Saturday Night Aftermath: Monrovia runs away in the second half, routs San Gabriel 53-14 to win back-to-back CIF-SS Mid-Valley Division championship; Rio Hondo Prep makes it Lucky 13, claims Northeast Division title with win over Desert Christian, 34-14.

Inland Insider Tom Kiss and crew’s postgame highlights and interviews

Above: Brett Walsh (10) jumps into the arms of Matthew Norman (72) as Monrovia celebrates a 53-14 win over San Gabriel in the CIF-SS Mid-Valley Division championship.


By Miguel A. Melendez, Staff Writer

MONROVIA — The first 24 minutes was a heavyweight bout that saw an overwhelming underdog do everything but take a physical beating.

In the mist of its first finals run since 2003, the San Gabriel High School football team traded punches with defending champion Monrovia, an epic battle that ultimately proved short-lived.

In typical Monrovia fashion, the second half became an offensive clinic while its punishing defense threw San Gabriel’s offense into a wreck. Perhaps it was only fitting that, after pummeling through opponents the last three weeks with strong second-half surges, the Wildcats would score 39 unanswered points in the second half to run away with a 53-14 win Saturday night to win its second consecutive CIF-Southern Section Mid-Valley Division championship.

ARAM TOLEGIAN: Wildcats setting the bar high for rest of division

There are two undeniable signs that pop up when a high school football program makes the jump from being simply good to a powerhouse.

The first is CIF championships and the second is the presence of blue-chip talent on the roster.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the back-to-back Mid-Valley Division champion Monrovia Wildcats.

For the second consecutive year, the Wildcats preside over a division that surely won’t make headlines outside of the 626 area code, but that really isn’t the point. The way the Wildcats have taken ownership of the division and the caliber of players they’ve done it with is.

Saturday’s 53-14 win over San Gabriel was something most fans expected. But why was Monrovia’s stadium packed if the result simply was a formality?


By Keith Lair, Staff Writer

ARCADIA – There is nothing magical or unlucky about the number 13. Just ask the Rio Hondo Prep football team.

The Kares scored their 13th consecutive victory en route to their 13th CIF-Southern Section title on Saturday. They defeated visiting Desert Christian of Lancaster, 34-13, in the Northeast Division title game.

No, there was nothing magical or unlucky. Just brute force with maybe a little bit of trickery thrown in.

Quarterback Colby Rivera completed a trick 33-yard touchdown pass to Christian Torrico with 15 seconds left in the first half to put away the pesky Knights, who were making their first CIF-SS championship game appearance


Below: Classy move by Monrovia’s De’Shawn Ramirez, who consoles San Gabriel WR Alex Villalobos after win.


The boisterous and standing-room only crowd got every bit of a championship-caliber performance in the first half. San Gabriel (9-5) showed no signs of backing down from an intimidating Monrovia (11-3) team that boasted size, strength, speed and athleticism.

In the end, experience and depth proved to be too much. Monrovia was led by a powerful rushing attack. Marquise Bias finished with 259 yards and scored on runs of 11, 6, 1 and 8 yards. Senior De’Shawn Ramirez, who was not part of the 2010 championship team, made his presence known with 134 yards and three touchdowns that included a 66-yard touchdown run in the waning minutes. He broke lose and zig-zagged his way down the Monrovia sideline before leaping into the end zone.

Monrovia quarterback Blake Heyworth again benefited from a strong and patient offensive line. Heyworth, a junior, completed 9 of 15 passes for 102 yards and a 20-yard touchdown pass to Ramirez.

Kevin Spencer, Isaac Miravet, Will Thorn, Josh Cano and Henry Crane were the unsung heroes throughout the playoffs.

“Absolutely,” Monrovia coach Ryan Maddox said. “They’ve came so far from the beginning of the year. We struggled up front at the beginning of the year and they kept battling.”

