Friday Night Final: Monrovia steps up; La Mirada runs by St. Francis and La Salle routs Maranatha

Photo by Chris Burt

Monrovia has heard all the talk that it can win these step up games. Friday, the Wildcats did something about it, routing San Dimas, which was 3-0 and averaging nearly 50 points a game. The ‘Cats, getting 168 yards passing and three touchdowns from Blake Heyworth, cruised to a 35-23 victory over the Saints. The other two big area cames saw La Mirada roll up 307 yards rushing to beat St. Francis, 28-21; and La Salle improve to 4-0 by routing Maranatha, 63-7. The Minutemen, who started 6-0 last season, are 0-4.
Here’s a brief look at Friday’s games:
La Mirada 28, No. 1 St. Francis 21 — The host Mats took over this game in the second half, going on a pair of 80-yard drives to beat the Golden Knights, who got 221 yards passing and three touchdowns from Jared Lebowitz. La Mirada, which now has wins over parochials St. Paul and St. Francis, improved to 3-1. The Mats got 220 yards rushing from Adam Carrasco.
No. 2 Monrovia 35, San Dimas 23 — This is a big step-up game for the Wildcats, who face South Hills and St. Francis in the coming weeks. Win those, then run the table in the Rio Hondo League and Mid-Valley Division and could Monrovia find itself in a region bowl game?
No. 3 San Marino 63, Nogales 0 — Ryan Wood rushed for 134 yards and four touchdowns and Matt Wofford rushed for 108 yards and two touchdowns as the Titans’ machine continued to roll, improved to 3-0. Every week it looks like San Marino can run the table heading into a late season tilt against Monrovia.
No. 4 Rio Hondo Prep 48, Boron 6 — A long bus ride didn’t stop the Kares, who rolled easily.
No. 5 La Salle 63, Maranatha 7 — Are there any doubters left? The Lancers (4-0), under Russell Gordon, look impressive every week. They continued with a 49-point second quarter to put this one away. The Minutemen, 0-4, are free-falling.
No. 6 Gabrielino 35, Contreras 8 — The Eagles, getting 119 yards passing from quarterback Elijah Peters, are off to their best start in years. Yes, the competition hasn’t been the best, 4-0 is 4-0.
No. 7 South Pasadena 39, Glendale 7 — The Tigers, getting 179 yards rushign and two touchdowns from Nathan Lee, bounced back from last week’s loss to Hoover with an impressive win. If it can stay consistent, this might be a team to watch in the Rio Hondo.
Salesian 35, No. 10 Pasadena 6 — The Bulldogs found life without Brandon Cox tough. He’s expected to miss the next two weeks, which could spell a poor Pacific League start.
San Gabriel 41, Baldwin Park 10 — An impressive win for the Matadors, who received 337 yards passing and four touchdowns from Marqus Valenzuela.
Crescenta Valley 48, La Canada 21 — The Falcons, getting 171 yards rushing from William Wang, win the battle for the 210 freeway. La Canda, after winning its opener, is now 1-2.
Rosemead 35, Warren 7 — Everardo Camacho accounted for 270 yards and the Panthers broke through for their first win against the Bears. Can they get on a streak?
Alhambra 21, L.A. Wilson 7 — The Moors, getting an 80-yard blocked field goal return from Christian Caraveo, won for the second time in as many weeks. It looks like Alhambra is rounding into form after a slow start.
Douglass 54, Blair 14 — The Vikings’ struggles continue.
Sierra Vista 59, Keppel 0 — Another loss for the Aztecs, who were no match for the Dons.
Marshall 28, South Region #2 7 — A nice win for the Eagles, who saw quarterback De’Angelo Swinney account for two scores.
Westminster 13, Bosco Tech 10 — The Tigers’ Steven Barron rushed for 49 yards.

