Football: Monrovia to welcome San Gabriel fans with plenty of seating Saturday, can install more if needed.

There was a lot of fuzz last last year when Monrovia was supposed to host the Mid-Valley Division championship at its brand new home field against Whittier Christian. Those plans were scrapped because Whittier Christian was concerned the Wildcats didn’t have enough seating available on the visitin side, coupled by low-standing bleachers that provided an obstructed view. The game subsequently was moved to Arcadia where the game drew a standing-room only crowd. Monrovia again is the designated home team against San Gabriel in the Mid-Valley Division championship on Saturday at 7:30 p.m., only this time the Wildcats will actually host the title game. Monrovia officials said the stadium’s seating issue from last year is just that, so last year. Monrovia athletic director Randy Bell said seating capacity on the visiting side is 1,000 (2,500-3,000 on the home side) and that the visiting bleachers were raised over the summer, eliminating the obstructive view. Bell added that “if we need to go higher we might do that. We’ll see.” Monrovia learned its lesson from last year of not fixing its visiting bleachers. It was too bad the Wildcats couldn’t play their title game at home at their new stadium, and you can bet Monrovia will not let it happen again. So if Monrovia says it will add more seats if needed, you can bet they’ll do exactly that. I like that championship football games are played at the school’s home stadiums. The Pac-5 Division can have Angel Stadium, I’ll take the neighborhood field any day of the week, and twice on Sunday. The atmosphere at Arcadia last year for the Mid-Valley Division final was electric, but it looked a bit off with Arcadia logos all over the place as Monrovia routed Whittier Christian. I can already imagine the mile-long of cars lining up at or near Monrovia High firing up the BBQ grill (chicken for me) and fans from both sides arriving there early to start the party as the anticipation builds. I can’t wait.

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  • BigCat

    Nice writeup Miguel. However, you missed a key point, ‘The 12th Wildcat.’ There are goinna be 11 ‘Cats on the field, giving it everything they got. The ‘Cats have the best coach in the SGV on the sidelines. Up in the stands is ‘The 12th Wildcat!’ The Monrovia fans support their ‘Cats and the cheers fuel the team. The rules say only 11 ‘Cats on the field at any one time. However, the ‘Cats have a 12th Wildcat. GO ‘CATS!

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Been around MHS football my entire life. There are now better highschool football fans in all of so cal. we travel well and in fact I can remember back in the day when I played parents will fill 4-5 rooter buses to see the team play in Lompoc,San Luis Obispo or Paso Robles. Im glad that we finally will see this see in our back yard. Been a long time coming and we deserve it ill be there to cheer on the Wildcats.

  • Just Saying

    Don’t have any dogs in this hunt,But I think any final game should be at a neutral field. Something just isn’t right when one team has a home field advantage. PCC or Citrus would have been my choices leaning more towards PCC because that is where a majority of these kids are more likely to attend.
    Just saying!

  • Just Asking

    To continue that thought of having home field. Who or what determines where a game is played? Is it a coin toss? School Records and strengh of schedule?

  • Kennedy Bryant

    At Just Saying:

    Sorry to say but your clueless and you have know idea where the majority of these kids are going to attend one they leave MHS or SGHS. And if you have no dog in the hunt go back to the tribune and root for San Dimas or Covina. Opps I forgot each of the formentioned has true home field advantage. THEY ARE AT HOME.. WATCHING

    For those that dont know the game location is determined by a coin flip.

  • Hoss Cartwright

    Playing at a high school, sometimes creates a better atmosphere. It’s more up close and personal. Citrus is very hard to sell out. By playing at Monrovia, a standing room only atmosphere. I know that San Gabriel is not concerned where the game is played. They May even Like the Idea of invading Wildcat Stadium, and beating the Cats on their Home field. That’s just one more reason, SG gets Motivated. San Gabriel Fans are going to try to take over. SG will be playing the “David Vs Goliath” role all week. Hoss is not buying it. Monrovia needs the Home field advantage in this game. What gets me is teams host playoff games. SG played two home games on the road to the title. Monrovia played 2 back to back Road games as a seeded team on the road to the finals. That’s why the game is at monrovia.


