Friday Night Aftermath: Muir bullies past Diamond Ranch, 48-0; Monrovia, Rio Hondo Prep win big; Arcadia stunned in 31-28 loss; San Gabriel outlasts Arroyo.

No scoreboard tonight, click on Coveritlive for updates throughout the games.

Mid-Valley Division
Covina 49, Alhambra 7
Monrovia 67, Whittier Christian 21
San Gabriel 40, Arroyo 38
San Dimas 30, Azusa 23

Southeast Division
West Covina 55, Pasadena 12
La Mirada 31, Arcadia 27
Muir 48, Diamond Ranch 0
La Serna 35, Los Altos 30

Western Division
Arroyo Grande 49, St. Francis 28

Northeast Division
Rio Hondo Prep 55, California City 0

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  • Witness

    Muir 30 vs. Diamond Ranch 0

    3rd Quarter

  • StangNation01

    Keep not picking Muir!!! As a stang we don’t want to be favored. Just fear US!!! I told ya’ll we’ve faced way too much adversity this year not to be mentally strong. Franchise we love you & Coach Howard we got your back. So Miguel & Aram don’t pick us at all!!!!

    Pacific league is the toughest league in the SGV Period!!!!

  • OMG, the John Muir Mighty Mustangs put a whoopin’ on D-Ranch. It was a complete game on both sides of the ball. Josh Washington looked poised, the two Stallions (Seymour & Owens) were dynamic once again. The D-fense lead by Mark Samuels and Denzel Talifero with a ton of supporting cast were awesome. The players and coaches believe in themselves and together they feel they can get it done. Oh yea “Lil Holmes” tore it up also. Good play calling coaches: Darick, John, Bobby, Coach T, Mr. Strong. GO STANGS!!! We are proud of you!!

  • big mike


  • coltfan97

    Great game Monrovia we will see you next week!!!!

  • big mike

    I see the stories on “Noodles” but clearly and i mean clearly that freshmen D.Holmes jr. is by far head and shoulders better ask coach roddy layton. Im not knocking Noodles at all but with all his publicity and D.Holmes gets none is kind of cold. D.Holmes has played Varsity all year long and haven’t even been mentioned in the PASADENA STAR NEWS yet. I think he deserves a full write up you know similar to Noodles.

  • GrimReaper

    Looks like:
    1. Arroyo was not as good as everyone said
    2. San Gabriel is better than anyone thought
    3. Maybe the Rio Hondo League is not as weak as everyone says.
    4. Muir can really only play when there is something extra on the line. But then they can really play.
    5. And the Midvalley division championship game is really this week Covina Monrovia. I was not pleased to see another Bueno coming into the mix, by scoring a touchdown on the last play of the game. Monrovia should convert to a religious school, so it can play in Bishop Amat’s league.

    Mee Mee Mee.
    By the way, Coach O, I think the fat lady has sung. Not that I would say I told you so. Oops! I guess I did.

  • coltfan97

    Grimm Reaper,

    I agree with you next week Monrovia-Covina game is for the championship!!!!!! By the way I picked S.G. in an upset!!!!! They stopped Elfers, they could stop or slow down Rivera and they did!!!!

  • Observantcat

    Just when you thought “NO BUENO” here comes another one and he looked good although it was the last play of the game. Congrats to the Monrovia boys, DeShawn is finally coming into his own and the Defense looked especially good tonight. Next Friday just leave it all on the field and play your game and the results will be what they should be. I’m sure Covina will come with its A game but I believe we have the playmakers to stall out their momentum plays.

  • have you ever seen a Horse caught in head lights by Paul Revere….

    Well…Covina been crying for Monrovia…well…you got it…Grrrrrr.

  • I hate to break it to all you Muir fans, but I picked you guys to beat D-Ranch.

  • StangNation01

    You are correct. I’d like to retract my statement about you not picking Muir. But i honestly don’t want any of ya’ll writers/blogers picking us. Fred was right we play 1 million times better when no one believes in us & we are the underdogs. We are like those old SC teams can’t get up unless something is on the line.

