Football: Monrovia’s Blake Heyworth, San Marino’s Kwame Do share MVP honors; Monrovia’s Marquise Bias is Offensive Back of the Year.

Most Valuable Player: Blake Heyworth, Monrovia, Jr., Kwame Do, San Marino, Sr.
Offensive Back of the Year: Marquise Bias, Monrovia, Sr.
All-Purpose Player of the Year: De’Shawn Ramirez, Monrovia, Sr.
Offensive Linemen of the Year: Michael Bassette, Temple City, Sr.
Defensive Linemen of the Year: Ellis McCarthy, Monrovia, Sr.
Linebacker of the Year: Brett Walsh, Monrovia, Jr., George Frazier V, Monrovia, Jr.
Defensive Back of the Year: Anthony Craft, Monrovia, Jr.

WR: Luke Williams, Monrovia, Sr.
WR: Mason Bryant, Monrovia, Jr.
TE: Justin Cornford, South Pasadena, Sr.
OT: Henry Crane, Monrovia, Sr.
OT: Kevin Cummings, Temple City, Sr.
OG: Marty Vardanian, La Canada, Sr.
OG: Bryan Wong, Temple City, Sr.
C: Ryan Stone, South Pasadena, Jr.
QB: Sheddrick Walker, Blair, Sr.
RB: Kyle Herron, La Canada, Sr.
RB: Sean Magill, South Pasadena, Sr.
RB: Nathan Lee, South Pasadena, Jr.
PK: Matt Wofford, San Marino, Jr.

DL: Brendan Daly, La Canada, Sr.
DL: Lorenzo Casas, Monrovia, Sr.
DL: Alec Fox, Monrovia, Sr.
DE: Marquise Harrison, Monrovia, Sr.
DE: Nick Gott, San Marino, Jr.
LB: Kyle Herron, La Canada, Sr.
LB: Ryan Hill, San Marino, Sr.
LB: Jared Mendez, Temple City, Sr.
DB: Miguel Lagunas, South Pasadena, Sr.
DB: Grant Owen, La Canada, Jr.
DB: Garrett Glazer, San Marino, Jr.
DB: Luke Williams, Monrovia, Sr.
P: Franklyn Cervenka, La Canada, Sr.


WR: Hector Fernandez, South Pasadena, Jr.
WR: Grant Owen, La Canada, Jr.
TE: Lionel Escajeda, San Marino, Jr.
OT: Matt Knauss, San Marino, Sr.
OT: Tanner Massimino, La Canada, Jr.
OG: David Cho, South Pasadena, Jr.
OG: Isaac Miravet, Monrovia, Jr.
C: William Thorn, Monrovia, Sr.
QB: Joey Harmon, South Pasadena, So.
RB: Roger Tsung, Temple City, Sr.
RB: Jaime Dea, Temple City, Sr.
RB: Franklyn Cervenka, La Canada, Sr.
PK: Mason Bryant, Monrovia, Jr.

DL: Alex Azer, San Marino, Sr.
DL: Tanner Massimino, La Canada, Jr.
DL: Randy Lam, Temple City, Sr.
DE: Nicholas Sullivan, South Pasadena, Jr.
De: Tresjan Simmons, Blair, Sr.
LB: Gus Shettleroe, South Pasadena, Jr.
LB: Chase Levra, La Canada, Sr.
DB: Mason Bryant, Monrovia, Jr.
DB: Bret Ngnibogha, South Pasadena, Jr.
DB: Ryan Blasher, San Marino, Jr.
DB: Chris Li, Temple City, Sr.
P: Miguel Lagunas, South Pasadena, Sr.
P: Matt Wofford, San Marino, Jr.

Monrovia: Cade Shultz, Brandon Wingenbach, Clayton Taggart, Kevin Spencer.
San Marino: Brennen Swanton, Nate Harding, Zach Bowles.
South Pasadena: Bryan Bednarski, Michael Amini, Linus Zide.
La Canada: Matt Jones, Ronald Flores, Derek Georgino.
Temple City: Drake Flores, Bobby Soto, Anthony Valencia.
Blair: Logan McClain, Nyles Bams, Jacob Smith.

