• rhlfan

    was this post really necessary?

  • BigCat

    Blair has had,in the past a proud football heritage. If I were the Monrovia Coach, I would offer a running clock, for the whole game. The purpose of the running clock would be to get my Wildcats some experience playing in a hurry up offense. I would give my first strings so many minutes, my second strings so many minutes and my third strings so many minutes. I would force each string to operate efficiently, in minimum time. If my guys were not getting it done efficiently, I would punt some rectum.
    I would get my team ready to play in a hurry up offence and give the playoff team coaches something else to worry about.
    The purpose would be to strengthen the Wildcat team, not to embarrass the Blair team.

  • GrimReaper

    Fred if you took the time to read our previous thread, I think everyone has to go neutral corners, and never speak of that game again.

    The Monrovia Blair game, if the Blair continues to have grade eligibility problems, and Monrovia who soundly spanked the La Canada team last week, plays consistent with their Cal Preps and Max Preps ratings… the game has potential to be equal to or worse than SM Blair.

    I think Monrovia Booster NY said it best, and put it all to rest. Fred you should read the previous thread from all involved and get a first hand account of the game, before you throw a can of gas on the embers in order to to re-stoke the fire for some unknown reason. You are late to the party.

  • New York

    To be fair, didn’t West Covina score a similar number of points against La Serna in the CIF finals last year? I don’t remember the reporters talking about how they feel sorry for the La Serna seniors having to endure that in their final game of football. Sometimes the defense simply can not make an adjustment and the offense’s most basic bread and butter play cotinually goes for long runs. The only thing I jabbed WestCo about was their half-back pass when they already had a sizeable lead.

    Regarding Monrovia vs. Blair: this is a nightmare senario for Monrovia’s coaches and players. It is truly difficult to find any upside with respect to preparing for the playoffs other than that any injured players can rest and recover.

    The running clock is not something you offer. That is an insult to the opponent. Also, you don’t run the ball when the defense has completely loaded the box. You don’t want to risk getting our players hurt.

    Maybe we can utilize this game to refine our pre-snap reads and communication and to practice catching the football. It would be nice to see us achieve better than a 50% completion rate. Last week we were 6 of 16.

  • Mitch

    So are the players supposed to run around like Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl and run down the clock on every play? Did you see the game in person? SM made no effort to run up the score (and I certainly don’t care for SM, but the wife went there) and played mostly second and third team players who ran off center and off tackle plays. My guess is this is just a typical attack against SM for basically no reason other than that its SM. Thanks Fred.

  • It is now a CIF rule (started last season) that any game in which one team has a margin of 35 points or greater going into the fourth or at any point during the fourth quarter will be played with a running clock. That running clock will not stop even if the losing team makes the margin less than 35.

    West Covina’s win over La Serna had a running clock. I wasn’t at SM’s win over Blair, but I’m sure it had a running clock, too.

    You want somebody to be mad at? Be mad at Blair’s school officials for even having a varsity team. They got their coach a month before the season, had no summer prep, have terrible equipment and earlier this season had over 20 players be ruled ineligible because of grades.

    There was no reason for Blair to field a varsity team this season other than for school and district officials to avoid a PR disaster.

  • Greener than you

    The Ultimate respect Monrovia can pay to Blair, is to play hard, not to let up, and not to show mercy. The Blair Team Decided long time ago that they were going to compete. They Decide that they did not want to quit. For that reason, it would show no class, if Mtown did not field their starters and made a spectacle of the event. Who is good enough to take any team lightly? Best believe the Blair team will practice hard this week, and that alone will make them a better team. They already have my respect for fielding a team. If they play hard, and don’t quit, that would be a win in my book. Their coach may not when coach of the year, but any coach put and that situation, and is able to play ten games for the 20 kids at that school who want to participate in high school football, is a hero in my book. You laugh at 86-0. I don’t, it’s the same as 7-0 and loss. Heck PHS only has 1 win. Maranatha 2. Monrovia could have beat La Canada 86-0. Monrovia needs to come out play Blair like it’s the Cif title game. It does not matter if it’s 1st string or reserves. Monrovia is still in the race for a state bowl bid. They have to do what they have to do. All these little points add up, 1 less score, or a field goal here could have Mtown a point short from going to state if the other teams 2 of the 3 teams ahead of them, win a division title. I am not buying this whole idea of taking it easy.

