Football: Desert Christian unsuccessful in moving site.

Above: Rio Hondo Prep hosting 2008 title game. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Cowell and James Sadana

Desert Christian lobbied to move the venue for Saturday’s game, arguing it would bring 800 fans. The argument was quickly shot down by the CIF-SS, according to coach Ken Drain, who said the CIF-SS looked into Desert Christian’s attendance of its last three games and determined a venue change away from Rio Hondo Prep was not necessary.

“Based on attendance CIF checked for the last three games they just don’t think it’s worth the money to go out and rent a place,” Drain said.

Rio Hondo Prep hosted the 2008 title game and was forced to move the game to Covina District Field, a move that cost $2,500 to rent the facility. Linfield Christian had said it would bring roughly 800 fans but only about 350 fans made the trip.

“It rained so that might have dampened some people’s spirits about coming,” Drain said. “We’re going to bring additional bleachers just in case for Saturday’s game. We’ll be able to take care of the crowd.”

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  • anonymously

    If desert christian is going to bring 800 fans, why not just trade side lines with rio hondo fans.

  • Anonymous

    They are not bringing 800 fans! They just wanted to move the location so Rio Hondo would not play on their home field! Rio Hondo has a better record, so they deserve home field advantage.

  • Jake

    How is Rio Hondo a prep school? Do any of their students go to college?

  • Eastern ave.

    *Jake* – The answer is yes. RHP graduates boast a high college acceptance rate. You should come and spend some time there so you can see for yourself. Or, you can continue to comment from your position of bliss. šŸ˜€

  • Jake

    I don’t mean community college. There is no comparison between Rio Hondo and the rest of the Prep League academically.

    I’m just curious

  • Finchamp


    This isn’t a spelling bee, it’s a football blog. I suspect you are interested in HS football or you wouldn’t be here.

    The Prep in RHP means a heck of a lot more than preparedness for college–it’s preparedness for life. These kids have been mentoring youth, traveled across the country doing a theatrical performance along the way at numerous stops, traveled internationally and had to do a night survival in Wrightwood on their own. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    They represent the San Gabriel Valley as a small school powerhouse in football, which is what this thread is all about. Would you still throw your obviously bitter comment at your neighbors if they were representing the SGV in a Little League World series? They’ve accomplished, in football, what no other Prep school in the SGV has done in the past decade and beyond and you want to demean them for what purpose?

    I didn’t go to RHP. I went to a small liberal arts college where I played football and basketball. I learned after graduation that employer’s didn’t put too much stock on where you went to HS and only cared slightly more where you went to college. But your point clearly demonstrates that you earned that “Prep” degree.


    They teach a college preparatory curriculum… that is what makes them a “prep” school. What you do with your life when you leave school is up to you, not really sure what your point is.

  • Reeoohoondoo

    99 kids in the school, winningest program in sgv history……they take average players and produce great teams who win with heart, dicipline, teamwork and EXECUTION.ask any sgv coach, this small school plays bigtime football.go rio

  • anomymous

    That Jake guy is probably from Viewpoint.

  • Jake

    I’m just wondering because if other schools in their division spent half as much time practicing football as Rio Hondo than studying, there would be a different champion.

    I would prefer going to Harvard than having high school football be the peak of my life.

    Thanks for answering my question