    I personally think Alemany is pimping our Pasadena kids and aren’t sending them to college (CSU/UCs) or D-1 at all. They are selling them a dream and they aren’t succeeding. They did that to a few friends of mine (and me for 1 season) in the early 2000s with Casey Claussen (big brother of Jimmy Claussen). They sent 1 Pasadena kid D-1 that is Malcolm Marable to Oregon State and thats how they are selling Alemany to these kids, smh. Print that!!!!

    We are sending kids D-1 and to Universities (academic scholarships)!!!! Thats the John Muir Mustang way and we come back & help the next generation. c/o 2001

  • I Guess I am a HATER

    1st, grats to Muir for showing everyone up.

    @ StangNation01:

    Quit whining over stealing kids to Alemany; I don’t have a kid that goes there. But if their parents send them there and they got a good education, then who cares. Please don’t respond that the same college preparatory education can be received at Muir….that would be foolish.

  • I guess I am a HATER

    Anyways, the win tonight shows that the Stangs are doing just fine. Hopefully, their continued success will bring attention to the kids that ARE attending Muir and get opportunities and attention that they may not have received if all of the kids who went to Alemany stayed. So who’s really losing anyway?

  • StangNation 01,

    You and most other Muir bloggers are walking around blind without a cane. “Us against the world?” Really? Every sportswriter I read since the brackets came out said “Muir is dangerous. Muir is the at-large team nobody wants to face. Muir is as good as anyone in the division talent-wise.”

    Does that sound like “us against the world”? Or does it sound like “writers/bloggers” giving Muir the benefit of the doubt YET AGAIN because we all see the talent and know what would happen if you guys ever strung together a few good games?

    I think we all know the answer, but spin it out how you want.

  • Coach O

    Covina was a very good team, and I wish we had given them a better representation of how this Alhambra team has played all year. Youth was served last night in handing them 21 points and not making them earn it early on. Covina went through it last year and came back as seniors to go a step further and thats what we plan to do next year. #5 was the best player on the field and we knew that going in, we couldnt stop him in the second half. Still no shame in going 9-3 and second round of the mid valley. No one predicted that. 2 almont teams in the final 8 and one in the final 4 for a league that most thinks is not very good. One of the most successful seasons in school history. Proud of my defense for playing their hearts out last night even when everything was going against us with offense and special teams. Next year starts today for us! GO MOORS!!

  • 6power

    Tremendous game in Arcadia. It was the rare game, where nobody deserved to lose…but somebody had to.

    I’ve been spouting for weeks that this was the match up…and it was. LM went up 10 -0, the Apaches forced a fumble, Legace recovered and Arcadia fought back and took what looked like a comfortable lead going into the 4th. Arcadia was inside the 5 and ready to win the game…could have kicked a 3 for OT…but why tie when you can win the game?? Arcadia threw two fades into the corner end zone…both very close to scoring, but incomplete. The next throw…Arcadia pushed their luck as Carr rolled out and attempted to force a pass into the end zone…IT WAS PICKED.Game over. Damn I feel bad for Carr….he had an excellent game otherwise.

    Arcadia could not run on LM, which was a key factor in the end result. At one point LM went dbl tight end and played some punishing football. Great game Arcadia – and great job by the Matadores.

  • Big Cat

    The real Wildcat team stepped up big time against Whittier Christian! However,the Covina game will be an even bigger challenge. All I can say is GO ‘Cats!

  • big mike

    Aram did not pick Muir to beat D-Ranch. Remember your “SO CALLED STRONG WORDS FOR MUIR” indicating that Muir cant string together wins, now your with the STANGS all of a sudden but that and you are irrelevant. Hey Muir has maybe the best athletes in the SGV and now that their coaching staff is finding ways to get them boys the ball in open space is a scary situation, lets not forget about the DEFENSE “who will return 8 starters next year” in two PLAYOFF games Muir has only allowed 1 touchdown now i dont know why that wasn’t a topic today or i still dont understand why Muir dont even have an article up about their win, but you did hurry up and put one up about WC and St. francis but its all good i guess the Stangs gotta keep proving themselves to get any attention. Then you got a freshmen who been performing all year long and then rushes for more than a hundred yards against a “Roddy Famous Layton” D-Ranch team but there still wasnt any article on him either all year long. Im beginning to think that you guys are only about the WC, Covina, D-Ranch, Monrovia and etc….when in all Muir is playing the BEST FOOTBALL OUT OF ALL THE SGV TEAMS RIGHT NOW IN THE PLAYOFFS averaging 43 points and giving up a whopping 3.5 points per game. No team in the SGV is playing that tough with shut out defense and “AIR UP THERE” offense. Come on Miguel i dont expect any respect from Aram at all or fred but you cover the WSGV step it up dude or you might get kicked off the Muir sideline next time, Oh wait you were on the D-Ranch sideline last night.

