• Realist

    I am so excited to see these to play on the same defense. UCLA has a bright future with these two playing on the same side of the ball!

  • MonroVian

    Does this mean that we can all be friends now? lol… Enough is enough! I mean come on Taylor and Ellis on the same team, same D (UCLA)!!!!!!! Other than week two next year during the ( In N Out Classic) week. I think we will see eye to eye. Just like you, I can’t wait to see this Dynamic W.Sgv Duo in action next year… Congratuations to the city of Monrovia and Arcadia for producing two outstanding student athletes.
    “You Don’t Want No Green And White” + “No Apaches Down” = WINNING….

  • Realist

    Im a die hard Bruin fan. I dont care what school you go to. All I care about is that you are wearing that blue and gold. I hope the best for both Ellis and Taylor. Both great players that can make an impact on the defensive side of the ball. Im really excited to see these two play together.

    And you are 100% correct. GREEN AND WHITE + No Apaches Down = GAME TIME!!!!!

    There are 4 SGV players on this Bruin team. Todd Golper, Dietrich Riley, Ellis, and Taylor!! UCLA is representing the SGV!

  • New York

    Congratulations, men. Best of luck and continued success in all that you pursue.

    This is a great picture. Miguel, take a follow-up photo 18 months from now after they have both spent a year in a proper training and nutrition program. The difference between a high school senior and a rising sophomore in a college program can be night and day.

  • 6power

    Dietrich Riley showed folks he is the real deal – does anyone know if he is anticipated to crack the starting line up this season?
    Best of luck to EM and TL – great that they have stayed in the area….

  • Another one

    Don’t forget that Tairen Owens from Muir verballed to UCLA too! If they would have snatched up Kevon it would have been crazy!

  • Hoopla

    Make that five, David Allen from South Pasadena.

  • bigfatfan

    what happened to Golper anyways? does he get any playing time? I know that David Allen is a special teams guys.

  • Mike Tevaga

    Golper was hurt last year but played on ST this year and got some time at MLB during the bowl game. Thought he looked good.

    Definitely a lot of SGV kids!

    Allen (South Pas), Sr, LB
    Golper (Arcadia), Jr., LB
    Owens, (Muir), FR, RB
    McCarthy (Monrovia), FR, DT
    Lagace (Arcadia), FR, S

  • Mike Tevaga

    Oops! Forgot my favorite of all of em, Dietrich! Anybody have any word on how his neck is doing?

    Allen (South Pas), Sr, LB
    Golper (Arcadia), Jr., LB
    Riley (St. Francis), Jr. S
    Owens, (Muir), FR, RB
    McCarthy (Monrovia), FR, DT
    Lagace (Arcadia), FR, S

  • bruin fan

    Riley has already, more then cracked the starting lineup. the kid has proven to be a standout on the defense as just a sophomore. he did suffer a concussion last season that sidelined him the last 4 games or so but look out for him to be one of the best safteys in the country this year! GO BRUNS

  • dtksr1

    Congratulations bruin fans…. looks like you got a good prospect in McCarthy. Hope he and others like him can turn the attitude of your past teams and play hard to win and represent LA in college football despite what that fat idiot AD does to your program!

  • fifty to zip


  • Listening Nearby

    Ellis: Is your dad making you come play here too?

    Taylor: Nah, no one else really wanted me.

    Ellis: I hate this uniform color. It’s too feminine.

    Taylor: Yeah, I feel like Cinderella in this color.

    Ellis: I want to leave.

    Taylor: Smile. Someone is taking a picture.

    Ellis: Nah.

  • BigDog

    They look a little green…….