The SGVN is proud to announce that longtime staffer Steve Ramirez is the new Star-News Prep Sports Editor

Steve Ramirez, who has been with the company more than 20 years, is replacing Miguel Melendez as the Star-News Prep editor. Steve was the Whittier Daily News prep editor last year, and serves many capacities at the SGVN, including college football writer, area college beat writer and auto racing. When it comes to football, he’s the most knowledgeable on out staff, despite what Aram might say (can we get an lol). In all the years I’ve worked with Steve, few work as hard as him. Please welcome him aboard. With Steve leaving the Whittier Daily News, weeklies reporter Eric Terrazas will replace Steve as the Daily News prep editor.

That’s company man Mr. Ramirez in the company shirt ..

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  • FredJ

    First thing I told Steve is that St. Francis is the Bishop Amat of the Star-News coverage area.

  • woanelly

    So does that mean thats all he is going to cover like the tribune does for Amat

  • Steve Ramirez

    No, Woanelly. I try to give as much balance as possible. But understand the teams who are successful always get the most coverage.
    Right now, from my view, there is no bigger game than Monrovia at St. Francis. I can’t wait!

  • Tom S

    Steve: Glad to have you on board. Now maybe we can start getting some blogs going. Been pretty silent for the last few months.

  • New York

    “the Bishop Amat” of the WSGV? Hmmmm. It’s hard to put St. Francis into that type of category. They should be, but St. Francis is more like the Damien of the area. There really is not a Bishop Amat of the area. If anything, I’d say Loyola has a fair number of kids from the WSGV and are D-1 like Amat is. Loyola just is not in the coverage area, but there are years when the West All-stars have players from Loyola who live in San Marino or Pasadena.

    Steve is correct. The Monrovia-St. Francis game is huge right now. If both teams are 4-0 going into that game it will be pretty epic. I hope Monrovia and St. Francis decide to play every year and that eventually Monrovia gets a game that is a real stretch.

    St. Francis is a big-time opponent, don’t get me wrong. However, they are not a stretch game the way that Loyola is for West Covina.

    I tell you what, Coach Maddox really wanted to beef up the schedule this year. Monrovia has only ONE home game in the pre-season. That in itself is a huge challenge!

  • Girls coach

    Lets remember that this blog and your paper is not built on football match-ups…. When Mr. Ramirez covers both boys and girl sports equally like they should be then a lot of us will be happy….

    RHL Girls Coach

  • bigfatfan

    Steve, welcome on board. this blog has been dead for a while. Kindly check out many of the teams in the SGV, not the just the big names. I’m sure if you dig a bit, you will find some interesting stuff for us bloggers to comment on.

  • woanelly

    Mr. Ramirez, welcome and yes Monrovia and the Knights is going to be a helluva game, possibly one for the ages. What do you think about Muir scheduling Alemany, Upland and Rancho. That is crazy and now that they have lost three of their best players (Talifero, Holmes, Samuels) to transfers what is a coach to do? We hope they come out of the games injury free and maybe it will help them in the long run. Also is there any word on the Blair situation?

  • 81

    To Girl’s Coach.

    Let’s face it, the newspaper is in the business of selling ads which means they need to sell papers. Boy’s sports will always draw more than girls.

  • 81

    To Girl’s Coach.

    Let’s face it, the newspaper is in the business of selling ads which means they need to sell papers. Boy’s sports will always draw more than girls.

  • 6power

    By the time the Stangs get to the Pac league opener, they will either be getting their last rites read to them or ready to kick some serious ass.

    Coach Maddox’s drive and overall preparation is tough to match. Resembles the prep exhibited by Norm Dahlia’s staff at Paraclete. New York – good tidings to you and the M-town faithful

    Steve – welcome and best of luck to you.