San Gabriel quarterback Andy Guerrero gave the Wildcats fits from the very beginning, showing no signs of slowing down even when flushed out of the pocket. And the Matadors were fueled by an uncharacteristic Monrovia team that drew nine penalties in the first half. The Wildcats finished with 14 to San Gabriel’s four.

San Gabriel hit the momentum radar from the start after Andres Jimenez intercepted Heyworth early in the first quarter. The Matadors didn’t capitalize on the turnover, but the challenge was officially set.

Monrovia’s Ellis McCarthy and George Frazier V moved to the end of the line and wreaked havoc, causing muffed snaps that led to easy scoring.

“We brought him (Frazier) and Ellis off the edges so you couldn’t double team him,” Maddox said. “We doubled (Alex Villalobos) and took him away. We said the rest of you guys have to beat us. That threw them out of their game plan and couldn’t get the rhythm they had in the first half.”

Guerrero was held to 19 yards rushing on 10 carries. He completed 18 of 31 passes for 204 yards and two touchdowns. Alex Villalobos caught 22 and 15-yard touchdown passes in the second quarter. He bowled over a defensive back on his first trip to the end zone and separated from the secondary to stand alone in the end zone on his second touchdown.

Monrovia capped an 11-play, 99-yard drive with a Bias 11yar run with 9:51 left in the second quarter. Bias stiff-armed three defenders on his way into the end zone on a drive fueled with Bias runs of 42, 13 and 11 yards. He broke loose on the 42 yard gain, finding the open seam down the middle and racing down the Monrovia sideline before Villalobos made the shoe-string tackle.

Villalobos and Guerrero were practically unstoppable on their first scoring drive, tying the game with a 9-play, 80-yard drive with 1:06 left in the second quarter. Villalobos caught a tipped pass for a 26-yard gain and then caught a 10-yard pass before scoring three plays later.

“We spread it around good in the first half,” San Gabriel coach Jude Oliva said. “We made it tough on their defense. In that second half we wanted to run the ball a little bit but we turned the ball over and gave them good field position. It got away from us.”

Villalobos wasn’t a factor on special teams, either, and Monrovia kicker Mason Bryant had a lot to do with that. Bryan, who also converted a 35-yard field goal in the fourth quarter, kicked all but one touchback in the first half and all touchbacks in the second half.

But it was San Gabriel’s first-half performance that impressed Monrovia.

“They were beating us with the screen in that first half,” Maddox said. “And it’s not like we didn’t practice for it.”

McCarthy, a 6-foot-5, 304-pound five-star recruit, said he wasn’t surprised by San Gabriel’s start.

“Not really,” he said. “They’re in the championship game for a reason. They gave it a great battle in the first half.”

For San Gabriel, it was another improbable run after a rough start. The Matadors went unbeaten in the Almont League and proved doubters wrong during their run up to the finals.

“We’re not disappointed,” Villalobos said. “We’ve come a long way. We didn’t win tonight, but I’m proud of us because we’re walking out of here champions in our own way.”



The answer goes back to the original point: championships and blue-chip recruits. Fans want to see the combination of both, and right now nobody around is doing it better than Monrovia. And Saturday’s game certainly was a spectacle, if not a coronation.

For years, the Wildcats and Rio Hondo League were buried in a CIF wasteland. They were in over their heads all throughout the 1990s and for part of the 2000s. Top-notch teams of the past with some super recruits of their own came up short because even they were in over their heads.

Maybe there’s been some sort of over-adjustment because it’s become quite obvious the Wildcats lay over the Mid-Valley Division. That’s not a bad thing. It’s simply proof that this program is ready for bigger and better. And it’s very apparent Monrovia now can handle bigger and better.

At most schools, losing a quarterback such as last year’s star Nick Bueno would be too much to overcome. At Monrovia, the beat goes on. Bueno wasn’t the only standout the Wildcats lost from last year, but even those were replaced.

