BREAKING NEWS: Arcadia football coach Jon Dimalante resigns. “It was the right time,” he said.

Jon Dimalante, after 17 seasons at the helm and a 113-76-1 career record, decided to step down as Arcadia High School’s football coach Tuesday morning.

Dimalante informed Arcadia athletic director Ryan Press of his decision and later did the same with the team. The news came as a bit of surprise to Press.

“He didn’t say a whole bunch,” Press said. “The main thing that he said was that the time was right. I know he had been thinking about it for a little while. Obviously those are enormous shoes to fill.”

Dimalante will continue teaching physical education, but leaves a gaping whole in a program he elevated to title contenders just last season. He led Arcadia to 10 Pacific League titles in his tenure, and leaves a class that just sent two players (Taylor Lagace, Myles Carr) to Division I schools (UCLA, Fresno State).

Dimalante said he has educational goals he wants to achieve, but certainly leaving the program is the hardest thing he’s had to do.

“It was the right time,” he said. “I love these kids who have played here for me. That’s going to be the hardest thing, not working with them every day. I’m going to be their biggest fan.”

It’s more than Arcadia football Dimalante will miss about leaving.

“The community, the players, the coaches that worked with me,” he said. “It’s just been a wonderful 17 years, and I wouldn’t trade a minute of it. This is my home. I have nothing but great feelings here.”

Dimalante is long considered a father figure to many of his current and former players, and that’s evident by the droves of former players who make their way back to Arcadia year in and year out.

“I’ll miss seeing my players work hard and see them grow,” Dimalante said. “I’ve been to a lot of weddings and everything else in between.”

Among the players who have remained in touch with the program is UCLA linebacker Todd Golper, who will remember Dimalante as a coach who underscored unity.

“‘It’s not about you, it’s about us,'” Golper said. “A typical line from coach D that represented the values he preached and coached upon us: selflessness,loyalty, strength, and brotherhood. I had the pleasure to live the meaning of these words under Coach Jon Dimalante.

“He will be missed, not only as a coach who always did more with less, but as a man who molded boys into men. The responsibility of a high school football coach goes so far beyond wins and losses. Coach D understood that. He lived it. There is no finer man I’ve ever been coached by in my entire athletic career then Coach D.”

As for hiring the next Arcadia coach and whether it’ll be a promotion from within or looking externally, that’s something Press has not had time to grasp just yet.

“I haven’t had that discussion with the rest of the administration,” he said. “I just found out a couple hours ago. We’ll find out and go from there.”

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  • Apache Joe

    Irreplaceable. What a loss for Arcadia. God bless Coach Dimalante!

  • Coach Elias

    It has been an honor to have played for you, coach along side of you for the past 8 year and its honor to call you my dear friend! Coach D you truly are a great man and role model!! No apaches down!!!

  • MM

    IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!!!

  • MM

    The rest of the staff should give it up too

  • Coach Elias

    MM ur ignorance and dumb comments are not needed! Thanks!

  • reality

    It never ceases to amaze me how maggots can spring from the finest cheese but they do. Coach has aged like the finest cheese and led Arcadia with respect and dignity yet maggots come on here and drop negative one-liners. Just out of curiosity mm what have you done lately in your miserable life?? Coach you will be greatly missed on the field but still play a big part on the Apache campus. God Bless!

  • Apaches 4ever

    mm just shut your mouth. Haters got to hate, what can you do. Just keep your comments to yourself, this is a time to honor a man that has done a great deal for the Apache tradition. Why don’t you take your comments somewhere else you idiot.

  • ned flanders

    sorry stay off this board usually & hate to play devils advocate, but considering the star news has this as a public forum… if someone has anything bad to say about anyone posted such as MM, not much you can do. By complaining you just seem worse. Better choice of reason is to ask what his beef is….

  • New York

    As an outsider looking in, I have a ton of respect for the Dimalante era at Arcadia High School. Only the fans closest to the program would be able to tell us whether they think one of his teams EVER under-achieved in a particular game or season.

    Also, from the numbers of guys who have gone to play at four year colleges, Coach D should be highly sought after as a “recruiting coordinator”/college placement coach by any local program, at the bare minimum.

    I truly hope Arcadia finds another coach with his dedication and knowledge of high school football and what it takes to inspire excellence. If not, Arcadia football could dwindle and that would be bad for the entire WSGV football community.

    Thank you, Coach Dimlante.

  • Desert Rat

    Anyone ever notice..but there’s a striking resemblance between Dimalante and that spokesperson from those Mesa Garage Door commercials.

    Happy Thursday!

  • Wally Colburn

    I have had the distinct pleasure of working with many of the fine athletes that have made up the amazing Apache football teams coached by Jon Dimalante over the past 6 or 7 years. Each of the young men who played for him had the utmost respect for him and his dedication to the team and to each and every one of them as individuals. He not only coached them on the team but took the time to know and nurture each of them both on and off the field and in their educational requirements. I for one will miss the time on the sidelines under Friday night lights watching him interact, coach and push for the best out of each of the players according to their skills and dedication. Good luck Coach D you will be missed. Wally Colburn

  • JAG64

    Coach D was an outstanding coach. More than that, he is a great man. I’m honored that I was able to play for him.

  • sikolec

    Awesome man and fantastic coach. He had a great career. Hopefully he’ll be able to help out in an assistant role in the future. Arcadia has a great coaching staff and I wouldn’t be surprised if they fill the role from within.