Star Picks: Which one is Game of the Week to you?

Mid-Valley Division

Covina (10-1) vs. Alhambra (8-2) at Moor Field — Covina
Monrovia (8-3) vs. Whittier Christian (7-4) at Whittier College — Monrovia
San Gabriel (7-4) at Arroyo (10-1) — San Gabriel

Southeast Division
West Covina (10-1) at Pasadena (6-5) — West Covina
La Mirada (7-4) at Arcadia (9-2) — Arcadia
Diamond Ranch (6-5) at Muir (7-4) — Diamond Ranch

Western Division
Arroyo Grande (10-1) at St. Francis (9-2) — Arroyo Grande

Northeast Division
California City (7-4) at Rio Hondo Prep (10-1) — Rio Hondo Prep

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  • 6power

    La Mirada at Arcadia.

  • 6power

    The blog severely misses the input of The Stang Fan to break down DR at Muir.

  • BigCat

    If the ‘Cats stay focused, they should take another step toward the CIF championship.

  • big mike

    I see your still doubting Muir, Arcadia will be in the championship this year no doubt if any team can beat WC it’ll be Arcadia. Pasadena really has no chance SORRY dog fans but thats the truth WC is to powerful but we will be able to compare WC to Arcadia after the game the Bonita game has them deadlock.

  • Paul Revere

    Mtown one game at a time…WCHS will not be easy…don’t eat any turkey before the game…we would not want anyone in a food coma lol…Good Luck 91016

  • Huh???

    big mike, remember this;

    big mike said:
    Burroughs is about to run through Los Al-toast. the game wont even be close watch what i tell you.

  • justafan

    what happened to the video coverage Miguel? I’d like to see Video Highlites after the games in this blog now that it’s playoffs, SG at Arroyo is going to be a show! SG beat them in 2003 to go to the finals perhaps it’ll be the same on friday. I would like to see how rivera stacks up against San Gabriel’s defense.

  • StangNation

    I don’t want Miguel picking us ever, lol. His record for picking winning games this year is horrible.

    I know my Stangs has had soooo much off the field adversity to fight thru this year. They handle it greatly.

    Brandon being killed, Ty Glass (senior captain, safety) breaking his leg and ending his season, and the whole Coach Howard issue. They where lost for a while without their leader now they are back and better than ever.

    DR, please be dumb and kick the ball to Tairen & Kevon, lol. Stangs are on a roll now.

    P.S. I’d love to see a Pacific League CIF title game between Muir & Arcadia too.

  • big mike

    I do remember that and for half of football they did but its two halves in a game i dont understand what happen that night. i was half right.

  • 6power

    Rivera is tough to shake in the pocket. TC absolutely pancaked him repeatedly way back when he was a sophomore, sacking him time after time and destroying the Arroyo front line. This was when Sutton, OMalley, Mota and Fei were teeing off and terrorizing Rivera in the pocket. The kid is ice and can take a hit…of that there is no doubt.
    This year he is sitting back 7yards in the shotgun and doling out passes to several receivers. I believe he is still starting in the defensive secondary as well.
    Maybe someone can verify this cuz it has been 10 weeks since last I saw them.

    You cannot cushion the Knight receivers 10 yards, you need to be disruptive and SG must know this far better than I do. The Mats are doing some good things obviously and this is a game they can win…being physical up front and playing tight and aggressive in the secondary.
    Either way, Rivera has been a great 4 year player for Arroyo, despite being named an A-hole for flipping off the Mead crowd.

  • Cong ’76

    C’mon Big Mike, be the bigger man and admit you were wrong about Burrouhgs winning in a run-away. No shame, you just underestimated LA, kinda made a prediction based upon what you assumed to be true without really doing your homework.

    I admire people who make predictions because it shows a little bit of guts, but to be truly admirable, ya’ gotta swallow the crow when it is served up to ya’.

  • big mike

    Cong ’76
    My bad i thought i did i was wrong LA was a bit better than i thought i respect LA and hope they continue their journey……GOOD LUCK

  • Cong ’76

    Much respect Big Mike, much respect.