Super recruit Ellis McCarthy will be gone next year, as will receiver Luke Williams, running back Marquise Bias and all-purpose threat De’Shawn Ramirez. It won’t matter because, as Saturday showed, there’s a star-in-the-making in linebacker George Frazier and a strong-armed quarterback in Blake Heyworth, who can more than carry the show.

It took the Wildcats some time to put things together this season.

Heyworth didn’t hit his stride until October. McCarthy nursed nagging injuries. Both lines didn’t start to dominate until after they had a few nonleague rehearsals.

By November, the Wildcats simply were intoxicating to watch. The big plays and big hits made several good programs that stood in Monrovia’s way during the playoffs look silly.

Monrovia clearly is to a point where it simply reloads. How many teams around these parts can say that? Longtime Wildcats fans always knew they had a potential dynasty if the circumstances were right. With head coach Ryan Maddox at the helm and CIF paying better attention to how to properly place the Wildcats, that moment clearly has arrived.



“I wanted to give our player a chance and he made a good play,” Rivera said.

It was a battle of the trenches – 14 passes were thrown by both teams – with the Prep League champion Kares holding a 13-7 advantage when they got the ball with 46 seconds left in the first half. With the ball at the Desert Christian 33, running back Alex Tayco took a pitchout from Rivera, but then pitched it back to the quarterback. Rivera threw the ball up for grabs in the end zone. Defender Steven Horner batted the ball in the air, but Torrico came down with the ball for the score.

“That last-second touchdown, the ball bounced their way,” said Desert Christian coach Israel Ifeanychukwu, a former USC and NFL defensive lineman. “That’s the way the nature of the game is. When the ball bounces your way, it bounces your way.”

Steve Smith then scored the two-point conversion on a fake kick attempt.

The Kares, behind the running of Tayco, then drove down the field to open the second half. K.J. Moore scored on a 24-yard run to give the Kares a comfortable 28-7 lead.

“Alex was terrific,” Rio Hondo Prep coach Ken Drain said. “The line was good and Alex ran hard behind them. That’s all it took.”

But it didn’t appear it was going to head that way early on. Desert Christian, which finished 11-3, had a field day on the game’s first drive and easily went 60 yards in 14 plays with Kiel Alcarez scoring on a 1-yard run.

“It was hard,” defensive lineman Sebby Rosales said. “We had to do something, like a new plan. We began working together.”

But Tayco and the Kares’ offensive line then took over. Tayco rushed for a game-high 171 yards and a touchdown on 23 carries.

“I was very concerned,” Tayco said of the Knights’ 7-0 lead. “But I knew we would pull through. The line didn’t stop blocking. It was amazing.”

Tayco tied the game with a 2-yard run to start a 21-point second quarter.

The Knights, behind running backs Chance Gusbeth (110 yards and a score on 17 carries) and Alcarez (67 yards and a score on 13 carries) closed the gap to 28-13 and Shane Nelson then recovered an onside kick.

The Knights got to the Rio Hondo 21, but went back 15 yards on two penalties and a 5-yard loss. On fourth down, Adam Ruggero lined up for a 52-yard field-goal attempt, but Ifeanychukwu called a timeout. Quarterback Lucas Chatham went back into the game and was sacked. Tayco then broke off a 54-yard run, the longest of the game, to the Knights’ 10 and Moore scored on the next play for a stunning nine-point turnaround in 18 seconds.

It was the Kares’ first CIF-SS title since 2008, when they defeated Riverside Christian.

“I’ve been dreaming this since I was little, watching my brother win,” Rivera said with tears running down his cheeks. “I’ve wanted this since the fifth grade.”

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  • anonymously

    Major reason desert christian is in the final, Bishop 2010 champion star QB got hurt in the first round against Viewpiont.

  • GrimReaper

    In the two minute drills, Aram and Miguel made an astute observation. That Monrovia is not a Mid Valley team, that it would be competitive with the much larger schools in other divisions.

    But why is that so? And what does that mean for the future of the RHL and the Midvalley. .

