Star-News Super 22: St. Francis moves on up; other shuffling as only two of area top 10 win in week 1

MOVING ON UP: St. Francis takes over the top spot in this week’s rankings.
SGVN photo By Sarah Reingewirtz


1. St. Francis (1-0) — Knights looked Golden in opener vs. Arcadia. Their barometer test comes in the next few weeks with games vs. Righetti, La Mirada and Monrovia. But for now, there’s no one better in the area.
2. Monrovia (0-1) — Gang Green gets knocked down a beg after losing 16-15 to Ayala, which may be better than people think. They get Arcadia this week, then get a chance to prove themselves against San Dimas, South Hills and St. Francis, all who begin week 2 undefeated.
3. San Marino (1-0) — The Titans began the season No. 9, but take advantage of a downward spiral of the rest. They showed their worth with a rout of Eagle Rock last week. San Marino’s first real test might not come until it faces Monrovia during league play.
4. Rio Hondo Prep (1-1) — The Kares rode the elevator from a season-opening win over Arcadia two weeks ago, to a loss to Mission Prep last week. Their real barometer reading is probably somewhere in between.
5. La Salle (2-0) — The Lancers make the big jump, combining their success with others struggles. They have looked good beating teams who struggled last season. Now comes a big test this week against Village Christian.
6. South Pasadena (1-0) — The Tigers showed some bite in their opener, beating San Gabriel with an explosive offense.
7. San Gabriel (1-1) — The Matadors drop a bit after losing a close one to South Pasadena. Now comes a rematch against San Dimas.
8. Muir (0-2) — The Mustangs 0-2 start is more reflective of its schedule rather than its talent level. But it doesn’t get any easier with a trip to Rancho Cucamonga this week.
9. Pasadena (0-1) — The Bulldogs return from their respite with a challenge from Cathedral on Friday.
10. Maranatha (0-2) — The Minutemen struggles continued with a blow-out loss at Don Lugo. I like their chances this week vs.Azusa.
The Rest: 11. Gabrielino (2-0),, 12. La Canada (1-0), 13. Poly (1-0), 14.Duarte (1-1), 15. Alhambra (0-2), 16. Arcadia (0-2), 17. Rosemead (0-1), 18. Temple City (0-2), 19. Bosco Tech (0-2), 20. Flintridge Prep (0-1), 21. Marshall (1-1), 22. Keppel (0-2), 23. Blair (0-2).

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  • The Observer

    I think you meant “only two of area top 10 WIN in week 1.”

    Not sure La Salle deserves the jump all the way to number 5 yet. The Lancers have played two very futile opponents, but I guess we’ll see what they’re made of when they play Village Christian.

    Muir’s preseason schedule is impossible… I don’t know how they expected to win those games, even with all their talent that transferred out. They’re going to go in to league with an 0-3 record.

    Maranatha has turned in two poor efforts against teams they should have beaten. One has to wonder if they’re simply overrated.

  • Mid Valley Fan

    “Maranatha has turned in two poor efforts against teams they should have beaten. One has to wonder if they’re simply overrated”

    Ok, let’s think about this for a second.

    Zero week they played an extremely athletic Antelope Valley team that is in Division 3. 7 point game in the 4th qtr

    Week 1 it was D6 Don Lugo who went 250lbs across the offensive line. 10 point game in the 3rd qtr

    Maranatha is a D10 school who yes, has a pretty good quarterback but the program is thin in certain areas and when you way above your division/level those areas get exposed. All that said – this is what the “preseason” is for. Figure out who you are and when league season comes be ready. Guess what? Ratings by newspapers mean jack…..

  • GoingTribal


    Muir deserves to be in the top 3 with that schedule. If the Stangs played 2-7 they would demolish those teams, and yes including the Green algae’s from the east.

  • Pasadenian

    Muir should be ranked #3. Get serious muir would completely dominate SM,SG,La Salle,SP and RHP. You watch and see how Muir going to run through league this year with the little bit of talent they have you watch and see

  • Fred Robledo

    It’s so hard ranking Muir. They’re playing opponents that nobody on this list is remotely familiar with except St. Francis, who is in a tough league and division. To open with Upland, Alemany and Rancho Cucamonga is as tough an opening schedule as any team in the Southern Section will face. The problem is, Muir wasn’t competitive in the first two and won’t be competitive this week. They’re out of their league. They’re probably the third best team in the area, but they need win or be competitive in a game to at least justify it.

  • Eastern ave.

    St. Francis is #1.
    Maranatha is overrated. Muir would beat Maranatha with no problem.
    Rio Hondo lost to a very good Mission Prep Team from San Louis Obispo.
    Now that RHP got punched in the mouth the test is in the getting up.
    RHP takes on another quality team at home Friday in Francis Parker from San Diego.
    Good for South Pas, it looks like they have a quarterback!
    The jury is still out on San Marino.
    Monrovia will be there in week 10.

  • PurdueAlum05

    SG Dad,
    What happened to SG beating SOuth Pas by 30? I bet you regret saying that. I would love to hear your excuses now.

  • PurdueAlum05

    My top 10 would be:

    1. St. Francis
    2. Monrovia
    3. San Marino
    4. Rio Hondo Prep
    5. Muir
    6. South Pas
    7. San Gabriel
    8. La Salle
    9. Pasadena
    10. Poly

  • bigfatfan

    Purdue, you seem genuinely interested in SP football. if you’d like to learn more, contact our football booster club at:

  • Philly B

    Purdue…. San Marino ranked 3??????

  • PurdueAlum05

    Philly B,
    I put SM #3 in my rankings by default. I guess Rio Hondo Prep could go there too even with a loss. I bet by the end of season Muir will be there. I give them, PHS, and M-town credit for scdeluing tougher opponents. Who do you think should be there?

    I went to South Pas and played there. I would get more involved but I am going to be teaching graduate level classes on top of my day job. I root for SP to do well in all sports. Are you involved with the booster club?