  • Just Asking

    Hey Kennedy Bryant I’m clueless you moron that’s why I’m asking a legitimate question what the heck are you going off on me for? You classless honk!
    Now that I have two different answers from two different people….
    By the way thanks Hoss for your version and not attacking me for asking a simple question.
    Hoss you seem like a knowledgable guy can you confirm your version the way the venue is choosen. As you can see I’ve gotten two different versions. From you and from a guy that just shoots his big mouth off.

  • QuietCat

    The home game in this case was easy to determine…

    SG played their semi final at home and MHS played on the road, thus giving Monrovia the home game (no flip needed).

    Monrovia being the host team, has the choice of where they want to play the game. Both the visiting team and CIF must agree to it, but as long as there are adequate facilities (mainly seating for visiting fans) the host can play where ever they like.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Clueless as to where most of these kids will attend. You jackolatern and you wouldn’t know class if it back handed you in forehead. Don’t ever step to like that on this blog. So get a clue and KMA.

  • justamom

    To just asking

    Mr. Bryants post was directed at just saying as it clearly states!! Waiting for the apology!!!

  • Kennedy Bryant

    He probably can not remember which moniker he used now he’ll try to ask or say something cluesless again. JUST……….

  • Kennedy Bryant


    Just want to let you know I know…. thx for coming to that game back at PHS to see us get handled by HB. At anyrate you need to come recue JUSTA WHOEVER.. as he doesnt have a clue about me. Please come get this clown before I drop him off in the low end in front of the old country store. He may need you help asking for direction back above Foothill. Since he is listening to you tell do his self a favor and take my name out his mouth.

  • MonroVian

    @ Kennedy…. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Old Country store in the low end…. lol

  • Just Say Just asking

    Thank you Quiet Cat I’m going with that answer because it is seamless with Hoss’s. Thanks for the info appreciate it.
    With such hostily here by you Monrovia fans I think I’ve decided I’ll pass on the Monrovia San Gabriel game because the discourse was not pleasant just asking a simple question.
    Heard a lot about Monrovia but not giving my money to a school after my experience here. I’ll take my money and my family to the West Covina La Serna game where it sounds like it won’t be such a chip on the shoulder crowd.
    Hoss sorry I dragged you into this somehow I apologize.
    Have a great game Kennedy and JustaMom.

  • Someones Nervous About SG

    Wow why so nasty here?

  • Hoss Cartwright

    As a player, Coach, and alumni, I always get butterflies before big games. However that is not to be mistaken for fear. I am always confident in the wildcats. Covina found out the hard way, you are not going to power nor be More Athletic than Monrovia in the Mid valley. However San Gabriel plays the perfect style of football, to take down teams bigger and faster than them. It’s “Dink and Dump” lots of funky formations, people spread all over, motions and fakes, draws, swings, This week they will do the Double pass, halfback pass, statue of Liberty, and hook and ladder…it is a lot small quick tough guys running around. No disrespect to SG, but it’s kind of like what roaches do when you turn the lights on, one big scatter, and you will be lucky to catch and kill one. Or like a Chinese Fire drill. It’s really something to watch if you take the time to watch a lot of their film. SG’s line can’t block Monrovia head up, but that’s not their game plan. They allow you to get out position and block yourself, because they know where the ball is going, and who’s got it. They get you going one way, then the ball goes another , and their lineman who run really fast, get up field and get in the way of defenders. San Gabriel will get completions, but Monrovia has to hit them hard every time, and think the pounding will be the difference. Then they won’t want to catch the ball, and the “Matador ‘Ole” starts happening…Drops fumbles, Ints, and injuries. Monrovia needs to score as much and as often as possible, because SG can come back quickly. I think Maddox and this team having Bueno for 4 years will help him with Andy’s scrambling, however Bueno did not throw the ball like this guy. Andy is close, but he is no Bueno.