    Monrovia has a significant advantage over the San Marino’s, the La Canada’s, and the South Pasadena’s of the RHL. Monrovia has many apartments and lower priced real estate in some areas that would allow easy entry to players seeking a program with exposure and championship possibilities to move into town. The lack of affordable real estate and limited rental properties creates a competitive disadvantage to the other programs. Add to that the magnetic lure of a dynasty program and hardship transfers to fill gaps in talent, and any balance is gone.

    An example is Blake Heyworth, who came to Monrovia on a hardship transfer from St Francis. When players start migrating to your program, you cease to become a RHL type team and become more like the parochial schools, the Amats, the Dei’s, and potentially the Santa Margaritas.

    Eventually all the other RHL teams will have talent bubbles, will rise and fall like the once mighty TC and Blair. But if the migration of talent and hardship transfers continue, clearly Monrovia needs to move up to a tougher division. Otherwise, no other team in the RHL will see a league championship, but, if lucky, once a decade.

    While Monrovia fans would love to win every year, it creates a competitive imbalance that will eventually hurt all other programs in the RHL.

    Clearly we are at the point where for the good of all concerned, Monrovia needs to go to a bigger pond, for its own interest and the interests of the other programs surrounding it in the Mid Valley.

    Good luck tonight cat backers, but I dont think you will need it. It is likely that SG needs all the luck it can get.

  • Fact of the Matter

    At Grim:

    All I can say is that when Kennedy Bryant reads your comments that dude is going to rip you a new one. You may want to explain yourself as it appears you have tried to explain MHS’s greatness is a simple issue of wealth. Furthermore your comments regarding Blake Heyworth are totally inaccurate you need to get your facts correct, that kid has lived in Monrovia his entire life. AND NOT IN AN FN apartment.

    Monrovia is simple keeping talent at home instead of that talent leaving to go play elsewhere. Many parents see the value of keeping thier kids at MHS due to MEASURE M and the renovation of the Science building and other new facilites. Ill be awaiting Kennedy Bryant’s evaluation of your comments. You may want to purchase some vasoline at the local country store. By the way Hoss and New York good to see you guys yesterday at the tailgate party.

  • CIF

    THAT would be an article, why some teams move up in CIF and others don’t.

    I was watching this game thinking the same thing, Monrovia will either be punished for getting good and move up OR CIF will do a fair and balanced move of all good programs.

    The Kares might just get what they want and get bumped up.

    My kid plays ball and swims, last year CIF moved up just about every top 10 placing swim team – EXCEPT THE CHAMPION TEAMS in DIII and DIV – The LOSING teams got bumped but the champions remained and of course – they won another championship!

    Mark Keppel is one team I bring up – other teams get punished for success “equity” but some remain.

    I hope Monrovia gets a few more years down – to enjoy their success – 4 years solid is fair – one is not.

  • Anonymous

    If I understand this CIF thing right and please tell me if I’m wrong, but if the MHS football team moves up, all sports move up, is that correct? Yes I realize MHS has had acouple great football years but lets look at the other sports too before that decision is made. The closest to a Rio Hondo League championship in any other sport was the track team in 2nd that I know of and I certainly don’t follow all the sports. Wouldn’t be a shame to penalize all the sports due to acouple years of greatness in one?

  • das

    In the end, the best team in the area won the championship. No disrespect to San Gabriel. They accomplished and went beyond what was expected of them. For a school that lacks size and athleticism, San Gabriel beat teams that they weren’t suppose to. San Gabriel should be proud of what they accomplished this season. The coaches do an amazing job to be able to compete with schools who have simply better athletes. I think a lot of credit should go to the coaching staff. It would have been a fairy tale ending worthy of a movie much like Rudy, but it was not meant to be. Congrats to Monrovia.

  • Kennedy

    The Bryants are on their way to church, and not going to let anyone steal our joy. Congrats to the MHS Wildcats. Grimreaper, Ill say a prayer for you and pray that God Give you some wisdom as he did with Solomon.

