STAR-NEWS RANKINGS: No changes at the top, but La Salle, Muir make move; Arcadia, TC in top 10

WELCOME BACK: Temple City, riding a four-game win streak, is back in the Star-News top 10. Staff photo By Sarah Reingewirtz

1. Monrovia (5-2) — The Wildcats continued their annual cruise through the Rio Hondo League, trumping La Canada, 49-3 last week. It should be more of the same this week before next week’s showdown against San Marino.
2. San Marino (7-0) — The Titans train just keeps on rolling. San Marino has scored at least 30 points in six of its seven victories, winning by an average margin of 46-8. They get a big test this week against improving Temple City before next week’s showdown at Monrovia.
3. Rio Hondo Prep (6-1) — It’s beginning to look like you can pencil in the Kares, after a 52-6 rout of Chadwick, as one of the top teams in the Northeast Division finals. But first they have a first-place showdown agaisnt Flintridge Prep at Occidental College on Friday.
4. La Salle (7-0) — Worst to first? That’s the destiny that the Lancers can complete Friday when they travel to Bishop Montgomery in a game that will decide the Del Rey League title.
5. St. Francis (3-4) — The Knights are freefalling after another close loss, a 41-36 setback to Harvard-Westlake. Now Serra comes to town on Thursday. Those playoff chances are dwindling with each passing week, if they still exist at all.
6. Muir (4-3) — The Mustangs have recovered nicley from a slow start to win four consecutive games, including a 21-14 victory over Burroughs last week. Now they play for first place in the Pacific League against Burbank.
7. Gabrielino (6-1) — Six was enough for the Eagles, who need to put another streak together to earn a playoff spot. Can they?
8. Arcadia (3-4) — Look whose back? The Apaches have won three of four in the Pacific League are still in the running for a league title. But first they must take care of business against Pasadena on Friday.
9. Duarte (4-3) — The Falcons, who lost to Gladstone in a first-place battle last week, are in a three-way tie for second in the Montview League. They face La Puente in a game that will likely determine one of the league’s three guaranteed playoff spots.
10. Temple City (4-3) — The Rams are one of the hottest teams in the area, riding a four-game win streak after a 42-35 victory over South Pasadena.
The Rest: 11. South Pasadena (4-3). 12. Alhambra (3-4), 13. Rosemead (3-4), 14. Flintridge Prep (4-3), 15. Pasadena (2-5), 16. Maranatha (2-5), 17. Pasadena Poly (3-2), 18. San Gabriel (1-6), 19. La Canada (1-6); 20. Bosco Tech (1-6), 21. Marshall (3-5), 22. Keppel (0-7); 23. Blair (0-7).

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  • Confused?

    Steve, I’m a little confused by your ranking of St. Francis. I totally believe that they are a Top 3 program in the PSN area, but you have stated many times that you don’t base your rankings on who can beat who but more of how a team is doing in their “own world.” If you rank like that how can you still have SF at #5 if they’re not doing well in their own world. They just lost to Cathedral and HW who have spent the past few years at the bottom of the Mission League (even though I admit they are improved a bit). That means SF is not doing so well in their own world. I know you also say the rankings are based on how well a team plays against top competition and you don’t knock a team for playing well against good competition. I guess the good competition for SF will be the next two weeks vs. Serra and Chaminade.

    Obviously SF would beat the teams in front of them, but again, I was just curious in terms of the way you rank the teams. But I guess it won’t matter after 2 losses the next two weeks, and truth is it will be wierd to see SF missing from the final Top 10 list, especially after beating Arcadia.

  • Greenie

    Confused. Monrovia beat Saint Francis at home, and held them to 13 points, South Pas Scored 14 pts vs Monrovia. I agree St Francis is better Than all except Monrovia. They have been losing every game against great comp by 10 pts or less. But on paper, they only scored 14 pts vs Monrovia. I think Monrovia is going to score at least 40 vs SM. Especially Since SEM was able to score 21 pts. However SM could score 14 pts vs Monrovia, which would be more than St Francis did. Monrovia could triple SEM Score vs San Marino. If that game is lopsided, that could change Steve’s opinion on how he should be ranking on the Westside. I wonder how far they fall. It’s weird, but I think You and Steve or both correct..but it’s his rankings.

  • Greenie’s top 10

    However I have it..

    1. Monrovia
    2. Muir
    3. St Francis
    4. San Marino
    5. Rio Hondo prep
    6. La Salle
    7. Duarte
    8. Arcadia
    9. Duarte
    10. Temple City

  • 6power

    Temple City was in nobody’s ranking preseason, in fact a TC fan was lucky to find mention of the Rams in print most anywhere in the valley.

    The game against Arroyo was some of the worst TC football I can recall. Against Alhambra was not much better. Beating Hoover broke the agony of too many defeats – and a spark was born. The play in the next game, Rosemead was a shock…at least to me the spectator. It was a different team at that point.

