And the beat goes on ….

With Miguel Melendez officially leaving on Friday, we’re in transition at the Star-News office until a replacement is named. During the interim, Keith Lair is in charge and working on the Spring all-area teams. Steve Ramirez, Aram Tolegian and I will post over the summer to deliver up-to-date football news and coaching changes.

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  • Great transition team! However, whomever you hire has some pretty big shoes to fill.

    Laurence Todd

  • SGaletti

    Looks like Keith is back at it? He was a major help when I was there. Miguel did a great job.

  • Viking dad

    Can someone please find out what Blair is doing? Parks is gone and they still have no coach. 1coach quit and the Maranatha OC was refused the job. A complete mess on Marengo. I fear they will cancel the season. That AD sucks…….. He knows nothing about sports….

  • Kids1stFootball2nd

    I heard from a former player from Blair about the nonsense going on there. It’s a month and a half before the season is scheduled to start…..why isn’t this unfair treatment towards the kids being publicized? Someone speak up!!

  • Unfortunately, since the resignation of Tip Sanders some years ago, the school’s priority list hasn’t changed i.e. less on athletics and more on academics. It’s a situation we can understand or rationale from any perspective; however, for the parents and students/athletes attending Blair High School should/ must, let their voices be heard. If you want your football program, if you want to support the Viking Football program, let it be known…and loudly. Today.

    Laurence Todd