Which area team wins a CIF-SS title? I think we’ll double-dip, with Monrovia and Rio Hondo Prep

Nine area teams will begin their quest for CIF-Southern Section glory on Friday. Of those nine, four received a top-four seed, so which of those nine do you think will wear a crown. I think we’ll double-dip, with Monrovia winning the Mid-Valley for the third consecutive year to earn a state bowl berth, and Rio Hondo Prep going back-to-back in the Northeast.

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  • MonroVian

    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White “

  • GrimReaper

    Good job Steve

    You did it. I take back every post I put on Fred and Aram’s sites

  • The Observer

    Does RHP have a shot at a regional game?

    • Steve_Ramirez

      Yes, but at No. 5, they need some help in addition to beating the Mission Prep, which is ranked ahead of them in the state rankings.

  • SGV Fan

    Monrovia looks good but would never be able to get past Sierra Canyon which wont happen then Paraclete just to good.

    • What makes you think Monrovia cant get past Sierra Canyon??? SC couldnt beat Paraclete, and we’ve beaten clete before

      • greenie

        What makes you think SC can get pas Monrovia. We have beaten Paraclete Before, and we are the two time defending champs…You all are going to be in a rude awakening. When you play the cats. It’s one thing to sit back and say Mtown is not that good….But boy it looks different, come game night

        • SGV Fan

          Read the post Greenie! Stop being such a homer and think Objectively about it. No one ever said Monrovia wasnt good. Obviously they have a 4 seed so that means something. The top teams don’t care if Monrovia won a championship last year or 10 years ago. LOL..And when did this become “WE” unless you play on the team. You are simply a fan, plain and simple. Listen I have no ties to any of these teams but have watched the top 10 teams all play this season. So you beat them before? Stop living in the past. There is a reason why they(Paraclete) are the one seed because currently they ARE the BETTER team. Come game night anything can happen. But the odds are Paraclete will take it all. Which means nothing to me if they don’t win. Simply an opinion, just like you think Monrovia will win it all, so good for you! Good luck to Monrovia and all the teams, would be great to see some upsets which makes high school sports interesting. But please have a better come back then we beat them before please

          • Either way the playoffs will be much more interesting this year than in the past. Everyone was ready to crown covina king, and they got a rude awakening. Paraclete is a very good team. Well coached. And I hope Monrovia has to face them to win CIF. I can see a clash in the semi’s with clete and SM.

  • Eastern Ave.

    No one does more with less than Rio Hondo Prep.
    40 to 50 boys total in the entire high school.
    What coach Drain and Carson do down their with those boys is something to see.
    RHP are always outsized and outnumbered and yet the continue to win against all who are put in front of them. Put their staff at PHS imagine that!

  • Thanks Steve for getting the blog back up and working again

  • Fan

    If RHP ends up beating Mission Prep or just winning CIF i think they have a 95% chance to make it to the state playoffs.