  • BigCat

    It took the ‘Cats a while to get it together, but when they did they simply overwhelmed a fighting San Gabriel team.
    The ‘Cats had a lot of heros but, in the end, it was the Wildcat team that won.
    GO ‘CATS!

  • Tired Of Kennedys Sticckk

    Grim Reaper excellent evaluation!!!
    And who cares what Kennedy Bryant thinks that guy is such a loud mouth homer.Can’t wait for him to get back from church so we can all laugh at his assinine ramblings. and watch his little puppies slobber all over him.
    Congrats Monrovia too bad your fan base doesn’t hold the same amount of class off the field as you kids do on the field.
    Ohhhh watch out for Kennedy Bryant I”M SO SCARED!!!! NOT!!!!

  • Annoynmous

    Kennedy Bryant must be a very important person to have a blog about the CIF champions turn into a discussion about him. I have no clue how going to church can be seen as classless but I can see whos opinion I would like to see.

    Mr. Bryant do you know, if CIF looks at moving MHS would they take into consideration how the other sports are doing compared to the other schools of the Rio Hondo League or is football the only one they look at?

  • Mtownclown…Retiring

    well Mtown took it Ptown wasnt enough WC was Far off and Covina Got showed whos boss and too top it off SG’s luck ran out but what a great season for them….well im off too Texas with my sister too see my nephew Ellis play in the army game and i will continue too cheer him on at the college level next year..soo long psn….

  • almont joy

    What happened to SG in the second half? or better question what happened to Monrovia in the first half? SG should be proud of how far they’ve got and the accomplishment as a school they’ve achieved. I’m saying this right now, expect Almont league schools to make deep runs in the playoffs…the RHL only has Monrovia which looks like top notch Southeast division team at best, the MVL….weak. SG faced on of the best teams Monrovia will probably ever come up with, and the outcome was expected…be careful mid valley the Almont want back to back championships next!

  • Mid Valley Fan

    Congrats to MTown. The best team in the Division won. What makes me laugh is Aram all year was talking up Covina. MTown wins and he becomes all Rick Riley talking about MTtown’s greatness…Lol

    Congrats to the Cats. All the best to their super stars, Ramirez, McCarthy, etc, as they move on to college.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    I believe football would be the only sport affected. GO MHS Congrats Wildcats. Please let be known that this MHS lover and homer will continue to pray that the comfort of Holy Spirit give the GrimReaper and his disciples comfort from the darkness they all dwell in. What you have to say about me personally doesnt affect who I am. Like most of you I write here on this blog for the fun of it.

    If you find yourself still hating MHS and its devoted loyal fans ill leave with this. Better to be CHAMPS than CHUMPS, Dont hate the player, hate the game and those that know me know I love in my heart and hate no one. And winning back2back is sweeter than being a Sheppard of the devil.

  • Congrats Monrovia, at least you guys gave San Gabriel some credit, unlike those San Dimas fans who still a week later couldnt give SG any credit, well, no more San Dimas whining till next year…… maybe

  • GrimReaper

    Mr Kenedy and other Cat Boosters.

    First off,
    Congratulations are in order to Monrovia. To your surprise I am not a “hater” as some might surmise. In fact I went to every Monrovia playoff game and was not rooting against them. This year’s team was as talented a team as I have ever seen come from the RHL. It had size, talent and speed.

    One must recognize their ability and accomplishments.

    But I am very concerned over the future potential effects of a completely dominated RHL.

    No matter how big a Cat booster you or others are, you have to recognize winning every league game by 40 or more points with running clocks in many games is not a good thing for the league.

    I remember many threads on this blog where Cat boosters themselves promoted the idea of moving to the Pacific league and the thought of an Arcadia rivalry game every year.

    So no need to pray for me, but maybe you should light a candle for the RHL.

  • CDawg

    Here’s a releaguing prop that I myself composed and shared some time ago to another blogger. In this case, the Pacific is dissolved and split up/parceled. Created new leagues (Corridor, Mountain, Verdugo) and in name revived the San Antonio.


