FRIDAY NIGHT FINAL: San Gabriel no match for San Dimas; Maranatha loses late; Monrovia, St. Francis get big wins, while La Salle improves to 3-0

Staff photo by Sarah Reingewirtz

San Dimas 56, San Gabriel 14 — Early mistakes lead to three Saints’ TDs as San Dimas, getting three TDs from Jake Payton, led 28-0 after the first quarter and 49-0 at halftime. Joe Mayorga had two receiving TDs for the Matadors, who slipped to 1-2.
Azusa 14, Maranatha 13 — The Minutemen fall to 0-3 after giving up a late score to lose to the Aztecs at Citrus College. Next up is rival La Salle, which is 3-0.
Rancho Cucamonga 54, Muir 14 — Can we say Muir overscheduled? The Mustangs end the nonleague slate with their third consecutive blow-out loss. But I’ve got a feeling if they psyche is damaged, this is a team that will again be in the running for the Pacific League title.
Cathedral 35, Pasadena 21 — Brandon Cox accounted for 218 yards and two scores, but the Bulldogs couldn’t contain the Phantoms. Pasadena travels to Salesian next week.
La Salle 50, Village Christian 6 — Look who’s 3-0? The Lancers look like the area’s most-improved team after getting four TDs from Israel Lacy. Next up is rival Maranatha.
Monrovia 52, Arcadia 17 — The Wilcats forced five interceptions and cruised past the Apaches, who are 0-3 after losing 29-7 to Rio Hondo Prep, 49-10 to St. Francis and now 52-17 to Monrovia. The Wildcats get a big measuring stick next week when they travel to San Dimas, which has outscored the opposition, 143-57.
Gabrielino 44, Keppel 0 — How about those Eagles? Elijah Peters threw for 186 yards and three TDs as Gabrielino improved to 3-0, and with next week’s opponent — Contreras, losing big, is 4-0 around the corner?
Alhambra 23, Temple City 0 — Sebastian Espinosa returned a fumble for a touchdown, quarterback Armando Amaya threw for a touchdown and Jessie Campos kicked three field goals as the Moors broke through with a win. Temple City has yet to score this season.
Rio Hondo Prep 35, San Diego Parker 19 — Nate Tayco scored two TDs as the Kares rebounded from last week’s loss to Mission Prep with an easy win.
South Torrance 33, Rosemead 27 — The Panthers start 0-2 despite getting 93 receiving yards from Steven San Miguel.
San Marino 27, Crescenta Valley 7 — The Titans improve to 2-0 with a win over the Falcons. It could be the first of many for San Marino, which should be undefeated going into their battle vs. Monrovia later this season.
Hoover 33, S. Pasadena 28 — The Tigers fall to 1-1.
Glendale 21, La Canada 3 — Sparta falls back a peg after last week’s win.


By Steve Ramirez, SGVN

SAN DIMAS – San Dimas High School football coach Bill Zernickow didn’t believe there was any revenge factor when the Saints hosted San Gabriel on Friday night.
It just felt that way.
Jake Payton rushed for 90 yards and three touchdowns and San Dimas, which lost to the Matadors in the CIF-Southern Section Mid-Valley Division semifinals last season, rolled up 292 yards rushing en route to a 56-14 victory over visiting San Gabriel in a nonleague game.
The Saints (3-0), who also got two touchdowns each from Fausto Martinez and Andrew Espinoza, led 49-0 at halftime. San Dimas forced four turnovers and blocked a punt.
San Gabriel, which got 111 total yards and two receiving touchdowns from running back Joseph Mayorga in the second half, slipped to 1-2.
“This is a preseason game like any other (nonleague) game,” said Zernickow, whose Saints have outscored the opposition 143-57 during their first three games. “I would be a lot more fired up if it was a playoff game.”

San Dimas, which scored on its first six possessions, needed less than a quarter to put it to rest and took a 21-0 lead during the first four minutes.
But San Gabriel, which failed to stop South Pasadena in a 49-40 loss last week, was its own worst enemy in committing consecutive mistakes to fuel San Dimas’ quick start.
Quarterback Marqus Valenzuela fumbled inside the 10 after being sacked by the the Saints’ Justin Bugh to give San Dimas a first-and-goal at the 5.
Payton scored two plays later from the 2 for a 7-0 lead with the game just over a minute old. The Saints followed a blocked punt and a short punt to go up by three scores following a 21-yard pass from Josh Avila to Andrew Espinoza at 9:14 and a 1-yard run by Fausto Martinez at 8:00.
San Dimas needed just 49 yards to go up by three touchdowns.
“It seems like the last three times we’ve played these guys, we’ve come out real slow to start,” San Gabriel coach Jude Oliva said. “I think we were a little wide-eyed today. I’m not going to lie. You give opportunities to a great team like this, they are going to capitalize.
“When you’re down 21, that’s a deep hole to a team like (San Dimas).”
It went from bad to worse for the Matadors, who were held to 60 yards in the first half.
San Gabriel, after Payton scored on a 17-yard run for a 28-0 lead, drove inside the San Dimas 20. But on fourth and 10, Valenzuela scrambled for a first down inside the 10 before fumbling it away.
Espinoza and Payton followed with runs of 18 and 16 yards before Martinez scored from the 1 for a 35-0 lead with 10 minutes left in the half.
Mayorga broke the shutout with a 33-yard reception from Valenzuela late in the third before catching a 16-yard pass to account for the 56-14 score.

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  • rhlfan

    ………..south pasadena lost to hoover?

    someone want to tell me what happened there?

  • el chongolero

    monrovia will pulverize blair, south pas, and temple city (i mean *&^tty) by ver 60 come rio hondo league. and then lose in 2nd round because of soft arse rio hondo farce league. chnink on it.

