Boys Hoops: Muir is 8-0. Is it be the new road gear?

Notice the new color on Muir’s road uniforms? Out with the navy blue and in with the royal blue. For the Muir faithful who go back in the day, this color is nothing new. I’ll let Muir boys basketball coach Gamal Smalley explain.

“(Muir girls basketball coach) Gary Johnson and myself were the starting back court in the 70’s and the color blue that we wore was royal blue,” Smalley said. “We went back to royal blue because we thought it would be cool. The gym is royal blue and the bleachers are royal blue. Some where in time someone changed it to navy blue, but every year Muir has won a CIF championship has been in royal blue, so we had to take it back to when Muir was successful.”

The Muir girls team also will wear royal blue unis.

So now you know.

Muir’s 8-0 start is its best start in over two decades. The Mustangs are one of two remaining undefeated teams among the 44 in CIF-SS Division 4AA. Crespi is the other undefeated team. Muir is No. 8 in what many consider Division 4AA as the super division.

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  • MuirStangNation01

    Shout out to Muir boys & girls basketball teams. Grind hard & never get complacent. Work when others arent.

    Congrats to Jalani Mitchell!!!!! Those sunday workouts are paying off. keep grinding.

    Coach Smalley, Johnson, Adam, Horace, etc keep pushing them & having high standards for them.

  • Check again

    When Muir’s boys won it all in ’93 and ’96 under Coach Rocky Moore, they had navy blue. And when the girls won it all in 1997, they wore navy blue too.

  • Team Mom

    It’s not the blue from back in the day…it’s the Mustang Pride from back in the day that has surrounded, effected, and infected our beloved John Muir and her students. Muir’s products have played a huge part in this change. Both coaches are alumni, lots of parents are alumni – ME c/o ’90 2 time CIF Champs, State Champs ’89 – , the alumni association, Pep boosters made up of alumni, and an administration that believes in, as opposed to tolerating, our kids. We decided not to sit back and shake our heads at Muir’s demise – we stepped in to be a part of the change, because no one else would. The success is the result of the community returning its gaze to a historical landmark, a tradition that colors the fabric of Pasadena. STANGS FOR LIFE! The old/new blue is proof.