Football: Muir’s Kevon Seymour takes issue with Rivals story, calls reporting “a lie” regarding jersey number.

Above: Kevon Seymour after his October news conference where he was officially announced as a U.S. Army All-American.

Muir standout defensive back Kevon Seymour took issue with a Rivals story that published Monday regarding players at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl registration annoyed about the jersey numbers they were assigned.

Among the players mentioned in the story was Seymour, who reportedly was annoyed he had No. 41 instead of his usual No. 1. According to the Rivals report, Seymour “willingly admits he’ll look at the rosters of potential colleges to see if No. 1 is available” and that if it’s not “the school’s chances of landing him diminish.”

When contacted by the Pasadena Star-News on Tuesday, Seymour took issue with the reporting.

“Everything he wrote was wrong,” Seymour said. “You think I’m going to choose a school off a number? Heck no I’m not. That’s ridiculous, and that guy who put that story about me is ridiculous too because all he’s trying to do is get the hype.”

Seymour explained what happened.

“Of course I wanted No. 1,” he said, “but all I was saying was why did they give me No. 41? Like it’s a linebacker’s number. If a linebacker is wearing No. 15 and stuff why couldn’t they give him No. 41 and give me No. 15. That linebacker didn’t even want that number. He told me that if we didn’t have our names on the back of our jerseys he would have switched with me.

“I’m definitely not going to pick a school off a number. That’s just dumb. If I was only going to a school that was gonig to give me No. 1 then why would I even be considering USC? (USC coach Lane) Kiffin doesn’t even give out No. 1 so if that was the case I wouldn’t even be considering USC. All I wanted to know was why they gave me No. 41. That was it.

“But it’s all said and done. Now I’m going to ball out with that number. Everything Rivals said was all fake.”

The story gained national attention after it was picked up on the popular sports site Deadspin, and it was the topic of discussion on Twitter Monday night.

Pete Thamel, a national college football and basketball reporter at the New York Times, wrote “this is just pathetic. Ridiculous diva tendencies rule the U.S. Army All American game”. Yahoo! Sports senior investigative reporter Charles Robinson wrote back at Thamel, saying “talk about misguided decision making” regarding Seymour’s supposed decision based on the availability of jersey No. 1.

Seymour said he was adament that he was wrongly portrayed in the story, adding that he was aware of the backlash created by the story.

Monrovia five-star recruit Ellis McCarthy also is a U.S. Army All-American, and for what it’s worth, he’s wearing jersey No. 18, the same number he’s worn the last two seasons at Monrovia.

The U.S. Army-All American Bowl will be televised live Saturday on NBC.

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  • Kennedy Bryant
  • Hulk

    You got balls to ask for No.1 considering the company your in. Worry about No.5 before anything else. Your not in the South East anymore. . .

  • Right, because Kevon couldn’t play for just about any school anywhere in any division.

  • Hulk

    If he went D1 we wouldn’t be talking about him.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    @ Hulk,

    Speak on what you know as I have said on the PSW, this story is incorrect and you shouldnt be so quick to judge.

  • Of course, now the “one” number we can remember, and will look for, is NO. 41. I think we should decline the penalty.

    Good luck, Mr. Seymour.

    Laurence Todd

  • big mike

    Top performs at the Army All American Practice for the haters.
    McCarthy was playing end at times on the West defensive line, a tribute to his athleticism despite his amazing defensive tackle physique. He looks like a slightly bigger Sharif Floyd, the five-star who chose Florida down here a few years ago, and there aren’t many bigger compliments than that. McCarthy comes off the ball a bit high at times, but he is very explosive, keeps his feet in traffic, has great balance and is overpowering when he plays with leverage. His collision with Jordan Simmons, one of only a handful of players bigger than McCarthy on either squad, was nasty and left Simmons worse for wear.
    Seymour had a solid morning session in drills showing off fluid motion, not opening up his hips and turning until he had to and looked comfortable moving backwards. His ball skills also were solid in drills. In the afternoon, he read routes well, didn’t bite on several tough double moves and had numerous pass breakups because he anticipated so well. He always was in position.


    These kids need to learn when and where to speak, Instead of lifting weights for Zero period,some of these schools need to offer etiquette classes.

    Now you stuck your head out more by saying it was a lie-you don’t have to defend yourself,you stirred up enough mess.

    “Be quick to listen slow to speak” you just don’t know who is listening. Remember stay grateful and humble, who cares about a number !! Too many so called “role models” are acting that way today you dont need to.

    Good Luck Kid,

  • MonroVian

    Congratulations to MTown’s George “G5” Frazier for being invited to participate in the 2012 Army All American Combine.
    “You Don’t Want No Green And White”

  • MonroVian

    Congratulations to MTown’s George “G5” Frazier for being invited to participate in the 2012 Army All American Combine.
    “You Don’t Want No Green And White”