  • Anonymous

    If you mean St. Francis is a losing squad then ill agree with them being the Amat of the WSGV. Unlike Amat St. Francis rarely ever plays teams from the WSGV only Arcadia. I dont remember the last time they played Muir i think it was in 1999 and if im not mistaking Muir ran through them i dont know i could be wrong. But Steve please and IM begging you please dont do this area like how fredj is doing his and thats making everything about Bishop Amat. Keep an open mind he already started off giving you terrible advice with that “St. Francis is the Bishop Amat of the Star-News coverage area”. NO THEY ARE NOT WE HAVE CHAMPIONS ON THE WSGV LIKE MONROVIA WHO IN MY OPINION IS THE FACE OF THE WSGV.

  • Fred Robledo

    Until all teams compete in the same division, winning a CIF title does not make you a better program than others that lose in tougher leagues and divisions. If so, count Rio Hondo Prep as the face of the Star-News, they own the most titles. If St. Francis were in the Rio Hondo and Mid-Valley Division last year, they probably win the league and division title going away. If Monrovia was in the Mission and Western Division last year, nobody would be talking about Monrovia, it’s that simple. It’s all perspective. St. Francis and Monrovia each had three losses, but St. Francis didn’t lose to San Dimas, South Hills and Arcadia, Monrovia did! For those wondering, there’s your comparable score, St. Francis beat Arcadia, Monrovia lost to Arcadia. They also both played Paramount, Monrovia beating Paramount 40-36. St. Francis whipped Paramount in the playoffs, 45-28. So ask yourself, who was the REAL No. 1 team in the Star-News last year? C’mon, be honest, it’s OK. People like anonymous don’t want to hear that, but when I argue I usually have the facts on my side.

  • 81

    Fred, it’s interesting that several months back I brought up the same points you did and got blasted for it.

  • Fred Robledo

    ’81, Monrovia fans get upset with me because I bring reality and facts to the conversation. In terms of being the best in the San Gabriel Valley, I thought Monrovia had to run the table last year because their schedule was so-so. Losing to San Dimas, Arcadia and South Hills in non-league games hurt that argument, especially considering teams like Amat, St. Francis, Charter Oak, South Hills, West Covina and Chino Hills played far superior schedules and had bigger wins on the resume. There’s no doubt Monrovia has talent, but I need to see them win big non-league games to be convinced because the league and the Mid-Valley hasn’t tested them. For me this year, they have to beat Ayala, South Hills and St. Francis, and especially St. Francis to be No. 1 on the Westside. When they do, they’ll get all the props they deserve from me. But until then, St. Francis is still the marquee school on the Westside.

  • New York

    I won’t even be that excited if Monrovia goes 5-0 preseason, but I will be very disappointed and even embarrassed if we don’t. I live in the reality of knowing what we can do through actually having played and coached.

    I agree with Fred to an extent: Monrovia needs to run the table. As far as St Francis having more impressive wins? Who did they beat? Arcadia? Just because Monrovia stunk it up against Arcadia does not make St Francis’ annual victory against Arcadia that impressive.

    I will let the quotes speak for themselves: the Whittier Christian coach compared Monrovia to La Habra. Following the Covina game, Aram was in shock and compared Monrovia to Charter Oak or Amat. I remember being on the talk show that week and all you East homers just could not imagine Monrovia winning. Jamie knew the deal, as did Big Bob!

    The edge that St Francis has is the level of competition that they are accustomed to playing. However, that effect can change over the course of one season due to graduation. I’m not sure why SF and Muir never found an opening during all these years, but I’m glad they agreed to play Monrovia even though we had to give them the home game this year and have just one home game during the pre-

  • Anonymous

    Hey fredj comparisons of scores means absolutely nothing and you know it. this year Monrovia plays St francis so stick to your knights oh and by the way St. Francis came back on Arcadia to win that game dont make it seem like St francis dominated them and dont make it seem like Arcadia dominated Monrovia. and your paramount score was a one touch down different both ways get serious. Also when did comparisons become facts, in that case BA is on the verge of winning it all huh LOL……Like i told BA fans this is the year of truth M-town will take over your placed king in the WSGV (st. francis) and one or 2 maybe all 3 of the ESGV CO, St paul, or CH will take down again your placed king BA. Its nice that you have been having your ASS in the air for so long placing your kings bringing your stats will now that ASS is going to be kicked VERY HARD this year when your KINGS are dethroned. Its a little to late to jump on the Cats wagon now. Man after this year Fredj your thoughts on football will be just like mines another opinion from a non-sense blogger, only differ is its your blog your gonna lose so much respect and when you do ill be there to tell you hey its ok get up take two steps forward and BLAM ima kick you right in your ASS and thats when your going to delete my IP address because im never going to let you live this one down. Im doing this for all lower level teams that you dont respect

  • New York

    I just took a look at St. Francis wins from last year and will admit that they had some good wins for sure. They always do. They are consistent from start to finish.