  • big mike

    Thank you for posting up the article on Muir. THANKS now could we hear some stuff about them during the week to, i hope were not asking for too much i mean you guys post articles about a kid playing qb on a dummy offense. But in all due respect THANKS.


  • OILER22

    I’m surprised Covina did not put up another 70 bomb like SG did.
    Alhambra is the luckiest team to be in the playoffs.
    One of the worst teams Ive seen in a long time.

  • Big Mike,

    Let me show you something from LAST MONDAY

    Southeast Division
    West Covina (10-1) at Pasadena (6-5) — Robledo (WC); Tolegian (WestCo)
    La Mirada (7-4) at Arcadia (9-2) — Robledo (Arcadia); Tolegian (Arcadia)
    La Serna (8-3) at Los Altos (8-3) — Robledo (Los Altos); Tolegian (Conqs)
    Diamond Ranch (6-5) at Muir (7-4) — Robledo (DRanch); Tolegian (Muir)

    You still want to say I didn’t pick Muir? And my strong words were for you Muir fans coming on here after a win claiming that nobody respects you and Miguel or anybody else is stupid because he didn’t pick you guys. Now you don’t want to be picked? You know why you guys weren’t picked in certain games? Let me show you …

    Crescenta Valley 27, Muir 20
    Burbank (4-6) 35, Muir 34
    Arcadia 42!!!!, Muir 7

    Congrats on getting things together and repairing you credibility.

    And I agree that Holmes has been the best frosh in the area. But you should know that Holmes plays not only because he’s good but because Muir needs him to. Noodles doesn’t play because where are you gonna put him? West Covina is that loaded. Maybe we’ll get a WestCo-Muir championship and you can see what I mean firsthand.

  • New York

    Did you recently watch Wall Street? That blind without a cane reference is classic Gekko.

    Are you sure WestCo is deeper than Muir in the skills area? That is your implication with the Noodles reference. If that is the case, who is going where for WestCo? Maybe WestCo’s WingT system has less need for another skill guy.

    If these two schools meet, it will be all about the line of scrimmage and WestCo trying to keep the ball out of Muir’s hands.

  • big mike

    OK ARAM, you made a valid point. but i do have a question are you already saying that if Muir makes it to the championship and WC happen to make it there to that WC would beat Muir?……….And Muir didnt need D.Holmes jr. to play it was just that he was so talented that Muir didnt want to waste any year of that talent not being showcased to others. Muir is use to only suiting up 25-35 players so to Muir they are never in need of players but one thing is for sure at John Muir high school they will play their talented freshmen no matter what. (not knocking WC at all) expect them STANGS to be in the ship and who ever on the other side prepare well it’ll be like the civil war with them boys on they horses (STANGS).

  • Not recently, NY. But I’ve got that movie memorized.

    Big Mike,

    I’ve had WestCo winning this division since 5 minutes after they won last year’s championship. So yeah, I’m saying they’ll beat Muir, if both of them get there.

  • just wondering

    Went to see a real small school play last week and it barely got any mention. RIO HONDO PREP. Wow was i floored the speed and agressiveness of this tiny school was really something to see.

    I think they have less than 100 students in school, my friends son is a senior at that school.

    Saw them play two seasons ago vs Salesians whom they also beat, by their power points they would crush a Maranatha team and I believe they crushed a team that beat Maranatha this season. I know that Maranatha beat San Gabriel in a scrimmage and then lost to them in first round, where would this little team Rio Hondo Prep fit into this equation of who can beat who.

