FULL STORY AND VIDEO: La Salle’s Bowdien Derby throws one-hittier in 2-0 victory over St. Paul to clinch first-ever Del Rey League baseball title.

By Miguel A. Melendez, Staff Writer

SANTA FE SPRINGS — La Salle High School hadn’t won a baseball league championship since its final year in the Santa Fe League in 2005.

After seven struggling years and doubts whether they belonged in the same league with the likes of Bishop Amat, the Lancers answered with an emphatic 2-0 vcitory over St. Paul on Wedneday afternoon to bring home the school’s first-ever Del Rey League championship.

La Salle (18-8-1, 10-2) will enter the CIF-Southern Section playoffs next week as the league’s sole No. 1 representative with Bishop Amat (18-9, 10-2) as the second-place team. La Salle wins outright because it won the series, 2-1, which is the first tiebreaker. St. Paul (13-16, 7-5) is the third-place team.

La Salle’s Bowdien Derby was nothing short of spectacular. The San Diego State-bound senior went the distance and threw a one-hitter. He struck out 10 and had a no-hit bid until the seventh inning when Aaron Pinto connected on a 2-2 pitch for an infield single. The only other St. Paul batters to get on base was Zach Ramsay in the third inning on a catcher’s interference and then Ramsay again in the sixth when he drew a full-count walk.


But the Swordsmen never threatened as Derby proved clutch getting the next batter out or the beneficiary of standout plays behind him. In the third Noeh Martinez made a spectacular shoe-string catch to rob Joe Argumedo of a base hit. Then in the sixth, after Ramsay’s walk, Austin Wallis caught a line drive at second and converted the double play when he tagged first to end the inning.

“We preach one team, one effort here,” La Salle coach Harry Agajanian said. “(Derby) knows that he has the team behind him that helps him out.”

Derby, who was clocked at 92 miles per hour in the first inning and needed only 87 pitches (65 for strikes) to go the distance, got stronger as the game went on. It’s no reason why he’s drawn strong interest from several Major League teams, especially after clocking 96 on the radar gun against Bishop Amat. He got an early lead and that’s all Derby really needs.

“What can you say,” La Salle coach Harry Agajanian said. “He has a lot of fire. He wanted this.”

It showed.

Derby struck out the final batter looking. He threw his arms in the air and pointed to the sky before being mobbed by teammates.

“It means a lot,” Derby said. “To always come in second or third and to finally say that we’re league champs. To get that banner will be very emotional.”

La Salle capitalized from the beginning. Jordan Rodgers singled to left and then advanced to second on a throwing error to first. But on that same play he advanced to second after a balk, moving him to third. David Sanchez drew a four-pitch walk, and on the first pitch Chris Williams connected for a double to left field to give La Salle a 1-0 lead.

La Salle added to that lead after Derby drewa four-pitch walk. He stole second before David Sanchez connected on a full-count pitch for a double to right-center field to drive in Derby for a 2-0 lead. Sanchez, however, was then tagged out at third, but that was enough for Jonah Jimenez to be knocked out of the game. Andrew Rojas came in and got the next two batters to ground out and fly out to left.

Derby was given the game ball. He kissed it but couldn’t turn away hugs from his teammates.

“I know they’d have my back,” he said. “Noeh my boy made a great play and Austin had that nice double play. As long as I’ve been here I couldn’t have done it without my boys.”


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  • Elrayoex

    That’s as cool as it gets. Congrats La Salle.

  • Prep Fan

    Unless the Del Rey league is different then just about every other high school league in Southern California, La Salle and Bishop Amat are co champions. The tie breaker giving La Salle the number one seed in the playoffs is head to head but I assure you 2012 will be listed under Amat’s baseball league championship banner as well. Congratulations to La Salle for earning the number one seed and a league championship.

    In all sports other then basketball leagues have to designate a single number 1 team for playoff seeding so just because that is in the league constitution does not mean Bishop doesn’t share the title.