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  • bigfatfan

    I hate to rain on eveyones holiday parade, but reviewing the RHL All League listing leaves me shaking my head. One example: the kid from Blair is the first team QB, really??? OK, if Heyworth gets MVP, then I’d contend that Wofford or Harmon should have been named First Team QB. Is the kid from Blair an athlete? Heck yes! is he a QB, not by a long shot. Again, this type of selection speaks to “throwing Blair a bone”. Once again, I urge the powers to be in the RHL to move Blair out of the RHL, at least for football. a school that can assemble a football team of only 16-18 kids has no business playing in the RHL.

    happy holidays to all

  • YOU HAVE GOT2B Kiddin ME

    This is pure bull crap. All league for the Rio Hondo is a FN Joke. They should just up mvp’s for ball boys, and stat takers….. This year all league is laughable. Rio Hondo’s all league is equivalent to a PARTICIPATION TROPHY in pop Warner or JAA. Kwame Do Co MVP lets be real

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Really, come on now really… Ok if you say so. WOW

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Congrats to all BTW.

  • CoViNa

    Congrats to all who made this list. I come on here to say that I was really impressed with the Monrovia team. most of all that QB Heyworth. He is very good and outplayed our QB Livingston by far, no disrespect to William. He made the plays when he had to and is just a very good Football player. Plus he has an edge to him that was really impressive. Congrats to all again. Enjoy all the accolades that you young men earned. Dont let anyone say its DIV this or that. Dont matter, all that matters is that you performed to your best abilities and against the teams you were scheduled to play. Great job to all. BTW, THE COLTS WILL BE BACK NEXT YEAR….

  • A couple of things

    I have to point out a few errors. First, in the headline, Monrovia is spelled incorrectly. Secondly, the class/year for 2 Monrovia players is incorrect. MVP Blake Heyworth and 2nd team center William Thorn are juniors, not seniors. Sorry these kinds of things in print really bother me. I’m also wondering how Kevin Spencer only earned an Honorable mention?

  • Kennedy Bryant

    @ CoViNa

    Classes move right there given props to BH and the Cats glad to see you in the Christmas spirit. Its good that Covina will be back, however I think MHS will be playing in Southeast Next season. I believe CIF is going to move the RIO HONDO to the Southeast for playoffs due to MHS back2back CIF Championships (ARAM) please confirm.

    JUST and FYI and a word to the wise MHS is LOADED for 2012. Coaches Maddoxs Bentley drops a couple passengers off and picks up a couple more passengers around the corner. Craft, Bryant, G5, Walsh, Heyworth all return. Bryant, Craft, Frazier and Walsh have 12 games of playoff experience, they have all played in the playoffs on varsity since their freshman year they just may go back-back-back-back appearances in the FINALS. FAVOR AINT FARE (2009 12-7 SD lose) (2010 47-14 WC win) (2011 53-14 SG win) (2012-?) AS I HAVE SAID ON THIS BLOG many times WE ARE LOADED. Even if you hate us you better respect us and what we have accomplished. NO one in the SGV can say that NO ONE

  • Kentera

    Now is Monrovia’s chance to prove that they can play with the big boys and not just beat up on inferior competition in league. Schedule up in your non-league games!!!!

  • Observantcat

    I might as well chime in with my opinions of the selections. I would say that 75% was pretty fair and 25 was to an extreme inaccurate. The most inaccurate honor may have to be Cade Shultz, this kid led the entire RHL in Sacks and was a permanent fixture on Monrovia’s defense this season. To receive just an honorable mention does not do this kid any justice. Co-MVP? maybe for San Marino but for the entire league, I could list several key guys that could place that hardware somewhere around their trophy case. And Miguel, yes the typo (Monroiva’s) is a bit strange. I will let that go to being up all night and forgetting to do a spell check. Other than that I will give you CO-MVW along with Aram T. and Fred R. Have a merry Christmas and Keep us up on McCarthy whenever you can.

