. More kids have a chance to compete=more inclusive vibe within the program (McGee, Flewelling, Martin were buried on the bench last tear) Parents love this. It’s not rocket science.
    4. It seemed the new staff changed everything….new offense, defense, etc. I assume that much change takes time to implement.
    5. The fact that there is all this “chatter” is a sign that this school is moving in the right direction. 6-0 in the middle of the season and ranked number 1 in the MV?? Wow, who would have thought that. The days of playing Big Bear, Linfield, Saddleback Valley Christian are over. Let it go….those days are over.
    6.Things could be worse….ask Temple city, LaCanada etc.

    Perspective people, perspective….just sayin

  • hsftblfn

    Mid Valley Fan (aka Maranatha Parent) moving in the right direction would be playing on Thanksgiving weekend, something that Murphy and his staff were able to do in: 06 CFI final runner up, 07 second round, 08 second round, 09 second round, 2010 second round. Going 6-0 to start the season means “nada” when you are shown the door in the first round. Just ask Azusa (who MHS beat in that 6-0 start) whether they would change positions with MHS to be 6-0 in “pre-season” or have an opportunity to be playing on Thanksgiving weekend, perspective please. The best thing for MHS football next season would be to stay off the blogs but most importantly, staying under the radar in the off season but with Elfers surely getting the kind of attention (which he is absolutely deserving of) that just does not seem possible. So it looks like we are going to have to endure “again” all the MHS “pre-season hype” Word to the wise, focus on beating Whittier and Valley Christian (something Murphy and his staff, their first and only year in the Olympic could not do, instead of, in your words, boasting about being)”6-0 in the middle of the season and ranked number 1 in the MV” and maybe, just maybe the constant MHS “hazing” can finally be put to rest since it is a clear sign “that this school is moving in the right direction” just my perspective.

  • Mid Valley Fan

    To the hsfbfn or former Natha coach: Lol. Let the past go and move forward. All the references to the past doesnt make your argument any more valid. Let it go and let it fly away. One valid point to end is yes, flying under the radar will help any program wanting to make a run. Agreed.