St. Francis run over by La Mirada — LA MIRADA – There’s nothing complex about the La Mirada High School football team’s offensive attack.
The Matadores believe they can run against anybody, and they continued to prove the point Friday night.
Adam Carrasco ran for 220 yards and two touchdowns and host La Mirada rolled up 307 yards rushing to rally for a 28-21 victory over St. Francis in a nonleague game.
The Matadores (3-1), also receiving 181 yards passing from Gerry Myres, got a key fumble recovery from Tyler Hallock at the La Mirada 26 with 3:55 left.

MONROVIA STEPS UP — In another installment of the Monrovia-San Dimas football rivalry Friday night, it was the two-time defending Mid-Valley Division champs, and some flag-happy referees, who stole the show.
After a back-and-forth first half, Monrovia (2-1) pulled away, outscoring San Dimas 23-7 to close the game for a 35-23 nonleague victory.
The Wildcats also had four touchdowns called back on penalties during their run to close the game, including three in the fourth quarter.

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  • Uh-oh

    Paraclete beat Dorsey last night. Ummm, watch out Monrovia.

  • Yikes

    Not sure if everyone is aware of this but the Pacific League is 6-18 combined. Arcadia, Muir, PHS, and Burroughs are all 0-3 and Burbank and Glendale are 1-2. Can someone say Mid-valley Division?

  • crikcets


  • Annonymous

    The Monrovia San Dimas game should of been much worse…..4 touchdowns called back the cats easily put up 50 on the Saints….dumb penalties Monrovia come on use your head !!

  • The Duke

    answer to “What went wrong” with Maranatha…
    A YOUNG cocky coach that in his second year has dismantled a WINNING PROGRAM!
    Pete Karavedis, was handed a successful program and has destroyed it! True, even I could have coached last years program with success- but he has no business running a DEFENSE and proved that in a couple of key losses last year and now you see that he is not fit to be a head coach!
    It’s unfortunate that they lost Elffers for the game. But even with a healthy Elffers they can’t stop anyone defensively!
    Karavedis is a joke!

  • Anonymous Guy

    Alhambra blocked a punt and then ran it back 95 yards for a TD? How does that happen? Where was Wilson punting from to make that possible?

  • Steve Ramirez

    AG, I was going by the info our guy got from the coach. I see on Maxpreps its being reported as an 80-yard, blocked field goal return, so I corrected that. But I will say, it is possible to return a blocked punt that. Say the punt was from the 35, was blocked, rolled foward 30 yards and scooped up at the 5 and returned back for a TD..just sayin….

  • Anonymous Guy

    True, that could explain it. And I suppose there are plenty of coaches who would punt from the 35, even though I think that would be silly. And you might as well rush 10 and go for the block, since you wouldn’t get a return anyway.

  • Sad

    Weber resurfaces. Disgruntled past coaches, It’s a sad thing.

  • Eastern ave.

    Maranatha quit last night. No Heart.

    La Salle needs to not drink any kool-aid and believe what they read.
    “Pride comes before the fall”

    Rio Hondo Prep BEAT a Thug/Cheap Shot team team from the high dessert.
    They smacked them back but good and shut down Boron with 48 unanswered points.

    Monrovia needs to be more disciplined, too many points left on the field.

    St Francis is still the best around these parts.

    Still can’t but San Marino…

    Did I mention Maranatha quit? Just saying…

  • Eastern ave.

    **Still can’t buy San Marino…**

  • New York

    Please don’t refer to San Dimas as a step up game for Monrovia. Beating San Dimas handily is solid, but a team in the same division with less success in the division is definitely not a step up.

    We still need to really focus on the little things. Another punt for a saftey, two blocked extra points, etc. Still dropping easy passes. It’s the game one mistakes all over again. Totally unacceptable.

    Monrovia has a huge talent advantage over Arcadia and San Dimas. So some of these mistakes are not as crucial, but in true step up games those mistakes cost the game.

