• Stangs03

    Alrigh, alrigh, allllriiiigh!! CV gonna learn today!! (<-- 4 the Kev Hart fans) Glad to see my Mighty Mustangs back among the elite, not only in the area, but really in there division. LA Times has them along with 4 other teams in what is called the most competitive division. No clear favorite, anyones's title this year. With that said, Coach Smalley, as a former Muir alum, I thank you for restoring tradition and creating new ones! The videos are appreciated. Let the community get off the couches and support these young group of men who definitely have exceeded expectations that were already high! Feelin' really good righ, to be a Stang is beautiful thang!!! Much credit to HS for their years of domination in hoop, but this is the year of the Stang!!! Miguel thanks for the Stang support as well big homie!!

  • Question

    Stang03, help me out. Miguel says that PHS has won league for 9 years in a row and that Muir hasn’t won league in over a decade. Didn’t Coach Whitlock and ALex Finley, Gerrell Finney, Scott Holland, and the rest of that Muir crew beat PHS twice in 2004 and win league in 2004?

    I know for a fact PHS had a bad record that year even though they had Artis Gant who was good and a junior at the time. Please set the record straight Stang03.

  • Stangs03

    @ Question: they beat HS twice in non-league if i can remember that far back. alot of vodka and jameson whiskey since then. sorry… but yea Miguel is right, HS has won league ever since my Junior year in 02. We lost to them right after MLK Tournament at PCC. The year before that, i want to say it was 3way tie with CV. As much as i dont like to admit that. Ill ask Finley, but im almost sure. Hey im stuck on duty tonite, anybody that goes to the CV game update blog asap with final and recap. good looking!! i gotta bet riding on it. thanks!