BREAKING NEWS: La Salle’s Antoine Peterson fired.

La Salle’s Antoine Peterson has been fired as the Lancers’ head football coach after four seasons.

Peterson, who went 7-34 in his tenure, was fired a week after the Lancers’ season ended in a postgame brawl following a 29-12 loss to Cantwell Sacred Heart.

La Salle finished 1-9, with its lone win over Mary Star of the Sea, 49-20.

Peterson assembled a top coaching staff that included former NFL player Dwight Hicks and former USC running back Shawn Walters.

“These guys were there for me,” Peterson said of his staff. “Dwight Hicks, former San Francisco 49er, said he was only here for me, he wanted to give back. The team finished recording nine interceptions, and that’s the sad thing. We didn’t have a chance to finish with the senior class.”

La Salle Athletic Director Anthony Harris, who was offensive coordinator upon his arrival as athletic director and through the first two games before giving up the position, said the program needed a change.

“We are going in a different direction,” he said. “Coming in here I really wanted coach Peterson to be successful. I didn’t have an opportunity to overlook the program in the last four years in his time as head coach.

“I knew our program was struggling and I was hoping to get it turned around. It didn’t happen.”

Peterson felt the coaching staff and team, which lost three games by less than nine points or less, were jelling.

“There were some bright spots,” he said. “There were a lot of close games in the season. When Anthony Harris stepped down as offensive coordinator we didn’t catch our stride until maybe (Week 6). This team will return 25 seniors and whoever takes my place will have a hell of a team ready to go.”

The decision proved difficult for Harris, who has known Peterson since the sixth grade at Altadena Elementary School. They played football under legendary coach Jim Brownfield at Muir where Peterson later was part of Brownfield’s staff.

“It was extremely difficult because it’s somebody that I know and care for tremendously,” Harris said. “As an athletic director you have to make some tough decisions. The decision wasn’t all mine, but you’re accurate I did have some input in that.

“Antoine is such a tremendous human being. He’s really well-liked on campus, by his players and his colleagues.”

Harris said the vacancy has drawn more than 60 resumes and he’ll continue to accept applications through Dec. 9, at which point he’ll narrow down the list and name a new football coach by the first week of January “so we can get the kids on board with the offseason program with their new coach.”

Harris would like the new coach to teach at the school, although it’s not a requirement.

“That’s the way it’s been listed,” he said. “If we can find someone that doesn’t need teaching, fine. But ideally we’d love to have a head football coach that is on campus 100 percent of the time.”

Peterson said he hopes to remain a physical education teacher at La Salle.

“I hope to continue on here,” he said. “I’ve been here for over 10 years and developed a relationship, not only with the football players but with the student body as well. This has been home for me.”

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  • Kingdom

    Rumor has it that Neuheisel might be throwing his name in the mix. Who ever takes over that program needs to do something quick! 7-34 in 4 season….OUCH!!!!

  • Football Kryptonite

    The A.D. at La Salle is football kryptonite. this will be a tough job as long as he is there. Superman would have a tough time.

    It’s too bad because it seems like properly led, this place could be nice with a decent football team. Under current leadership (A.D. and head coach) it was a MESS this year. The new coach would have to tiptoe around the A.D. while trying to assert himself with the football team and boosters. Tough situation.

  • Shameful

    Lets be honest Harris is a scumbag. Ask Campbell Hall. Ask Chaminade. Look at Chaminade now! They are rolling! In ways that is light-years ahead of where they were when Harris was there. I mean, the guy “hired himself” as the offensive coordinator at LaSalle! Then, after all of spring, all of summer, and the first two games of the season he REMOVES himself!?!?! Are you serious??? And then, he is making decisions to fire Peterson??? That is shameful. 7-34 does look really bad, make no mistake, but what Harris did to his “friend” is much, much worse. Kryptonite is not even strong enough to describe what Anthony Harris is, I just say that guy is a piece of sh**.

    Stay strong Coach P!

  • Angry Parent

    La Salle could have a good football team if it wasn’t like pulling teeth trying to get in good athletes. Do they want to be college prep only or do they want a good football team too? They say they want a good football team too, but how many kids do they let in that school each year that do not have any athletic ability whatsoever? It doesn’t matter who the coach is, the school will fail on the football field until they start lifting their academic restrictions and try to work with the entire Pasadena community. (Cantwell and Alemany don’t have a problem getting our kids in their schools.) This AD is not welcome in this Pasadena community. The future of La Salle Athletics should not be left in his hands.


    He can’t be that bad is he? If he was smart I know Chris Long the Asst. HC from Arcadia is applying I know he would be a great fit! He gradauated from Serra and loves that small school environment!

  • Fbfan

    Are any of the coaches from this years staff applicants? I know there were some pretty good ones on staff besides the two mentioned above. Either of the coordinators?