  • New York

    The use of the word “mercy” here is so out of context. That word reminds me of the lunatic sensei in the movie Karate Kid. But we are not talking about a situation where people are physically getting injured. Nor is this some devastating economic or natural disaster situation. We are talking about points on a score board. Mercy has nothing to do with this.

    Football is a sport that places players at greater risk of injury when they stop playing 100%.

    Show Blair respect by playing hard and playing to win. It’s good that Blair now knows it needs to close the gap 86 points on San Marino. Look at the comments from of the South Pasadena bloggers who suggested Monrovia had transfers/recruits because we blew them out this year in the same fashion that we have blown out past South Pas teams that were apparently less talented than this year’s squad. Well, maybe in past years Monrovia was 80 points better than South Pas but we kept the spread to 40 or 50, but apparently doing that gives teams a false sense of the true gap they need to close.

  • BigCat

    It’s practical to both show Blair respect and to play hard to win. If restricted time is used to the advantage of the Wildcats, then it’s a win win situation.
    The Blair players decided to play. The Blair players didn’t decide to have perhaps 20 players declared grade ineligible. Yes, there are those who showed bo respect for the Blair football team, however, at least most of those are Blair faculty or administration. The job of the Blair faculty is to teach students. The Blair faculty failed. If the students failed to study, they should have been flunked. However, even the failure to study is the fault of the Blair faculty and, ultimately the Blair administration.
    I attended Monrovia and I never once passed a single assignment in English class. I was a National Merit Scholarship finalist. Draw your owb conclusionbs.

  • GrimReaper

    Big Cat
    As your attorney, I advise you to stop testifying about this subject, telling a story about how Monrovia graduated a National Merit Finalist, that never passed an English Test or assignment, is not helping.

    Billy Don Jackson, UCLA football type stories, are just going to reflect poorly on Monrovia and give other bloggers too much ammo. You know Titanfan is sitting there, waiting to pounce next weekend.

    Good Luck to MoTown Blair and the boosters/fans this week. No way around it, the Blair Monrovia game this week will be a losing proposition for everyone involved. It is just too, one sided, and it will be a blow out of epic proportions… or an AYSO Soccer game with a trophy for everyone at the end.

    I won’t be there, and I will leave it up to those that didn’t go to the game to comment upon it…enough said?

  • New York

    Oh man. Saying that the faculty and administration is at fault if students dont study is really setting those kids up for failure in the long run, and it is really insulting to those students and their families by setting the bar so low as to their own responsibilities. Will it be their future bosses’ faults if they don’t show up to work?

    I suppose it is possible that the students who came up ineligible were allowed to coast in past years and now they are not. So in that regard, the faculty and administration would be at fault for not enforcing good standards in the past that may have allowed these guys to think they could continue business as usual.

    The Blair administration might be at fault for not better supporting the program that Tip Sanders was trying to build. I say might because I am not completely familiar with the situation. But no administration or teacher is at fault for students not studying.

  • Sad state

    Something bigger is going on here people. Don’t forget, while Blair was losing 86-0, PHS was losing a historic game 37-6 to Hoover and Marshall lost 48-0 the next day. With so many local football players choosing to play for other schools there are just not enough quality football players in the schools for all four PUSD schools to be successful on the field. If you couple that with a lack of support and resources you have a recipe for 86-0. How and when will it change?

    Btw, I was at a little league football game in the OC once and saw coaches instructing their players to run out of bounds or fall on the ground on purpose because they were up 40 points. The coaches were actually screaming at their players to do so, and you could hear them from the stands.The little kids on the losing team totally understood what was going on and after the game one of them said to his pops, “Daddy, I didn’t like when they were running out of bounds on purpose. It was like they were ‘win-cheating’ or something.” Sometimes kids can phrase things 100x better than adults.

