Football: Arcadia’s Myles Carr is Offensive Player of the Year, Robby Haines is Defensive Player of the Year.

Above: Arcadia’s Myles Carr, who completed 63 percent of his passes and passed for 2,484 yards and 30 touchdowns, has drawn interest from Stony Brook, Montana State and Nevada.

Player of the Year:
Zander Anding, Burroughs, Sr.
Offensive Player of the Year: Myles Carr, Arcadia, Sr.
Defensive Player of the Year: Robby Haines, Arcadia, Sr.
Coach of the Year: Jon Dimalante, Arcadia


Herman Castro, Burbank, Skill
Brandon Cox, Pasadena, Skill
Michael Davis, Glendale, Skill
Taylor Lagace, Arcadia, Skill
Marro Lee, Crescenta Valley, Skill
Tairen Owens, Muir, Skill
Luke Taboyoyong, Hoover, Skill
Freddie Barnes, Pasadena, Offensive Line
Ryan Campbell, Arcadia, Offensive Line
Gus Farrat, Burroughs, Offensive Line
Armen Pashai, Crescenta Valley, Offensive Line
Lester Quintana, Burroughs, Offensive Line
Gabriel Rousset, Arcadia, Offensive Line
Pavle Atanackovic, Crescenta Valley, Kicker

Clarence Irvin, Arcadia, Defensive Line
Ike Nwachie Burroughs, Defensive Line
Noah Stubblefield, Crescenta Valley, Defensive Line
Kevin Vega, Glendale, Defensive Line
Kody Jensen, Burroughs, Linebacker
Justin Springfield, Crescenta Valley, Linebacker
Denzel Talifero, Muir, Linebacker
Chad Eggerston, Crescenta Valley, Defensive Back
Alex McElwee, Arcadia, Defensive Back
Jose Pereyra, Burroughs, Defensive Back
Kevon Seymour, Muir, Defensive Back
Daniel Marbach, Burroughs, Punter



Marcus Green, Pasadena, Skill
Darick Holmes Jr., Muir, Skill
Jake Medel, Arcadia, Skill
Nick Ruiz, Crescenta Valley, Skill
Riian Simpson, Pasadena, Skill
Alex Yoon, Glendale, Skill
Addison Farmer, Muir, Offensive Line
Garik Gabielyan, Glendale, Offensive Line
Alejandro Gutierrez, Pasadena, Offensive Line
Demitrios Korkis, Burbank, Offensive Line
Raul Martinez, Burroughs, Offensive Line
Forrest Stevens, Burroughs, Offensive Line
Nick Pulciano, Arcadia, Kicker

Luke Coblentz, Burroughs, Defensive Line
Ermar Cruz, Burroughs, Defensive Line
Steven Kim, Burbank, Defensive Line
Lamar McDaniels, Muir, Defensive Line
Daniel Martinez, Burbank, Linebacker
Brian Ponce, Arcadia, Linebacker
Joe Wong, Arcadia, Linebacker
Tony Claxton, Muir, Defensive Back
Maher Domouni, Arcadia, Defensive Back
Aaron Easley, Pasadena, Defensive Back
Eli Peppmuller, Burroughs, Defensive Back
Zan Williams, Arcadia, Defensive Back
Jorge Castro, Muir, Punter
Steve Dernijah, Pasadena, Punter

Teddy Arlington, Burbank
Danny Ayala, Burroughs
Kevin Giamalva, Arcadia
Keith Lawrence, Pasadena
Evan Norton, Glendale
Nathan Sarreal, Crescenta Valley
Jeffrey Treung, Hoover
Josh Washington-Muema, Muir
Kahri Bailey, Pasadena
Thomas Baun, Hoover
Mitchell Comacho, Burbank
Kevin Cooper, Crescenta Valley
Christobal Escobar, Burroughs
Austin Ford, Arcadia
James Recinos, Glendale
Mark Samuels, Muir

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  • 6power

    Interesting breakdown category of “skill” for offensive squad only. Also having the punter on the defensive team seems a little funky….

