BREAKING NEWS: Arcadia star WR/SS Taylor Lagace decomits from Washington, is headed to UCLA.

Arcadia star WR/SS Taylor Lagace has decommitted from Washington and will be headed to UCLA, according to sources. Lagace, a three-time Star-News All-Area first-team selection, was all but headed to Washington after making a verbal commitment late summer. The departure of Demetrice Martin (Muir grad) from Washington’s coaching staff to UCLA has caused a shift in some recruits, Lagace being the first to be on the fence and now making the switch. Martin was the defensive backs coach at Washington and will coach the same position at UCLA.

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  • StangNation01

    This isn’t a shocker. I wouldn’t be shocked if Kevon & Tairen don’t go to UCLA too. Coach Meech knows all these kids personally & has great LA connection!!!! UCLA maybe back now!!!

    Congrats Lagace

  • Kan B’alam Son of Pakal

    Stang you may be right. All it takes is a few players to get it going. Imagine, Porter and Lagace already committed, McCarthy, Seymour, plus all the recruits they have coming in, and then they make offers to Frazier and/or Craft from Monrovia Next year, that Defense will be good in a hurry. I am hearing Mead is always at Monrovia when he is in town.

  • Coach

    “The departure of Demetrice Martin (Muir grad) from Washington’s coaching staff to UCLA has caused a shift in some recruits”

    Wow you can drop names all you want of previous SGV folks…. 0% that him leaving is why Lagace decomits.
    And on a different note verbals mean nothings, it’s all about when they sign the actual paper in February.

  • Temple of Instruction

    @ Kan B’alam Son of Pakal

    You have got to be kidding me, Im sure that Lagace changed his mind as a result of the Lord instructing him to do so couple with his close relationship with Coach Martin. As for McCarthy and Seymour, they are both SC Bound. Ill tell you why, and its simple math. If you were offered a job out of High school making $17,000 or $63,000 which would you take duhhhhhhh the 63K per annum. 17,000 is what it cost to play for UCLA (Work) and 63,000 to play at USC (Work)…. Now if only one employer offers you a job and you have no other offers of course you take the 17K a year gig. But lets be real, if my son were offered both of those choices for work Im advise him to go for the higher paying job.

    Having played DI I know that youll be working for man 40 hours a week on the football field. And dont give me that youll take a job you love over money …. we all no that BULLCRAP. As we say @ USC… You get what you pay for….. and that has been really evident over the pass 20 years versus the gutty little boys in baby

  • UCLA Bound

    Mead will snag Frazier and Craft quickly. He’s a former Muir Mustang and he has the SGV on lock. From now on if there is a baller coming out of the West Valley Mead will have em!

  • hsftblfn

    Wonder if this means Elfers will be heading to UCLA since he and Lagace are very good friends……

  • Captain Obvious

    @ Temple, your argument needs fixing. If your employment analogy means “Player X is paid 17K at UCLA but 63K at USC,” then it’s flawed. Actual cost of attendance at UCLA is in the 50K range, not far off from USC. It’s cheaper for California residents because of state subsidy. That’s how public education works. But the value of the experience remains the same.

    That being said, I’m not necessarily against you. I might even agree with your basic idea – that USC currently offers a better overall football experience, and that it’s theoretically more valuable than the comparable experience at UCLA.

    However, let’s be honest, that doesn’t really matter to most recruits. In the end, the way to win (or lose) a recruit is with relationships. All things being equal, recruits go with the best relational fit. Don’t believe me? Ask a coach. It’s been true for decades, and it’s the basis of recruiting strategy today. After all, when the coach is in the living room with a kid and his family, his pitch isn’t about 17K vs 63K a year, it’s about the kid being loved and being successful at that school.

    Finally, you may wanna change your “20 year” thing to a “10 year” thing. Since 2001, USC has a 10-1 record over UCLA (or 8-1 if you vacate ’04 and ’05). But since 1991, the record is USC 12-9 UCLA (or 10-9, with vacated wins). There wasn’t a lot of bang-for-the-buck at USC in the 1990s.

  • Anonymous
  • 6power

    Makes one wonder if having Todd Golper roaming the Apache sideline was a factor.
    I’m sure that Sheldon Price would welcome some new faces in the Bruin secondary. On the other hand, Lagace will be facing some monster sized TE’s coming across the middle,,,