STAR-NEWS RANKINGS: Monrovia stays on top, San Marino up to No. 2 as St. Francis drops to No. 4 after another close loss; La Salle, Gabby hold ground

1. Monrovia (4-2) — The Wildcats are back in their comfort zone, showing their might with a 53-14 victory over previous No. 7 South Pasadena. It’s the first of what should be a sweep through the Rio Hondo League and perhaps the CIF-SS Mid-Valley Divsion.
2. San Marino (6-0) — The Titans, off to their best start in recent memory, move up a notch after another blow-out win. They should continue their march until a late-season showdown at Monrovia at the end of the month.
3. Rio Hondo Prep (5-1) — The Kares also take advantage of St. Francis’ loss and take the No. 3 spot. This is another team that might not lose the rest of the way. It’s Prep League title and Northeast Division championship for bust for Rio Hondo.
4. St. Francis (3-3) — The Golden Knights could easily be 6-0, instead they are 3-3 and now in danger of missing the postseason, sans upset wins over Serra and Chaminade in the next few weeks. It’s time to worry in La Canada.
5. La Salle (6-0) — The Lancers’ turnaround just keeps getting better every week. They’ll likely play for the eventual Del Rey League title next week. But first a battle at Mary Star (2-1 in league) awaits.
6. Gabrielino (6-0) — The Eagles continue to fly, beating Mountain View convincingly last week. Will it continue against South El Monte?
7. Muir (3-3) — The Mustangs continue to climb the ladder after opening the season with consecutive losses. They get Burroughs this week before a Pacific League showdown against Burbank next week.
8. Duarte (4-2) — The Falcons long road back to the top of the Montivew League rests with a first-place showdown against Gladstone on Friday.
9. South Pasadena (4-2) — The Tigers were no match for Monrovia, but who is? They will be back in their realm this week, and still have a shot to finish in the Rio Hondo League’s top three.
10. Pasadena Poly (3-1) — The Panthers, who were idle last week, need to take care of business agaisnt rival Flintridge Prep on Saturday. But the Prep League showdown agaisnt Rio Hondo Prep looms.
The rest: 11. Arcadia (2-4), 12. Rosemead (3-3), 13. Pasadena (2-4), 14. Temple City (3-3), 15. *San Gabriel (1-5), 16. Alhambra (2-4), 17. Flintridge Prep (3-3), 18. Maranatha (1-5), 19. La Canada (1-5), 20. Bosco Tech (1-5), 21. Marshall (3-4), 22. Keppel (0-6), 23. Blair (0-6).

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  • rhlfan

    san marino at 2…never thought i’d see the day

  • Eastern ave.

    The Titans…wow. Can the kids from San Marino beat the kids from Monrovia???
    Now that would be a compelling story…

    Muir is “Just Winning” every week.

    The Catholics from Hastings Ranch high school have 6 wins after losing 9 last season. Hmm… Academic Transfers help.. Just Say-in’.

    Rio Hondo Prep will be undefeated in league play.
    They will be playing football in November and December. State Bowl.???

    Poly will struggle with Upset minded Flintridge this week.

    South Pas can’t lose another game. What is up at St. Francis???

    Maranatha won and there wasn’t a 2 page spread in the paper? Now that;s news! ;D

    Maranatha…oh Magoo!!! lol.

  • GrimReaper

    Re SM #2
    Eastern and RHLfan every dog has its day, and the top dog is a cat… A Wildcat that is.

    Also, Muir might beg to differ as well as a bunch of other teams.

    That being said, if SM is good enough to stand the test of time, and the star news brain trust proves its mettle. Monrovia will be in one half of the bracket for CIF and if the ratings are correct, (big disclaimer) SM would be in the other side of the brackets.

    But there is a big bunch of time and tests between here and there. Like the Reaper always says, it is high school football and injuries, mistakes, and just plain bad luck are part of the game. Anything can and will happen.

    Don’t bet on anything that eats. You can bet the house on that.

  • Noobs kill me


    There has only been one transfer to La Salle that has played in all 6 games. The other transfers played in their first game last week. Just sayin’ actual facts.

  • Titansportsfan

    I just have to point out you have rosemead ahead of TC although they got the head to head win two weeks ago doesnt make much sense to me unless rosemead did something to convince you otherwise this past week …. i’m going to enjoy SM being at number two for a week …two unless RHP totally takes care of business this week…. TC vs SP this week is huge it’ll be a game… TC is playing there best football right now and there only building confidence would not be surprised at all if they pull out a W which essentially would kill SP playoff hopes …must win for the tigers if there going to control there own fate. (this assuming LC doesnt get there act together which i dont think they will)

  • bigfatfan

    Titan: agreed, SP better be ready for real game against TC this friday. a few weeks ago, this match-up looked like a cruiser for SP, but TC has rebounded lately. tho their only win that impresses me is the one over Rosemead. beating Hoover and Blair is not so tough, tho SP failed to beat hoover… Tigers better strap it on this friday and come out swinging.