  • thats right

    That’s right. They are co-champions. Read the rules.

  • Regina Martinez

    Congratulations LaSalle! The banner will be displayed proudly. People have earned your respect. One team, One Effort, One game at a time! Go get’em Champs!

  • Know The Game

    For the BA fans that are posting here, it’s exactly what I would expect- instead of taking your 2 defeats this year and congratulating the League Champs, you find a way to make it about YOU. Give credit to the teenaged boys that played a great season and deserve the crown ( for one season – at least). I am also quite sure that if the shoe was on the other foot, and BA won head to head- you same people would be shouting that BA deserves to be outright champs! Give me a break!

  • Prep Fan

    For the record I am not a Bishop Amat supporter and I did congratulate La Salle on their achievement. I submitted a comment to correct the inaccuracies about “winning outright” in the article above.

    No one would be commenting on this thread with anything but congratulations for La Salle if the article avoided claiming an outright championship.

    To reiterate, La Salle are the Del Rey league champions, congratulations.

    Bishop Amat are also Del Rey League champions, are you willing to recognize their achievement?

    I also wouldn’t presume what Bishop fans would state if the shoe were reversed considering your stance seems to be exactly the same as what you would denigrate them for.

  • Amat whimps

    The thief Bishop Amat only comes to steal kill and destroy what was rightfully earned by La Salle this year and in the major leagues it would indeed be a pennant with LS beating Bishop Amat twice outta three. There are no shares in the Majors, live with that. F*** whatever sorry a** league constitutionality cockamamey technicality douchey practicality there is out there….La Salle outright CHAMPS Congrats


  • Know The Game

    Prep Fan – yes, I recognize that BA had only lost 1 league game in the last 5 years- they are a great program. Congrats to them for winning League for the last 18 years (or whatever it is). I would also like to thank you,Impartial prep fan, for being the 1st on this blog to point out the ‘inaccuracies’ of the article…it’s great to have someone out there that can set the record straight.

  • Prep Fan

    La Salle earned the #1 seed in the playoffs by beating Amat 2 out of 3. They lost the outright championship by losing to St. Paul. They are still league champions. Their fans should show some dignity in the process and be better representatives of their institution.

    When you get to the majors you don’t have to share, what relevance does that have to this conversation?

    In the English Premier League you can lose a championship to a team you beat twice as even with an identical record they will claim the crown if they have a better goal differential. This also has nothing to do with the Del Rey league making it exactly as germane to this discussion as your MLB example.

  • GoAmat

    You know what ur talking about Prep fan. Congrats to Amat too!

  • GoAmat

    Sorry that u have to share the title with over rated AMAT

  • zinger

    I literally laughed out loud when Harry goes “I’m not going to shave my head or anything” #showingupparisi… definitely a great season congrats to la salle.. great job bubs on the 1hitter, glad your a physical edge alumni

    love, zinger

  • rightsaidfred

    Congrats to Harry and the La Salle…but think of this-Derby is an excellent HS and maybe college kid, and he meant everything to La Salle…Bishop Amat basically played the whole season without there star and first round draft pick Rio Ruiz…if La salle lost Derby like Amat lost Rio…this would not be an issue…La Salle doesn’t have half the wins…IF Rio played this year, La Salle is swept again for the umpteenth time.

    Co Champs La Salle…take a piece and run

  • Fred Robledo

    For accuracy purposes, Bishop and La Salle are co-league champions, there is no “outright” champ. To be the outright champ, you have to have a better record, period. For playoff purposes, tie-breakers are used to determine which teams enter as the one, two and three’s from their league. Because of La Salle’s 2-1 edge over Amat, it earns the tiebreaker. If you read the edited online version of this story, which also appeared in the newspaper, you’ll see our editors corrected the mistake before it was published.