    As you may imagine, its been tough being an alum and fan of the once mighty program!

    Way back when I had played in “pee-wee” (actually JAA)football with many of the guys who lined up against Amat, Crespi, Fontana and the other big programs of the day, not to mention Sierra League rivals South Hills and West Covina.

    I know LA ain’t what it used to be, but at least now thet are competing with whomever they are lining up against!

    Thanks for the good wishes…

  • GrimReaper

    here to go and not to go.

    gotta Go:
    Monrovia goes into the lions den, traveling to Whittier Christian.
    Will a 4th quarter knee injury limit #3 De’Shawn Ramirez Monrovia’s most effective running back? If so will Blake Heyworth show up bigger than last week when most of his yards were tallied in one play. The game is a rematch of last year’s CIF championship game. It only gets harder each week for Monrovia who was rewarded by the CIF with the hardest route to the championship. It will be an Olympic sized holy grudge match.

    Gotta go:
    San Dimas at Azusa
    Is Azusa for real, or will San Dimas speed catch up to the player of the year in the MidValley. San Dimas looks beatable from the SM game. Will the glass slipper finally fall off Azusa? Game will be compelling.

    Dont go:
    Alhambra Covina and San Gabriel Arroyo.
    Covina and Arroyo get effective byes as we say bye bye to the Moors and Matadors who survived one more week than we thought they would. The games will have all the competitive charm of a 9 yr boy with a magnifying glass vs an ant hill.

  • Observantcat

    Marquise Bias is coming on very strong as a running back. We are getting step-up players who are going the distance to prove their worth towards winning and gaining what could hopefully amount to another Championship run. Bias is getting my vote every week as an All CIF candidate. If the Wildcats come out using all of their speed and talents against WC they should win out and still have enough going into the Semi’s against whoever they face whether it be Covina or Alhambra. I like what I see right now from all of the players and especially the Defense they are playing lights out. I hope that Arcadia does go after that South Eastern Div. Crown they have the horses and they have the Discipline to do it. Although Muir is a long shot to meet with Arcadia, that would be great to see. It’s been a long time coming since three teams from our area not to discount St. Francis because they too have a shot at the Semi’s and the finals. Barring no injuries we should all fare pretty well.

  • Memoirs of Paul Revere

    Deshawn will be fine…The wildcats have a plethora of ways to score…But if the defense plays like they did against Pomona, Monrovia will win. However Pomona was the only team in the midvalley who could match Monrovia’s speed, no Covina can not match Monrovia’s speed…But they do have senior leadership…Bias will be All Cif along with about 5 other guys…

  • Bob Ryan

    Game of the week:
    La Mirada (7-4) at Arcadia (9-2) — Arcadia

    Apaches have not made it this far since 2002 I believe. Should be a good game.

  • SaintsR4real


  • Memoirs of Paul Revere

    Saints is a hater saints is a hater…na na na na na na na …the saints are going lose to Azusa….payback is a b#$tch… na na na…

  • Kennedy Bryant

    I give credit where credit due. I see two very improved football players on the MHS varsity squad. Please note Im usually not easily impressed by anyone. However, CADE SCHULTZ your have impressed me and deserve a great deal of credit for your growth and development as a football player. When he played JV you couldnt catch a cold but kid you have found your way as a football player on defense. KEEP up the good work get I see you getting better and better every week. YOU got to LET UM HANG; YOU got to LET UM HANG. (GHETTO BOYS) And just because youre getting praise from me keep pressing to get better so everyone can see it. I can honestly say youre doing a great job from where I sit STAY FOCUSED YOUNG MAN.

    It easy to see Marquis Bias running the rock now but we saw this potential 2 years ago. You too have found the right motivation to be not only good but a very good running back. Your running well and the O-line is blocking well Im glad you see you had it in you all along Im proud of you and rejoice in all of the praise these JOHNNIE COME LATELYs are now giving you Im just happy that your realize you are good and listening discipline can work wonders for your game. Love the way you run the rock stay humble, keep your grill closed, and run run run baby. BIAS/SCHULTZ MOST IMPROVED NO DOUBT ABOUT IT

  • BigMLover

    The O-Line can be added to your Most Improved list. A sophomore, 2 juniors and a transfer senior have risen to the quality demanded by a discriminating alumni. Go Fattys!

