Friday Gameday Final: Rio Hondo Prep wins battle of Arcadia; La Salle, San Gabriel also win big

OPENING NIGHT WIN: Rio Hondo Prep’s Nate Tayco looks for some of his 76 rushing yards in Friday’s season opener against Arcaida. Rio Hondo Prep won, 29-7
. (Sarah Reingewirtz / Staff Photographer)

How ’bout those Kares? Rio Hondo Prep, which has won more CIF-SS football titles than any other area school, showed it can not only compete against the bigger schools, but it can dominate them, routing Arcadia, 29-7. The Kares rushed for 248 yards and led 22-0 after three quarters. Opening night was also big for La Salle, which routed Temple City, 27-0 and San Gabriel, which showed little signs of big graduation losses with a 53-0 victory over Animo South L.A.


Here’s a brief look at Friday’s games:

Rio Hondo Prep 29, Arcadia 7 — Isaac Holguin and Nate Tayco combined for 180 yards rushing as the Kares rolled big brother Arcadia. Quarterback Colby Rivera threw for 107 yards and two touchdowns and Rio Hondo Prep allowed just 157 yards, 80 coming on the Apaches final drive.
La Salle 27, Temple City 0 — Austin Wallis threw 107 yards and a touchdown to lead the Lancers, who looked solid under new coach Russell Gordon.
Mountain View 10, Alhambra 6 — This one might be more shocking than Rio Hondo Prep’s dismantling of Arcadia. I expected more from the Moors, who begin the season as the favorite to win the Almont League. But obviously there’s some work to do.
Alemany 45, Pasadena 8 — Well at least it was closer this year. I thought the Bulldogs were in over their heads, and the Warriors showed it again. Quarterback Brandon Cox, an Arizona commit, scored the only touchdown for Pasadena.
Upland 34, Muir 6 — No shock here. Muir, getting 114 total yards, was no match for the Highlanders, who have been one of the CIF-SS’ top teams. It doesn’t get any easier for the Mustangs, who travel to Alemany next week.
Bassett 14, Keppel 0 — Another long year for the Aztecs?
Duarte 46, Marshall 0 — Marcus Lewis ran for 112 yards and three touchdowns and Davyn Washington rushed for 109 yards and two scores as the Falcons spoiled Jim Arellanes’ debut with the Eagles.
San Gabriel 53, Animo South L.A. 0 — Rebuild? The Matadors simply reload. San Gabriel rolled up 271 yards in the first half and never looked back.
Hoover 46, Blair 0 — Blair didn’t win, but this one was more about competing than winning. “Everyone was saying Blair does not have it,” Blair coach Johnny Lopez said. “‘Blair should shut the program down.’ It’s not like we’ve been there all summer. We had eight guys on day three.”
HH Wilson 21, Bosco Tech 6 — Youth is being served at Bosco Tech, and it was evident Friday. It doesn’t get any easier for the Tigers.
Gabrielino 14, Sherman Oaks CES 7 — Nice win for the Eagles, who received two TD passes from Elijah Peters.
Antelope Valley 29, Maranatha 15 — The Antelopes provided a good test for the Minutemen.

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  • wow

    Arcadia is in TROUBLE!!!!!!!

  • SGV Dad

    No contest. When I left the score was 29-0 Rio Hondo Prep. Rio Hondo Prep is no joke. Their defense can hit!

  • Apache Joe


    Absolutely embarrassing.

    Sad end to the foundation that Coach Jon Dimalante laid of tough, hard-nosed football players.

  • rhlfan

    wow, what an embarrassment for arcadia…but on the flip side, gotta start taking RHP more seriously now, they are legit.

    and in rhl news, TC getting wrecked by La Salle…another LONG season for the rams. anyone know if they have those horns on the helmets back?

  • Apaches Are A Joke

    all you Arcadia alumni talking crap before the game saying. rhp is to small and stands no chance against Arcadia and you have little league teams better then us. you guys just got smacked in the mouth tonight!! this would have been the result every year other then today if u faced rhp. i think you guys should have had your little league faces us would have been a better game. Jv- 40 to 17 Rio and 29-7 Rio. APACHES DOWN!!!!!!

  • objective fan

    To realTALK

    Well I guess RHP finally got a taste of “Arcadia’s BIG BOY football as you stated on an earlier post. Or maybe Arcadia got a taste of “Little RHP football”. I don’t know, I’ll let you decide. The good news for you is you get to keep all the money you were trying to bet me since I’m not a gambling man. Weren’t you going to give me ten points too? Oh well, worse things have happened. I really hope Arcadia can pull it together because they did not look good at all tonight. 6 first downs the whole game? not scoring till Rio’s second string went in? I know they are better than that. Take nothing away from RHP they are truly the dominant football team in the city of Arcadia. Oh, by the way, I guess we rubbed our lamp enough, right?

