Football: Monrovia’s parade begins at 5 tonight….

For the second consecutive year, the city of Monrovia will hold a parade tonight to celebrate Monrovia High’s CIF-SS Mid-Valley Division championship. The Wildcats beat San Gabriel, 53-14. The procession to Library Park will begin at 5 p.m. going East on Colorado Boulevard before heading North on Myrtle Avenue. The rally is expected to begin at 5:30 p.m. followed by the team’s banquet.

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  • 6power

    Gazing into a reverse crystal must wonder where the Wildcats would stand today, were Maddox hired as head coach at San Marino, TC, PHS, La Canada, So Pas, Muir, San Gabriel, Alhambra or any number of local schools where head coaching changes have taken place in the last 3 years.

    Would Monrovia had prospered and grown and had this level of success with another head coach and with possibly entirely different defensive and offensive schemes?
    The answer of course is no.

    Seasons ago at the Bonita passing tourney, not long after the Maddox hiring – I recall watching him work with a group M-town DB’s – you could see respect, see trust developing – see the beginning of what was to come IF, IF he could build this across the board.

    Keep a prime seat open in the parade for those who hired Maddox. He was the right fit.

  • New York

    Maddox has done a great job and is a great person. Four years ago I was strongly in favor of another candidate and highly skeptical of why the selection committee did not choose the other candidate. Granted, I had never met Maddox, but I was still openly skeptical of the process. I am thrilled that Maddox came to Monrovia and has lead the program on the course that it is on. I am even more proud, though, of the city of Monrovia for the overall efforts the community has put forth during the past several years. Hiring Coach Maddox is just a small part of the overall movement. The city also raised property taxes to issue bonds to improve academic and athletic facilities. We also modernized our library. Huntington Blvd is home to multiple tech companies and Myrtle Ave is thriving. Huntington and Myrtle have been great for economic stimulus that supports such progress.

    Monrovia overall is on an upswing.

  • Kennedy Bryant


  • Positive talk about a coach??? Really?

    Is it possible that we have coaches that really inspire their players in the SGV? The comments about Coach Maddox is refreshing from the norm i.e. coaches being fired (for reasons not related to football – assault, theft, you name it), accusations of over working their players, illegal recruiting, parents upset that their coaches don’t care or claim to be in a “rebuilding period,” etc.

    See ya at the parade…sorry, I’ll still be in my red and white (PHS – Bulldogs) Ha!

    Laurence Todd