  • MonroVian

    @ Big M Lover.
    I being a formar Monrovia Big Ugly In the trenches in the late 90’s am also proud of the Beef we have up front and all the time they give my man Blake so he can chuck that pig skin and for Mr. Bias so he can safely run that Rock! I am most proud of Sophmore #65 Josh Cano.
    Great kid on and off the field!
    You Dont Want No Green And White!
    Lets get em Cats!

  • Coach O

    Covina and Arroy have byes this week really? I think that was said about La puente in the first round as well. I think credit is due to this Alhambra team and what kind of season it has put together. This was a 4-6 5th place team a year ago and is now standing 9-2, in the elite 8 of the playoffs, and is equal or has surpassed some of the best Alhambra teams in school history. The Adam tate team had 9 wins, but lost in the first round of the playoffs, and he was arguably the best player to ever come out of Alhambra, playing for the Green bay packers. Zion babb teams never won 9 games, did reach the quarterfinals, he didnt play that game however, and he started for Michigan vs notre dame as a freshmen. Mitchell crockum (Idaho) and Dushine Smith (Utah St) teams both lost in first round, didnt win 9 games. I hear 1978 was the last time an alhambra team went to the semis. Yet this team is still being told it doesnt belong. This is the first team, since the Almont league was formed, to beat Schurr, Montebello, and Bell Gardens in the same season. There are no real superstars on this team, outstanding players worthy of CIF honors, absolutely. But it is a total team effort with determination and heart. We beat a senior dominated 9-1 team last week, that was ranked #3 in CIF going into their final game, led by 20 points, and now even that team was no good, along with every team we beat this season. No one can dispute how good Covina is, thats the great thing, and all predictions are blow outs, and yet I fully expect this team to give them one great game Friday! Best thing about football is that the best team doesnt always win! Any given Friday, saturday or Sunday! Just ask Oregon about their championship plans! Go Moors!

  • coltfan97

    Coach O,

    It seems like your trying to convince yourself that Alhambra can beat Covina!!!! The only thats possible is if Covina makes mistakes!!!!!! Yes you beat La Puente, but they don’t play anybody, and when L.P. did look what happened (Azusa game)!!!!

  • coltfan97

    Coach O,

    It seems like your trying to convince yourself that Alhambra can beat Covina!!!! The only thats possible is if Covina makes mistakes!!!!!! Yes you beat La Puente, but they don’t play anybody, and when L.P. did look what happened (Azusa game)!!!!

  • Stay tuned

    This is a different year…however Covina, has been known to slip in the 2nd round. I don’t think Alhambra has the horses or experience to beat the Colts. However, If all 11 moors on the field hit, and I mean hit til it hurts…they may be able to put together close game. They may not be able to stick the colts man for man…but if they can get some hits on the qb…create some hurried throws…who knows…However they still have to stop Ainsworth and I don’t think they can. Even if the Moors put together the perfect game…the colts still will find a way to get that last score…However, if this turns out to be a breeze for the Colts…It Could hurt them later on…the Colts need a tough hard fought playoff game…Can Anyone Challenge them?..Well the two teams playing in the other Quarterfinals won’t get blown out in the Semi’s and very well capable of winning the midvalley…The plot thickens…stay tunned.

    Covina 34 Alhambra 21

  • coltfan97

    Stay Tuned,

    Do you think that Covina will be able to throw deep against Alhambra just like S.G. did?

  • GrimReaper

    Coach O yes it is the rare double bye.

    bye bye

    (and if I am wrong, I encourage you to point out how wrong I was… but if I am right, I expect you to man up and admit I was right)

  • New York

    Great to hear, BigMLover. I tend to be a pretty demanding alumna and always have my eye toward our linemen. We go only as far as they take us. Their maturation is impressive, especially when considering everything they have been through.

    By the way, BigM, I hope you enjoy watching that Azusa video. It brought back a lot of great memories!