Monrovia hires former long-time La Salle coach Steve Goldstein to lead its boys basketball program

TOP CAT: Steve Goldstein, longtime La Salle boys basketball
coach, is the new man at Monrovia.
(Staff file photo by Keith Birmingham)

Steve Goldstein, who set records at La Salle, didn’t stay out of the coaching game long, agreeing to become Monrovia’s boys basketball coach. Monrovia A.D. made the announcement Tuesday.
Goldstein was the winningest coach in La Salle history, scoring 357 wins before he resigned this past March. His Lancers qualified for the CIF-Southern Section playoffs 20 out his 22 seasons at La Salle, winning seven league titles.
The Lancers were 13-14 this past season, finishing fourth in the Del Rey League.
He replaces Jarrod Mix.
Coach Steve Goldstein: “When I left La Salle, Monrovia wasn’t open. But there was interest there because they have good kids, with a nice location and a great facility. I thought that would be a good place to land, if it opened up. It did. I got lucky.”

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  • BacktoBlog

    As a parent of a LaSalle alum, I have no idea what direction the athletic department at LaSalle is taking. Their new logo looks like a cartoon character, and adopting the new “LS” logo is like the Dodgers dumping the “LA” logo or USC dumping the “SC” logo. (Not to mention the sanity of putting a long time coach like Goldstein, who also coached the boy’s golf team, out to pasture.)

    Anyway, the main reason I blogged again is to say while my son did not play basketball at LaSalle, he had Mr. Goldstein as a teacher for sophomore history, and he was one of the best teachers he had. Mr. Goldstein was not only an excellent coach, he was also an excellent teacher.

  • PurdueAlum05

    This is an awesome hire for Monrovia. I remember when I was in high school, playing against La Salle was always a tough game because they were well coached and played hard, which led to why they were so successful. I think Coach Goldstein will have the same results at Monrovia, if not better. Congrats M-town, you got a class act.

  • New York

    Sounds like we picked up a great addition to our campus. What sport is this again? I just don’t recognize it…basketball? Never heard of it….

  • SL

    Best of luck to Coach Goldstein! He’s a good man and should do well at Monrovia.

  • viking_fan

    wait, what happened to Coach Mix?

  • Parent

    Hey Stevie, Now that you’ve covered this maybe you’ll do an article on the Monrovia Girls basketball team since they hired a coach about 3 to 4 weeks before the boys hired this coach…..

  • 6power


    good points..
    it is difficult to watch as athletic programs are suddenly seen as needing change…no, not just a little tweaking… but a wholesale uprooting of good foundations that took good people and plenty of time to establish and make happen. Sometimes going back to square one is definitely NOT the answer.

    teaching and coaching is often one and the same.

  • 6power

    Another score for M-town.

    Did they get Dwight Howard too?

  • FYI

    Way to stay on top of things. Mix was not the coach last year at all, it was a terrible experiment named John Saintignon. Good decision to move on from him.

  • Mix?

    Why did Mix leave … or was let go??

  • Sphs grad

    Purduealum05 where did you play basketball at?