Football: Blair ready to go

All systems appear to be a go for the Blair High School football team.
First-year coach Johnny Lopez, who was hired in July, said Monday the Vikings’ season opener against Hoover, slated for Muir at 7 p.m. on Friday, will go on as scheduled.
There had been recent reports that Blair didn’t have enough players or sufficient practice days to field a team by Friday’s first game. But Lopez disputed those reports.
“We’re ready to go,” said Lopez, who was hired in July. “We’re getting ready for Hoover and looking forward to it.”

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  • rhlfan

    is it really even safe for them to be fielding a team?

  • bigfatfan

    I appreciate Coach Lopez’s enthusiasm for his team, but get real…. at best, Blair should be in a lower division league, not in the RHL. perhaps they should consider 8 man football league in the future. its a joke, and CIF and the Blair administration should be ashamed of themselves for letting this situation drag down the rest of the Rio Hondo league.

  • BacktoBlog

    I think the bigger question is will they be able to finish the season? With 22 players and many going both ways injuries at some point later in the season will take their toll. The good news is that no one will be complaining about not getting any playing time.

  • PurdueAlum05

    I predict that Blair won’t win a game this year and they won’t have enough players to field a team once league starts. It’s a shame that Tip Sanders left the program awhile back. He had it going in the right direction. Watch for Duarte this year; this is the second year that Coach Sanders has been coaching there and he known to turn around programs within two years. Examples: Marshall and Blair.

    Is Coach Lopez the same coach that turned around Eagle Rock and won back to back lower division city titles a few years back?

  • Bob Anon


    I think Tip is no longer at Duarte, but he should get some credit for their (likely) improvement this year. Agree with you otherwise.

  • PurdueAlum05

    Bob Anon,

    Awe, that is no good. I was really looking forward to seeing if he could do it again. Tip is a great coach. He’s able to get the best athletes from the school to come out and play football. His team always play hard and most importantly, they respect him as a person. I have never met the guy but I respect him for what he has done.

    Any notable transfers within the San Gabriel Valley? I know of Harmon and the QB from TC, but I bet there are more out there. Anyone?

  • SM Player

    at lease south pas will get a sure win this year. no harmon no problems.

  • SM Player

    at lease south pas will get a sure win this year. no harmon no problems.

  • FootballGuy

    On MaxPreps, La Canada shows 26 Players and Temple City shows 21. What is going on?

  • Sp player

    Sp will have more wins then one. We will beat sm. It looks like sp is only having 37 for two teams. 26 for v and 11 for jv.

  • rhlfan

    football guy,

    this shortage of football players is becoming an epidemic around the area, no idea what could explain it though.

    SP and SM players,

    please take your feud somewhere not on this comment board. but in terms of if your comments even have warrant, yes, SP will definitely win more then ONE game this year, but otherwise SM is still looking better then SP this year. but week one should answer some questions.