PrepXtra Rewind: Predictions on Monrovia-St. Francis. Plus, the San Dimas duo of Jake Payton and Justin Bugh …

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  • New York

    Monrovia wins if:
    Our primary formation is the double-tightends with Frazier and Walsh and Ainsworth at Tailback, Craft and Bryant at WR. Ainsworth gets 25+ touches, Frazier and Walsh get passes and Craft and Bryant are allowed to go deep early and stretch the field. Give Ainsworth a break from defense if he looks tired. Rushing for 300 yards is a tremendous “defense.”

    Last year we got rolling when we grinded out tough yards with Marquis Bias and passed off of that. This year we need to start doing the same with Ainsworth. Run first and run hard. Throw to those tall and athletic tightends. Stretch the field with the WRs. Roll up our sleeves and go after these guys. Stop being the nail and start being the hammer.

    If we take the soft approach that we have been then we lose, because we cant ask Monrovians to play passive football and be successful. That’s not how we’re wired. No such thing as bend but don’t break.

  • New York

    Oh yeah,
    Bueno is great as a slot-back with inside handoffs against the flow. This can be a dagger after setting up more of a power run with Ainsworth.

    Short yardage (2 yards and less) AND our O-line has established a ground game: This is primetime for the O-line. All they want to do is fire-off and hit someone. Keep it that way. Don’t make them think about the snap-count. Changing up the count from 4 yards or 5 yards out is much easier psychologically, but from two yards away inside the red-zone DONT do it, ESPECIALLY if you have called a RUN play.