  • Green Pastures

    El Puto…Nah….

  • BigCat

    Once again, the Star News managed to just about report the Monrovia score. It might be nice to have some in depth reporting on the Wildcat game. (You are aware that Monrovia are the reigning CIF champs?)

  • QuietCat

    El Cholo…

    Last time I checked the Cats rolled in the Rio Hondo and still went on to win CIF, twice in as many years. Also they started 2-3 last year and won. So maybe just maybe it’s a but premature to just write them off for dead.

    By the way, love the way your team instead of ragging others… classy


  • New York

    Congratulations, Monrovia. It is always nice to win the rivalry games. San Dimas has become quite a rivalry game as well, and they hold the lead. Good luck this week.

  • Bigfatfan

    Unlike previous seasons, this year Hoover is no joke. They are well coached and well disciplined. Running mainly a double wing T, they gave tigers a taste if their own running game. Tigers took lead 28-27 with five minutes left in game, but could not stop Hoover on their final drive. Tiger D is still a work in progress. Tigers got the ball back with 2 minutes left in game and drove down to the Hoover 20 yard line before time ran out. Our offense was good again, but D needs to find a way to stop other teams!

  • sp grad

    bff embarrassment? tiger d is a embarrassment. giving up 73 in two games.

    rhlfan dont take bff story hoover is still hoover sp d is so bad. the only great thing about sp is the o-line is very good. doing a great job once again. some bad coaching to. end of the first half leaving 2 timeouts out there. could of scored. lots of yelling not enough coaching. 80 is a stud out there. the only good thing on d.

  • Titansportsfan

    South pas lost to Hoover a few years ago so to me it ain’t a complete shocker ….. Bigger to me is LC losing to Glendale

  • Grim Reaper

    TC has yet to score a point?!!

    Golden Arm, say it ain’t so..

  • rhlfan

    well in the bigger picture, huge week for the RHL.

    wasn’t really expecting SM to win this game, let alone win it by 20…8-0 going into the Monrovia game seems so much more likely by the day. a battle? eh.

    what embarassing embarassing losses for SP and LC…SP has done away with every advancement they made last week against SG, and if they turn in another poor performance against Glendale, write them off from second place contention for good.

    and just poor TC…

  • 93′ Alumni

    Maranatha’s first win will be this week at home against La Salle! If you look at the schedule, we played some bigger teams, will finally be a game after destroying them for the last 3 or 4 years.

    The coach did that on purpose I am guessing.

  • bigfatfan

    RHL Fan, not sure how you can say SP had an embarrassing loss, you were not there, just basing your input on disgruntled SPGrad. Hoover has a punishing running game, if anyone cares. and no one said SPs defense was stellar.

    as for SP Grad: you sound like a whining ex-coach, sorry a$$ ex student or a disgruntled parent. SP has never been know for their defenses. I’ve followed the varsity program for over six years now, and former HC Ed Smith had some pretty awful defenses just a couple years ago

  • rhlfan


    fair enough..but next weeks game against glendale will really show how south pas is. because after seeing San Gabriel against san dimas, i’m not nearly as impressed with south pas’s victory over sg.

    what’s wrong with the defense, is it run or the pass defense that’s losing yards? is the defensive line just too small??

  • The Observer

    93 Alumini, those were games Maranatha should have won. Mistakes and turnovers did them in. They don’t look like a good football team right now. I like La Salle over the Minutemen at this moment.

    rhlfan, I don’t see how it was a huge week for the RHL when only San Marino and Monrovia won, while South Pasadena and LC lost to opponents they should have beaten.

  • The Observer

    rhlfan, How would a game against Glendale show how South Pas really is? Unless Glendale is suddenly reformed like Hoover supposedly is, they will give no true indication of how good South Pasadena is. If anything, look to their game against Beverly Hills. That should be a good barometer to measure them by. Especially since San Marino will also play them one week earlier.

  • I Guess I Am a Hater

    What I would lke to know is this….how much longer will it be before something is done about Arcadia’s situation when you start the season with two very strong running backs and can’t score more than 17-points in a game?

  • rhlfan

    the observer,

    because two teams that are supposed to be competetive with SP have already played glendale, one team who dominated them and the other who got dominated. seeing how south pas does, you’ll know exactly where they fit in the scale.

    and i meant huge week as in huge week of movements.

  • sp grad

    BFF to answer your question i am the sorry a$$ ex student. I was so bad my teams went 9-1 6-4 and final year 6-4. also my class won a league champ. i played for both smith and konrad. so i guess what you are trying to say is that its ok to be bad at D. because in the past we where bad. i dont know if you have a kid on the team or not. hopefully he is on O. by the way get over the whole smith thing. so he was bad coach. at lease smith treated every player the same. even your sorry A$$ kid.

  • sp grad

    rhlfan dont even talk with bff he is the biggest homer. i guess he has a kid on the team. if the head coach is a defense of minded coach. then he should step in and call the D. maybe he will. hope they get better by league. it was hoover by the way. O ya looks like the jv teams loss to them to. sp jv teams never lose to hoover.

  • bigfatfan

    RHL Fan: my observation about the SP D is that the D line is small, and the LBs do not fill the holes. RBs and their blockers are in the defensive secondary all the time. consequently DBs end up making most of the stops on the runs.


    I agree with alot you say about SP but what I see is that alot of the O-Line playing on D-Line. So they are not small. Lots of players going both ways. There is one small kid that goes in alot maybe thats what you see. You are right about the LB they dont fill there gaps. It didnt look like hoover was bigger than SP.

  • bigfatfan

    Real SP Fan: agree with you completely. having O line and D line kids playing both ways is really rough on us, due to lack of depth. we had few JV kids matriculate up to varsity, for a variety of reasons, so we have run with what we got.