Thursday Night Final: Deja vu in reverse as Monrovia rally falls short in 30-27 setback to South Hills; Duarte beats Ganesha, 35-20

COMING UP SHORT: Monrovia’s Darione Jones runs for a first down in Thursday’s nonleague game at Covina District Field. Host South Hills held on for a 30-27 victory.
Staff photo by Sarah Reingewirtz

Deja vu in reverse?
It sure seemed that way for Monrovia, which fourth-quarter rally fell short in a 30-27 setback to host South Hills at Covina District Field.
The Wildcats (2-2), who held on for a 28-25 victory on the same field in 2010, nearly stole victory from defeat after scoring three touchdowns in the fourth quarter before a 14-yard pass from Blake Heyworth Anthony Craft to the Monrovia 29 was a yard short of a first down on fourth and 15..
South Hills, which had quarterback Adam Goss account for 180 yards and three touchdowns, then ran out the clock to improve to 3-1.
The Huskies, taking advantage of four Monrovia turnovers in the first half, led 30-7 with just over two minutes in the third quarter following a 15-yard run by Lawson Careny.
Monrovia, which had just four first downs during the first half, then woke up.
The Wildcats, getting 171 yards passing and two touchdowns from Heyworth, made it 30-20 following a 1-yard run by Heyworth and a 3-yard pass from Heyworth to George Frazier V during the middle of the quarter.
Heyworth then made it 30-27 with just over three minutes to play with a 36-yard pass to Mason Bryant.
Heyworth, after Monrovia stopped South Hills on three plays, threw three consecutive incomplete passes before his fourth-down toss to Craft was a yard short.
Denzel Talifero rushed for 111 yards and three touchdowns as the Falcons opened Montoview League play with a win over the Giants.
Duarte, which improved to 2-2 overall, also got 130 yards and a touchdown from Marcus Lewis.

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  • bigfatfan

    Steve, can you guys cut us a break on the over-saturation of Monrovia football stories? three or four Monrovia-related stories a week, between the on-line blog and the print stories, its just too much. How about taking a look at some other local stories of interest, like: how in the heck did La Salle turn their program around this season, San Marino quietly at 3-0, SP tailback nathan lee rushing for nearly 450 yards in three games. there are other stories out there, please look for them. After Miguel left, I had hoped that the Monrovia love-fest with the star news would stop, apparently it hasn’t.

  • Philly B

    Dont hate fatfan, they’re just giving what the people want

  • rhlfan

    you’re right Philly B,

    let’s talk about how Monrovia screwed the pooch against South Hills.

  • The Observer

    Eat crow.

  • Kentera


  • Grim Reaper

    Like I said last week, Monrovia fans should enjoy it while you can get it, as some day the wolf will be at your door, and the winning streaks and CIF back to backs, will be a thing of memory. I have little doubt that Monrovia will go deep into the playoffs, with liberalized CIF transfer rules the run may be long.

    But Bigfatfan has a point, the from the sidelines continues as the Miguel Monrovia Mutual Admiration and Marching Green and White Chowder Society.

    It is kind of tough to root for Monrovia as the world loves an underdog, not the Panzer Tank Corps Blitzkrieg’ing the Polish army.

  • Anonymously


    No one cares about your Tigers and there RB running wild over crap teams. When you play Monrovia then it will be news.

  • @bigfatfan,
    you are my hero, I just believe that the more teams you talk about the more interest there is. I agree with you 100% there are other stories like Muir, Blair, Marshall and a couple of Glendale schools possibly moving into a league of their own.