    Mission Valley League:
    South El Monte
    El Monte
    Mountain View
    South Pasadena
    San Marino

    Almont League:
    San Gabriel
    Bell Gardens
    Temple City

    Rio Hondo League:

    Verdugo League*
    La Canada
    Crescenta Valley

    Baseline League:
    Rancho Cucamonga
    Los Osos
    Alta Loma

    Montview League:
    Sierra Vista
    La Puente

    San Antonio League**
    South Hills
    West Covina
    Charter Oak

    Valle Vista League*
    Baldwin Park
    San Dimas

    Corridor League*

    Mountain League*:
    Chino Hills
    Don Lugo
    Diamond Ranch

    Hacienda League:
    Los Altos
    Diamond Bar

  • Anonymous

    I think you should present that to CIF thats a good presentation for leagues but you would still need division placing. Lets see what you come up with

  • Dan

    C Dawg
    That looks pretty good, the only change I would make is take Pomona out of the San Antonio and keep them in the Valle Vista, that would make the Valle Vista a six team league. Then I would put Damien in the San Antonio
    in place of Pomona.

  • Mtown all midvalley, all Area, and so on …..

    **Deshawn Ramirez-All purpose++
    **Marquis Bias-RB
    **Luke Williams-WR
    Blake Heyworth-QB
    **George Frazier-LB/DL
    **Anthony Craft-DB
    **Mason Bryant-DB/K(All Area Kicker)
    **Ellis McCarthy-DL++ All state, All American
    **Lorenzo Casas-DL
    **Kevin Spencer-OL

    **Brett Walsh- Midvalley Def player of Year++

    **all star news area as well**

    ++ All Encompassing Team++

  • RHL Hindsight…

    Congrats to Monrovia! Dominant in the playoffs all over the field. In hindsight, I wonder how SPHS would have done in the playoffs. Also wonder how SM would have done if they didn’t spot San Dimas a 14 point lead in the first quarter. Or, better yet, got to play them, like SG did, without #5 on defense.

    Now that the year is over, the RHL was much better than people thought and ‘experts’ thoughts. Sure looks that way to me. It certainly helps to have the champion in your league…but the way they won was ridiculous. Crushing everyone all the way to the title. They were the best all year from a talent perspective. Not very close. I have no idea how teams like Maranatha climbed the rankings at all unless the people voting in the polls don’t watch football at all and vote solely on records.

  • 6power

    Great job Monrovia.

    Looks like I am a complete minority in wanting Monrovia to remain in the RHL.

    True, beating up the rest of the league has become easy of late for the Cats and could be similar next year. However, the RHL was strengthened last season with clear improvement of both the So Pas and San Marino football programs. La Canada just had an off year and is in good hands with Coach Yoder. All that is needed to shore up the league is for Temple City to wake up and become somebody again…as it is beginning to look like the Rams vaunted “new direction” was really a detour into the endless hell of powder-puff football, where testicles and toughness are not only discouraged, but prohibited.
    Unless you swam the 25 miles from Catalina Island to the mainland before the 7pm kickoff…just showing up to play IS NOT SUCCESS. The Rams showed up last year, that is all. On a couple occasions they looked motivated, but my apologies to TC parents, this was horrible football compared to what has come before.

    I hope Monrovia stays, not neccesarily for the benefit of Monrovia, but for the good of the RHL as a whole.
    I know for a fact hundreds of “extra” hours and sets in the weight room happened solely because Monrovia was in our league. The green and white motivator. They beat us down “but not next year” motivator. South Pas or San Marino just does not trigger that harsh level of commitment to oneself. Beating them was never easy, but over the years happened many times. The talent level has always been there for Monrovia, it took the hiring board’s saying “Aye” to Maddox that cut loose the embryo that is now becoming a dynasty.