  • SGV Dad

    @Apache Joe-

    Inasmuch as the Arcadia faithful may feel embarrassed by tonight’s loss, I for one believe that Arcadia will have a very good season and will bounce back. Arcadia just happened upon a very good football team that can compete with many of the larger schools in the San Gabriel Valley.

    I am not an RHP fan or a parent; however, I have watched them play in the Prep League for the past 20 years. RHP has historically been very well coached- they execute to perfection, run great schemes, make very few mistakes and battle in the trenches. In fact, they are usually more disciplined than what they showed tonight. I was very surprised that they had so many penalties.

    Forget the fact that these guys are a Division 13 team or only have 100 students in their school. Over the years, I have watched RHP beat teams they have no business beating, even at the lower division level.

    I saw some “hard-nosed and tough” kids on Arcadia’s team and undoubtedly feel they will be near the top of the Pacific League once the smoke has cleared and the dust has settled.

    I actually give Arcadia and their coach kudos for scheduling this game as they had everything to lose and nothing to gain by playing a school like RHP.

  • Hsfbfan

    Bring Dimalante back! That spread was worthless. Great job Kares

  • Mitchon k’ehdaon

    Arcadia likely bound for a sixth or seventh place finish in Pacific. Yeah you heard it, sixth.

    No chance with heck even Glendale the way they were taken out to woodshed and outright waxed in the trenches this night. Oh St Francis and Monrovia you might as well turn off the scoreboard earlu save your schools a couple hundred dollars on electric bill.

  • Eastern ave.

    RHP was the better team. Period.
    I have seen this before, Rio shows up the other school is always bigger and supposedly better but by game’s end the smaller, stouter Kares have won.
    It’s the reason schools like Maranatha fear of them.
    The Kares win with a tough old school formula. Excellent execution, discipline on defense and superior technique are what you see week in and out.
    It’s a throwback to a style of football where the emphasis is on team. Beautiful.
    If Rio stays humble and true they should be playing football well into December.
    Arcadia will be fine their boys will learn from this but last night the better team won.

  • Scores

    What was the final score of Maranatha? They were taking on a D-III team so I was curious.

    RHP – has been and always will be a great team!

  • No Hope

    RHP caught arcadia at the right time. This has to be the worse arcadia team in recent times. No way RHP would have beaten arcadia any other years, especially last season. Hats off to RHP. Arcadia is just that bad this year.

  • Here we go, the start of a great football season and some sportswriter (L.B) cannot get any of the Muir players names right. Hate to be picky but if your a writer make sure you know what your doing. Good luck to all teams, especially Blair, a team starting from scratch basically.

  • Fred Robledo

    I’m one of the few that have been predicting Rio Hondo Prep would beat Arcadia since the game was announced. In the Star-News Area, the top three teams are 1. St. Francis, 2. Monrovia, 3. Rio Hondo Prep ….

  • TeamPlayer

    Congrats to RHP! an I am an Apache fan. Well for the Apaches, this could be the beginning of the end for them. This was a game that should have never happened. It was like a lone man with no weapons walking into a lion’s den. Apaches were unprepared, they underestimated RHP and Rio just shut them up. plain and simple.

    Now the apaches had some internal problems too. To me, the players do not trust their head coach becacuse of sudden transition from Dimalante and the VERY uneffective spread offense I saw, (so predictable, a junior all american league can stop it!). Also, there are some players who are on the wrong positions like Jake Medel who SHOULD be running the ball instead of McKinley who just scored 3 TDs last season (and the score he made last night was just a 4 yarder against RHP’s 2’s, Not impressed). Lastly the no huddle, might be slowing the Apaches down ironically enough, I don’t know,it just seemed a little slow to me.

    Overall. RHP deserved the win 100%, they should be proud of themselves for beating a higher school like Arcadia. Now as for the Apaches… lots of work to do.
    Now I am not bashing on Arcadia, Im just telling the truth, and the truth hurts sometimes. I am just a little angry seeing Arcadia shoot themselves like this after a WONDERFUL season, in which everyone hoped that it would continue this season. Now there is still a chance, Arcadia can bounce back. If they are the same hard nosed Apaches, they will spend all week readjusting the players, revising the offense, and just find a way that another RHP disaster will not happen again.