  • CoViNa

    Kennedy Bryant,

    I agree with you, Monrovia will be moved up next year, and you guys are loaded next year and for a long time after that. Great to see you guys doing well. Covina although most of the starters are gone, have some pretty good under classmen waiting. This group was senior heavy, but like I said have some pretty good football players waiting to get their chance. With that being said, glad M-TOWN will be moved out. You guys are just to loaded to be able to contend with. No doubt if you guys stay in Mid Valley you guys will be back to back to back.

    Oh yeah, us Covina fans know how to give props when props are due. Monrovia is very good, and congrats to the whole community for that. We’re not Pomona fans to talk about what couldve, and what shouldve…

  • Kan B’alam Son of Pakal

    I don’t like the fact that Monrovia players were on 2nd team an honorable mention. They all should have got first team.

    kentera, monrovia plays all higher division teams in preseason and San D.


    Congrats to all…especially, Tresjan Simmons. Surprise, surprise.

    Laurence Todd

  • Titan Sports Fan

    I would think Monrovia did pretty well in all this considering in all the player of the year/ mvp sections there was only offensive lineman of the year where they weren’t represented. I think we had co-mvp simply for the fact we could have put any number of Monrovia players up there simply too much talent there votes could have been split any number aways for there squad. Where as San Marino this year wouldnt have anybody else in the discussion for MVP besides Kwame DO. From what i’ve read i dont think anybody is discrediting what he did on the field but that they think one of there guys deserves the recoginition alone. I can garuntee you any team that played SM there defense was geared to try to stop Kwame where as for Monrovia you had to pick your poison. Kwame by all means earned this award. Congrats to All players recoginized

  • Lancer79

    What a Mickey Mouse deal this is! Pick a MVP and the rest of the players are on 1st team, etc. We have all of the “Position of the Year” players so some of the other school’s players get mentioned for politics sake down the list. I see a lot of questionable selections. If its not based on merit then the whole process is worthless.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    To all my blogging brothers. Didn’t mean you any harm if I ticked you off as it was all in fun and games. Hope to see you all from time to time here on the blog its gonna be lonely for a few months but we can make it thru. Wanna tell all of you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and keep Christ in Christmas.

    I think I speak for all of us “If any one wants to start something all you have to do is SAY BISHOP AMAT SUCKS or “Monrovia you Play in a sucky division” .We will be back to defend our schools like BUZZARDs Circling a DEAD CARCUS.

    Lastly some of you need to go back read what your wrote

    Amat Bully
    Hoss Cartwight
    Kan B’alam Son of Pakal
    Mid Valley Fan
    New York
    Paul Revere
    Philly B

  • Kan B’alam Son of Pakal

    Lancer 79, you are correct to a certain extent. The “MVP” and the “position POYs” should just show who was the best players at each position in regards to the “first team”. However even if you are “RB of year”, your name should be place on the first team. Instead league coaches are using this format, to create more 1st and 2nd Team players. I am not trying to take anything from kids. However, It waters down the prestige of all the awards, when there are too many all league players. Back in the day, all league meant something, and there was a nice balance to reps from each team on the list. You would go down the list and say “hey I remember that guy, he was good”. I can’t say that nowadays. The RHL games were much closer. Every game was a battle in league except for blair, but Hold up blair won the rio hondo one year. Even a 34-0 win was more hard fought, than now days. I watched all the games, and some players did not deserve to be 1st or 2nd team. The question is “Was the Rio Hondo… that good?” Were there that many good players? If you take Monrovia out of the league, then I could see all of these players winning awards. The competition between the rest of the league was good. However, the Monrovia squad dominated at every position, and every facet of the game, every game during league. It does not matter what happen in the other games between the other teams. Technically, you could just hand Monrovia all of the all league awards. Put it like this. Several Monrovia O-lineman did not get 1st team. Those spots were given to TC and LC lineman. Those lineman could not block the 3rd team Mtown Lineman early in the 3rd Qrt bc the games were never close. Players that the Monrovia starting o line beat up every day all day in scout team. That’s why I can not understand this list. Kevin Spencer Not a 1st team player, what a joke. Mayson Bryant, not 1st team PK as well as WR/DB what a joke. What other DB was better than Luke Williams, who cares if he was 1st team WR.