    I still liked Monrovia, though, once G5 was able to focus on defense and we had a dedicated #1 QB at the helm. We will see in a few weeks if we can put all the pieces together and play 100 miles per hour…it is getting exciting.

  • PurdueAlum05

    Congrats Steve! I have enjoyed reading your work over the years and excited that you’re on the westside. Welcome!

  • Fred Robledo

    New York, at least we can have dialogue, this anonymous person, nothing but rah, rah, rah. Since St. Francis and Monrovia didn’t play last year, the only way to name a mythical No. 1 on the Westside is by looking at schedule, league, quality wins and surprising losses. How does anonymous think they rank college football? He doesn’t think comparing scores and common opponents doesn’t go into the equation. Again, just dropping facts. But I guess he’ll be back with all rah, rah language and chest pumping, that’s all he has. And get one thing straight, I’m not DISRESPECTING Monrovia or lower-level teams by believing certain area teams in higher divisions are better, I’m giving an opinion. If you were a grown-up instead of cheerleader, you’d understand the difference.

  • whittier area sports fan

    Well I wish Steve Ramirez good luck on his new job. I understand that he knows the Pasadena high school area well- good for him- unfortunately he didnt take the time to get to know the Whittier area that well- I didnt feel he covered this area as well as he should. I know that Eric Terrazas is a HS graduate in this area and should be very knowledgable about the programs in this area.

  • New York

    I don’t think you disrespect Monrovia, either. I just think you never give us the benefit of the doubt, and you typically use the comparative scores against Monrovia and not for Monrovia.

    For instance, you never point out that our score against Glendora was better than Charter Oak’s score against Glendora or that our score against Glendora was better than West Covina’s score against Glendora or that our game against Covina was better than West Covina’s game against Covina.

    However, you do mention that St. Francis beat Arcadia and that West Covina beat South Hills, two teams that we lost to.

    I take a different approach. I look at those losses and comparative scores and the timing of those games to show that Monrovia was very close to SF in week #1/2 and very close to West Covina in Week #3/4 before we made the change at QB. I also acknowledge that every team likely improves throughout the course of the season. Monrovia, however, had a brand new QB and therefore a brand new offense. I beleive Heyworth’s first start came in Week #5 against Paramount. So, Heyworths and therefore the entire offense’s growth curve may have been much steeper than those of other teams’. Futhermore, our defense then had the benefit of G5 not being distracted with QB duties.

    Well, that is my donut shop talk for the morning. I do acknowledge that you have seen too many talented Monrovia teams not deliver when you were covering the WSGV. So, we will have to wait and see.

  • 6power

    In terms of success and prominence on the prep football scene, Monrovia is a relative newcomer when compared to the Amats and St Francis’. In a very short 3-4 years the Wildcat football program has skipped rungs on the ladder and fueled by the inexhaustable talent pool long known in M-town, promises to continue to get better yet. Changes in the Mid have been a factor, but it is the leadership and direction and well orchestrated use of M-town talent that has been key in the success. In the speed of this progression, everyone seems to forget the Josiah Thropays and dozens of other talents that routinely fled the Monrovia area for “greener” pastures….and helped bring titles and championships to the schools where they landed.
    Locally, the complete crumbling of Temple City Ram football, a weakened La Canada program and the hapless Blair Vikings basically have provided Monrovia three bye weeks in the RHL for the past two to 3 seasons – some might call this a good rest and blessing, but actually it is detrimental to the learning and building program that Maddox pushes. Improved teams are likely to again represent San Marino and South Pas this year, but the odds an RHL opponent might beat a Wildcat team are becoming lessened with each season passing. Most RHL offenses are stymied by Monrovia’s defensive team speed and struggle to blanket the air/ground combo the M-town offense brings. Though I wish it were not so – my feeling is this is Monrovia’s last season in the RHL.

