Football: Get ready for another Monrovia parade.

There will be a celebration of some sorts when Monrovia gets back from Christmas break. It’s looking like it’ll be sometime in January, whether it’s a parade remains to be seen, but Monrovia school officials said a celebration is in order. Last year, Monrovia hosted the Wildcats with a parade that started at Monrovia down Colorado Blvd., and down Myrtle before a grand arrival to Library Park where a sea of fans welcomed the champions. Stay tuned.

Below: The work of Ed McCarthy. I shot this with my iPhone. It’s a hoodie with the artwork front and center. Nice work.
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  • Kan B’alam son of Pakal

    Well…, Can you say Back to Back to Back? After that Monrovia will be out of that division and league. Next years team will be as good, or better than this years team. Well you can never replace a guy like Ellis McCarthy…That’s what they said about Nick Bueno. Watch out for the Cat’s in ’12. The Mayan Calender says the Cat’s win again Right Before the world ends.