    I see that schools like Maranatha get sooo much hype only to be smashed every year when it matters while a small program like RIO HONDO PREP hardly gets a drop of ink but always gets to the big game in thier division.

    No offense here to any one but I was just wondering how they would do vs other local teams.

  • big mike

    Well i hope you also got La Serna winning this week…..Muir over WC in the championship. Muir has to many athletes and has too much speed D-Ranch and Santa Fe found out the hard way and so will WC if Muir get past La Serna and WC get past La Mirada then the Southeast championship game will be played with both of the best teams in the SE division Muir has finally showed what they can do when they play up to their potential WC has been playing up to their potential and i understand why you would pick them but now i think the Muir curse of having coaches that cant get the best out of these athletes is over and Muir will dominate for the next few years……This might bring back home the athletes, and if that happens then Muir will be the best in the SGV…..

  • New York

    A fool and his (blog) are luck enough to get together in the first place.

    How long until WestCo and Glendora join the Sierra Leauge and that League drops into the Central Division? Doesn’t WestCo have a huge enrollment, sorta like Arcadia? Monrovia had some good games with WestCo before and during Maddox’s assistant coaching tenure there. I’d like to get them back on the schedule.

  • big mike

    This might bring back home the athletes, and if that happens then Muir will be the best in the SGV…..Then Alemany would be a doormat team in the serra

  • GrimReaper

    Did anyone stop to consider the sudden total emergence of Muir?

    A team that lost to Arcadia by a bunch and Burbank.

    If one was the suspicious kind, one would almost think that they were pulling a hustle, driving the odds up and then dropping the hammer.

    Nah couldn’t be…could it?

  • GrimReaper

    Monrovia Whittier

    Final thoughts:

    At halftime of the Pomona Game with the score tied 7-7 and the game in doubt, several of the Monrovia players went to the locker room posing and pumping fists.

    I would guess that the coaching staff had some stern lectures and observations for the team over the course of the last week.

    On Friday night it was all business. The number of penalties was down, the turnovers non existent.

    Play of the game, 3rd quarter De’Shawn Ramireza 107 (or so) yard pass interception in the end zone for a touchdown.

    by Linebacker Frazier with a one handed pass interception that was a thing of beauty.

  • big mike

    Grim Reaper
    I think Muir will pull the Monrovia excuse on this one at the time Muir wasn’t gelling or they didnt have the athletes in the right place but now they gelling and found an identity Muir is scary just like Monrovia. Who in the mid-valley or southeast wants to run into them two teams?

  • objective fan

    To Just Wondering, Yes, Rio Hondo Prep is exciting to watch. The reason they don’t get too much attention from the local paper is that all those boys down at the star news just take it for granted that they will win their league and at least go deep into the playoffs, perhaps even to their championship game. With these high expectations, they must feel there is no reason to cover them as well as some of the other teams they cover in the S.G.V., go figure?… As far as how they would do against other local teams, if there were other local small schools that would be willing to play them, Rio Hondo Prep would absolutely dominate. The problem is that RHP is so good at what they do, no other small schools want to play them for fear of getting beat so badly. Case in point, earlier this year RHP played Village Christian away and won no problem. I don’t know what the enrollment of Village Christian School is, but I can guarantee you it’s at least 4 or 5 times more than RHP and they are 1 or 2 divisions above RHP. So, with that said, getting beat by tiny RHP looks bad for those bigger schools which makes it difficult for RHP to find local opponents. Maranatha used to be a great cross town rivalry for RHP, they even beat RHP the last time they played (we wont mention that RHP’s star player #20 Cody Cowell was out with a separated shoulder for that game) but all of a sudden Maranatha decided they did’nt want to play RHP anymore, why? perhaps they dont want a division 13 school (the smallest by the way) beating them because it just does’nt look good on paper. So, really there is no local small school competition for little RHP because no one wants to take the risk of getting beat by them. RHP might be a small school with very few boys, but they play big football and their coaches seek out stiff competition for them in pre- league play and that’s why they are so good at what they do. Playing cupcake teams is not their style, they want competition because it only serves to stretch the boys to their capable limits because that’s how championships are won

  • Moveon

    Good gravy, even when we lose you have to focus on us don’t you RHP – GET OVER IT – why are you always crying – btw – it’s pretty obvious that the first and last poster was the same guy – one to set up the insult and the next to follow through.

