Breaking News: Joe Kanach out at Alhambra, AD Jerry DeSantis in

By Keith Lair, SGVN

Football coach Joe Kanach has been let go at Alhambra High School.
“He is no longer a teacher or a coach,” athletic director Jerry DeSantis said.
The athletic director said he was instructed not to make any other
statements or give a reason for his dismissal. Neither school
principal Brad Walsh nor Kanach returned phone calls on Thursday.
Kanach did not attend last Friday night’s 30-13 Almont League loss
defeat to Bell Gardens and DeSantis said the decision to no longer
have Kanach on staff happened on Tuesday.
DeSantis will coach the Moors for the remaining four regular-season
games, including tonight at Keppel.
DeSantis said the position will open up at the conclusion of the
“The kids took it well,” DeSantis said. “I think we’ll be playing a
good game this week. The boys are up.”
DeSantis was an assistant coach for longtime Moors coach Gil
Ruedaflores and for Lou Torres, who resigned after to seasons last
“I’m going to let the coordinators run the game, but I’ll make the
big decisions,” DeSantis said. “We’ve changed a few things. We’ll be
back to Alhambra football.”
Alhambra, which returned the most experienced team in the Almont, is
2-4 on the season.
DeSantis said that the Moors could have won the league opener at Bell
Gardens. The Moors were stopped at the 1-yard line with Bell Gardens
ahead, 10-7, in the fourth quarter.
“Then the dam broke,” DeSantis said. “If we get into the end zone,
it’s 14-7 with six minutes play.”

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  • GrimReaper

    Smells bad–

    Reminds one of the sudden demise of Coach Mooney.

    Same deal, the school district will refuse to discuss personnel matters, and speculation will run wild. Nobody wins, especially the kids.

  • curious george

    To, GrimReaper..

    How on earth does this remind you of Mooney…. Mooney was convicted of stealing thousands from the SMUSD (by a court remember)… Please give an explanation on your comment.

  • The Observer

    I think Reaper is just comparing the initial events of the two firings. Both coaches were relieved of their duties, coaching AND teaching/administrative, with no true explanation.

  • GrimReaper

    observer you got it right, Curious George I have no knowledge of why the head coach of Alhambra did not show up last week or why he was dismissed on the following tues.

    Who knows maybe the coach decided that he would rather go to a movie or won the lotto or worse yet has a serious health issue or it was a conduct issue.. Who knows. But then again, as it is a school district personnel matter there will be no comments made by the district personnel..

    That will leave the potential of many to jump to their favorite conclusions based on what ever leaks or suppositions that will start to float around.

    Whatever it works out to be, if anyone ever knows, it is unfortunate for the Alhambra players.

    And yes it turned out to be a very bad thing for Mooney in the end, but remember the rife speculation with an absence of fact that started a whirlwind on these very pages. I hope that at least everyone might learn to wait and see what comes rather than engage in that armchair sport.

  • Anon

    Mooney wasnt convicted of anything. He plead no contest as part of a deal with the d.a. Get your facts straight before making a comment like that. I dare you to find any proof of conviction but I’ll bet all the money in your pockets versus mine you wont find any record of conviction against mooney. Kanach was let go because he was caught doing something with his cell phone that he shouldnt have been doing involving students at alhambra.