  • Raiders

    Great job Matadors! lots of speed n smart players.

  • Great job Matadors!

  • Wait a second…

    Fred slow down. Arcadia is really that bad this year. At the end of the 3rd Arcadia was down 29-0 to RHP. At the end of the 3rd Muir was down 13-6 to Upland. Muir, and others would handle RHP. They are a great program though.

  • roto

    Congrats Kares! Nate Tayco and Isaac Holguin have been teammates since they were six years old at Kare Youth League when my son played against them. Others in the youth league at the same time were Jordan Thropay, Desean Love, Nathan Coto, Dillon Fink etc.
    So they may currently play for a small school, but they have been playing for a long time. Nate has been running for daylight since back then.

  • SGV football fan

    I am not surprised Rio Hondo Prep destroyed Arcadia. Arcadia has been seen as the “big dogs” of the city merely because of their student body size. Hat’s off to AHS though for scheduling this game finally giving Rio a chance to get their name out there publicly.
    and @nohope- This may have not been Arcadia’s best year, but on the other hand this is not Rio’s best year either. We can go back and forth but the fact of the matter is I have been watching both Arcadia and Rio Hondo Prep play for the past 5-10 years, had they been playing each other for that long, Rio Hondo Prep would definitely be winning the series. They are no joke. I know Arcadia is not a top notch football school, however Rio Hondo Prep should not be taken as a joke as they know how to win football games. Size is nothing when you have aggressive kids, who are more fundamentally sound and have this football IQ like this organization does. Great coaching staff, hard hitting defense, I wish they would play more of the local high school teams. I would love to see this series continue for the next generation.

  • Fan

    To what -roto said.. Nate Tayco and Isaac Holguin did not play on the same team till juionor high, but they played against each other.. which is really cool to see that happen. But like Zach Stiver and Nate Tayco have been playing on the same team since kindergarden which is another really cool thing! but like people say they are such a fundamentally sound team that you can not take them lightly..

    Best of luck to RHP throughout the season

  • No Hope

    No way RHP would have beaten any Jon Dimalante teams. Mark my words on that one.

  • objective fan

    Please don’t start with all of the excuses. RHP was clearly the better team CLEARLY! Let them enjoy their victory without all the sad stories.

  • roto

    Credit should go to the guys in the trenches for RHP. Which include Jimmy Key and Zack Stiver. I thought Zach would have a bright future as a kicker, as I recall he won the punt, pass & kick competition as a youngster. On a side note, The Apaches had someone from KYL in soph. Robbie Hillier.

  • No Hope

    Sure thing, every DOG has its day!

  • rhp fan

    @no hope you can talk all u want the better team won and you say we wouldn’t win years past we challenged the apaches but they never would accept! This year you did and we won this would have been the same results for years past! Rhp is the city of arcadia

  • RHP

    The credit for line goes to Rico Perez, Sebby Rosales, Jared White, Zach Walsh, and Zach Stiver..

  • No Hope

    rhp fan – Arcadia had 27 seniors from last years team. Rebuilding year….

  • Desert Rat

    As I keep saying…Maranatha is sooo overrated! Nice loss to Antelope Valley. Given the talent you allegedly have, I can’t even begin to tell the Man Fan what a horrible loss this is.

  • Hal Lamaster

    I’m really surprised at the Arcadia-Rio Hondo Prep result. Not that Rio Hondo Prep hasn’t been a strong program for decades, but Arcadia is usually considered among the best teams in the valley. Such a convincing win certainly bodes well for the Kares’ championship aspirations as the move ahead.

  • rhlfan

    in a shift of dialogue for just a quick second, in all respects the bigger upset should be alhambra losing to mountain view…ranked in the top ten in the mid valley and picked to win the almont, but losing to a mountain view team?

    overrated from the start.

  • RHL Fan

    Arcadia fans… stop making excuses and take the loss. RHP handed it to you fair and square. Stop with that “it’s a down year for Arcadia” BS. It’s not like this is one of the best years that RHP has ever had. In fact, this is how they USUALLY are, year in and year out. They have a consistently great program that always ranks in the top 300 of the state. If you’re saying you need a team of Lagace and 4 or more other D-1 athletes to defeat RHP, then that says something about them.

    Congratulations on the win, Kares.


    @no hope rhp is always rebuilding but we still come and play hard noise fundamental football to win. Stop making excuses but im waiting to hear your next excuse!!

