Breaking News: Maranatha’s Elffers out for the season.

ELFFERS OUT: Maranatha quarterback Andrew Elffers
suffered a torn meniscus and will require season-ending
knee surgery.
Staff Photo by Keith Birmingham

As we reported on tonight’s Prep Xtra Live show, Maranaha quarterback Andrew Elffers, arguably the top signal-caller in the area the past three seasons, suffered a knee injury during the Minutemen’s 63-7 loss to La Salle and is out for the season.
Elffers, who has thrown for 677 yards and three touchdowns this season, injured his knee during the second series on Friday. Maranatha coach Pete Karavedas said he suffered a torn meniscus that will require surgery, ending his season.
“Obviously, he will be missed on the field as he always gives 110 percent on every play,” Karavedas said. “His leadership will still be needed on our team. But it will just be carried out in a different way. He is still the heart of this team.”
Elffers is a three-year starter, who has ranked among the area leaders in passing the past three years. He threw for 2,029 yards and 22 touchdowns last season, and 3,328 and 37 touchdowns in 2010.
Maranatha, which is 0-4, travels to South El Monte on Friday.
Steve’s take: This is one that’s difficult to fathom. The hit on the field is unmeasurable. Elffers is that good and a quarterback like that can’t be replaced. But there’s also the loss to the kid, and that’s the most disappointing thing. It’s a tough break for a good kid. And that’s the real disappointment. But as coach Karavedas said, he will just have to lead from the sidelines.

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  • Desert Rat

    And good night Maranatha…..

  • Anonymous

    Maranatha im thinking Wildcat for the rest of the season and screen plays.

  • Domo Wucwolato

    Maranatha 0-10. Final answer. Different direction.

  • Steve Ramirez

    Desert Rat, let’s try to show a little class here. Andrew Elffers is a good kid, who didn’t deserve this. But it happens in football. There’s a time for trash talk. This isn’t it.

  • Eastern ave.

    Is Brandon Cox a good kid too?

  • Eastern ave.

    Is Brandon Cox a good kid too?

  • Desert Rat

    You’re really gonna come at me like that Steve? First of all, I never said anything about the kid Sally…so relax. Secondly, get to know your audience. Last time I checked, you have big shoes to fill so you better up your game!!!!

  • Steve Ramirez

    @Eastern: I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Brandon Cox, but assume he is, because that’s what others have told me. I don’t see where I ever said he wasn’t. I have met Andrew Elffers at the Pasadena QBs Club meeting last year. For me, it’s always said when any kid gets injured and is out for the year, especially one with such promise. The good news about Brandon is he’s expected to be back in a few weeks.
    @Desert Rat: Your comment seemed wrong considering the circumstances. As for big shoes, based on what I’ve already accomplished, I think I’m already wearing big shoes.

  • crikcets

    No coaching on the line, no leadership from any of them – the kid is an amazing kid and deserved better.

    Hang in there Andrew, we are pulling for you.

  • Desert Rat

    Fair enough Steve…just don’t let those kicks turn out to be clown shoes.

  • natha11

    unfortunate circumstances, but even without him, a 63-7 blowout is embarassing beyond belief. this may be off-topic a bit, but karavedas needs to be fired and murphy has to get back on the sidelines if this football program is to dream of getting back to its winning ways. 0-4 is unacceptable, and the blowouts are going to be worse once league starts.

  • Days of old….

    The secret to Murphys success was that he Kept Things Simple He made giving up family time A rewarding process not an obligation, which in turn made the players accountable not only to themselves but to their teammates. He had a staff that understood the type of athletes that were coming out to play football, utilized their talents to the best of their abilities, implemented solid offensive and defensive schemes, THAT WORKED and flat out played solid fundamental football. Isnt that what its supposed to be about?

  • Mid Valley Fan

    natha 11/Weber, Mark Whalberg

    Let it go…let it fly away. Stop the personal attacks and start looking at the facts and addressing the real issue. TALENT. You actually think that is years team has the same talent as 09/10 or even 10/11? No Jones, Jebeia sp?), Straker, Brathwaite, Washington (big number 73), Jer Major etc. Pull your head out and stop comparing the teams from the past….the talent level is just not the same.

  • Natha 09

    Mid Valley, you must either work at the school or you are the coach, you know way too much about those teams, I went there – and I don’t remember all of them.

    BUT quit playing that card,the coaching is the biggest difference and that’s what has changed……oh’ and the teams success.

  • Lee Hamilton

    It must be said that Andrew is indeed a special kid who will be successful in College. He certainly lacked protection this year and didn’t have much last year either. He also lacked that down field threat this year like Jeremy Major was for him 2 years ago. Overall, Maranatha had a good run of Athletes come to the school and rode that wave but the wave is coming to a crash. Problem they now have is that other schools are now buying their players and Maranatha is not. A prime example is La Salle this year who has bought their way to a good team from a lousy one last year. I think the key differences in the current coach vs. Murphy is that key players don’t play both ways. I hear that they don’t condition the players well either or coach with the charged up, “in your face” passion that Murphy and his assistants did. Maranatha athletics need a new vision or direction that recruits athletes to probably the best campus in the area.