  • Fred Robledo

    New York, I consider everything you mentioned, however I also compare losses, and that’s where Monrovia got the short end last year.

    West Covina’s ONLY loss was to Division 1 Loyola. Charter Oak’s ONLY losses were to D-2 powers Rancho Cucamonga and Upland.

    Compare that to Monrovia’s losses against San Dimas, Arcadia, and 3-9 South Hills and compare the fact that West Covina and Charter Oak played tougher schedules and you can see why I lean toward Charter Oak and West Covina when comparing the two to Monrovia.


  • Fred Robledo

    In terms of the Mid-Valley Division, it will be leaps and bounds tougher with the addition of the Alpha League. In fact, adding the Alpha league alone makes it comparable to the Southeast. Sierra Canyon and Paraclete are no joke, Sierra Canyon won the D-4 state title beating an undefeated team in the championship, 34-14…

  • Fred Robledo

    Despite what Monrovians think, I woud LOVE to watch Monrovia run the table. I want it for Monrovia football because if they win convincingly there is no doubt they will finally move to a tougher league and division where they belong. That will also prompt Monrovia to schedule tougher non-league games. I WANT that for Monrovia because they can can handle it and the program is at an all-time high in terms of winning. But, what has always bothered me is the belief that Monrovia has finally arrived by winning back-to-back titles. In my opinion, the 90s teams were just as good if not better, but they didn’t have the luxury of competing in the Mid-Valley Division as it is today. If the Steve Garrison 90s Monrovia teams were able to play a team like San Gabriel in the championship, they would have won three straight titles. It’s all perspective. For me to really compare Monrovia teams, I need TODAY’S Monrovia teams to play the type of teams that Monrovia played in the 90s when the Rio Hondo was far and away better and the division Monrovia competed in was much better.

    New York, that’s what I want for this team going forward. I don’t want to just give them the No. 1 label because they run the table during the worst RHL in history and a watered-down division, I want them to BEAT the best the area has to offer, then expand their wings and take on some of the best outside the area.

    Monrovia is finally keeping its best athletes at home and getting key transfers. That could be scary, now lets test them out.

  • New York

    It is almost fair. Where you always lose me is when you give teams props for their losses, even if they are one-side losses. The bigger part, though, that weakens your own argument is when you suggest that Arcadia and South Hills are weak teams and therefore weak losses, but then you use the very CLOSE victories over those same teams are part of what you use to suggest some huge separation.

    I have no problem with saying that West Covina demonstrated a much better season from start to finish than Monrovia did last year.

    I have even less problem with you saying that Charter Oak was better than Monrovia last year. I think I would have the guts to go further, though, and say that Charter Oak was the best local team last year and demonstrated it by dominating the entire Sierra League. I mean, none of their scores were even close in the area’s toughest league. But crowing CO as THE BEST last year would allow me to point to our similar results at the beginning of the season against Glendora, when CO had a three-year starter at QB and we had a bruising linebacker playing QB…

    This is getting fun!

  • Fred Robledo

    Again New York, many Monrovian’s explain that Monrovia’s early season losses had more to do with players playing out of position and injuries, rather than its opponents being better. Everyone can argue that. It was explained that once Monrovia had everyone in the right positions and were healthy, they were playing their best football at the end of the year. Well, playing in the RHL and Mid-Valley had just as much to do with “playing their best at the end of the year.” In my opinion, Monrovia’s best win was over Covina in Week 13, I was there and they were very impressive that night. But Charter Oak, West Covina and Bishop Amat when healthy and hitting on all cylinders, were more impressive in bigger wins throughout the season. Remember that all team juggle lineups and have injuries at different points during the season. West Covina didn’t have Solomon and other key players in their loss at Loyola. Amat only had its triple threat of Shay, Ruiz and Moore together at the same time for three of 11 games, and missed Shay nearly all season. When Shay finally returned in week 8 at Crespi, Amat finally had all three stars together for the first time since Week 1 and beat Crespi, 28-14. Quarterback Ruiz was injured the first quarter the next week against Loyola and lost, 14-3 and lost their league finale without Ruiz, 17-12 .. Great defense, but no offense without Rio. It’s all perspective and opinion. I watched all the teams throughout the season with the exception of St.France and when at full strength, my top five were 1. Amat, 2. Charter Oak, 3. West Covina, 4. St. Francis and 5. Monrovia.

