PrepXtra Rewind: La Salle coach Russell Gordon and QB Austin Wallis. Plus, the Scouting Guru breaks down the Serra League …

La Salle coach Russell Gordon, “We feel like we can play with anyone in the San Gabriel Valley.”

Opening: La Salle coach Russell Gordon and quarterback Austin Wallis. The Lancers are 6-0 after winning one game in two previous seasons. Gordon’s thinking big, hoping to schedule the area’s best next season, and that includes anyone, including Monrovia, St. Francis, Muir or even some of our heavyweights on the East side.

18:30 mark: The Scouting Guru joins us to talk about the Serra League, plus two-minute drills on Bishop Amat-Alemany, Bonita-West Covina, South Hills-Charter Oak and Gladstone-Duarte. In the segment Aram tells you why Bishop Amat and Charter Oak are so much better than everyone else, and I tell you why El Monte should let QB Brandon Martinez chase every record imaginable.

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  • King

    Whoa! Easy there Gordon. You haven’t won anything yet. You guys aren’t Boise St., so don’t think you can just go out and schedule whoever. Put together back-to-back winning seasons and then maybe think about going out and scheduling the “Big” dogs.

  • rhlfan

    coach gordon is in over his head…the best opponent they’ve played so far this season is westchester, and that even wasn’t a big win…

    monrovia, san marino, and south pasadena would beat la salle.

  • Noobs kill me

    They (the big dogs) might just beat La Salle but that is why you play the games, but he said La Salle would COMPETE!

  • rhlfan

    Noobs kill me,

    “might” beat La Salle?

    Monrovia 56 – La Salle 7

  • 81

    Some of you guys need to learn your history. It wasn’t that long ago that La Salle and Monrovia had a good rivalry going. They would even go against each other and “compete” fairly deep in the playoffs.

  • spencer

    Elevation North Hollywood: 696 feet above sea level
    Elevation Sierra Madre 1,000 feet above sea level
    Perhaps the elevation gain between N.H. and S.M. has caused Coach Gordon to become light headed or should I say big headed when he says he feels like he can play with anyone in the San Gabriel Valley. Please go to Cal Preps and look at the ratings of the teams they’ve played. Not impressive. Monrovia, St. Francis, San Marino and even Rio Hondo Prep would beat La salle. I applaud Coach Gordon’s enthusiasm and hope the best for his program, but walk before you run.

  • Noobs kill me

    Spencer- Have you seen all five teams play this season?

    rhlfan- Yes, “might beat”- I will ask the same question to you, have you seen La Salle play this season? Monrovia is NOT scoring 56 on La Salle this season and La Salle is NOT only going to score 7. You sound ridiculous with that guesstimate.

  • PurdueAlum05


    When was La Salle ever in football??? If they beat Monrovia it was probably during a Garrison down hear towards the end of his HC days. La Salle is a basketball and baseball school. “End of story, period!” – Stephan A. Smith

  • PurdueAlum05


    When was La Salle ever good in football??? If they beat Monrovia it was probably during a Garrison down hear towards the end of his HC days. La Salle is a basketball and baseball school. “End of story, period!” – Stephan A. Smith

  • Monrovia, St. Francis, Muir, Arcadia, RHP by 30 over La Salle easy this year. Once they got hit in the mouth once or twice the game would be over especially against the 1st two.

  • 81

    purduealum it was within the last ten years.

  • Fred Robledo

    When was La Salle ever good in football? Do you homework before popping off. In 2006 in one of the most exciting Mid-Valley Division quarterfinal games I ever covered, La Salle went into Monrovia’s House and beat them 35-28. And this was no ordinary Monrovia, they were 9-2 and heavy favorites at the time. It was a remarkable year in which La Salle got thumped by Monrovia 52-19 earlier in the year to fall to 0-4, then went on one of the most dramatic turnarounds, beating Monrovia in the rematch and marching all the way to the divisional finals before losing to a Verbum Dei, the same Verbum Dei that it defeated earlier in the season to win the Camino Real.

  • 81

    Fed, thanks for backing me up

  • Noobs kill me


    At least your name rings true, “WHOA NELLY”, you need to come to an abrupt halt if you believe that La Salle will FOLD after getting punched/hit in the mouth. You obviously know not what you speak…

    Re: losing by 30 to ANY of those teams.. I will reiterate (that means “say it again)- in case you are one of the slow ones- the same question I posed earlier; have you seen La Salle play THIS season, 2012?

  • @ Boobs kill me
    it does not really matter if I have seen them or not, I know many of the players and they are soft, good kids but soft. Ah you ask, who could woanelly be? Not really important just offering a visual of what would be THIS YEAR. They may be building something and the coach appears to have a great staff so things are looking up but they are still not going to beat those teams. The teams in their league are terrible this year and TC was not the team they are now. I believe Bishop Montgomery may be a challenge and they will make the playoffs so we’ll eventually see how it all plays out in the second season.

  • Noobs kill me

    Whoa Nelly-

    I could care less who you are, so please believe I am NOT wondering….and you are in no way the insider you believe you are if you think the 2012 Lancers are soft.

    The only thing I will agree with you on Ol’ Nelly, is that Bishop should be a great test and as long as La Salle takes care of business in that and the remaining games, we shall see how they fair in the play-offs where their division is quite tough.

    Btw- La Salle isn’t the same team now either.

  • Boobs, enough said good luck on the rest of the season, hope to see all locals in the finals. Its not the school its just a reality check and we all know they could not hang with Monrovia and St. Francis. In the distant past and possibly in the future but not this year. Wish the kids well and please schedule those games next year.

  • PurdueAlum05

    Fred Robledo,
    Actually, Temple City was the power program back then. Monrovia beat La Salle back in 2006, 52 to 19, so before you go trying to prove people wrong YOU SHOULD DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Maybe you should go “pop off” like you state in your comment but you might be too busy jocking Bishop Amat.

  • 81


    STFU yeah Monrovia won 52-19 in the regular season but when i mattered in the playoffs La Salle won in Monrovia’s house. Good day!

  • Noobs kill me

    Whoa Nelly- With much respect I understand based on the cult following of the Monrovia fans and to a lesser extent the St. Francis fan base how you could think that we wouldn’t be able to hang with those teams. But people that have seen La Salle play
    (and their style of play) would beg to differ.

    Btw- aren’t you the poster that said South Pasadena would whup La Salle? Lmao at that statement, South Pas just got beat by Temple City, who La Salle DOMINATED and physically beat up in their opening game.

    Just sayin facts…

  • football fan

    Let’s get real here La Salle is having a fine season but they play in a weak League and Division. They are lucky Cantwell and Verbum dei are way down this year. Mary Star sucks big time. La Salle playing with the Big Boys is a Big Joke.

  • Noobs kill me

    football fanatic-

    What “Big Boy Division” do you represent?