    If these league meetings would start name the best players no matter what, or who feelings get hurt, players will train harder, play better, and Monrovia could stay in this league.

  • New York

    I hope La Mirada did not take the spot on St. Francis’ schedule that Monrovia was looking for. It’s time we play.

  • Lancer79

    Kan B’alam Son of Pakal-
    This process has always been a horse trading event- you vote for my favorite and I’ll vote for yours. Monrovia should dominate as they were by far the best this year. Next year SM will challenge the ‘Cats. Their team was very young with a new coach, who’s very good. Can they beat Monrovia? We’ll have to wait and see. It’ll have to be error free. At least the clock won’t be running in the 4th.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    @ Lancer79

    Everyone is going to challenge monrovia. Im not just saying this, Monrovia will be better next season than this year by far. There will be no drop off, I dont think you realize how loaded we are; we are very good. Barring injuries we are senior laddended next season and we just have too many weapons. Im sorry. If you think you match up with the CATS pass the PIPE cuz your DREAMING.

  • Kentera

    New York,
    I’m with you. FYI, the ball is now in Maddox’s court.

  • Kan B’alam Son of Pakal

    Week 1 ??? Hopefully a great team.
    Week 2 Arcadia
    Week 3 San Dimas
    Week 4 South Hills
    Week 5 St Franics

    Weeks 6-10 Rio Hondo league stretching period

    Weeks 11-14 Back to Back to Back “you can’t touch this time”

    I would love to see Monrovia play St Francis At Monrovia. It would a be a great test for both teams and a battle for a the Top Spot in the West SGV. But the real match up will be Blake Heyworth vs Jerad lebowitz. You talk about personal. Heyworth left St Francis for Monrovia BC This guy came into town. All Hey worth did was leave then win a CIF title. Jared wants what Blake has, and Blake wants to stick it to the Jared and Friars staff. Monrovia will have G5 coming after Jerod, and St Francis will have the Area’s best returning D lineman Morona(ex teammate). Talk about a story. Maddox go ahead and seal the deal. Both teams put up 40 against Paramount on the road. Let’s see where power truly is…Lower Division Power House Monrovia or Upper Division Power St Francis of LC. The Headline will be ” La Canada under seige”. M-town will own that City if they beat St Francis and La Canada High.

  • New York

    Did you guys offer a week 5 game at MHS? We have only one scheduled home game (Arcadia) of the three continuing games.

  • MonroVian

    Word on the street is that they are trying to get or got Ayala taking over for Glendora. And I hear Sierra Canyon is in the loop for pre season.

  • coltfan97

    Am I wrong in saying this, that next year’s Monrovia’s team could be better than this year and last year teams? Just a thought!!!

  • Titan Sports Fan

    Lancer 79 i most certainly agree with you at this point on SM next year they will be a senior heavy team next year … as kennedy bryant says monrovia will be as well so experience for both squads will be a push in terms of seniors but edge would go to the cats with there playoff experience. SM got there feet wet this year with playoffs and were certainly capable of beating SD and they know they let an opportunity slip away …. SM returns all there starting offensive skill position players except Kwame Do and return i believe 15 out of 22 starters in total …. I see this being similar too a few years ago when SM got bounced by Paraclete in the first round with another young team turned around went 8-2 the next year before playoffs where they lost second round to azuza in a heart breaker …. SM lost to monrovia by 2 that year in which a missed extra point in the first half and a fumble in the endzone going into half still haunt SM … with a nearly flawless game i could see us making it interesting next year should hands down be circled on the calender as the game for league next year at this juncture but with a whole off season to go that could change …. if you cant tell i’m very optimistic for my squad next year!

  • 6power

    Congratulations to Kwame, after a couple seasons hampered by injuries , he toughed it out and was thee go to guy for the Titans. The San Marino sideline and RHL stadiums will miss Kwame’s dad Mr. Do senior’s ear bursting volume yelling from the stands, dancing with the cheerleaders and firing up the crowd.