    I gave St. Francis the edge over Monrovia for the reasons stated earlier.

  • Anonymous

    LOL….its always a pleasure to get in FREDS world. what i notice about you fred is whenever someone calls you out on our non-sense you get very angry and start back pedaling then turn around and agree with the person right now New york is seeing every area where you contradict yourself. But nvm mind that based on your theory in the SGV Amat is crowned king because they bet every SGV team when they played them. Well im no Muir fan at all but from what i remember and i stated this earlier St. Francis last game against Muir Muir won correct me if im wrong. now im not saying that Muir should be king (which they are clearly not) but from being on this blog for some time now i do recall you saying until someone beats Amat in the Valley then Amat stays king well St. francis has been beat and M-town has been winning but Arcadia is the standout team but they loses to St. Francis so IMO there is no king of the WSGV and forget about division league whatever your lined up against who your lined up against winning is what matter and comparative scores means very little but in your case thats all you got and thats why New york is killing you.

  • Anonymous

    Wasnt all three of them there against SM….just asking….and what was the excuse for that game?

  • Just sayin’

    Hey Steve the best thing for you to do is run your blog how u want if u need advice on how to run it talk to Aram not Fred. IMO Aram is less bias and more open to every team unlike Fred now I’m not knocking Fred at all but man if you speak down on amat during the football season Fred goes in on u and sometimes even erase your ip address here’s my advice which I know doesn’t matter but keep an open mind give each team credit when it’s due don’t pick a so called king that only starts trouble and make you seem like a far of your king run your blog

  • Just sayin’

    Hey Steve the best thing for you to do is run your blog how u want if u need advice on how to run it talk to Aram not Fred. IMO Aram is less bias and more open to every team unlike Fred now I’m not knocking Fred at all but man if you speak down on amat during the football season Fred goes in on u and sometimes even erase your ip address here’s my advice which I know doesn’t matter but keep an open mind give each team credit when it’s due don’t pick a so called king that only starts trouble and make you seem like a fan of your king run your blog

  • Fred Robledo

    First, I never delete an IP address over an opinion, only when commenters get mouthy and foul. Over the years, I get bashed as much as anyone, and leave it for all to read.

    In terms of Amat, I started covering Preps at the Star-News in 2002 and moved to the Tribune in 2008. Amat has won 21 straight against local teams from the Tribune and Star-News and hasn’t lost to an area team since the 2002 season. If you want to say I’m bias for believing Amat will beat every top team in the SGV, I’ve been waiting a decade for someone to prove me wrong. Again, that’s just the facts Jack. The head-to-head record against the best the area has to offer speaks more than anything I can write.

    Amat is nohwhere near what it use to be in terms of winning league or Division I CIF titles, but compared to the rest of the San Gabriel Valley, look at the head-to-head scores and tell me why I shouldn’t considered them the area’s best year in and year out. And not only does Amat have the best head-to-head record against SGV teams, its winning non-league resume since 2002 trounces any other area team. Again, it’s not about drinking the Amat cool-aid, it’s showing the facts.

    If Amat loses to Charter Oak or Chino Hills this year, my tune will change, as it should. But if you look objectively at the wins against SGV teams and non-league wins the past decade, Amat stands alone.