  • PurdueAlum05

    I think this post is a disgrace. You (PSN) should consider taking it down. I am a South Pas Alum, but from what I hear from other bloggers, San Marino only played their starters for 11 or so plays. So how can you blame the San Marino JV team for putting up points on Blair’s JV team, I mean Varsity team? If there is anyone to blame for this it should be the administration at Blair. They didn’t do the players right by not having a coach in time to prepare the team and should have canceled the Varsity program for this season. Please do us all a favor Fred and remove this post. Thanks.

  • 6power

    If my son was suiting up for Blair, I would ask that he beat the man in front of him, complete his assignment the best he can, and let the chips fall where they will.
    Nobody seeks humiliation, but it is coming to the Vikings house and the Cats will truly find no joy or benefit in it.

    My hope is no one on either team sustains injury.

  • Philly B

    The administration is to blame for not handling the coaching situation earlier than they did. It is the schools fault for not having the proper equipment. And also coaches fault for not having those 20 players grades checked weekly!!!! I had my grades checked weekly and I was a B avg student!!!!

    Monrovia is out of contention for a state bowl bid. There slip up to Ayala and South Hills is the reason for that!

    The starters for Mtown should play no more than a qtr. and fine tune that offense. And that defense needs to be 100% full strength for SM and TC next few weeks, Why leave any starters in past the 1st qtr. We know what blair is all about, so I dont know why this is an issue. This post is a waste of time and doesnt need to be discussed unless theres going to be some changes at blair because as Im concerned BLAIR HAS BEEN PASADENA’S ABUSED AND UNATTENDED STEP CHILD FOR YEARS!

  • Mean Green Pastures…

    Philly B,

    . (1 last week) St. Augustine (San Diego), 6-1, 40.4
    2. (2) Nordhoff (Ojai), 7-0, 36.3
    3. (3) Madison (San Diego), 6-1, 33.6
    4. (7) Wasco, 7-0, 29.8
    5. (4) Monrovia, 5-2, 29.0
    I was under the assumption that there was a plus one format this year ? Monrovia has Big games vs Sierra Canyon or Paraclete or both… With at assumption, Technically if two of these teams don’t win their section, Under the plus 1 format, Monrovia could win Section, play in that game then go to state bowl…am I wrong because I am not sure.

  • Dad of a Cat

    Can someone explain why Blair is still in the Rio Hondo?

  • New York

    Ironically Blair is the lay other team to be RHL champ. That was in 2007. Why is Monrovia still in the RHL?

  • Fliip Flop

    Let’s flip flop Monrovia and Pasadena in leagues…oh wait, that wouldn’t be good for the other Rio Hondo teams in basketball. Darn. Well, something’s gotta give…and sacrifices have to be made.

  • ArmadaPasadenian

    Until Marshall and Blair actually get serious about creating a JV/Frosh program, they will continue to struggle. Wouldn’t have been a bad idea if Blair had just put a JV team on the field this year. PUSD and local school sites need to get serious about raising funds for these programs, hell, all the athletics at these schools. Then maybe, they can be competitive with the other schools.

  • Greenie…

    Flip Flop,

    Monrovia Baseball beat BA last year…I think the Baseball team would finish 1 or 2 depending on Arcadia and CV’s teams…However if you look Football, Baseball, and Soccer, Monrovia and other Rio Hondo league teams would be very competitive in those sports in the Pacific.

  • Philly B

    That may be accurate, however thats alot that has to play out for monrovia to get an invite to a state bowl. I mean two teams have to not win there section and we have to win ours. If we were undefeated with wins against ayala and south hills who will prob come out 2nd and 3rd to CO in the Sierra league, then maybe I’d say our chances are high, but not with those loses.

    Monrovia would fair well in the pacific league. Baseball, football and soccer, and possibly girls bball. But if Monrovia goes 5-0 for the 6th time in league I mean…come on now. we’ve gone over this. Monrovia needs to be challenged

  • GrimReaper

    Greenie, Philly, and Flipper

    There is a serious improvement in SGV baseball, with some programs on a serious rise.

    I would venture to guess we will see some recognition of the fact soon. The SFV is losing some edge as soccer continues to grow there.