    Call CIF – ask about competitive equity and get your tail kicked up to a harder division like we did and you can get beat just like we do….

    By the way – we have about 300 boys at our school – and we dont bother to look what the other schools have, most of us try to just play and see what happens.

    Again, move up and get the press or stay soft in D13 – and yes you used to beat us, but the last two times we met, we won – then we got flack for playing you and started scheduling teams like Azusa (we won that as well) – sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t -the SG team is in the Semi’s!

    Good luck to all area teams – including RHP

  • Observantcat

    Big Mike, that is exactly what is going on at Muir. New Coach with a new swagger who seems to get that across to his team in his own way and they are now the confident dominating team that everyone knew they could be. Muir now has several threats and no one is looking now just to contain Seymour and Owens everybody has to be accounted for now. Monrovia has made those same adjustments, sure DeShawn got his this week but the week before Bias looked like he was unstoppable and our Defense has turned the light switch on and is playing more aggressive than ever this season. I’ve always thought Muir has the atheletes to compete but when the coaching settles for so-so efforts from athletes that have potential to do way more and expect his stars to get them though the game thats when the team breaks down. Man for Man Muir is a better team than any team in the Southeast div. and if they stay on that focus it wouldn’t surprise me if they win going away. Good Luck to the Stangs! going forward.

  • big mike

    Everything you just said is True and like i said no team wants to run into Muir or Monrovia at this point both teams have found themselves and now its time to start striking up the band. Dude D-Ranch was stuck with a sour beer face look all friday night. Santa Fe looked as if they knew they wasn’t going to be able to compete.


  • Paul Revere

    I am on the Muir-Monrovia Westside train.

    This season Muir and monrovia, played some tough preseason games…Games which if they scheduled a cupecake instead, their records would be better. However, those tough games are the reason they are doing well in the playoffs. Both Diamond Ranch, Santa Fe, Pomona, and Whittier Christian are good teams which were dominated like no one dominated them this year…Those count as tough games, while other teams playoff games have been against lesser competition…I think it was great for these kids to have to tough road…it keeps them sharp. Their has been no injuries so far, and things are looking great…Friday I hope the party is going from Monrovia to Pasadena…Good Luck Cats and Stangs!

  • Witness

    @just wondering,

    Instead of contemplating some silly hypothetical game against a larger local school, I suggest you worry about RHP’s game this week. Both Boron and Salesian are quality programs that are playing very well as of late, and either of those schools are capable of taking out RHP on any given Friday.

  • just wondering

    No insults intended MOVE ON. No I was not the same poster, I honestly was just observing the coverage that Maranatha and schools like that get and I noticed that RHP gets almost none.

    I do have a right to look at those things dont I, I just noticed your reply so I looked it up and RHP did beat Village Christian 31 to 13 and village christian did whip Maranatha 34/17. No insult intended its just you never hear about this little school who plays very hard nosed football and wins quite a bit.

    But since you mentioned it Maranatha has 669 total and 330 boys, Village has 442 and about 220 boys, while RHP has 88 total and about 44 boys. And they do try hard to schedule up.

    Also since you brought up numbers I did some research on calpreps, in 08 you won 14/7 and in 09 it was 7/0 and you had more kids then, barely squeaked out the wins,actually I do believe they would humiliate you by at least 2 t/d’s currently.

    I am not attacking any fine institution, all I am saying if it was’nt for knowing someone who has a son on the team I never would have seen or heard about them in the first place.

    Oh and to Mr WITNESS, we all know how games can end up when we are suppossed to win dont we, if not maybe Valley and Village can remind us. And yes both great programs but RHP already beat BORON this season and the game I saw at RHP in 09 vs SALESIAN, RHP was picked to loose, Salesian had a few kids that are on D1 college Rosters now “Josh Williams” Oregan St. just for starters.