    Bishop Amat 49, Muir 31
    Damien 14, Bishop Amat 9
    Ayala 31, Bishop Amat 7

    Bishop Amat 31, Muir 7
    Bishop Amat 20, Damien 10

    Bishop Amat 24, Glendora 0
    Bishop Amat 28, Charter Oak 0
    Bishop Amat 41, Damien 27

    Bishop Amat 31, Glendora 6
    Bishop Amat 34, Charter Oak 7
    Bishop Amat 31, Damien 3

    Bishop Amat 29, St. Francis 28

    No local, Beat St. Paul, 31-30

    Bishop Amat 42, West Covina 6
    Bishop Amat 47, Damien 24
    Bishop Amat 17, Diamond Ranch 6
    Bishop Amat 28, St. Francis 13

    Bishop Amat 21, West Covina 7
    Bishop Amat 29, Damien 20
    Bishop Amat 41, Diamond Ranch 13

    Bishop Amat 34, Muir 14
    Bishop Amat 42, Damien 7

    Bishop Amat 49, La Mirada 13
    Bishop Amat 28, Damien 7

  • New York

    Our win against Covina was our most impressive. I agree. Although Calpreps ranks Covina equal to Glendora at a 23.6, I beleive that Covina’s power rating is victim to Covina’s own weak schedule. Covina’s only two losses came to West Covina and to Monrovia. Covina has demonstrated the past couple years that it can go toe-to-toe with West Covina, a team that finishes with a power rating 20+ points higher.

    So, was Monrovia’s victory over Covina in week #13 more or less impressive than St. Francis’ playoff victory over Paramount (12.9) in week #11, keeping in mind that Monrovia beat them the first week that Blake was our starting QB?

    It amuzes me, though, that you admit to not seeing St. Francis play, but then you go ahead and rank them ahead of Monrovia, but not ahead of any of the other teams. What makes you sure those other teams were better than St. Francis? SF’s 3 losses were to some pretty stout competition, competition ranked higher than your home team.

    I would never use excuses of players out of position (that is coaching) or injuries (that is depth) as reasons that Monrovia struggled early on. Coaching and depth both play huge factors into how good a team is. However, I use personel CHANGES at the most important position (QB) to demonstrate one reason that Monrovia might have improved at steeper a rate than other teams between week #1 and week #14.

    I think the scores against similar opponents at roughly the same time of the season show that Monrovia was close to Charter Oak in weeks 1&2 as well as close to West Covina in weeks 3-4. Those are also the weeks that coincide with our linebacker playing Quarterback. If you don’t beleive that a QB changes the entire offense, or if having your all-state linebacker focus on defense does not improve your defense then we have nothing to talk about.

    I don’t understand why wouldn’t you rank Charter Oak ahead of Amat or West Covina at the end of last season? Charter Oak dominated the area’s toughest league and advanced in the Inland playoffs. Actually, I think you did rank them ahead of Amat last year, but you seem to be backpedalling from that now.

    The reason I ask is because I think you use an evaluation methodology against Monrovia while using it in favor of your hometown team. I don’t even think you do it intentionally, which is why I say you don’t disrespect us.

  • Fred Robledo

    Not backpedaling, in our final rankings, 1. West Covina, 2. Charter Oak, 3. Bishop Amat. That’s where, in a pound-for-pound argument, they should be. In terms of who I think we beat who if all are healthy, hard to pick against Amat given past history.

  • Fred Robledo

    Bottom line, in terms of this argument going on for years, this is the best year to watch it play out on the field. Amat, Chino Hills and Charter Oak all play each other. Monrovia takes on Ayala, South Hills and St. Francis. West Covina takes on Loyola. The only game I’m waiting for now is West Covina-Monrovia, that has to happen next year. Or Monrovia-Amat, would love that contract signed. Those games are great for the area, great to debate and hope they happen.

  • Anonymous

    Prime example Steve look at Fredj response below. No one asked for history on Amat everyone has heard about it enough from every Amat fan. this is the WSGV blog leave Amat off this one please. Besides Amat hasnt done anything since 1995 NOW that a fact thats hard for you and all the other amat fans to swallow and it doesnt matter what division your in your there to win just like M-town has been doing and doing it well. But i asked you to correct me if i was wrong when i said i think St. Francis lost to Muir the last two times they played each other. Now according to your way of doing things and Amat past is very impressive even though there is no championship on that resume but they have been handling the SGV but like you said this year its put up and shut FRED and amat73 and faithfuls up. My bad went off track a little but amat hasnt lost to a local in sometime St francis has (i think) so how can you label them the king when they got smut on there coat?

