San Gabriel forfeits season-opening win vs. Animo

San Gabriel High School has forfeited its season-opening victory over Animo South Los Angeles for use of an ineligible player.
San Gabriel coach Jude Oliva confirmed the decision today.
Oliva said the player in question is quarterback Mikal Quintanilla, a transfer from Temple City. According to Oliva, Quintanella was approved to play per the CIF-Southern Section website, but the school was imformed the following week that their was a dispute and he was not eligible.
The school is appealing the ruling.
“As of right now, yes, (that game is a forfeit),” Oliva said. “Mikal was cleared by CIF initially, but then we were told otherwise after the first game.”
The forfeit officially drops San Gabriel to 0-3. The Matadors have since dropped setbacks to South Pasadena (49-40) and San Dimas (56-14). They host Baldwin Park on Friday.

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  • UBC

    way to go tc coaches n staff especially your ad. you should all chuck your man cards n call it a season. SNITCHES! Try and invest time in your own program. best of luck on the balance of the season kids. hope your boys never lose the love for the game after going through your program. i would transfer too w u kids trying to coach.

  • The Observer

    UBC, the coaches and staff did their jobs. In fact, CIF gave Quintanilla approval and clearance to play. However, for some reason, they have rescinded it.

  • TC Dad

    Don’t know how we are “snitches” since we signed the paperwork and sent San Gabriel his transcript. And the Star News reported him transferring to San Gabriel.
    If anything, you have an upset SG parent whose child lost playing time and thinks this is the best way to get their child on the field.

  • UBC

    tc dad n obs, know ur facts or come clean. u cant sugar coat what was done. fact is anyone can contact cif’s transfer rep n ask. a phone call was made by tc staff after sg won their first game.Thats a snitch! imagine that people who work for the school w no class themselves. keep ur head up Mikal !