  • BigCat

    From what has been said, by New York, the Monrovia effort was a bit sloppy. Then again, that’s why they play tough teams in the pre-season. They expose the weaknesses and then fix them. By the time the playoff come around, the ‘Cats will be ready.

  • Mid Valley Fan

    Hey Duke, or Mark Wahlberg,…

    Turn your hat around, it might be to tight tight for your head – just a thought, and get some perspective. Obviously you’ve got a major AXE to grind. But anyone with any football smarts knows the talent level has dropped off at Maranatha. You do the best with what you have – I thought everyone knew that. I guess not.

  • @ Yikes
    Well the answer is demographics for some and lack of pride for others. Some it is both like Muir where 70% of the school is Latino which is fine but of that 70% only 5% play sports and of course black kids are flying out of Pasadena. Also many former alumni of Muir and Pasadena believe the turf is greener elsewhere.In Arcadia which is more culturally rounded it is still mostly Asian now and that may not be the best football recipe. These are just facts and do not attack any one person or group. Glendale and Hoover are mostly Armenian decent and again not good for football but look at some of their other sports and they do quite well.

  • @ Yikes
    Well the answer is demographics for some and lack of pride for others. Some it is both like Muir where 70% of the school is Latino which is fine but of that 70% only 5% play sports and of course black kids are flying out of Pasadena. Also many former alumni of Muir and Pasadena believe the turf is greener elsewhere.In Arcadia which is more culturally rounded it is still mostly Asian now and that may not be the best football recipe. These are just facts and do not attack any one person or group. Glendale and Hoover are mostly Armenian decent and again not good for football but look at some of their other sports and they do quite well.

  • getreal

    Mid valley fan you must be coaches brother. Explain this one the starting RB @ 4-0 Ribet is a Maranatha transfer a soph with 600yds and 6 td’s in four games, who couldnt get on the field with coach Kara. The Var team at Ribet almost all soph’s, many more to follow.

    Most kids who are leaving Pasadena for greener fields are passing right by Maranatha and traveling over 30 miles to get to school, WHY

    And dont use the demographics argument skippy, many of the top football schools in the region are in ethnically deverse or dumpy area’s but are still able to get top talent.

    Try this one Sherlock, its a hard sell to a 40/48 yr old dad who has a good kid going into high school to be coached by a twenty something, when all other school’s have pretty seasoned coaches out there.

    By the time they make a change most of young talent will be gone,way to go Admin. Try on one more what decent Qber will go there now looking at how this kid got the shaft.

  • rhlfan


    like what Aram said on the show last week, it’s not all demographics…look at SM and their demographics, they probably have the highest percentage of asians in the SGV yet they’re putting out their best team in quite a while, and pretty competetive.

  • bigfatfan

    next weeks SP/Alhambra match up should be a good one.

  • getreal

    I think all should get off the Asian thing and demo graphics.

    Ribet has three players of Korean ancestry starting on Varsity, the Park kid had 4 td’s in a trouncing of La Salle in passing league and caught the winning td in triple o/t to beat Pasadena at the Watt’s summer games.I dont remember what race the d/b’s were but I do know they were not Asian

    The state bowl record for td’s was held by a Japanese American from St Margarets 6 in one game in 2009.

    In 1965 certain tackle football programs didnt want to let hispanic communities in because they felt hispanics could not play football correctly.

    And the last time I checked two of the biggest super powers in the world are of asian ancestry.

    Finally correct me if im wrong but I beleive it is china who gives the U.S.A. a run for the money in the medal count every four years.

    And for La Salle, get ready to wake up, the cupcakes are finished league is just around the corner, I was at the summer passing games and saw the French school blow em up. Need to win some real games to get real respect.