  • Steve Ramirez

    New York, that’s how you judge teams – not by their wins, but their losses. But also at the end of the day, you have to give them the eye test. The past few years, in my college football rankings, I’ve included Boise State in my top five, because by judging their talent, they could line up and beat anyone in the country in one game. Now, nationally, the conference they play in drops them a bit, but from the eye test they rank right up their with the best. In this argument, last year, I would give Monrovia the edge, because of Ellis McCarthy in the middle of their defense, which forces opponents to account for. This year, Monrovia doesn’t have McCarthy, which will make a huge difference when they go up against top teams from higher division. Going in, I would give the edge to St. Francis’ program. But by the time they play, that might change. I can’t wait for that game.

  • Fred Robledo

    I’m curious to know if senior RB Gevontray Ainsowrth, the transfer from Covina, will be eligible for the non-league games for Monrovia. I haven’t seen his name listed for approval or disapproval on CIFs webpage. Has the transfer paperwork been submitted? At the very worst, Ainsworth would have to sit out until Oct. 1 (part of CIFs new rule), which would mean he would miss nonleague games against Ayala, South Hills and St. Francis. That would be huge. But lets hope he gets cleared like Scoby and can play right away.

  • New York

    I posted the below on Aram’s blog earlier. I don’t quite understand what said about evaluating by losses rather than wins.

    Basically, I think Freddy is a total homer with Amat and West Covina (he attended Edgewood, right)? I am not arguing for Monrovia, but rather trying to hold Fred accountable. Fred uses Amat’s history against the Valley to give them the edge over Charter Oak, but he does not use Charter Oak’s history against West Covina to give them the edge over West Covina. I then project that inconsistency to show his unintentional bias against Monrovia in every piece of “analysis” he does.

    I had to some work myself. I think my take on things gets to the heart of who has proven themselves and to waht extent on the field.

    Adding together the calpreps ratings for each teams victories produces 2011 season totals of:
    Charter Oak: 251.5 with a high opponent victory of 35.8
    St. Francis: 204.6 with a high opponent victory of 33
    West Covina: 199.2 with a high opponent victory of 26.7
    Bishop Amat: 166.5 with a high opponent victory of 40.8
    St. Paul: 99.7 with a high opponent victory of 26.5
    Monrovia: 39.2 with a high opponent victory of 23.6

    Replacing negative victory strengths with scores of a 0 instead. Monrovia is pulled down a ton by the negative rating of several league opponents.
    Charter Oak: 251.5 with a high opponent victory of 35.8
    St. Francis: 204.6 with a high opponent victory of 33
    West Covina: 200.1 with a high opponent victory of 26.7
    Bishop Amat: 166.5 with a high opponent victory of 40.8
    Monrovia: 103.8 with a high opponent victory of 23.6
    St. Paul: 102.3 with a high opponent victory of 26.5

    There is a philosophical question here: How do we evaluate the quality of a season? Is it better to have Charter Oaks 10 victories for 251.5 points or is better to have Bishop Amats six victories for 166.5 points?
    Final Calpreps rating for each team:
    Bishop Amat 43.1
    Charter Oak 48
    West Covina 43.7
    St. Francis 39.1
    St. Paul 32.7
    Monrovia 30.4
    In terms of evaluating what each of these teams demonstrated on the field, I think it is worth noting the actual accomplishments by listing the highest rated opponents that each team actually beat: Bishop Amat 40.8, Charter Oak — 35.8, St Francis 33, West Covina 26.7, St. Paul 23.6, Monrovia 23.6

    What do these numbers actually say?
    Amat did not beat any teams rated as highly as Charter Oak or West Covina.
    Charter Oak did not beat any teams rated as highly as BA, WC of St Francis.
    St. Francis did not beat any teams rated as highly as BA, CO or WC.
    West Covina did not beat any team rated as highly as any of these other teams.
    Monrovia did not beat any team rated as highly as any of these other teams.
    St. Paul did not beat any team rated as highly as any of these other teams.