    With So Pas and San Marino’s leadership already beefing up preleague opponent quality – and strengthening their lower level programs, the RHL is headed the right direction…and would not benefit from losing their bad-ass big brother to another league. I hope CIF holds off on breaking up the RHL, while time might be right for the Cats, for the rest of the league is it is not. Hats off to the Mid Valley champions.

  • CATS2009

    Congratulations to Monrovia Back to Back Champions!!
    Why should San Dimas give credit to San Gabriel? You know as well as many people San Gabriel did not beat San Dimas. (7) Touchdowns called back (4) in the 4th Qtr and (17)PENALTIES and an onside kick that San Dimas recovered, and over (600) yrds offensive. No way San Dimas was going to win with the Ref’s. We all new that Monrovia was going to kill San Gabriel, the best team did not play them it was an early Chritmas gift plus your HC playing games with moving the game and not moving the game. What goes around comes around and look what happen. If you don’t call the touchdowns backthe would have been 70-29!! The championship game should have been Monrovia vs San Dimas. Before you get all crazy I am not a fan of Monrovia or San Dimas!!
    **I am sure you never put on a jockstrap and never suited up**

  • bigfatfan

    Congrats to MTown and the Rio Hondo League for taking the CIF title. Thanks to FoxSportsWest for putting the game on the Internet, great to watch. I felt the blown snap by the SG center on SG’s first possession of the second half was the turning point in the game. that effectively put SG on their heels, and Monrovia had all the momentum fromt there on out. as for Monrovia becoming a magnet for elite football players: what was behind the “hardship” transfer of Heyworth to MTown? any specifics, other than he was not going to start at St. Francis, or his parents could not afford the tuition of a private school any longer? And finally, any league realignment of RHL has to consider shipping Blair elsewhere.

  • Joe Amat

    I really like where CDawg is going with his relaguing – but let’s remember that doesn’t take place for a while. right now, CIF must decide whether to shuffle any leagues and change divisions. given that West acovina, and Monrovia are outliers in their league, I’m not sure it’s reasonable to expect the entire Rio Hondo or Hacienda to move up – and if so who to move down is an equally tough proposition.

    As to CDawgs proposal, as Dan pointed out, Damien wasn’t on the list. Unless we are going to put them ithe Parochial Area with the other Private Schools where they belong – I think putting them in the Baseline is a little better fit than the Hacienda. Never felt a private school should be in the same league with public schools in their area. It turned into a disaster when the OC tried that with Mater Dei, Servite, and Santa Margaraita.

    Wth Damien in the Baseline, the school to move out has to be Colony. Maybe they fit in the Mountain Legaue making that a 6 team league.I’d also flip Claremont and Pomona that might create better fits across the board.

    Once you have that need to make the divisions work. And I still think the only way to make HS sports work across ALL sports is to take 2 or 3 leagues and creat “Conferences” with promotion and relegation *in each sport*

    …but that’s a WHOLE other post

  • New York

    Thank you to the Monrovia and San Gabriel players and coaches for putting forth tremendous effort, strategy and sportsmanship Saturday night.

    #7 and #1 from SG were fun to watch. Those guys had great field presence and grit. I enjoyed watching #7 scramble and direct traffic and then watching his receivers come back to help.

    SG even added to the discussion of 2-pt conversion controversy: had Coach Oliva chosen to kick the PAT SG could have had a 15-14 half-time lead…too much thinking.

    Ultimately, Monrovia turned out to have far too much horsepower for SG and, frankly, the entire Mid Valley. Our offensive line went from providing Heyworth with a virtual force field that allowed him the time to pick apart Covina’s secondary in the Semis to paving the way for a rushing onslaught in the Finals against SG. Bias once again found the endzone first for Monrovia on a drive that let SG know that their defense was in for a long night. Bias finishes the run like a mini Jim Brown, driving his feet and always moving forward. As a former offensive lineman, I can attest that he is the type of running back who is a pleasure to block for. Fourth and 1 early third quarter and Maddox had the confidence to go for it rather than kick for 3-pts. I also enjoyed a direct sideline view of Ramirez’s dazzling, serpentine touchdown run late in the game. Robledo’s reaction, “Ridiculous”!