  • Greenie….Remember the Titans

    Monrovia will not overlook SM. The Cats have not had a true league title game in some time. The kids from SM are much improved, and feel for the team that gets these guys in the 1st or 2nd round. Monrovia has too much speed, two excellent backs, and the Defense is really rolling now. The SM off and def lines are going to have play the game of their lives to keep it close. If they don’t get the job done, the Mtown WR will exploit the SM Secondary. We have soph that need time…They will get good experience in this game. Monrovia is going to win.

    Monrovia 49 San Marino 20

  • PacFan

    Ramirez. . .
    So far Muir has outscored their opponents in the pacific 136-0. And yet their still at end of the Top 10. I hope after the Stangs take care of the Burbank Schools you take a better look at your rankings. Cause they are the top team in the area and they are to be contend with in the South East.

  • Greenie’s top 10

    My top 10-

    1. Monrovia
    2. Muir
    3. St Francis
    4. San Marino
    5. Rio Hondo prep
    6. LaSalle
    7. Gabrielino
    8. Duarte
    9. South Pas
    10. Pasadena Poly.

  • realTALK

    Yes Muir has out scored their opponents in the pacific but they haven’t see te bulk of the pacific!!!!! They have played Hoover, Glendale, And CV! C’MON MAN!! Their a combined 1-8 before you give them all this praise let them play Burbank Burroughs and Arcadia who are 7-2 combined in league play!! Next week muir has their big test vs burbank!!

  • RHP83

    At Rio Hondo Prep it’s CIF Champions or bust.
    Winning league is nice, but we our goal every year is to win the CIF Championship.

  • Steve Ramirez

    PacFan: Yes, Muir has dominated the Pacific up to now. But the teams ranked ahead of them haven’t lost, sans South Pasadena, who I dropped behind Muir this week. When the teams ranked ahead of you continue to win and win impressively, they are entitled to that slot no matter what the teams behind them do. Now if they lose, or squeak by, then they are open game…but not until then. That’s why I dropped St. Francis down two pegs this week.

  • AllKnowing

    St. Francis at No. 4 really?? If SF played San Marino and Rio Hondo Prep they would lose? I think SF is better than both of those teams.

    Also, San Marino has an extremely weak schedule.

  • Someone who knows

    Alhambra’s coach, Joe Kanach has been let go. AD will take over on an interim basis.

  • 6power

    Fridays So Pas/ TC game is huge for the Rams and Coach Mac.
    This is the smallest O/D line TC team I can remember, inexperienced non-throwing QB, a handful of tough nosed kids on defense and not a big name among them. It is a Robin Hood “all for one and one for all” team vibe.
    Despite a horrendous 3 game start of consecutive shutouts…no actually blowouts, Mac and staff have injected life and motivation into the kids – and they believe. What else could a parent ask for –

    The Rams are blocking and tackling – and not much fancier than that. TC has gotten better, their play against Rosemead was good to the point of shocking – when compared to the lay down and die Arroyo game performance. Looking forward to yelling Friday night and hope that others will raise voices in support. These kids are playing their asses off, win or lose.

    6Power – formerly Goldenarm

  • Mean Green Pastures…

    All Knowing…

    South Pas Score 14pts against Monrovia, St Francis scored 13pts…San Marino will Probably score 14 pts too… Sorry dude Steve technically has the right to put ’em there at least on Paper.

  • GrimReaper

    6 Power/ Golden Arm

    You are back!

    Good to see you, I was beginning to wonder if something had happened to you. I guess beating the ‘Mede has recuperative powers to the 6Power

    Good luck on Friday, it is an important step on the road back.

  • philly B

    Ummmm, Muir is a little low in ranking even to my liking. But it’s true they have played the bottom feem of the Pacific, and they wont be tested until they play the burbank schools. I think they’ll blowout arcadia no question. Feel bad for pasadena though, If Cox hadnt been hurt, I really think they would of had a shot for the league title and showdown for possibly 1st place at the tussle, but still if Cox can be 100% by the time of the tussle their is still bragging rights for the bell. Even though they havent been tested in league I would put them No. 2 because we all know the teams 2-6 wouldnt stand a chance against the stangs.