    Titan Sports Fan,
    I agree you have a promising season ahead. However, I would not start envisioning a win over Monrovia. Since the 2 point game at SM, both the Titans and Wildcats have morphed, reloaded, gone north, south, east and west and are different teams with different leaders and philosophies. Monrovia is not done rising and could easily be a more “steamrolling” type team next year. Once the defense takes hold, gets in tune and begins 3 and outting teams – the Cats will be once again be a force.
    I for one, hope the RHL stays intact at least one more year. I like saying Monrovia is in our league, and not only that Maddox and his staff has made them a good ambassador of area football.. There is no talk about the Cats playing dirty or cheap shot football or humiliating opponents once they own them. We have a strong team amongst us, so strong that outside voices are heaping their criticism and speculation upon them, always a sign you are doing things right and others are frustrated to the point they can’t even make sense of it.
    It is true that Monrovia needs to sit amid a better group of teams in league – I just hope the move is 2 seasons away. Being part of and close to the history Monrovia is making is a good place to be. Especially for those who have followed and supported the school for a decade or more and were there when struggles outnumbered CIF crowns.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    I’ll grant you this San Marino fans. When J.P. Shofi get to varsity you maybe reading to play with the Cats. I coached the kid in Pop Warner last year and if he continues to develope as I think he will you’ll have a game changer in your program. The Kid is a STUDDDDDDDDD to the 10th power. He’ll be a freshman next year so 2013 come talk to me.

  • BlairFan

    If Monrovia is so good, why won’t they play any schools from the City Section? Blair played 2 Inner City Schools and a strong Catholic School. They just had nrollment issues.

  • Titan Sports Fan

    I’m by no means proclaiming we would win just that if we played a flawless game we could make it interesting…. and everything i’ve heard about the kid shofi seems like he is legit but dont discredit this years SM frosh class who won league outright for the first time in about 20 years the class in numbers is small sporting numbers i believe in the low 20’s but have some studs i’m sure a handful will play varsity next year. Monrovias frosh was third which is almost unheard of in our league. Shofi’s class plus this year is going to be dangerous.

  • viking_fan

    So basically, according to the majority of the posters here, the only kids who deserve to be on all league teams are the ones who play at monrovia, with maybe a couple from san marino or south pas? it is what it is guys. the all league teams are chosen by the coaches, and aren’t forced into their choices.

    We may not have a big team, but our kids don’t give up, from first kickoff to the last play of the game. I’m proud of my boys.


    Great job to Miguel and the entire staff at the PSN with this year’s selections/picks. Regardless of the commentary presented thus far, I think we all can say that we appreciate your time and effort to support and honor our youth. I know it’s your job, but I think your passion for sports – prep sports in particular, has set the standard for competitive football in the valley. Keep up the good work.

    Laurence Todd

  • ESPN

    @ Blair/Viking Fan, this link pretty much says it all about them boys from Monrovia. Bias, McCarthy, Walsh and Bryant made ALL ESPN for SCAL

  • ObservantFat

    How is Kevin Spencer not first team?! He was the best lineman on Monrovia all year.

  • viking_fan


    I wasn’t taking anything away from Monrovia at all.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

  • 6power

    Viking Fan

    Blair had a large, impressive turnout of fans at the TC/Blair game, held at Muir High School. I know the Vikings are an easy target for criticism – but regardless, this is a big positive for the kids of Blair suiting up – and says alot about the parents and supporters. IT AIN’T ALL ABOUT WINNING, though sometimes we all look at it that way. Ram fans were there in force as well…again something said for a battle that mattered little in the scheme of things – a couple of 1-9 teams going nowhere.

    I keep hoping Blair will build on the flashes and dashes of improvement here and there…but it just never seems to build to anything. Can you guys do better and what needs to be done to get more kids in the program…?…tough without frosh/JV squads.

  • viking_fan

    6 power:

    Yeah, we had a great turnout for that game, because it was our Homecoming game. I wish we could get that kind of support throughout the season. and as far as getting more kids out to play, it’s hard when the school has a total enrollment of about 1100-1200 students, including the 6th-8th grades.