PrepXtra Rewind: Aram has strong words for Muir, Miguel gives his takes, plus Chris Rix and PREDICTIONS …

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  • Aram, it’s a blog, its a running joke; tell me who your picking so I can pick the opposite. Yes Muir struggles but one comment you made on when has Muir done well in academics is silly and speaks on your negative perception of Muir. Please go see Muir’s Hall of Fame and Museum it speaks for itself. Yes the coaching staff is not great but they are there every night trying to make it happen, for what a 800-1,200 dollar stipend? No because they are the ones with pride and remember how it was with the thousands of successful students who became successful business people, family members and community leaders. Just like many other schools past and future. You are correct about the penalties and if they can ever figure it out its over. 17 kids from Pasadena on Alemany’s rosters does not mean they are 17 kids that were going to Muir. Alemany out of the playoffs, Cathedral done, Maranatha done! Come on the parents are buying the bells and whistles, and don’t even look Muir’s way because of the perception, nor do they do their homework and look into what the school has to offer. We will teach and coach those who come and we are open to all not just the athletes that others look for. “Hey RayJay come play for us and run behind our line”.” Do not worry mom it’s just a placement test if he fails it’s ok, just don’t get hurt and everything will be OK”. Blue 98 Blue 98 GO!

  • 6power

    I think La Mirada’s playoff road is going to end in Arcadia.

    Dimante and staff should be careful not to look beyond La Mirada though, because LM has a solid running game and seems to have improved their passing game as well. Their pass attack feeds off the run game and the LM coaches know their play calling – at least they did against Mayfair when I last saw them.
    The LM punt returner may not be as well known as Legace, but the kid has great field vision and has returned several punts for TD’s this year. He is a threat on any kick.
    La Mirada first 4 games were against monster teams, thus their 6-4 record is deceiving. Playing a talented team like the Apaches is no new ground for them…they will come out and do what they do. Very well coached team that makes few mental errors. They don’t have the big guns and size of the LM CIF championship team, but are a sleeper in this years run to the finals.

  • anonymous

    Hey its nice that you guys have finally said something about RHP, thank you miguel.
    you guys were about to skip right over us but luckily miguel was there to say something.