Football: Muir deserved better after its remarkable run.

Above: Muir fans immediately after the game ends.

Twelve fans.

That’s how many I counted in the stands after Muir broke from its final huddle after its remarkable run ended in the semifinals of the CIF-Southern Section Southeast Division playoffs.

Muir deserved better.

By contrast, the other side was packed after La Serna’s impressive 28-3 win over the Mustangs, a game many considered an upset.

Say what you want, that the Mustangs underpeformed, but there should have been a throng of fans waiting patiently in the stands cheering Muir off the field one last time in 2011. Fans owed Muir their appreciation after reaching its first semifinals trip since 1999. The cheerleaders stuck around. Everyone else should have, too.

I guess I’ll never understand Muir’s fan base: dismal home crowds and a small traveling contingent to away games. If you’re a parent who made a conserted effort to attend home and away games this season, I applaud you for making the drive and braving the traffic and cold weather. But for those who only seem to care about the Turkey Tussle and only show up to that game to catch up with old friends I question where your loyalty truly lies. Just as much as I question to the nut fan who had the audacity to shout his displeasure of the Mustangs’ performance with 7:27 left in the fourth quarter, that the Muir coaches gave up coaching, calling it “Pee Wee football”.


I know one “fan” doesn’t speak on behalf of all true Mustang fans, but it certainly doesn’t bode well. The mood on the Muir sidelilnes was somber, to say the least. I saw frustration — even anger — from players who felt the outcome would have been the complete opposite after destroying Santa Fe in the first round and Diamond Ranch in the quarterfinals.

Say what you want, that Muir was outcoached, but you weren’t on the Muir sideline watching coaches console players, padding them on the back and on the helmet for making this a memorable season, and that’s really what it was:


Below: La Serna fans stick around.

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  • big mike

    I can help you understand it. Muir fan base is of those who are still in between if they want to take their child to Muir after their lackluster performance i heard it was a lot of parents in the stands saying “this is the reason why i dont want my son going to Muir” with remarks such as they still dont know what their doing they embarrassed themselves and so on. Now i wasnt at the game but during that run i did hear a lot of parents saying that Muir might have their stuff back together and is considering going to the game (during the week). It still doesnt leave room for an excuse to only have 12 fans left with no applause for their journey, But thats what goes on in Pasadena you have a lot of haters toward their own city where they were raised at learned the ropes and still going to get the free hair cuts at Robinson park right before school, its terrible these parents have no respect for the city at all. they rather have another city (mission hills, La Canada mainly) shine then their own. Pasadena doesnt have that “much” pride left, dont get me wrong they do have some but when it comes to Muir not PHS you have more haters then ever waiting to see Muir fail. Thats part of the reason why it looked like that after the game.

  • big mike

    Miguel, all year long you had parents that son went to another school but lived in Pasadena still at the games looking for something bad to say about them. Take notice in the 2nd round of the playoff on Muir sideline you had a few players from different high schools “on the sideline” that live in Pasadena. Then in the crowd you got those parents that only see the bad never the good. This isnt a sob story or “we” (Pasadena) aint looking for no pity. Muir still have some of the best athletes that didnt turn their back on their city, that took their lumps and bruises and was strong enough to look past the gang activities and still on there way to graduate, just like they did growing up in peewee/pop warner/jaa football those kids and parents made their city proud even though it didnt look like it after the game but around here at the barber shop, the park or even walking down the street everybody know who those kids are and have a lifetime of arguments and memories about their Muir, Phs, blair or marshall teams.


    now we on to b-ball “EAT OR GET ATE”

  • 6power


    Outstanding bit of writing and observation.
    When it all boils down and the lights dim – It is just not right, any of it.

    I would love to see a complete game breakdown and straight forward examples of “how” Muir was outcoached. Obviously the Muir kids accomplished some fairly incredible things this season. I know La Mirada was dreading the thought of a Stang rematch…credit to what CAN BE when the Mustangs are in sync and let loose.
    How can the Stangs destroy DR 48-0 and then have a game like this to end their season?

  • Remember The Power Went Out

    The Wind Storm had the entire city of Pasadena in a “State of Emergency”. There was no school on Thursday and Friday in addition to many folks without power. I think that had a lot to do with the crowd size, but nevertheless the Mustangs had a great season and it will even get better next year with 26 or more returns and hopefully way more fan support.

  • Stangs03

    Wow, i am bit ashamed of the comment of the one individual at the game. I didnt make the game, and feel bad i didnt. in my opinion, PUSD has done alot of dammage to the schools and success of the sports program. Even the education could be a whole lot better. too much bureaucratic red tape, and really politicians running the show. the effect is evident. at the same time parents are to blame for instilling confidence in these schools, by training their own children. great season for the mustangs, and hoping for even better this year. proud of the stangs!