Track: Forget Top 3, how ’bout a CIF championship?

I was at South Pasadena High last week working on a feature, and when I was done I had a chat with South Pasadena coach PJ Hernandez. I asked him realistically where South Pasadena could finish at the CIF-SS Track & Field finals. Without hesitation, Hernandez said he thinks they can finish at least top three. I was pretty sick on Saturday and napping throughout the day when in the evening I woke up to a text from South Pas assistant coach CB Richards, telling me that South Pas had just won the CIF title. So forget about top three and forget about young talent coming to fruition down the line. The time was now, and the Tigers proved that over the weekend.

Courtesy photo

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  • Julie

    Additionally even though loyola of los Angeles is in la neither your paper or the la times mentioned loyola winning the div 2 championship. There are boys from sg valley that attend loyola also.

  • Anonymous

    Hey julie
    Congrats to those boys but they should had stayed in the SG valley.

  • julie

    Dear Anonymous, that was not meant to insult anyone. But, really your comment is not sportmanlike. All the teams that participated in the CIF final were from Los Angeles County, Southern Division.

  • 88

    Loyola has never gotten covered in the Star News, so why start?

    Alemany has kids from the SG Valley on their team as well. Shjould we cover them too?