UPDATED: Eight players at Blair football practice this a.m. …

UPDATED: I was having trouble with a file transfer, so I had to run home and get my camera. When I returned to Blair, there was eight players at practice (by my count). Up from seven earlier this a.m. I also spoke with coach Johnny Lopez, who told me they have more players than what I saw there, but they were at UCLA(?) and some other places. I was skeptical and told Coach Lopez as much. Listen, Coach Lopez seems like a good guy in a tough spot. He’s definitely trying to do the right thing. But Blair is so far behind the rest of the area in terms of preparation, that you wonder about safety. Think about the things this team has missed — spring ball, summer passing, weight room. Not good. And now they can’t even field a starting 11 to give the air a look. It just seems more practical and safe to have a JV team instead of varsity. Of course if 10 more guys show up, things may be all right, but still there’s a ton of preparation time to make up for and football is a contact sport. The less prepared you are, the more likely you are to get hurt.

I decided to drive by Blair this morning and take a look for myself after hearing from player parents on Tuesday that only six kids attended practice that morning.

I counted seven eight players on Wednesday morning. Three linemen-types and four skill players (at least that was the type of drill they were running).

As reported yesterday, new head coach Johnny Lopez has stated that he does have a roster big enough to field a varsity team. But Lopez would not give a specific number or even an estimate as to how many players are in the program.

From what I saw Wednesday, Blair is not even close. Granted, there’s a slight chance that other players were in the weight room or doing film study. But what was on the field on Wednesday is not enough.

Aram’s take: This situation really needs to be escalated. It’s time Blair and Pasadena Unified school officials start getting real about the prospects of not having a varsity team this season. The Vikings’ first game is Aug. 24 against Hoover. If the school officials are holding out hope of having a varsity team despite the reality that the current numbers present, then they are doing a disservice to any players who want to transfer (especially seniors) and play somewhere this season.

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  • It’s simple, either we have enough or we don’t. Misleading people, or not simply providing a roster list, etc. which supports his contention that he has enough players, is not a step in the right direction.

    If we don’t have enough – say it. If we do, prove it. Now!

    Good job, Aram….thanks for being our eyes and ears.

    Laurence Todd

  • bigfatfan

    its real simple: get Blair out of the RHL so that the remaining schools can plan a legitimate season schedule. Why are the remaining schools held hostage to the incompetence of the Pasadena school district??!!

  • Anonymous

    bigfatfan is right. get blair out of the rhl. if I’m not mistaken they also didn’t field baseball teams last year too. but here’s the solution—put muir in. they have numbers hovering around 1000 which is perfect for the rhl. pasadena is changing and the status quo needs to change to.

    muir to the rhl in 2014.

  • 6power

    Muir to the RHL?

    Since this is likely Monrovia’s last season in the RHL, that could be interesting.

    Just letting the Vikes football program die though, is tough to even consider.

  • Pasadenian

    Muir in the RHL is another Monrovia in the RHL get real that wouldnt even be fun for Muir just like its not fun for Monrovia.

  • Dis-Believer

    Have they cancelled the blair season yet? Am I the only one that sees the injuries mounting up? Where are the parents? Where is the CIF? Someone step in NOW!!!!!