  • Noobs kill me


    Your credibility is wanning… U are bringing up a PASSING LEAGUE game (not even a tournament)to gauge how La Salle is currently playing ball. When did said passing GAME happen? If that is the case I guess La Salle should bang their drums for beating Oceanside in a passing well as hanging neck and neck with Amat in the semi-finals of the same tournament. It’s wonderful that the Parks kid had 4td’s in a passing GAME. How many REAL td’s does he currently have? I feel just as much a NOOB as you to even defend your asinine statements (“La Salle was trounced by Ribet”). U know darn well that “the french school”- and I’m assuming you are talking about Ribet- would get boat raced by 50+ if they even DARED to play La Salle…Ribet was/is and most likely will always be irrelevant.

    Learn the game before you comment, NOOB.

  • @ get real & rhlfan,
    Like I stated it is not all demographics and high schools do not only play one sport, so an all around sports program takes care of any demographic issues. It is pride, parents and alumni support but when there is a transition (DEMOGRAPHICALLY)it does not always run smoothly, and that is where some of the schools mentioned are at right now. Like I also stated it is not an attack on anyone and I am sure there are many accomplishments out there but that is always the case.

  • getreal

    Mr Boobs I did not mean to insult you, I know its been a great start to your new season and I was only stating that your 4-0 start is good for your school but that T/C, Glendale and the likes are no heavy weight’s.

    As for the passing league games, I realize they are an indication of how well you can execute or defend a pass and not actually a measure of the entire team as a whole.

    And as for La Salle playing Ribet, lets see La Salle’s numbers are 750 students kind of like Serra’s or St Paul’s or St Bonne’s and Ribets are 150 kind of like Rio Hondo prep’s. And by the way when was the last time La Sally played Rio Hondo Prep.

    Anyway I wish no harm Mr Boob only making a point that cup cakes and twinkies champions do not make.

    And the french school is in its second year of eleven man with mostly Soph’s and a few Jr’s on the field. And the Park kid has 9 td’s so far this season, Thank you so much.

  • Noobs kill me

    Getaclue-(see I can play the word play game as well):

    Please don’t misrepresent the french school.. This is your second year of 11 MAN football….THIS PARTICULAR GO AROUND. You are aware the lil french school goes up and down (11 and 8 man) just as much as you probably change your garanimals.

    I was simply stating (regarding Ribet playing La Salle) that you and I both know you wouldn’t want to go there, so take that into consideration the next time you want to talk about trouncing someone in a PASSING GAME.

    La Salle is very aware of their SOS (strength of schedule), they play whomever is next and let CIF rank the teams where they choose. But thanks for pointing out our “sweet” schedule. We shall see how it all plays out sometime in November/December.

  • MHS Fan

    To The Duke:

    Not the coaching my man…no size up front on either side of the ball is the problem. This is a young team but with no girth, Elffers (or whoever is going to play QB for the rest of the season) is going to be running for his life. The coaching is fine. Bottom line, the kids need to step up and execute…

  • Heard it all..

    MHS Fan, way to throw the players under the bus. Obviously you have never stepped foot on any type of playing surface, otherwise you never would have posted such a ludicrous suggestion. Bottom line sir, players are a direct reflection of their coaches abilities, desire, passion and knowledge of this game, enough said..

  • sp grad

    was not able to make the game on friday. heard the tigers look good again on O. and D is coming arond. maybe getting rid of the d-line coach helped. sould win this week.

  • SaintsR4real

    A big congrats to the Boys of Mtown!!
    You guys came to San Dimas and put the hammer down. Looks like you’re playing to your potential and rolling with it. I won’t go into details because it’s just an opinion, so good play and health to all of you and I believe and hope my Saints meet up with you again come playoffs.

    GO SAINTS!!!

  • true dat

    That’s what the AD and the coaches have been telling us parents, that it’s the lack of talent and the kids fault. Sorry, Maranatha has more kids now than in the past – and it’s not slowly falling apart, as Star News said, it’s in a FREE FALL!

    Throw the kids under the bus has always been their motto!

    Attitude reflects leadership – the coaches have destroyed this team.