    SM fans…..enjoy it, but by week 9 if not sooner, The titans will be exposed!!!!
    TC/SP game should be treated like a playoff game, because it could be a deciding factor on who gets in the playoffs. If TC can beat SP which I think they have a chance since all Ive been hearing is that SP has no Defense, then they’ll have a real good chance at home against SM. Can an Mtown fan wake up when the playoff brackets are released. Into Hibernation I must go.

  • bigfatfan

    6Power: good to hear from you again. I told my son today, “treat the SP/TC game like a playoff game”. here’s to a good game on friday.

  • Philly B, I agree with you that Muir is a bit low but I believe in Mr. Ramirez’s concept of winning keeps you on top. I hope Muir does not do what they do every year and lose to teams they should beat because of penalties and discipline. They do not turn the ball over a lot but the shoot themselves in the foot……..ball everytime someway somehow. If Hardy can keep them focused with a mission they should be ok.I believe the Cox kid should sit, coaches and admin tend to lie about a kids health for their own cause. The kid is bound for greatness but if he gets hurt….? I hear he is dynamite on the baseball field also.

  • rhlfan

    philly b,

    i still don’t understand what you have against san marino?

  • GrimReaper

    RHL fan

    you have been around long enough to know the pavlovian effect of uttering the word San Marino near Philly.

  • New York

    I know enough about San Marino’s history that concerns me every time we (Monrovia) play them. Let’s keep it within the past 10 years. No need to mention the glory in the 1990s.

    In 2009 San Marino exposed Monrovia, not the other way around, as Monrovia was on its way to a 13-1 season. San Marino held us to our, at the time, season low scoring. San Marino exposed us that game. It was a blueprint that San Dimas followed a few weeks later.

    In 2003 San Marino beat Monrovia head-to-head to claim the Rio Hondo League’s last playoff spot and make 2003 the only year between 1994 and 2011 that Monrovia did not earn a playoff birth.

    I’ve coached kids like this, at one of our nation’s most expensive private schools as well as at an affluent public school. These guys work hard and play hard and are usually always in the right position on the field. Their parents might be a pain the the rear sometimes, but their parents also understand what it takes to get ahead in life. They want to win and so do their kids. There is a reason they beat up on La Canada. San Marino is NOT La Canada.

    San Marino does not lose games, they make other teams win games. Don’t get me wrong, I think that an attack of going through Ainsworth that leads to minimal play-action passes would overwhelm them just as it would have Ayala. San Marino has never done well against straigth forward run games against bigger teams. They have historically done well when teams get too cute. In other words, they lose when teams take advantage of their physical limitations.

    I don’t know much about San Marino’s current coach other than he was selected by a pretty high profile committee and he was a Division I college offensive coordinator. I’m sure his game plan will be among the best we have faced and he will find ways to get the most out of this three main guys.

  • GrimReaper

    Nice little recap of history, but it demonstrates one thing of the current situation in the RHL, that the years that Monrovia does not win the RHL championship is a once or twice a decade occurrence. Reality, is that if any team in the RHL is able to hold the point differential to 20 or fewer points in their loss to Monrovia, it will be an upset. And if such thing happens I suggest you listen to the comments of the M faithful that will follow.

    But your statement about not talking about the glory days of SM in the 1990’s or before, TC in the late 60’s-70’s, is illustrative. Like I have said before, at Monrovia there is a mindset that this run will never end. If you want a lesson in how things can and will change, look at how TC set the record for consecutive wins in CIF history.

  • GrimReaper

    NY Cont:
    In 1971 TC was in the midst of the consecutive win run..SM returned approximately 18 starters and a large number were all league selections as Juniors. The SM TC game was highly anticipated. The final margin of victory for TC was over 40 points. TC continued to roll. SP came in second. Go to the Star News Archives, the mindset was in full display, when Coach Hitchcock was interviewed he took a shot at SM Coach Cunz saying if he had the talent SM had, he wouldn’t beat any team by less than 50 points. I paraphrase, but the jab was there..In the midst of a run, we all think the current trend will never end.
    In 1972 TC continued to be strong, the night they were playing SM was the day TC would tie the consecutive win record. An SM team that would win 3 games that year was in a complete rebuilding phase.

  • GrimReaper

    NY cont:
    Nothing was expected of that 1972 match up. SM may have had one pre league victory, TC was still perfect for years, and Coach Cunz obviously had a long memory.