    Maybe school is so small no one really reads about them, I was just wondering.
    Thanks for the convergance

  • Observantcat

    A little off the subject, but Miguel what’s the update on the Monrovia Basketball situation? both the Girls and the Boys. Who are the new coach’s or do they even have any coach’s yet.

  • big mike

    Here’s to the haters………..
    D-Ranch highlights coming soon

  • 6power

    Amazed not a single post on the Arcadia/La Mirada game. Again, congratulations to the Apaches on a strong season…tough ending.

    Can someone who was at Arroyo/San Gabriel game elaborate some key points on what got SG the win?

  • New York

    I’m not sure why the blog monster ate my posts from yesterday.

    Monrovia has a chance this week to prove the doubters wrong! Go have a monster semi final game like last year when the same pundits were talking about San Dimas having “mental ownership” over Monrovia. Lol.

    We need Paul Finchamp to get involved with this RHP discussion!

    Muir is long overdue to win this division. Their success should not surprise anyone. Muir’s last semi final appearance was in D3!

  • Mid Valley Fan

    To just wondering..

    Maranatha beat Village 34-17… had it backwards. Can’t use that in making your argument. Everyone knows RHP is legit. You need to convince the RHP people to move out of that division if you want the respect you seek. Not saying it’s right but it’s the reality.

  • “Man for Man Muir is a better team than any team in the Southeast div. and if they stay on that focus it wouldn’t surprise me if they win going away.”

    Say what? Have you seen West Covina, Observantcat? They’re the defending champs. They’re the team going through everyone like a warm knife thru butter.

  • muir
  • Colt74

    But Muir is WEST of the 605! I think Muir is the best team in the Southeast….WEST of the 605….NORTH of the 210 Freeway….WEST of Lincoln Ave….and SOUTH of Wyoming St.

    Given those parameters it is easily Muir as the best in the Southeast Division. Without any parameters and taking into consideration the players….WEST COVINA!

  • New York

    It’s true that WestCo has a huge enrollment that should put it into a bigger division, and it’s true that they are the Excellence of Execution with their systematic offense, but Muir was the hot knife through warm butter the past two games with higher seeds. MUIR has the X-factor: an all-purpose player with an offer from Florida complimented by another offensive threat going to Washington. Let’s hope these two teams get to face off. It really will come down to whether or not WestCo takes the air out of the ball and keeps it away from Muir. WestCo got beat deep by the Covina deep ball. I think Owens would be able to get past them as well if his QB has time to get the ball off!

    The East bias is unreal! A couple years ago Diamond Ranch went on a similar run, and all you folks were praising Layton and thinking they would beat Charter Oak. Now it looks like Muir can go on a similar run, but for some reason WestCo, not even Charter Oak, is just untoucheable!

  • Observantcat

    not to take anything away from Westco, but if you give Muir an opportunity to utilize it”s skill positions the you can say ” HOUSTON WE’VE GO A PROBLEM” I understand that it is hard to see past some of Muir’s league games and wonder how the hell they pulled it together so fast, but you have to look at the fact that they DID! Frazier and Solomon are a two headed monster on offense but if Muir keeps playing defense the way they have then it wouldn’t even matter who was running the ball for WC because they certainly are not faster than Muir by any means. Muir must keep it’s focus on the game ahead and then realize what they have accomplished and put it all together and play like everyone knows they can including you Aram. If they reach the finals I bet even you would think twice about who to pick. WC would be the easy pick, but Muir might just be the logical pick.