    Monrovia 42 San Gabriel 14-21 pts.

    Kennedy, you know I got your back “Wink Wink”. I hardly go to country store myself lol. Man I wish Nates was still open.


  • 6power

    not sure if Little Joe, Pa, Heath or Adam gave you the inside track – but I have to agree with alot of what you said. You have been studying the game and not looking at Linda Evans killer cleavage, that is for sure.
    Especially like your accurate statement about SG not blocking with the intent of overpowering anyone, just getting the opposing lineman off balance and a bit out of position is all a quick, smart RB needs to scratch some good yards and eventually bust one…which most people don’t understand outright physical dominance is great – but not absolutely required to be successful in a run game.
    Of course Maddox will not face this aspect without sound preparation, making the task a helluva challenge for SG.
    As long as you stay clear of the sheep corral on the Ponderosa you seem like a dude who knows the game even better than Lorne Green – although Chuck Conners might smoke you with that converted Winchester rifle of his.

  • Uncle18

    Monrovia will score in the 40s or 50s and most of those points will be put up by the Defense

  • New York

    Don’t mess with Ben Cartwright!

    I told my little bro whom we are playing. His response, “is that flag football?” LOL

    I like your analysis. You are spot on.

    My first priority: Stop the run. I learned this wathing and listening to Charlie McBride before Nebraska beat he snot out of Florida in the 95-96 National Title game. You must make a passing team one dimensional by stopping the run with your defensive front. The QB and RB can not pick up first downs running. Then, the timeless lesson from Coach Rycroft: The best pass defense is the pass rush. It’s time to put some lumps on that QB.

    See you on the sideline.

  • Hoss Cartwright

    Can’t wait to see you New York. We will have some good laughs and watch a great team…6power thanks for the love…Monrovia is not a football City where people put their heads in the Sand like the “ostrich”. 99% of the people on the Mtown Sideline know the game. I think what has attributed to Monrovia’s success, that the game plan and preparation is more thorough. In the past when I played, We did not play tough preseason games. … We had excellent Coaches, but Sometimes I think we felt like we could be more athletic than the teams we played. We would make changes, but they were not needed and did not make the right changes. Now Maddox and staff are excelling in that Area. Just a little inside history lesson.


  • Hoss Cartwright

    Can’t wait to see you New York. We will have some good laughs and watch a great team…6power thanks for the love…Monrovia is not a football City where people put their heads in the Sand like the “ostrich”. 99% of the people on the Mtown Sideline know the game. Even the teacher in charge of the ROP Film program played at UC Davis lol. I think what has attributed to Monrovia’s success, that the game plan and preparation is more thorough. In the past when I played, We did not play tough preseason games. … We had excellent Coaches, but Sometimes I think we felt like we could be more athletic than the teams we played. We would make changes, but they were not needed and did not make the right changes. Now Maddox and staff are excelling in that Area. Just a little inside history lesson.


  • philly

    Just saying- when u say that’s where the majority of where those kids at being PCC. mtown fans will take offense to that. Because monrovia will send athletes to 4-year universities. Yea I went PCC for a couple of years but transferred to a four year and got my degree. Making that statement is like saying all pasadena athletes are all thugs. Down right ignorant. Now that being said, I can’t wait for this game!!!! Congrats to san gabriel getting to the title game. I had the matadors picked thru the first two rounds easily. But surprised they beat the saints. But maybe the saints were not who we thought they were, thanks to san marino for that. However, the cats defense is playing lights out. McCarthy, G5, And Craft are the Hit Squad. And with the game being at home, and heyworyh playing so well. CATS 42 MATADORS 7. GO CATS

  • Really?