    The OC is king now. But if things continue to develop in the SGV and MLB makes good on constructing and manning an RBI center by Baldwin Park, you will see kids benefit from the free top talent coaching provided at those centers. I have been favorably impressed with my visits to the RBI center at Compton.

    It is too bad Pasadena, with the tie in to Jackie Robinson, didn’t make a hard play for the RBI center or wasn’t considered more heavily.

    But if things continue on the rise the SGV may just start to get some recognition.

  • In the know…

    Philly B, the Monrovia administration did not put in their forms to CIF to leave the RHL that were due last Friday. However, Blair HS did. Monrovia is in the RHL to stay.

    And South Hills and Ayala will not finish in second place, Chino Hills will (they already smashed Ayala). The Sierra will look like this:

    1. CO
    2. CH
    3. SH or Ayala
    4. SH or Ayala
    5. Claremont
    6. Damien

  • New York

    I hope Monrovia comes out crisp and focused against Blair.

    Regarding the rumor (if true) about not submitting the paperwork to leave the RHL: That is disappointing to hear unless the RHL is receiving some significant teams transferring in.

    As far as Monrovia’s ability to compete in “other” sports: Which other sports are we talking about? It’s all about attitude on campus and support for the various programs. We wills rise and fall with expectations.

  • In the know


    It’s true. Wth Blair attempting to depart that leaves the RHL with 5 teams, and had Monrovia attempted to leave that would have left the RHL with 4 teams. It is already tough to find 1 other school to join the league, let alone 2. After years of working with the other schools and creating positive and “political” partnerships and friendships, there was no way Monrovia would abandon the RHL like that. And the truth is the administration didn’t want to leave in the first place. They only have one dominant sport (counting both boys and girls athletics) out of all of the sports they offer. La Canada has more dominant programs than that, and they have never contemplated leaving either. The best bet for Monrovia football, and the RHL as a whole, is to bring in another school to replace Blair, a very competitive school. But can you think of one local school in the area that is willing to leave their league to join the RHL? One other school who has shown interest in joining is…wait for it…Hoover. Which I’m sure is exactly what Monrovia bloggers want, right? Lol. A lot of this stuff is easy to dream about and blog about, but as you are finding out, so much other stuff goes on behind the scenes, the reality of it is a completely different story.

    Greenie, you said you’d check in on this situation to find out…have you done that yet?

  • Philly B

    IF and I Mean IF that is true about monrovia not submitting their paperwork to CIF that is very very disappointing, and if Hoover is trying to come to the RHL thats even more sad. Hope this is just rumor. In the next two weeks, if monrovia wins out (which they should just trying not to sound over confident for once)I’ll want even more for monrovia to be out the rhl if not all sports at least for football

  • Duarte

    Duarte should be in the Rio Hondo. Size wise and Geographically it makes sense but probably does not politically. Move Monrovia and add them.

  • In the know

    Philly B,

    No one on here has any reason to believe me. Again, all I’m asking anyone on here to do is to simply ask the Monrovia administrators. That is it, it is really easy. These aren’t rumors, these are facts. Seek and ye shall find!

  • Smh

    BigCat and Fred,

    You guys were right!! I’m so glad Monrovia took it easy against Blair and didn’t embarrass those poor kids over there. What San Marino did was shameful!! Scoring over 86 points like that did not exhibit good sportsmanship!! They ought to be ashamed of themselves. I mean seriously, 12 touchdowns AND a safety!? Terrible. I mean, I can see 12 TD’s (84 points), that’s reasonable. But to add a safety!? Now that’s just pouring it on for no good reason. Shame on you San Marino!!

    Btw, the Blair principal was in tears tonight. I hope she was crying about the piss poor decision SHE made to field a Varsity team instead of a JV team.

  • Coach

    @Fred Robledo,
    Just saw final score, even though you guys did not post on blog tonight…. Are you going to make another post asking if tonight’s score of Monrovia vs Blair was necessary? Like you directed this post at SM, or will you simply do your job and just post on your trib blog and not bother us on this side anymore….