  • I Guess I am a HATER

    People, people, people…I hate to tell you all, but this is the way it will be until people in the WSGV want to play big boy football.

    Coaches need to command respect and DEMONSTRATE why they deserve it.

    Players need to quit being coddled and treated like they’re already a superstar. Oh, and can you respect the game and play like you have some?

    Discipline and execution fellas; they’re only produced with hard work, effort, and a lot of HEART.

  • I Guess I am a HATER

    Sorry, for clarity…is why almost all teams from this area go outside and get smacked in the mouth.

    Nothing on RHP….didn’t see the game, but based on what I heard, pretty much smacked AHS in the mouth and I would agree, RHP prolly would’ve challenged teams from years past as well. I always like teams that are hungry and play with discipline.

    All you AHS fans, quit saying rebuilding year…find a way to win, that’s what winners do. If you ran your offense right, you would be forcing the defense to play you.

  • Go Kares

    @ no hope
    Your excuses for the anemic performance of the Arcadia team further drives home the futility of the program as it compares to Rio Hondo Prep. All of your comments are based solely on your opinion, so I hope that you’ll excuse me and when I label your comments as “hot air”. I do acknowledge that Arcadia did lose seniors from the year before, but hey, isn’t this high school football? Doesn’t this happen to almost every team, every year?

    Hopefully, you will allow me to give you some statements of FACT: Arcadia’s student body: 4,000+. Rio Hondo Prep’s student body: less than 100. Given these facts, you can’t even put a product on the field that’s worth watching? No 1st downs until late in the second quarter? I guess when you guys “rebuild”, you must really start from the ground up! (insert sarcasm here). Here’s my OPINION, you can take it or leave it: stop making excuses for all of your arrogance before the game, and just admit that you underestimated RHP. We have kids that know how to play the game, and the evidence was on the field. If not for a controversial call late in the game, Arcadia would’ve been SHUT OUT. Please, save some face for you and your program and quit trying to make excuses.

  • Bigfatfan

    Moors: what happened to your offense on Friday? More stupid coaching blunders like last year against south pas?

  • Real sp fan

    BFF did you get to go to scrimmage on Friday. How did they look?

  • Prepx fan

    Great game RHP! came to watch and i was very impressed by the size of RHP’s line and how they just dominated up front, very impressive. also the backs did a great job of finding the hole and getting yards. Very cool good job RHP!

  • rhlfan


    While I wouldn’t directly compare Alhambra’s loss to you guys last year to the loss to mountain view this year, it does seem like coaching would have a lot to do with it. Moors brought back A LOT of players, and while they are still very much overrated, they should have been good enough to beat a mountain view team… coach maybe?

    But Alhambra better step it up, because I’m sure they’ve slipped off everyones top ten mid valley lists.

  • Someone who knows

    Let’s face it, this was Rio Hondo Prep’s coming out party.

    Granted, AHS lost many seniors to graduation as well as a new coach, while RHP had many skill players returning and were defending CIF-SS Champs in their division (Northeast), there is little chance that a school like RHP would have the overall depth to not just beat, but dominate Arcadia.

    As someone who has been involved with HS football for five decades, I have seen many football games and know that RHP can play with anyone, not necessarily winning, but playing a good fundamental game if on the losing end.

    What may be the issue here is how weak the Pacific League really has become. Until Pasadena and Muir get their programs stabilized to the level that they should be performing (tough with the current PUSD total dysfunctional mess), the Glendale schools are on a down cycle (changing demographics as issue and poor Hoover just does not win much and hasn’t for sometime), and Arcadia’s size keeps them competing, this league will have trouble, most years, going deep in the playoffs. Arcadia may get third in that league (which would mean a playoff spot), and with the new staff, give them time to get ready for league. They did lose their QB in the scrimmage so that hurt the offense, and hopefully they’ll get ready for St Francis.

    Now on to RHP, which has been a fine program for decades and is now showing that their success was not a fluke. How can 13 CIF-SS titles in football be a fluke? Let’s be real, RHP (along with Monrovia) may have the one of best chances to represent the West SGV in a state bowl game. Now maybe RHP wont have to travel to Boron for non-league games and play RHL and MVL schools.

  • objective fan

    To Eastern ave. and RHL Fan

    Excellent posts for both of you. GO RIO!

  • bigfatfan

    Real SP Fan: I was not able to attend the scrimmage, but did get several reports back from parents and coaches. the defense looked stout. Blocking needs to be sharpened to spring the running game. passing action looked surprisingly good. all in all, a C+ B- performance from what I heard.