  • Truth is…

    Truth is… said:
    I think folks need to take a hard look at exactly what Monrovia has done the past two and a half seasons. Here it is:


    Glendora- Loss
    Arcadia- Win
    San Dimas- Loss
    South Hills- Win
    Paramount- Win
    Blair- Win
    San Marino- Win
    Tc- Win
    La Canada- Win
    South Pas- Win
    Gladstone- Win
    Schurr- Win
    San Dimas- Win
    Whittier Christian- Win

    Glendora- Win
    Arcadia- Loss
    San Dimas- Loss
    South Hills- Loss
    Paramount- Win
    La Canada- WIn
    Blair- WIn
    TC- WIn
    San Marino- Win
    South Pas- Win
    Pomona- Win
    Whittier Christian- WIn
    Covina- Win
    San Gabriel- Win


    Ayala- Loss
    Arcadia- Win
    San Dimas- Win
    South Hills- Loss
    Rest of season- TBD

    Are they a very good Mid Valley team? Absolutely! Are they one of the premier teams in SoCal? Heavens no. The SGV? I wouldn’t go there either. They are a Top 8-12 team in the area and there are quite a few “middle-tier” schools who could’ve pulled off the same wins and losses over the same span. Glendora. South Hills. Arcadia (except this year). Diamond Ranch. Muir. La Serna. La Mirada. Bonita. And maybe a couple more that I’m missing. There is nothing special about any of their wins on a “Top program in the Valley” level. Nothing at all. Their losses speak more about their so-called elite status than any of their wins do. I’m not knocking them as a Mid-Valley power, because that’s what they are in the Mid-Valley, a superpower. But that’s where it ends, and at this point, they must be taken out of the “Top-tier program in the Valley” conversation.

    And truth is, they never should’ve been in it.

  • Time to Blame

    Truth be told Monrovia Football needs a change in philosophy, I played for Monrovia high in the 1970s, I have attended many many football games and it is painfully obvious that Monrovia has talented players, my greatest concern is what I see every game, bad coaching, horrible play calling, bad player substitutions, abysmal special teams play and a team that simple is not very tuff or physical. I often wonder who if any of the current coaches on the Wildcat staff ever played any football beyond Jr All American Football.
    Coaches your players are a reflection of your coaching style or lack thereof. In order for your team to play at a superior level you have to coach at a superior level. After watching a lot of high school football from the desert to Orange County It is clear to me that Monrovia has as much talent if not more than Mission Viejo or Chino Hills however their coaching is far superior to Monrovias. Monrovia coaching is terrible and it is very evident by watching this team perform, you cannot say your about it, you have to be about it
    All of us Monrovia fans have watched in horror this team and every team coached by these coaches continue to make the same mistakes over and over and over again and one has to ask when this style of play will cease to occur, when will there be consequences for poor play on the field. Every one of your players plays how they are coached and its clear to all of us changes need to occur.
    Maddox has to know that with winning come high expectations and a greater amount of criticism and scrutiny for him, his team and his coaching staff. I have a few suggestions for you and your entire coaching staff Coach.
    1) Hand over the play calling to someone on your staff that knows and understands offense, play calling, tempo of the game, player personnel and the utilization of offensive schemes. If you do not have anyone one on your staff hire someone. You need to stop watching the game and coach the game. You should be managing your coaches and interjecting when needed but the time has come for you to give up the play calling on offense.
    2) Fire your special teams coach, great teams have great special teams and your special teams are abysmal.
    3) Good Luck Versus ST Francis youre going to need it.

  • philly B

    Monrovia has GOT TO GET IT TOGEHTER IN THE FIRST HALF OF GAMES AND NOT TRY TO BE LIKE USC BACK IN 2004-05 and struggling against teams they should dominate for four quarters! If the cats dont come out of the gate scratching knights like Thundercats. St Francis will beat monrovia and it will not be close. I have respect for SF and they do have a good program. However if monrovia is running on all cylinders and not making dumb mistakes penalities and turnovers, not too many teams in the valley can beat them. But right now they are not showing it and its pissing me off!

    there is no story at blair, nor the glendale schools, but I am curious to see what muir will do in league play. Very curious after their pre-league schedule of death!

    truth is
    they are one of the premier teams in the San Gabriel Valley. Behind WestCo,Amat, and CO,. Gotta show respect for the eastside but thats as far as it goes.

