CIF-SS POLLS: Monrovia, Rio Hondo Prep lead area seven in this week’s polls

Monrovia, fresh off a 35-23 victory over San Dimas, moved up to No. 3 in the Mid-Valley Division when the CIF-Southern Section released its divisional polls on Monday. Rio Hondo Prep is the highest ranked team among the area contingent, coming in No. 2 in the Northeast. Other area teams ranked are San Marino and Gabrielino in the Mid-Valley; Pasadena Poly in the Northeast; La Salle in the Northwest and St. Francis in the Western.
Here are the rankings for divisions with area teams:

1. Sierra Canyon (3-0), 2. Paraclete (3-1), 3. Monrovia (2-1), 4. San Dimas (3-1), 5. San Marino (3-0), 6, Brentwood (3-0), 7, Gabrielino (4-0), 8. Covina (*3-1), 9. Mountain View (3-1), 10. Arroyo (2-2). Others include: South Pasadena (2-1).
*-includes forfeit win
1. Mission Prep (4-0), 2. Rio Hondo Prep (3-1), 3. Boron (3-1), 4. Salesian (3-1), 5. Bishop Union (2-1), 6. Pasadena Poly (3-0), 7, Desert (3-1), 8. Chadwick (2-1), 9. St. Anthony (3-1), 10. California City (2-1).
1. La Serna (4-0), 2. La Mirada (3-1), 3. Norwalk (4-0), 4. Paramount (2-1), 5. Diamond Ranch (3-1), 6. West Covina (*1-3), 7. California (3-0), 8. Los Altos (3-1), 9. Downey (2-2), 10. Gahr (3-1). Others include: Muir (0-3).
*-forfeit loss
1. Nordhoff (4-0), 2. Bishop Diego (4-0), 3. La Salle (4-0), 4. North Torrance (3-1), 5. Gladstone (3-0), 6. El Segundo (2-1), 7. South Torrance (2-1), 8. Heritage Christian (3-1), 9. Oak Park (2-2), 10. Torrance (1-2).
1. Serra (4-0), 2. Lompoc (4-0), 3. Chaminade (3-1), 4. St. Francis (2-1), 5. Harvard-Westlake (3-1), 6. Culver City (2-1), 7. Cathedral (4-0), 8. Ventura (3-1), 9. Santa Monica (2-1), 10. Camarillo (2-1).

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  • Desert Rat

    Man I know I am biased…but I really got to ask…what has Sierra Canyon done to justify #1. They have beat a long list of nobodies this year. The Big Red Machine on the other hand beat Dorsey. Say what you want but, I am sorry…no one has stepped so far out their collective safe zone to play a game of any substance. Sure Rovia has a couple big ones coming up and Billy always puts out a quality squad…but Paraclete is the only team who truly should own the #1 spot in the Mid-Valley.

    Shame on you coaches who voted…get your head out of your asses. SC is overrated!

  • New York

    Probably based on a backward looking assessment weighted heavily toward last year and they are still undefeated.

  • Mean Green Pastures….on Big games

    No Desert Rat, You want Sierra Canyon to be NO. 1 until you play them. Especially if they are weak. Then when you beat them, it helps you in the state bowl bid…I am telling you right now. Mtown, is #1 in the Midvalley. Paraclet #2. Sierra Canyon #3. San Marino #4 San Dimas #5. I am telling Dorsey is a very good Athletic team, but Paraclete has comparable players, and much better coaching. Just because a team is fast doesn’t mean everything. LB Poly, Muir, Crenshaw are always the fastest teams in the world, but they lose to far less athletic teams.

  • Desert Rat

    To Mean Green-

    If Sierra Canyon was 1 or 5 you would pick up a quality win for beating the reigning league champ, CIF and state champ. However, they haven’t played anyone and won’t until they face us. So to put them ahead of either of us isn’t justifiable.

    Where Clete and Rovia are going to get help in if comes to a state bowl is their strength of non-league wins. If Mtown can walk away the next two weeks with “W’s” they will be in good shape for a bowl bid headed into the playoffs.

    As for San Marino above San Dimas…I don’t know about that one.

  • Philly B

    mean green,
    I wouldnt even put San Marino in the top 5 right now if not ever!!!!
    Im sorry but every year the titans schedule their usual weak non-league games, go undefeated then get beat by the cats, and then they struggle against the likes of La Canada and South Pas(which could be a good team this year so Ive heard) Yeah I dont know about Sierra Canyon and who they’ve played this year. I got respect for Paraclete because they are always a tough team and they are well coached. But Polls are polls who cares. AS long as Monrovia takes care of business this thursday and definitely next week against SF we should be in good shape going into the playoffs because I dont consider league play a challenge anymore.

  • what??

    philly B,

    San Marino’s preleague schedule is much stronger then years before…crescenta valley, south el monte, and even maybe Beverly HIlls (who I admit I have no idea about).

    And what’s this about La canada or south pas putting anything on the board against sm. La canada getting blown out by CV, after san marino blew CV, and you think that SM’s not gonna run them over? And SP, losing to HOOVER.

    I don’t know what you’ve heard, but EVERYONE thinks the titans are legit this year. 8-0 until they run into the big, green road block that is Monrovia, but otherwise, they deserve their number five spot. they’d beat everyone else below them.

  • Desert Rat

    I remember the last time everyone thought San Marino was legit…do you? Pupupupuleaseeeeeeee!

  • rhlfan

    Desert Rat,

    I seem to remember SM giving SD a run for their money last year in first round of CIF.

  • Philly b

    What in the world???
    I know you didn’t use South El Monte as a reference to San Marinos beefed up schedule. Desert Rat please tell me I didn’t read that…..that’s not even funny that’s ridiculous. Cresenta valley who is always 2nd tier to Burroughs, Muir and Arcadia(just talking previous seasons, this year may be different.) I mean ok fine its a step up but its a baby step. San Marino will make the playoffs based off that weak schedule. And yes SP lost to Hoover. But SM and South Pas match up really well and they’re rivals so take that into consideration. And please don’t start claiming SM defense is lights out. They may crush la Canada but points will be put up against them. So enjoy your weak schedule until you face the big green haha. You’ll prob lose to Beverly hills, idk why I just see that happening, what would say if South pas beats Beverly hills and you didn’t?? That Hoover talk would be out the window. And there’s no way SM beats covina. Sorry just not happening. 1st round exit for the titans until they play a big time school and beat them. Maybe glendora, or covina or San Dimas. Teams that are top of their respected league not cresenta valley and Hoover. SM is like Boise st except titans haven’t beat a formidable opponent.

    SM gave SD a run but did they win??? And SD squad wasnt as good as the year they won it all

  • Desert Rat

    To Philly B…

    I was referencing their 2008 team, who had a lot of dudes….but also the one we rolled up like it was no thing.

    And yes, I also have a hard time seeing them hang with Covina.

  • neutral observer

    to everyone…

    these two weeks will be pretty big in terms of finding out if SM’s legit or not…SP and SM will finally have a common opponent in Beverly Hills and unless they both crush beverly hills, or they both get crushed (which I really don’t see happening), we’ll finally have a pretty good barometer…

    also, CV entering league with Muir, if CV can hang with Muir or even win the game…well SM’s preleague schedule looks all the better.

    wasn’t south el monte ranked in the top tens of both midvalleysports and this blog at the start of the year?