    Arcadia’s loss to La Mirada will sting for many moons and even with this many honorees it won’t help much. Congrats and best of luck to Carr, impressive numbers and a solid year for Arcadia.

  • Doesn’t make any sense

    Cal- Hi top 10 player
    Highest recruited DB in SoCal.
    U.S. Army Football Selection
    Look at these stats
    35 REC 647 YARDS 9 TD’S
    51 TACKLES
    1 SACK
    I’m a PHS Bulldog and even this doesn’t make sense that this kid wasn’t the Defensive Player of the Year” IN THE PACIFIC LEAGUE” let alone the San Gabriel area with the Big kid from Monrovia. Who ever did the voting got this WRONG


    Congrats to all…especially those talented athletes from Pasadena High School and “The Ranch” aka John Muir High School. You and your teammates have proven that Pasadena football, after years of decline, is back on track.

    Laurence Todd

  • big mike

    This is complete politics Kevon Seymour should had won something. Look at his stats below no one and i repeat no one (IMHO) on any of the schools in the pacific league or SGV had a better year then he did.

    35 REC 647 YARDS 9 TD’S
    51 TACKLES 1 sack

    Thats SGV MVP numbers.

    Haines did have a lot of sacks 15.5 thats a nice number. Myles Carr should had been Co MVP with Anding. Also B. Cox has an argument as well for Offensive MVP his numbers are a little more impressive then Carr’s but hey Carr beat out PHS so i guess that took place in the voting. in my opinion it should had been

    M.Carr and Anding (co MVP’s) B.Cox (offensive poy) Kevon (all purpose) and Haines (Defensive poy)

    I think they should have an “all purpose award”, because it helps give recognition to the athlete who actually carried his team against everyone in different ways. Congrats to everyone on the list good luck in the future and happy holidays.

    Hey Miguel when you do the star news team you should throw in an “all purpose award”.

  • GoingTribal

    Zander Anding rushed for 2,686 yards in 204 carries and 26 touchdowns (30 total touchdowns). He averaged 13.17 yards a carry and 268.6 yards a game. Anding’s yards-per-carry average was tops in the country and No. 1 in state and his per-game average and yards-per-carry averages were first in the state.

    Does he deserve a Co MVP?. . . I don’t think so.

  • Lawrence

    Wow you call yourself a reporter? Who are these guys? Can you at least get their names correct!!!!

    Alejandro Gutierrez, Pasadena, Offensive Line
    Keith Lawrence, Pasadena
    Steve Dernijah, Pasadena, Punter

    It’s Alejandro CONTRERAS
    Keith LAW
    Steve JERAGIN

    How disrespectful.
    Plus #53 for PHS did not allow a sack the entire year and was never called for holding. Top that off with that it was his FIRST year of playing football.
    You really need to WATCH these games before you make your picks.

  • GoingTribal


    These players were voted in by the league coaches. Not PSN. . .

  • woanelly

    It is very hard for any Pasadena kids to get voted POY, and in some sports even on the first or second team.You have five (5) basically Burbank area schools and Arcadia will not help if they do not want to, regardless of the players ability. Owens and Seymour were locks and Cox is right there with them. The process is fair but the mindset is not and we over here are outnumbered. I believe sports teams at both Pasadena schools will get better. Look at the two basketball teams and Muir finally has three teams in basketball and baseball, the kids just have to get it done in the classroom; all the time not just for football!!!!

  • swag

    its funny cause both myles and robby take steroids, so does 5 other players on arcadia including taylor. CIF needs to test those arcadian boys cause somethings fishy in the water over there.

  • momof7

    Wow you are adults that are trying to live your dreams that never happened for you. The crap that is said here is so wrong. Can you please grow up and stop being jealous of these KIDS, here is a little help with the word: feeling resentment against someone because of that person’s success, good at something or advantages, That you never had. Get over it and be happy for these KIDS!