    The on-the-field max score victory creates separation:

    Top: Charter Oak and Amat

    Then St. Francis

    Then West Covina, St. Paul, and Monrovia

  • Fred Robledo

    New York, great stuff. You can call me a homer for arguing up Bishop Amat and West Covina over Monrovia, but your homework proves it’s not homerism, Amat and West Covina are better than Monrovia in every category you posted. Monrovia fans will scream so what, Monrovia is back-to-back champs and Amat hasn’t won since 1995. That’s fine, doesn’t make Monrovia better than Amat, just means they’re the best team in THEIR DIVISION. Homerism is believing UCLA can beat USC, which in my heart I think they can. That’s what makes me a UCLA football homer, not this argument. Charter Oak and Amat would have been a great game last year, a toss-up in my opinion. But If I had to pick a winner based on both teams being at full strength at a neutral site, I like Amat. They’ve been able to win big pressure games in the past. That’s my only knock on Charter Oak. Since I returned to the Tribune in 2007, they’ve never won a game they were supposed to lose or you thought they could lose (step-up games). Monrovia, in my opinion, hasn’t played a true step-up game during its back-to-back title runs, unless you consider South Hills and Arcadia step-up games. Who you play matters. And who you beat matters.

  • New York

    You are dodging the question of you picking West Covina over Charter Oak.

    No, I do not think Monrovia has played any step-up games. I don’t consider South Hills or Arcadia to be step-up games.

    My analysis shows that WC, St. Paul and Monrovia did not beat any big teams last year.

    Monrovia demonstrated that it can lose to lower rated teams, though. The others did not do that. If I were you, that is the point I would make…

  • Fred Robledo

    Read the thread, I made the point of who Monrovia lost to compared to West Covina in earlier comments. West Covina and Charter Oak would have been interesting because I don’t think West Covina could have stopped Santiago’s passing and don’t think Charter Oak could have stopped West Covina’s run game. I’ve gone back and forth with this, you got me on that. Neither one did well in step-up games, but If I had to pick, I like Charter Oak because of its explosiveness. Both defenses are a push, but Chater Oak’s offense, when Santiago has time, was lethal. I don’t think West Covina could have put the pressure on him that Upland and Rancho did.

  • New York

    Monrovia proved that it has the potential to slip up and overlook and lose to teams that are rated lower. The good news is that none of these teams are rated lower.

    The bigger point I found interesting is how little each team in question actually proved through victories…hence we are hear extrapolating based on lossess.

    The moral of the story is to not schedule any team rated below 40 points. That way your losses do not penalize.

  • New York

    My feeling is that Monrovia made much more than the usual improvements that every team makes throughout the season.

    The one thing you always imply is that Monrovia did not actually improve and that their wins were attributable to playing lower rated teams in the Rio Hondo and the Mid-Valley.

    The fallacy in your argument is that San Dimas was our worst loss. San Dimas is also a lower level team. Our worst loss was to a Mid-Valley opponent. Not to a Southeast and not to South Hills, which is basically a great Southeast team. Look how Monrovia finished the season with a blowout win over San Gabriel, a team that beat San Dimas the week before. Didn’t San Dimas also likely improve throughout the season the way that most teams do?

    Bye the way, San Gabriel is a team that also made real improvement during the season, as evidenced by their victory over San Dimas in the semis even though San Dimas really blew them out earlier in the season.

    Every team should and does improve throughout the season. Monrovia made real and bigger strides with a QB change that ultimately benefited the defense as well by allowing G5 to not be distracted with having to run an offense. He still played some offense, but he did not have to focus on it the way a QB does. Doesn’t it make sense that an Offense can run more smoothly when the coach can talk to the QB while the defense is out on the field?

    San Gabriel’s improvement came through eliminating all their turnovers on offense and not giving up huge returns on special teams. Those two things plagued them in their blowout loss to San Dimas in pre-season.

  • 6power

    Can the PSN IT department fix the path to get into current blog entries?

    I log on and the Steve Ramirez piece says 10 entries, then changes to 45…then changes back. I tried coming in different ways but I don’t think it is a link issue.
    Football is around the corner……