  • Lancer vs Lancer Fan

    First off – Congratulations on winning when it counts and great game Bubba (throwing a one hitter). I have seen many, many games between these Lancer teams over the past ten years. I had to go see the rubber match at Ciotrus college and as expected I was treated to a very good game. I have only one thorn in my paw in regard to the La Salle Lancers….your PA guy. This gentleman for all his hard work actually denegrates the program by his biased often childlike “color” commentary of the games. His constant banter towards/about the other team is reminescent of the Blow-hard little league coach standing on the field screaming at his outfielders to “Move in” over and over, while the little kid at the plate struggles to make contact with the ball. This gentleman was trying to obviously inject himself into the game as a “cheer leader” which would not have been bad except for the fact that he had a microphone and a PA system at his disposal. I have generally enjoyed announcers at games but when they are obviously biased and counting down every pitch and reminding the whole stadium that the batter and team are down to their last two outs, two strikes and three balls, mno wait, make that their last two outs, one strike and three balls, no wait, their last….you get the picture. Well there thats off my chest and I hope someone else has brought this to the coaches/teams attention because it really cheapens the overall classy impression I hold for the La Salle Lancers program. I’m sure it has got to bother some of the La Salle parents too. Any way, congratulations on your share of the league title and good luck in the Playoff’s!!!!

  • the big IF

    Hey rightsaidfred –
    And IF I threw 95 MPH, I’d be in the Big Leagues!

  • CDM[S]

    Seriously, you Amat fans just can not fathom the fact that this year La Salle came to play. rightsaidfred, you could make up all the excuses you want about not having all your players, but injuries are a part of the game. It’s very unfortunate what happen to Rio this year, but you can’t put this all on him; that’s not fair to him or the team.

    At the end of day, La Salle is going to represent the league as its #1 seed.

    Good luck to La Salle in the playoffs!

  • Corey The Dawg

    @Lancer vs. Lancer Fan,
    Your comment certainly jumped out and drew my attention as it is in regards to the very profession, job, and duty The Lord (all glory to Him) has blessed and endowed his wisdom as I announce every game to the pleasure of fans from both teams seemingly everywhere around the area this season…from doing the entire Arcadia baseball tourney, some games out at UC Riverside when they held the Dick’s Sporting Goods event, most of Temple City’s contests before spring break, at nearly every Arcadia home game, and to places as far as Agoura High School and national powerhouse Orange Lutheran.

    I honestly hated to see a person I’ve met and known for a good amount of time get called out in this way; Am most definitely sure that I’m not the only one who appreciates your feedback out there. I’m also certain the St.Paul fans/coaches/players in general (whom I had the pleasure of an invite to SP and announce Wednesday’s game) echo your concerns as well since several names were pretty butchered up at Monday’s game; I do remember Cienfuegos was misread “Sifuentes”, Paderez “Pad-arrest”, and he kept referring to a stocky dude (#48 – Cris Garcia/St Paul player) as “the big man” whick drew some blunt comments from the SP fans.

    Would like to send a shoutout to all the parents, coaches, players, staff, and fans in general who’ve offered their feedback in person after each game. It means plenty!!! Thanks!!!

    In sincerity and honesty,
    Corey The Dawg (C-Dawg)
    Public Address Announcer, all over the area
    Places I’ve announced this (baseball) season include: St.Francis, Arcadia, South Hills, Orange Lutheran, St Paul, Paramount, Compton MLB Urban Youth Academy, Temple City, Agoura, UC Riverside, Northview, Keppel (softball).

  • Lancers Are #1

    Congratulations to the Lancers – 2012 Del Rey League Co-Champs!

  • SKIP

    Congratulations to Harry, Bowdein and all of the Lancers. Your success is well deserved.
    Good Luck in the playoffs.
    Take it one pitch, one out, one inning and one game at a time.
    Lancer Baseball Always!
    1996 CIF and Cal Hi State Champs
    2003 CIF Runner Up