    Somehow, Cunz designed a game plan and defense that would surprise. At the end of the first half TC had negative total offense. In the end, TC still won (sort of-dredge up the stats) as one of the Brown Brothers playing Middle Linebacker forced two fumbles on the TC goal line as SM runners were crossing the goal line. SM missed 5 field goals. The TC offense consisted of two long pass plays for touchdowns on blown coverage. final score 14-3. TC continued on with a perfect record for another year or so. Certainly the run would never end. TC got way with one that night and should have lost to a weak SM team. So anything can and will happen in high school football. There was a post by a Monrovia backer recently that exhibits the mind set..essentially how Monrovia is so magnanimous that they offer a running clock to other teams in the RHL, in a sportsmanship offer to keep the score down and give M sophs a chance to play. That shows the mind set and is the type of fodder that feeds a current day Coach Cunz somewhere.

    So enjoy the run, someday (like the current TC situation) the wolf will be at your door, the housing bubble will pop, and Monrovia will have a 2-7 record. Monrovia will win it all this year including CIF, by significant margin. An undermanned SM team may give you a game (or not) for a while, but we all know inevitable outcome.

    But right now, there is a Coach Cunz, with a long memory, out there, getting ready to play a whole season in one game.

  • Philly B

    If cox is a standout in Baseball, Arizona will have a real nice talent coming in whether it be football or baseball. yeah I hope this season will not be the Muir of old. I want to see them go deep in the playoffs and do well. But time will tell if they are for real or not. Only thing stopping them is them. i think talent wise they are best in the pacific league. I agree with Steve about rankings but at the same time it just looks weird seeing them below the likes of san marino, gabrielino and La Salle.

    What I have against SM is the fact they get hyped and ranked high based on a easy pre-league schedule and then they go to the playoffs and get bounced in the first round, maybe 2nd. If they were to play an opponent they had no shot in beating and beat them, then I’ll show love but until then…Im waiting for the “They were who I thought they were!” I did agree to someone I forgot who, that if SM beats TC then I will come on here and say that SM is better than I thought or gave them credit.

    Thats right! You mention SM you better have something to back it up with besides a record and star news ranking!

    Lets just get out the Obvious, those kids at SM, I’ve played against, and yeah, they’re hard nose, they play hard, and they dont give up. HOWEVER, talent and athleticism, they are inferior to the likes of monrovia, and thats just the bottom line. Yeah they got that title that one year. Cant forget that.

    What’s so wrong with a running clock. Coach maddox has class and he’s not the type of person if he has a 30pt lead, to keep starters in, and run up the score. That doesnt mean we think we’re so much better than the rest of the league. The league titles and scoreboard does that for us!!!! Yeah we will win league, but as far as CIF goes, You cant give us the ring or predict that. It is way too soon, and I know Paraclete and San Dimas will have their minds set on trying to knock out the champs. Especially San Dimas! Those Saints are always a tough matchup. I just hope with monrovia just running through league doesnt relax them going into the playoffs (which Im sure it wont because of leaderhsip in coachin). We are enjoying the run and continue to do so, but a true monrovia fan would want MHS to leave the RHL and go to a league where they can be challenged and have good games to watch, and being challeneged 1,2,3 games before playoffs I believe would help out going in the playoffs.

  • GrimReaper


    Good luck, I have to admit you you are a Monrovia booster with bravado!

    The team is lucky to have such a devoted fan. Keep the memories of this run close to your heart, as it will keep you warm when things get cold someday. To assume the streak will continue forever is human nature, but is false. Eventually any party ends and the balloons go flat. And the longer it goes the hungrier and more committed your long suffering opponents will become.

    Good luck, everyone likes a parade. So I urge you to enjoy it and revel.

    But when the end comes, expect some posts like the previous exchange:

    September 21, 2012 12:16 AM
    Kentera said: Ouch!

    September 20, 2012 11:54 PM
    The Observer said: Eat crow.

    September 20, 2012 9:44 PM
    rhlfan said: you’re right Philly B,
    let’s talk about how Monrovia screwed the pooch against South Hills.

    September 20, 2012 9:39 PM
    Philly B said: Dont hate fatfan, they’re just giving what the people want

    sic:(lots of Monrovia coverage in the SN)

  • onthereal

    rhl fan-
    san marino is going to dominate TC… your football knowledge is laughable

  • rhl fan
    your football knowledge is laughable
    San Marino is going to laugh at TC on friday

  • Philly B

    Dont count T.C. out and give SM the win just yet. With the way TC is playing they may just shock the lil RHL world which would be great for the weak league, and give south pas something to fight for when those two teams square off at the end of the season.

    Crazy Im saying this because they’ll always be the rivals, but T.C. give SM all you got, expose them so we can say “we are who we thought they were”

  • The Observer

    Philly B,

    In the weeks previous, you were hyping up South Pas and how they were the ones that were going to beat SM. Did SP just not get “exposed”?

    And it is “THEY are who we thought they were”, not “WE are who we thought they were”. Your phrase makes no sense.