    Yo Boss Hoss-

    Really bro referring to the San Gabriel kids as roaches?
    Wow I hope their coach can read your brilliant analogies to his kids!
    Monrovia fans are very arrogant, but they should be right?
    They dominate their super strong ACC type RHL LEAGUE
    every year? RHL?
    Im NOT a San Gabriel fan but guys like yourself put a real damper into what the spirit and sportsmanship come along
    with high school football! ROACHES?

  • bigfatfan

    not sure what CIF was thinking here, but neutral field seems much more appropriate for a CIF Finals game. its hard to make a case that for a Finals game, one team deserves the home field advantage more than another team. PCC would have been perfect location, right in between both schools

  • New York

    As a die-hard Monrovian, I concede the point about the inappropriate home field advantage for the CIF Finals. When Monrovia traveled 4+ hours to play the 1998 title game on Paso Robles’ home field (a local middle school), I felt that it was unfair. San Gabriel travelling 20 minutes to MHS is nothing like that, but I still don’t think it’s right.The existing rules have been in place a long time, but that doesn’t make them right.

    That said, I’m very proud that Monrovia mitigated the issues that prevented us from hosting last years’ game at MHS.

    If any one out there in cyber space wants to enjoy a high school football game in its purest sense (public school, named after the city, a one high-school town, having to walk several blocks due to a sellout crowd and parking constraints, home-grown talent) come to MHS Saturday night if your don’t feel like flying out to easter Ohio or Western PA.

  • GrimReaper

    Went to the SG San Dimas game and I must state that I like the SG brand of football, the spread aerial attack offense is fun to watch.

    But even more the SG stands vibe is really enjoyable. The students, community and fans have joined around their team in a special way and created a really enjoyable atmosphere. Everyone is clearly having fun and really support their team.

    They might do well to dust off the old Pittsburgh Pirates “we are family” deal.

    Cinderella team? destiny? or Dud?

    That said, Monrovia is too strong. For SG to have a shot their QB will have to scramble big time, they will need to score a lot, and there will likely be a lot of screen passes and QB scramble draw-deep route clear outs. I just dont see the SG defense being able to stop the Monrovia offense consistently.

    But everyone loves the underdog, and the aerial attack sure is fun. My head says Monrovia, my heart says SG.

  • GrimReaper

    If SG is given time to throw they will expose LB Frazier if their coach paid attention when he was in the stands at the Monrovia Covina game.

    Frazier in one on one coverage, cannot keep up with a slot receiver running a slant in his area. Covina had that open all night long, but only took advantage of that on a handful of plays. The Covina #5 player blew right past Frazier on multiple slants across the middle.

    It is a mystery to me why Covina did not attempt to pound that match up more. With even more receivers in the SG scheme, Frazier will find himself one on one almost all the time, that is a potential weakness for SG to look at.

    Note saw Aram T at the M vs C game, How does he rate such a good looking wife/girlfriend? Aram make sure she stays away from the eye doctor.

  • GrimReaper

    Re Monrovia as venue.

    Every Monrovia fan loves the supposed home field advantage. But…..

    did you go to the championship at Arcadia last year? Could you find a seat? Not if you showed up less than a half an hour before the game. it was packed to the gills and just not big enough.

    Since Monrovia seats less fans than the Arcadia arena, it is going to be a debacle. A completely packed house to over capacity, where many will not be able to even see the game.

    I agree with other (no dog in the hunt spectators) that a much larger junior college venue would be far more appropriate for the expected attendance and the comfort of the spectators.

  • bigfatfan

    Not only are the Monrovia visitor bleachers completely inadequate for a finals game, the parking situation is going to be a disaster. Monrovia tried to upgrade the visitor bleachers, and it was a good effort, for a regular season game, not for a finals location. good luck to those that brave the onslaught. go Mats.

  • Dale Bunn

    Philly I went to PCC and I am no way a “thug” You know nothing of what you speak. Quit being such a small time crumb snatcher.You might want to go hang out with Kennedy down at the Country Store because that statement means you truly are south of the tracks.