    I am not so sure the Rams deserve any ranking and probably are more at home off the radar entirely. San Marino has the horses and is playing sound, grounded football. A TC victory will take McFarland Magic to the 11th power. A betting man would lay money on the blue and white.
    Sitting amongst the TC parents last Friday at South Pas reminded me just how much excitement and amazement exists in high school football. Those parents not attending these games are losing out on memories that cannot be replaced anywhere down the line.

  • Philly B

    Arcadia wont be back until they beat the Mustangs…in which they wont. But they might just play there way into a playoff berth and get La Serna and La mirada in the first round.

    Hmmm The rankings…well I guess. they’re just about accurate, Its weird seeing La Salle and RHP ahead of Muir. It just doesnt look right. And SM…..the higher Steve Ranks the titans the harder they should fall after having to travel TO TC and TO MTOWN!

    Hope duarte pulls through and beats La Puente and their QB is healthy because lord knows they’ll need him if they want to go deep into the playoffs

    Muir better not have any hiccups against Burbank. They must play 4 quarters of football and show complete dominance in the pacific and leave no doubt so hopefully they’ll get a good seeding in the playoffs

  • 6power

    Philly B,

    History supports your comments on the Titans being slapped back to reality – after glowing in the illusion borne from a soft preleague schedule. However, this SM season and this team smells different. They have individual talents weaved into their lineup, not just an isolated stud which is their usual make up. They can switch up offensives faces if they need to. Gott is a scary creature. I hope I am wrong, as the Rams once again will be asked to unveil the true Titan, and this year that Titan has larger teeth.
    Temple City will need close to a perfect game. My gut still is saying this SM team is not the overhyphed soft BMW boys of yesteryear, who didn’t like the midfield mud of Hitchcock Field, especially when knocked down into it. They may not prove formidable for Monrovia, but they are by far the best team TC has yet to face…..or maybe not???
    Friday…rock and roll.

  • 6power

    Coach Mac

    good time for the correct TC helmet decal to return

  • Eastern ave.

    Monrovia gets a lot of love during the local hour on AM 570 “The PMS show”.
    SM will fall.
    Muir just keeps winning…
    Arcadia has overcome what some called the “lowest point in their history”…
    (Some of the comments just crack me up. :D)

    South Pas needs a head slap. Doh!
    St Francis has a real tall order the rest of the way.
    Poly went poof… Flintridge goes poof on friday.

    La Salle is having a perfect storm kind of year blowing away weaker opponents.
    They are playing the schedule in front of them. Woo-Hoo!
    Their coach put tough hard nosed teams on the field at Campbell Hall.
    The boys from Hasting’s Ranch High resemble those teams from the valley.
    I remember their championship game in ’05.
    It was a Tough defensive game. They lost 10 to 7. Their opponent that night?
    Rio Hondo Prep.

    RHP will be playing football in December.

    *GREENIE* has it about right.
    However, you need to swap 4 and 5.

    RHP is the better team with a sound system and stalwart execution.

    “Football isnt a matter of life and death, its more important than that”
    Bill Shankly

    Maranatha… Oh Magoo! 😀

    Have fun everyone!

  • Titansportsfan


    Honest realistic expectations seem to be the only one not writing SM off in this game …. We should definitely be favored at this point. That means nothing when your play has been improving each week and confidence is growing …I think this game is definitely a trap game for us …. Reminds me a lot of the year we had that 3 way tie for the final two spots in RHL …. The only reason that happened was SM didn’t handle an LC team we should have beat …. Winner of this game controls there own fate and barring any upsets when they play Monrovia should finish 4-1 in league …. Loser is looking for help and another 3 way tie for second place … Hobbie won’t let SM overlook this game it’ll be a battle if we get up big early … How is TC special teams field position if both teams are gelling will be huge in this game and the ability to kick field goals when necessary

  • realTALK

    To Philly B….

    Writing off those Apaches might have been premature, plus who has won the Muir vs Arcadia game the last two years with ease? When the ‘stangs were favorite in both? I hope muir is worried about Burbank cuz they can easily drop from a one seed to a three seed in a span of two weeks…

  • Eastside

    Eastern ave.,

    RHP goes poof if they have to face Salesian in the playoffs.

    I have seen both teams play. With all confidence, I say your “playing in December” comment is a bit premature.

  • Eastern ave.

    Eastside* –

    No doubt The Soto Strret boys have benefitted from the inland empire transfers.
    Salesian is probably the best high school football team to ever play division 13 football!
    They should not ever lose a football game with all that division 1 talent and a coaching brain trust that rivals Lombardi, Walsh and Brown.

    You do realize we’re talking about high school boys playing a game?
    These blogs are opinion laden Info-tainment. Lighten up Francis…:D

    Truth be told Misson Prep is the team to beat.
    I enjoy RHP football because of the Gideon factor, always the team under estimated.
    It’s good drama to watch teams with superior size, speed and talent wonder what just happened when the clock hits zero.

    So good good luck to you eastside.

    “Football isnt a matter of life and death, its more important than that”
    Bill Shankly

    Maranatha… Oh Magoo! 😀

    Have fun everyone!

  • 6power

    Any way we can get posts to come up quicker?

    Things are heating up for the TC/San Marino game tonight. What are the predictions??