    “There is nothing special about any of their wins on a “Top program in the Valley” level. Nothing at all”
    Really….Some of those games in the playoffs, Monrovia wasnt even favored to win. The first year playing south hills, monrovia won that game on the road, paramount too. and they were a good team that season. So you say nothing special. but I say they play the games they’re schedule. Monrovia would like a semi-schedule of death with Muir, La Serna, La Mirada.

    Strong words from an alumni. But lets state facts, the cats have won the last two CIF titles, yeah in a baby boo division but a division none the less. Ive seen the cats play too, sometimes you question things, but Maddox has done a wayyyyyy better job than that of Garrison. Lets be quite clear of that! When monrovia starts rolling on all cylinders come league play and going into the playoffs you’ll be on your feet hollering and cheering like everyone else. Im not convinced quite yet that the cats have what it takes to win it all for a third time. Yes they have the talent. But with Paraclete and Canyon springs, this is not a given. Last year I knew we could knock out Covina and any one else this year. The cats have way too much talent to have slow starts like they have been. THEY MUST JUMP ON OPPONENTS AND KEEP THE STRANGLE ON THEM. LET IT FLY WITH HEYWORTH, LET AINSWORTH GET HIS CARRIES AND RUN LOOSE, LET THAT DEFENSE GET NASTY LIKE THEY CAN.

    Truth is, “time to blame” Im questioning you as a monrovia fan, they lost and you wanna point fingers, I wanna give encouragement and motivation so this s*** gets better so we’re ready for the playoffs. and I’ll be honest I would like to see more stories about duarte, south pas, La Salle, and more on Gabrielino.

  • Truth is…

    Philly B, Monrovia is a dominant Mid Valley team. That is it. They’d even be a decent Southeast team. But that’s it. An SGV superpower? No. Sorry, not at all. They’re a middle-tier team in the SGV, even in the upper portion of the middle-tier. But still a middle-tier program.

    Substitute any of those teams I talk about below and all of them would have done the exact same thing Monrovia has done the last few years in the Rio Hondo and the Mid Valley division. All of them. Monrovia was in the right place at the right time. Good for them! They got two rings out of it. Their players, coaches, and fans should feel great about that. But, we are just on here giving opinions on the topic that they are not an SGV power, and they just aren’t. Had they been in the Sierra League, or even the Southeast Division, we wouldn’t even be having these conversations. And, like you said, they weren’t favored to win certain games in the Mid Valley. That by itself tells you all you need to know about the SGV Power talk.

  • Philly B

    I agree with you, alot of the teams you mentioned would do the same or better with the schedule monrovia had. But you cant blame them, they play the games they’re scheduled. If you’ve read or been on the blogs, Ive always campaigned or wanted monrovia out of the rio hondo league. and go play in the pacific league with Muir, Burroughs, Burbank, Crescenta Valley, and Pasadena.

    I respect your opinion of monrovia being a “middle-tier” team but I dont have to agree with it. Monrovia has been successful with the league and schedule they have been presented with. Now if monrovia was in the sierra league, yes this discussion wouldnt even be going on, but they’re not. Yeah they werent favored in some of those games and they WON!!! Thats the keyword right there. I mean Im not asking you to be a fan but whats it going to take for you to give monrovia some or just a lil respect as one of the elite teams in the SGV. Im just asking you to rate them no higher than 5. I mean who do you want them to play?

    I highhly doubt the winning streaks will be coming to an end any time soon when we’re stuck in the Rio Hondo League. That will be something that will be going for a very long time.

  • WANT RESPECT ????????

    Philly b,
    You want a little respect as an elite team of the SGV ???????? First play an elite team of the SGV ,and no South Hills, Ayala are not elite teams . Then after schedluing an elite play them close or beat them . As of this date none of that has happened and looks like it never will . St Francis is an upper tier program but not elite and just wait and see how they mow down Monrovia . So if respect is what you;re looking for , just know your place which is an elite team in the Mid valley period and quit talking about Monrovia being a top team in the SGV until they prove it on the field instead of just in every Monrovia honks mind . And the grip on the Mid valley just might slip through your grasp come playoff time this year if your team can’t get it together on the field and you know I speak the TRUTH.