PrepXtra Rewind: Aram and Fred get heated about Monrovia. Plus, Servite’s Troy Thomas and St. Paul’s Elijah Asante and Kurt Scoby join the show …

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  • sikolec

    How ironic…Eagle Rock High coach stating that 22 players at Blair is going to force Blair to end the season after one game…Eagle Rock only has 24 players on their roster…

  • Philly B

    Aram…Fred….That was great! When you guys were debating about monrovia…First I thought you two were going to get up and move reginald out of the way and duke it out and 2nd, I thought I was watching espn first take. where of course aram was Stephen A Smith and Fred was Skip “hating” Bayless hahaha.

    I mean Fred has been denouncing monrovia since he was on the other side of the 605 fwy. covering for star news. I’ll never forget the year Monrovia went 10-0 2002-2003 season and wrote “Monrovia wasnt really challenged this year” when the rio hondo leage was as competitive that year as its ever been. Fred monrovia beat Fred&Arams Covina, the same covina you guys both couldnt stop talking about. We finally got Aram to become a believer which I thought would be impossible, but yet Fred you still can see the talent and skill the wildcats have been producing year after year! Monrovia is LOADED this year! You say we have a weak schedule because we dont schedule any pac-5 schools but you then say we’re going to lose to St. Francis. I dont think so!!! When Monrovia beats St. Francis, and beats San Dimas, it will be time to show some love to the Cats. Monrovia more than likely will lose to Ayala. Respectfully so, I love my wildcats but Im no dummy and I know good football programs. But for you to say monrovia is 6th?!?!?! In the entire area is nuts!!!!!! “stay in 2012 fred” In due time you will see. Monrovia is up there with Amat and West Covina. It would be sweet as sugar for maddox to go back to WC and beat his old school. But for now we’ll take ayala, south hills, st. francis, and San Dimas. We have a stable of Running backs again like USC in the early 2000’s and like Oakland in 2002…yes I said it, the raiders. Monrovia is loaded! And you will see the truth Fred

  • Do Your Homework

    Monrovia lost those 3 games in the beginning of the season last year because of a poorly executed two quarterback system. Why does everybody seem to forget that? As soon as they established an official starting quarterback they were unstoppable. Blake is awesome and he can make any play happen, keep that in mind.


    Hey silly b,
    You still think Monrovia is up there with Amat ??? After Friday’s game with Servite it’s a sure bet Monrovia will not schedule Amat at least for another 25 or so years that’s it been since the last whuppin .Get real you may own the RHL and maybe the MV but outside of that you ain’t _ _ _ _ . I am sure you can fill in the blanks. Lot of confidence in your team ” Monrovia will likey lose to Ayala” and you think you can say Monrovia is up there with WC and Amat . Typical Mtownwer on crack.

  • Philly B.


    Yeah I think Monrovia is up there with Amat, not over Amat, but definitely not below. Right there side by side, Amat just has the premere looking schedule and there in the Pac-5…there suppose to be good every single year but do they go deep in the playoffs against the big boys??? Ummm no they dont. You guys are the Pac-5 step children in the valley thats seen once a week. You beat servite pretty good. Its not a sure bet, I think monrovia should schedule West Covina either this next season or 2014 season for sure. That whoopin Amat put on monrovia….I mean how long you gonna ride that horse. Totally different program since then. And we are consistently reloading. We do own and have the pink slips to the RHL and looking to have owner rights after this season to the MV, but this year you will see how much damage monrovia can do outside, and you will see that we are _ _ _ _ . I have confidence in my team, but I know football and what programs are dominant over others. You think Amat could be De La Salle or Poly or Westlake? Typical closed minded east SGV Amatfan, enjoy your regular season. and then I’ll hit you up in December when we’re dominating an inferior division