  • Dan

    This is what is great about Friday night football and the playoffs, anything can happen and any one team can get hot and the unexpected can happen real easily. It’s fun as a fan to read all these opinions on possible games between Muir and WC and the trash talk that goes along with it. Muir looks hot right now and is a legit force that is making a run for the Southeast title. They dominated Diamond Ranch in a similar fashion that West Covina did, and I agree that with something on the line, Muir plays harder.
    I’ll tell you one thing though, Mike Maggiore and his staff at West Covina have 100% focus on a powerful La Mirada team that just beat Arcadia, who earlier in the season gave Muir it’s worse beating of the year. La Mirada also went toe to toe with La Habra who is as good as any team in the SGV. Don’t get me wrong, I believe Muir is a much different team at this time than when they lost to Arcadia, but there will be enough on West Covina’s plate with La Mirada that they are not even giving a thought about Muir at this time.
    One week at a time boys. Muir has to get through a La Serna team who is as unpredictable as Muir can be, and WC will have their hands full with tough La Mirada. I hope WC and Muir can get it together for the Southeast division title, but that is a tough two weeks from now and anything can happen between then.

  • New York

    Monrovia needs to practice and play like champions, very focused and hungry! This is our fourth consecutive semifinal appearance, and Covina is standing in the way of our fourth consecutive 10-win season and our third consecutive finals appearance. Covina is also standing in our way (SG is indirectly) for a chance to rectify the pre-season loss to San Dimas! The pundits were calling for this matchup last year…until Whittier Christian beat Covina.

    The local sportswriters should find all sorts of side stories, in addition to the stats I mentioned above: Coach Thomas and Coach Maddox coached the Hall of Fame Game last summer. The East won. This is a chance for Maddox to even the score. The only team to beat Covina this season was West Covina, where Coach Maddox served for 10 years prior to taking the helm at Monrovia…Covina’s running back is Ainsworth, a last name that is etched twice into Monrovia’s MVP trophy…both of those guys played in CIF Finals, as did Greg at Duarte in 1992.

    Monrovia started the season with lofty expectations that were derailed early. After some QB seasoning and O-Line maturation, we are right where we expected to be, less three pre-season victories. Beating Covina was always part of the plan of what we needed to do. I’m sure every Covina player and coach has had Monrovia circled at least since last season because of the stats I listed above, similar to the way Monrovia went after Paraclete a couple years ago…

    This will be a great game, but it really is NOT for the championship. No sir. The winner of this game will still need to go out and earn a victory the following week against another team who is playing great football.

  • pacific joe

    i agree with you except one part where your kind of saying that Muir is just HOT. Muir coaches finally found a way to bring out their potential thats been there forever. Muir is not a cinderella team, Yes Muir got dominated by Arcadia (no excuses) but in that game Muir didnt have a clue on how to get their athletes the ball, or what coverages to run and had a lot of kids in spots they shouldn’t had been in. If you take just one day and go out to Muir i guarantee you, you would be surprised that every kid is at practice and is there on time. Coach John with the defense finally put the puzzle together D. Holmes on the O with coach Mitch who stepped in for howard finally found a way to get them D1 boys the ball. Not to mention that Muir even has the support from past athletes in M.Ross, R.Graves, T.Roby and a few more. man this Muir team has always been serious it took a minute but they got serious at the right time. And believe me they are not even thinking about WC they are focused on La Serna who better come out with some type of way to stop them boys on the outside, oh and that FRESHMEN carrying that ball like vet. Its a different program over there at Muir now and hopefully the parents of the city will notice it and bring they kids back home because MUIR IS GETTING OUT LIKE HOT CAKES.

    OVER THERE ON LINCOLN THEY LIVE BY THE CODE “EAT OR GET ATE” and lately you gotta agree them kids dont believe in missing a meal because they been “EATING”.

    Good Luck to M-town show them what that WSGV is about

  • Gordon Gekko

    Stangs just 2 more wins and you have a ring. Focus.

  • Candy

    Oh yeah jumpin on the M & M bandwagon! MTown and Muir! Yeahhhhhh!

  • 6power


    La Mirada is playing great football. Don’t let the round 1 CV score fool anyone, LM had I believe 4 td’s called back. They edged by a very talented Arcadia team – in a prep game as good as I have seen in awhile.

    LM lost a key player against Arcadia to a knee injury,but otherwise are healthy and making few mistakes, with the exception of 2 stripped fumbles against the Apaches. They are going to need a huge defensive effort to get close to beating West Covina. Their offense looked a little predictable against Arcadia…but they went with what worked, short passes and power running up the gut.

    Good luck Dan…
    6power aka Goldenarm