    Our offense has proved to be incredibly versatile with a pocket QB a physical running back and a flash running back complimented by a tall and fast receiving corps. Speaking of which, our receivers had some incredbile, sustained downfield blocks. Great work boys.

    Too many players to name but I will try: O-Line and D-line: you guys got it done. D-linemen rotation–I know it’s tiring pass rushing 3 vs 5 with a QB in shot gun. Bias set the tone on the ground. Ramirez was a constant threat on O, D and Specials. Craft, Bryant and Williams made key plays on Defense and Specials and great downfield blocking for a 300+ yards rushing attack. Frazier and McCarthy, #77 and #60, #10, #17, etc and countless other unsung heroes got their jobs done. That offense is difficult and frustrating to play against. You guys kept things together. Give coach Maddox and his staff credit for putting players in multiple positions to find the best matchups.

  • New York


    Our success goes well beyond purported transfers moving into so called affordable housing, which I am really not familiar with. Our condos are pretty damn expensive. The “transfer” you mentioned came from St Francis and grew up in Monrovia. It seems clear that local parents know of the substantial investments the community has made into the schools and are willling to keep their kids in the district.

    San Marino is pretty much the only town around whose zoning isn’t friendly toward anything other than single family houses. Temple City and Arcadia have lots of apartments.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Here is my recommendation for 2012 league re-alignment, until this season both Muir and PHS were not doing too well in the Pacific. Just a thought.

    Rio Hondo League:

    1) Blair
    2) PHS
    3) Muir
    4) South Pasadena
    5) Hoover
    6) Temple City
    7) Glendale

    Pacific League:

    1) Arcadia
    2) Monrovia
    3) San Marino
    4) Crescenta Valley
    5) Burroughs
    6) Burbank
    7) La Canada

  • bigfatfan

    personally, i like having Monrovia in our league. at least in football, they set the bar high for the rest of us. As I have stated many times, RHL is fine as is, with the exception of Blair. they have got to go… Playing Blair in football and baseball is a complete waste of time. the remaining existing teams in the RHL are very competitive with each other. The proposed league relaignments that move Glendale and Hoover into the same league as SP and San Marino are ridiculous. we dont want those teams in our league. they are horrible football programs. thanks but no thanks.

  • FYI


    You say “plus your HC playing games with moving the game and not moving the game”
    FYI: It was not his call on moving the game!!!! it had to do with the fact that the district and the city had NO POWER!!! therefore school was cancelled for 2 days, it was out of his hands, the city had control over the situation!

    You also say “What goes around comes around and look what happen”
    FYI: We at SG don’t take it that way, coach Oliva is a man of god, who has instilled character in his team! and the SG program is all about FAMILY nad BROTHERHOOD!! The boys played hard, and left evertyhing out on the field!!


  • All day

    Monrovia in the RHL is fine. They have only been good for a few years.

    You can argue that La Canada basketball needs out of the RHL. They have won the league every year except one in the last 20 years.

  • i don’t know

    Actually Monrovia might have lost 4-5 league games since Since 1996, and now they are outscoring every team 42-7. Their toughest game this year in league was won by 21 pts. The Rio Hondo can’t be their league if they are going to move up in class. It would be similar to playing in the Del Rio in the Southeast. Your best team’s lose by 60 pts and get shut out.

  • bigfatfan

    I dont know: clearly you dont know about Monrovia when you say “Their toughest game this year in league was won by 21 pts”

    they beat South Pasadena by 12, in a game that was surprisingly close.

    also heard today that Blair had been removed from RHL for football, and replaced by Hoover. can someone confirm?

  • PacFan

    2012 Pacific League with cross town rivals

    Arcadia – Monrovia
    Burbank – Burroughs
    CV – La Canada
    Muir – Pasadena