Introducing the Bet It and Sweat It blog …

I am very happy to announce that San Gabriel Valley Newspaper Group has entered into the world of gambling as it pertains to horse racing, sports betting and poker.

In doing so, we have launched the BET IT AND SWEAT IT blog. There you will find constant updates, insights, opinion and interaction between those of us who like to partake in horse racing, sports betting and poker, be it as a hobby or a serious endeavor.

I’m quite certain you will find this blog VERY ENTERTAINING and VERY INFORMATIVE.

You can start by reading my Super Bowl prediction column. And then be back on Friday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. for a webcast that will feature handicapper Dave Malinsky,’s assistant managing editor Zack Pierce live from Indy and Pro Football Weekly’s Editor and handicapping columnist Mike Wilkening.

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