  • swag

    im not jealous i know taylor and myles and i know who trains with them and multiple sources have confirmed that they have taken them. Even one of the parents has told me they were taking something suspicious. The reason why i am angered by these kids is not jealousy, but is because these kids are taking scholarships from other kids with an unfair disadvantage, not because of GOD given talent but because of steroids.

  • Realist


    Listen closely. I don’t care how well you know Taylor and Myles. I am very close with both of them and their families. I have seen them workout, and let me tell you something, they are the hardest working kids I’ve ever seen at the high school level. No one, and I mean no one, works harder than those two kids. The fact that you are accusing them of using steroids is truly pathetic. If those kids took steroids they would be 2 times the size they are now. Sometimes hard work pays off. When you work as hard as they do in the weight room you will get big. In the end of the day, you don’t know what you are talking about. So please, do us all a favor, and shut up. Thank you.

    P.S. They aren’t getting scholarships because they are strong. They are getting scholarships because they are two of the best players in the area. Dummy.

  • Coach Eric Elias

    Swag I’m their coach and ur an idiot for even assuming this stupid claim that MY BOYS TOOK AND ARE TAKING STEROIDS! They have worked harder than u or any other kid in the who southern section. Ur stupid accusations are by far the dumbest thing I’ve heard all year! Not only are u putting their good name and rep in question but ur also putting great coaches’ reps in question. Come down to our weight room and have a look at what their doing. They ain’t putting up weight that brings any attention or points to steroids! Yeah Taylor benches 270 damn “he must have been taking that steroid that doesn’t make u produce ridiculous weight up” why don’t u shut ur mouth when u don’t know anything and leave my boys alone jealous Cus they’re gettin scholarships! FIGURES!!!

  • teamplayer

    Again with the roids card??? Thats just dumb. The thing is Arcadia is just a strong, smart and well sized team. We don’t need steroids to make us better, just our hearts and our will to win. That is all. Maybe some kids need to come down here and learn how to play with class and fairness but most of all the heart to come out on top, no matter what the records say. Maybe not now, but soon people will realize how equal and clean Arcadia Football. I guess you guys can’t see real talent even when it’s in your face.

  • stangNation01

    Ya’ll leave these kids alone. I don’t think they are on anything other than Whey Protien and lifting diet. They aren’t that big. I just watched Taylor play Muir in basketball & he wasn’t beasting like a roid freak. Good genetics & hard work (along with Puberty) will produce muscle size & strength. I’ve watched Denzel Talifero work his ass off these past 3 weeks daily in the weight room & saw if increase in size & strength. So is he on roids? Hell no.

    So stop slandering Myles, Taylor & Arcadia. Those kids work hard. Congrats Arcadia & both Lagace & Carr.

  • Greeper

    Swag quit being a coward and post up with your name!!! If you’re going to make false allegations then don’t do it behind some anonymous screen name like the weak little man you are! Man up and let’s see your evidence you coward. As for those parents you allegedly talked to they’re cowards also! You’re probably some whiny little parent that’s just upset because their kid didn’t get the playing time you wanted, move on and get over it.

  • New York

    Congratulations to all you guys. I’m happy Monrovia gets to play Arcadia every year. The renewed rivalry has been great for us. I sure hope we can join the Pacific and play Muir as well. It will really be up to the two communities to assure that things go smoothly. Otherwise, it won’t happen, sadly.

  • StangNation01

    @ New Yorker
    I would love for Monrovia to join the Pacific League & play the Pasadena schools & Arcadia & the Burbank schools but lets be real it will be another 99 & 2000 season again when Muir played Monrovia. Sad to say but the gang stuff is a major issue between both cities Pasadena (bloods) & Monrovia/Duarte (crips). This is why neither school will really ever play eachother. But it will strengthen both the Pacific league & Monrovia’s case if they joined the Pacific league. Hell get rid of the glendale schools & pick up Monrovia & Alhambra. Then lets battle it out week in and week out.

    But it won’t happen Muir’s AD already tried to set a game up for next year & Monrovia declined. So maybe in another 5 yrs they’ll join the Pacific league.