Baseball Video Preview: Crescenta Valley at Arcadia is a big Pacific League showdown. We won’t be there, and you can blame the 7 p.m. start time.

Arcadia grad Lionce Haggerty produced this fantastic video hyping up the highly-anticipated Crescenta Valley-Arcadia showdown in the Pacific League tonight at 7 at Arcadia. We won’t be at the game because the last two 7 p.m. games we’ve covered at Arcadia have ABSOLUTELY killed us on deadline. If I remember correctly, our Keith Lair covered a game where the sprinklers made the game longer along with extra innings. Lair even filed a story where the final score didn’t make the game story because the game went way past deadline. We just can’t afford this again, and this is exactly why we hate 7 p.m. games. You’re probably asking, “but you guys cover all football games that start at 7 p.m. What’s the difference” … you’re right, we do cover every Friday night football game, but the big difference is we get extended deadlines during the football season specifically for high school football coverage. It’s a tough decision, but we’ve learned the hard way. Hope you understand.

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  • Elrayoex

    It’s about time somebody did anything to promote East SGV Baseball.

  • SGV Coach

    “We just can’t afford this again, and this is exactly why we hate 7 p.m. games.”

    Inexcusable… you JOB is not not to worry about when and where any league decides to play there games…. YOUR JOB is to cover those games, and this is just another thing that shows how despicable you and your paper are. DO YOUR JOB!

    ps. … I noticed the Mid valley covered this game… great job again Miguel and Star News/Tribune paper.

  • C-Dawg

    The man that wrote it for Mid Valley Sports was also the PA announcer and scorekeeper for the Apaches at tonight’s game. Yes SGV Coach I feel your lashout at Miguel and the Star News but, ya too bad there is only one of me that is able to do what I do donating my time to announce, keep score, and often send stuff to MVS.

    Signed Yours Truly,
    C Dawg

  • I GUESS I am a HATER

    Very confusing statement made by Miguel…I didn’t know timelines prevented a newspaper from reporting on a story…even if it meant that the story got in late or showed in the following days publish.

    You have TWO of the TOP teams in the area playing, CIF calibur game, and you don’t go because of a press deadline? Poor performance Miguel…this is why your paper and BLOG have LOST readers and will continue to.

    Oh, and yes, MVS got it covered…is why I will continue to look for their updates.

  • Confused

    At the PHS-Muir game yesterday, the umpire removed Muir’s starting pitcher after the third time he hit one of the PHS players. Mind you, he didn’t eject the pitcher, he just removed him from the mound and said that once a pitcher hits a 3rd player the pitcher must be removed.

    Is this the correct call?

  • Top teams in the Pacific League and no coverage? The least you could do was link another paper’s article to the blog page. Trask against CV’s Kyle Murray (Fullerton bound). Trask won the battle with 9 strike outs and the game winning RBI. Definately worthy of a player of the week or at least an honorable mention.