• alan p.

    If arcadia was on this side of the bracket, it would be over but they were not. The real southesat champion ship is taking place on the other side of the bracket with westco and la mirada. Goodluck to Muir but if they win I expect them to get run over in the championship just like they did in week 5 by a much better Arcadia team.

  • chuck 89

    @ alaln p. no thanks for your back handed wish of luck. you cant deny the Stangs are hot at the right time of the season and are rolling on all 3 faises of the game. You, Arcadia, and the rest of the 4 teams that finished above the stangs in pacific league are more than welcome to come watch the Stangs play Friday. Come find me, (ill be in a Muir sweatshirt and Muir skull cup) ill pay your way in.
    #Why it got to be you Stangs?Somebody got to do it…

  • Vic

    Thanks to all the so called sports people out there who keep overlooking La Serna!

    ..You inspire our team by never giving them any credit!

    ..That’s why I cancelled the whittier daily..Muir looked like garbage tonite! And I hope you all pick West Covina!

    We are L.S!! Watch us in awe!

  • Football Geniuses

    Pasadena version of dumb and dumber (and dumbest behind the camera)… How did that work out for you? Can you say stupid and lazy… 28-3 Yeah Muir was sure impressive and you guys look like idiots… Next time show up and do a little research rather than just reading the scores and listening to what your little friends say on the blog