Football: La Caada’s Dan Yoder resigns as coach.

From my colleague Erik Boal at the L.A. Daily News via Bob Anon:

La Caada football coach Dan Yoder has submitted his resignation following three seasons, deciding to focus on earning another educational degree.

Yoder went 13-18 during his tenure, including a pair of Southern Section Mid-Valley Division playoff appearances, after replacing Rich Wheeler in 2009.

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  • FootballGuy

    Best of luck to him. I think he did a good job with all he had to deal with.

  • Aram Tolegian

    Gosh, and I think I heard some idiot say last week he’d be back. That’s why I trust you, Miguel.

  • What exactly

    What exactly is the “all he had to deal with”? Isn’t La Canada a pretty high functioning school with high achieving kids? Didn’t they have some size and a decent support staff? How do you get smashed like they did with that weak pre-season sked.

  • 6power

    It was not a good year for Spartan football, but Yoder can coach football and I would suspect one day he returns to it in one form or another.
    He did a good job while coaching JV and I guess his highlight on Varsity would be the infamous “two games in one Friday” 10pm tie-breaker debacle at South Pas against Anthony White and TC.
    Sounds like the story of most people nowadays – they need more cash somehow and make a plan to find a better pipeline to the green. Obviously high school football coaches if paid by the hours invested……..well you know that story.

  • spartanfan768

    LCUSD does not pay coaches very well. Rumor has it that there’s a very highly qualified coach on campus (supposedly more experienced and qualified than anyone on the current staff) who just turned down the position because he makes more as a varsity assistant at another, less affluent high school in the area than Yoder made as the head guy. Wow! C’mon LCUSD–how are our kids supposed to be competitive if you keep paying peanuts?

  • Coach Slayer

    Exactly: What coaches have to deal with are unappreciative ninnies as yourself among other things.

  • FootballGuy

    La Canada has no level above head coach that is competant or supportive. The student body cares very little and many parents, of players, care even less. I heard low pay and too few stipends. Tough for the next guy.

  • ccc

    Wow! You guys at La Canada are sure easy to please, if you think that Dan Yoder is a good coach. He was not sure of himself on defense and was lost on offense and that is why he lost so many games.